Toyota RAV4 price and specification

The latest prices and specifications have been announced for the Toyota RAV4. Find all the details, plus a full table of options and engine and gearbox choices below.

The latest generation of the Toyota RAV4 is bigger than its predecessor, as well as better-equipped, more fun to drive and more stylish inside and out. To get a feel for the model, read our extensive review or hear firsthand from Alain Dujardyn, the man in charge of the RAV4 project.

There are twelve versions available, covering both two-wheel and all-wheel drive, and four equipment grades: Active, Business EditionIcon and Invincible.

On-the-road prices start at £22,795 for the 2.0 D-4D Active 2WD, and rise to £30,160 for the top-of-the-range 2.2 D-4D automatic Invincible AWD model.

Customers will be able to save more money in the longer term, too, as Toyota has introduced a new 2.0-litre D-4D diesel engine that takes RAV4’s CO2 emissions down to a new low of just 127g/km in the two-wheel drive models.

Active grade offers 17-inch alloys, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, electric windows front and rear, rear privacy glass and front fog lights.

Icon spec’ includes a powered tailgate (now top-hinged for easier loading), a folding function on the powered door mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, part-leather instrument panel trim and dual-zone automatic air conditioning. The Toyota Touch 2 multimedia touchscreen system also features on Icon models, with a DAB digital tuner, rear-view camera and Bluetooth. Keyless Smart Entry & Start makes life with the RAV4 Icon that little bit easier too.

Business Edition, aimed primarily at company car drivers, is similar in specification to the Icon model, with the addition of Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go multimedia and navigation package as part of its standard equipment.

Invincible cars add more premium equipment features such as roof rails, leather upholstery, heated front seats, rear parking sensors and Smart Entry and Start.

Owners can also choose from a range of useful options, including (according to model grade) Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go multimedia system with satellite navigation, on-line connectivity and advanced Bluetooth features; leather upholstery; and two clever new safety features – Lane Departure Warning and a Blind Spot Monitor.

A Style Pack and Protection Pack can enhance RAV4’s rugged looks, and add the benefit of parking sensors and a bumper protector.

There are three engines: the new 124hp 2.0-litre and the 150hp 2.2-litre D-4D diesels, along with a 151hp 2.0-litre Valvematic petrol. Transmissions are a six-speed manual for the diesels, a CVT automatic for the petrol unit, and the option of a six-speed automatic for the 2.2 D-4D.

Here’s the full new RAV4 line-up with prices (updated 25/03/15): –

Active 2WD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £22,795
Business Edition 2WD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £24,295
Icon 2WD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £25,295
Icon AWD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £26,300
Icon AWD 2.0 V-matic Auto (CVT) £26,305
Icon AWD 2.2 D-4D 150 Man (6-speed) £27,100
Icon AWD 2.2 D-CAT 150 Man (6-speed) £28,210
Invincible 2WD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £27,245
Invincible AWD 2.0 D-4D Man (6-speed) £28,250
Invincible AWD 2.0 V-matic Auto (CVT) £28,255
Invincible AWD 2.2 D-4D 150 Man (6-speed) £29,050
Invincible AWD 2.2 D-CAT 150 Man (6-speed) £30,160

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  1. I have just bought a 2015 Rav Icon and my only disappointment is it does not come with leather seats. We upgraded on our old Rav4 to have these and am just wondering how much it would cost to have upgrade to leather seats in the Icon?

    1. Hi Jess,
      Thank you for your post. Yes RAV4 does come with Downhill Assist Control. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  2. I have just taken delivery of 2014 awd icon which must have been tailor made for my needs. Questions, does it have tpms and if so how does it work and is there a reset button? Also does the sport button affect the ecu throttle response action as well as the suspension?

    1. Hi Tim, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your RAV4 does have tpms, p.554 in your owners manual highlights exactly where you can find the reset button however it should be located under the steering wheel on the right hand side. Press and hold the tire pressure warning reset switch until the tire pressure warning light blinks slowly 3 times. To help explain in detail the functionality of the Sport button, we recommend visiting: > Full Press Pack> p.12 Integrated Dynamic Drive System. We hope this helps.

  3. Finally bought Rav4 estate AWD Icon today, 2014 model with no parking sensors! Can’t believe that. Rear camera, electronic boot but yet no Parking sensors for a big car! I really thought for safety reasons it would be standard, I have a small Citroen DS3 even that has parking sensors, SHOCKED

    1. Hi Pat
      Thanks for your post.
      Great to hear about your new RAV4 Icon but sorry to read your comments about parking sensors. Although these are not a standard feature on this grade we do offer the choice of either front or rear parking sensors as an accessory item for those owners who prefer them. They can be supplied and fitted at your local Toyota dealer. It is not always easy to offer a vehicle specification which meets all requirements and our challenge is to offer features which we know will appeal to the market while remaining competitive of price. We hope that this will not detract from the enjoyment of your new Toyota RAV4 but let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. Dab radio goes of in excellent reception areas the only way to get it back is to switch of & switch on ignition . Not a lot of good on the motorway

  4. In about 18 months time I will be looking to change my RAV 4. It is my 5th RAV and the best yet but I may decide to go for something different. However I have heard rumours that there may soon be a RAV4 Hybrid available. Can you confirm this? Thanks

    1. Hi Graham, it’s great to hear you’re a RAV4 advocate! We’re unable to comment on future product plans, we recommend keeping an eye out the Toyota blog for the latest Toyota news.

  5. I have a 59 plate RAV 4 , my 3rd RAV and unfortunately my last.
    Over the past few months I have had 2 unrepairable punctures. One tyre being brand new. Both incidents necessitated a recovery vehicle and could have been sorted far more efficiently and environmentally friendly if the vehicle had had a spare wheel or space saver wheel fitted.
    I am disgusted with Toyota for opting for the repair kit option and will never buy another car without a spare.

    I see from previous correspondance that the vehicle can only be fitted retrospectively with a space saver wheel at a substabtial cost to myself which I cannot afford so all I can do is look forward to my next adventure on the back of an AA low loader !!

    1. Hi John, thank you for taking the time to contact us. You’re right, RAV4′s were supplied with a tyre repair kit until the beginning of this year when this changed to the space saver wheel. Cars which have the tyre repair kit do not have the necessary fixing in place (fitted during manufacture) to safely secure the spare wheel into the spare wheel well. A full size spare wheel was developed as an accessory item but this does impact on boot space. We do acknowledge that we did not get it right when RAV4′s were supplied with a tyre repair kit and this was changed in response to customer feedback. Thanks again for your post.

  6. Hi. Just purchased a new Rav4 Active and am surprised that there is no illuminated indicator on the dashboard to say the dipped headlights are on. There is one for full beam, but the only way to see that the dipped headlights are on is that the instrument panel is illuminated. Dealership says this is a “quirk” of the car, and it is how it has been designed! Am I being fobbed off?

    1. Hi Hazel
      Thanks for your post and good to hear of your recent purchase of a RAV4.
      We double checked this with our tech team for you. They have confirmed that the illuminated indicator is not there on this model as a warning buzzer is fitted to warn of lights left on when the door is opened.
      Hope this helps clarify and let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. Hi I have a 63 plate rav4 bought in January and are constantly being told excuse after excuse each month I ring regarding the space saver spare wheel I am still awaiting now 6 months after purchasing car
    It’s about time toyota sort this out how many more disgruntled customers are there out there
    I only want what I was promised in the dealership but am now fed up an make not recommend toyota to anyone in the future
    I would be glad to her from toyota tech depth on there comments

    1. Hello Mark
      Thanks for your post and we are sorry to hear your comments.
      Since February this year we have had the option of a full size accessory spare wheel for those customers who prefer this option to the tyre repair kit. We should state that it is a full size spare wheel which fits in the boot of the car and we accept this may not suit all needs. We are happy to contact the Toyota centre involved if any help or further clarification is required.

  8. Dear Toyota,
    Having a brand new RAV4 Icon 2WD 2.0 diesel delivered in late July’14. I want a secondary set of wheels fitted with winter tyres. Local Toyota dealers are clueless/don’t seem to be interested in confirming compatibility/supplying. Passed from pillar to post: Sales/Service/Parts. Toyota customer service ‘phone line just refers all inquiries back to dealer network or offers £1.50p/min technical help line!.
    Can you confirm that PZ419-X0693-ZA 17″ steels with 225/65/R17 106H are compatible for winter use with this RAV4 and can they use the existing bolts? Thank you.

    1. Hello Richard
      Thanks for your post and sorry you have experienced problems in receiving an answer to your question. We have forwarded this to our technical team and will reply again as soon as we receive a response. Just want to let you know this is being dealt with.

    2. Hello Richard
      Further to our previous response, we have received a reply from our technical team.
      The have advised that because your new RAV4 has TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), this feature will not work with steel wheels.
      You would therefore need a second set of alloy wheels, a set of TPMS sensors and suitable tyres (have attached the link where they sourced this information if this helps) BRIDGESTONE – 225/65 R17 LM80EVO 102H TL LAML. Once these have been fitted we need to make you aware that the sensors will have to be coded into the vehicle by your dealer. The other option is to keep the existing wheels and sensors and just swap the tyres over.
      Does this help clarify? Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  9. I have a 2012 Rav4 and when I try to use the USB port it’s not working. I get an “Error 4” message on the display. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with your USB port, we’d like to help! Could you please send us your vehicle reg and a picture of your audio unit to
      In the second half of 2012 the RAV4 audio system was updated, the reg and audio unit (picture) should confirm the appropriate fix.
      Many thanks.

  10. Finally, after pulling my hair out with numerous visits to my dealer over the last year during which I was fobbed off time after time, I have obtained a space saver spare wheel and all the necessary spare parts, wheel jack mounting bracket etc for my Rav4. The bill came to a shade under £500 and I still need to have the bracket welded to the boot floor which will cost over a £120 + VAT for the dealer to do it.

    My thanks to Robbo for his help with part nos, which finally goaded my dealer into action. All this has taken a year to happen – why? There can be no real excuse. Needless to say, I’ll remember all this when I consider buying another car. When I left the dealership with the parts today I was asked what I thought of the electric tailgate. I wanted to say, given the choice between that or a full size spare wheel, I’d take the wheel any day, but that’s another gripe.

    1. Stephen
      Glad you have finally managed to get your space saver.
      Regarding the power tailgate Ive have had the right one replaced twice since getting the car. First time it disconected from the tailgate the second time when the black sleeve got stuck.
      According to the dealer they cost £800 as there is also a mini computer included with the wiring.
      Would prefer a non power tailgate as quicker to open and would avoid the embarressment of the long bleep when you open the car in a car park

  11. Back in the garage for the stop start again to be fixed – Garage told by toyota expert, stop start will only work when fan and radio (and everything else electronic!!!) is turned off and this is the way it has been designed by Toyota !!!!

    Great idea

    1. Hello Sarah
      Thanks for your post.
      Just to clarify, the system does have an inbuilt safety system which ensures that based on the current load and battery condition, if it stops the engine that it can restart it. An example would be that if the windscreen demister is on – (this draws a high load using heater + aircon and high fan speed) then the engine will not turn off as the high load could cause the battery to flatten. Your dealer will be able to check the health of your car battery – if it is the case that the system will not shut off then it may be a little low. They will also be able to plug their computer into your car and see if there are any systems that are inhibiting the stop start function, (eg door/bonnet open, not in neutral, hand brake not on etc). The system works very well if all the stop conditions are met and more information about this is available in the owners handbook. Hope this helps.

  12. I was looking at Kia Sportage today, full size alloy in the boot, 7 year warranty.

    While awaiting my Mazda CX-5 which had just done 55.9 mpg to the garage.
    Again fitted with a full sized alloy, all be it at extra cost, and with a raised boot.

  13. Last year I was led to believe that space saver spare wheels were unavailable for my new Rav4 due to their being in short supply – a situation that would be rectified by the end of the year. Now I understand they can’t be supplied to models that don’t have a fixing point to securely hold the tyre. My Rav4 apparently doesn’t have this fixture.

    Surely it’s not beyond the wit of Toyota to make and fit a suitable clamping device in the wheel well?

    I’ve just had a word with my Toyota dealer and he showed me a picture of the full size spare wheel and cover strapped inside the rear luggage space. The man was glum and couldn’t look me in the eye when we examined the Rav4 luggage space and compared it with the picture of the full sized wheel taking up a vast amount of the space. He obviously knew it was a grossly stupid idea but couldn’t speak his mind.

    Honest John indicated this farcical situation is connected with the manufacture’s desperate need to get favorable non real-world official fuel consumption and emission figures. Why on earth Toyota should alienate their customers while striving to realize these absurd targets is beyond me – I’d happily sacrifice a mile or two per gallon and or moving into a higher tax band for the security of a spare wheel – even more so if it was in a vehicle carrying a full size spare.

    In all other respects I really like my car and the Toyota brand. Do I have to resort to buying a car from another manufacturer to get what I want? Or should I move to Australia?

    1. Hi Stephen
      Thanks for your post.
      RAV4’s were supplied with a tyre repair kit until the beginning of this year when this changed to the space saver wheel. Cars which have the tyre repair kit do not have the necessary fixing in place (fitted during manufacture) to safely secure the spare wheel into the spare wheel well. A full size spare wheel was developed as an accessory item but this does impact on boot space. We are sorry that we could not use the wheel well but we have to ensure that the spare wheel is safely secured in the vehicle.
      We acknowledge that we did not get it right when RAV4’s were supplied with a tyre repair kit and this was changed in response to customer feedback.
      Thanks again for your post.

    2. Stephen
      the mounting bracket is available (part number 51912-42010) but it needs welding to the boot floor. You also need the wheel retainer bolt ( 51931-47020) and the wheel to floor spacer (64777-42040).
      RAVs with space savers were available in limited numbers last May as before I signed the contract the dealer rang ToyotaUK to confirm the car I would get had a space saver and I insisted in was added on the contract before signing. A space save is no more than a limp home option and having a full size spare in the boot is far from ideal. A raised boot floor / full size spare below option is available in Australia and other markets I think ToyotaUK should consider offering this option in the UK.

  14. Why is it for the 2013 Rav 4 in the US, Austrailia and other parts of Europe you can get a space saver sparewheel that fits in the wheel wel but in the UK it is not available. The solution offered is laughable as a full size spare wheel strapped in the boot taking up 30% of the boot space is more like a solution that would be featured on Top Gear. I cannot believe that a different design for the wheel well was developed just for the UK. If Toyota can offer this in the US why not in the UK. When I purchased my Rav 4 in April 2013 I was told the space saver would be available in July. If had seen the proposed solution then I would have gone for a different make of vehicle. The Toyota Uk customer service on this issue is abysmal.

    1. Hi Alan
      Specifications of our cars vary across the globe and space saver spare wheels were introduced on UK models from around the beginning of this year to replace the tyre repair kits. Cars which have the tyre repair kits though do not have the necessary fixings in place from the factory to secure a spare wheel within the wheel well. We have to ensure that the wheel is safely secured inside the vehicle so a full size spare wheel was introduced, however we accept this does impact on boot space because of this.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  15. Please, could you tell me why it’s such an ordeal to buy a spacesaver wheel and tyre for my new Rav4.. I have contacted my dealer about 2 weeks ago. The salesman said he would pass the request on to Engineering. I’ve phoned a couple of times and have been told they are still waiting on the supplier, I presume Toyota, to get back to them. I have no confidence in the puncture repair kit. Some bloggers say it ruins your tyre amongst other things. Is there a problem with the supply of the spacesavers? In other countries are Rav4 owners supplied with a spacesaver or the repair outfit. to be honest I would have happily paid the extra to have the spare if it had been offered.. i am very pleased with the car but this situation with the wheel is irritating me immensely. I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter?

    1. Hello Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      The space saver for the RAV4 is available now to order and this information is with our network. Our recommendation would be to liaise with the parts dept who will be able to order this for you and go through the items which you will need. We should make clear that the space saver is a full size wheel which fits in the boot (it cannot be secured within the spare wheel well as the necessary fixings are not in place). If however you have any problems or require any further help please let us know.

        1. Hello Keith
          You are correct it is not a space saver, the correct description would be full size spare wheel and we will use this in future.
          Sorry for any confusion.

  16. Hi Robbo

    Many thanks for your reply, that was exactly the info I was looking for, I`ll see about getting the one you are using.

    Thankyou again I`m very grateful to you.

    Regards Terry

  17. Hi David, thanks for your reply but i`m still confused.

    My question was which drive would be compatable from the ones I can see advertised i.e. 1.0 , 2.0 , or 3.0 usb, or does that not matter? and that description seems to be the only way they are described.

    In all adverts that I`ve seen there is no mention of FAT anything (be it 32 or otherwise) The more I look into this the more confused I am getting. So how can I know I am buying the correct one.

    As far as capacity is concerned Iwas intending to purchase A 16GB.

    Hope you can point me in the right direction


    1. Terry

      I bought a SanDisk SDCZ33-016G-B35 16GB Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive from amazon which is a very compact USB stick which you can hardly see when fitted in the RAV.
      I created folders on the drive with the albums I wanted to listen to naming each folder artist and album title . Copied the tracks from each album into each folder. ( from I Tunes). plugged it into car . Screen shows the list of albums under folders, when album selected list of the tracks appear click first track and it plays the album. I was suprised it worked with out any problems.

    2. Hi Terry
      With regard to your query on the memory sticks, this is not our speciality but we believe this refers to the versions of software used on the stick (the higher the number the later the version) but if someone out there know otherwise, then happy to be put right! It is the formatting which is important as far as Touch & Go and also using a good quality stick.
      Hope this helps.

  18. Is there a spare wheel that fits into the wheel well in my new Rav 4 or do we all have all to put up with the wheel in the boot taking up the extra space provided from the last model

    1. Hello John
      Thanks for your post.
      You are correct. This is because the necessary fixing is not in the vehicle to secure the spare wheel within the wheel well, and for safety reasons we could not fit a spare unless it is safely secured. Our accessory team have had to develop the full spare wheel which does fit securely in the boot area, however this does impact on boot space.

  19. Hi
    I have a 2013 RAV4 ICON and would like to transfer all my music from mp3 discs to a FLASH DRIVE.

    As I v`e never had anything to do with flash drives or memory sticks, I`m confused about what is compatable with the connection in the car.

    There are all sorts and sizes available, but some are described as `compatable with 2.0. and others as being compatable with 1.0 or even 3.0.

    Can you please tell me which one is compatable with my car as there is no information about this in the handbook and I want to buy the correct one.


    1. Hi Terry
      Thanks for your post.
      The minimum requirement is 8GB formatted to FAT 32, you can increase memory if you wish but FAT32 is the critical element.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hello Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      Details and part numbers for the full size spare wheel will be with the Toyota dealer network this week and the cost including VAT (if all the tooling parts are required) would be £360.35. This breaks down to storage bag, wheel & tyre, wheel nuts (as different design) Jack, Jack handle, wheel nut brace and tool case. The parts dept at your local dealer will be able to order this for you if you wish to go ahead.

      1. David

        what is the price of the wheel and tyre without the accessories as my RAV already has space saver but would like full size spare as back up.
        Assume that the full spare wheel is steel not alloy at the price you have quoted. is that correct ?

        thanks. keith.

        1. Hi Keith
          Thanks for your post.
          You are correct, the price is for a steel wheel. I should make it clear that this spare does have to fit in the boot so taking up boot space, (it cannot fit in the wheel well unfortunately). The actual price of the wheel and tyre alone is £79.06 including VAT. This is part number PZ419-X0693-ZA. It is a 17 inch rim fitted with a 225/65R17/102H tyre. You will also need wheel nuts to accompany this (£25.40).
          Hope this helps but let me know if you need any more info.

          1. David

            is there an one missing off the price for the full size spare and tyre as £79.06 seems very good value for a wheel and tyre?

            The icon has 18 Inch wheels . I note the full size spare is a 17 inch wheel is this a problem?

            Is there any speed restrictions with the full size spare?

            Any chance that Toyota UK will import the raised boot floor ( as available in Australia) to allow the full size spare to fit in the boot space?

            thanks again


          2. Hello Keith
            Apologies to you here but double checking the part number, £79.06 is for the wheel rim only without the tyre so sorry for the confusion here. The tyre measurments we provided are for the recommended specification. This spare can be used with wheels up to 18″ so this will cover your RAV4. As it is a full size wheel there is no requirement for a space saver type caution label with speed restriction. The H rating on the tyre = 130MPH limit. Finally we do not have plans to import vehicles with the raised boot floor however I will pass your comments to the product team for their information.
            Hope this helps.

  20. Im very happy with my rav4.only down fall was your company has take my money twice and now have a battle to get it back.your staff are say 5 working day when I can transfer money within seconds.

    1. Hi Tim
      Thanks for your post and sorry to learn the details. Our customner relations team will be able to help you on this. We will refer your email address to them so they can investigate further. (We will keep your other post hidden with your email for data protection). Let us know though if you have any other problems.

  21. I have a 57 plate Rav 4 and am looking to change my cra this year as i have over 100,000 on the clock. I like the look of the new Rav 4 but the big downside for me is that there does not seem to be an option for Bi-Xenon lights. I asked the Swindon dealership about this and they said they would let me know. I have not heard anything back from them. Is it possible to have Bi-Zenon lights retro fitted to the Rav 4 by the dealership? Will this be an option on a face-lift model for Rav 4?

    1. Hi Nick
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with our product team and we do not plan to sell RAV4 with Bi-Xenon headlamps and this includes the 2014 model year as well. It is also not possible to have these fitted retrospectively unfortunately. Sorry for disappointing reply but hope it helps clarify.

  22. Paul , No Fed Up, would swop back for my verso in a heart beat !!!
    The car is in the garage being repaired because yes after 2 weeks the start stop is bust and needs to be re-initialized. A common problem i was told
    My phone is compatible as i have a Samsung galaxy III but i now cant have the sat nav on my phone to work through the speakers on the car as it did on the verso. that would be just too much to ask for !! I have to spend a lot more to get the in car sat nav
    and i did read the manual prior to driving the car but that still doesn’t make the boot close any faster, so each time i have the dogs in the back i have to pray that a tail doesn’t get caught in a boot that takes ages to close.
    The functions are just not there in this car for a top of the range car (Invinsible). roll on 3 years and over the the Honda CRV

  23. Sarah Ouch,

    The instruction book can be long and tedious and nust be read accordingly.Firstly the CD player which is adequate considering it also has a facility for using a MP3 Player.But using a MP3 player would depend on the system used.

    The boot will open and close providing it is programmed properly and instructions on this are in the book.The boot will also close manually but unwise as damage may pursue to the system .The Bluetooth on voice will only work if your phone matches the cars system,a check to find whether your phone is suitable can be found online at the Toyota site.It is unlikely the Stop Start function only works intermiitently.

    The best thing to do is to return to the dealership who will explain the functions to you,and insist they show you the page(s) appertaining to your problems.Then you can write the page numbers down for future referel.I have owned the new Rav 4 and found it one of the best Toyota vehicles ever made.incl the silky gearbox with its easy changes.I understand perfectly well your concerns but this latest technology will do what it is suppose to do without any troubles,providing the instructions are followed to the letter,and agree it can be a handful.But over a period of say 1 month of usage you will love the Car.


  24. Disappointed is the only word i can come up with having sold my Verso to “Upgrade” (what a joke) to the Invincible Rav 4. For a top of the range vehicle to come with 1 cd slot is baffling. The auto start stop works intermittently. A boot that drives me insane as it wont just close! For voice recognition Bluetooth I have to pay even more !
    Yet my 2009 verso had 6 cd changer, steering wheel voice activated Bluetooth and front / rear parking sensors and a boot that i could slam shut. We have had toyota’s for 10 years think we will be looking else where next time

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We’re very sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with the RAV4 which you exchanged for your Verso. We would have hoped that all aspects of the vehicle would have been discussed prior to any form of deal taking place to ensure that you knew all you needed to before hand. We want you to love your car and as such, if you’d like to, we have a dedicated Customer Relations team who’ll be able to assist you further. We recommend contacting either them or your Dealer to voice your concerns further as they will be able to investigate this for you. Please contact them here: Many thanks and kind regards.

  25. I will be picking up my new RAV 4 Invincible next week. Can anyone tell me if the headlights can be flat beam for driving in the continent? Is there a way to manually adjust them? I will be working in Germany for a few months. Thanks

    1. Hi Anthony
      Thnaks for post and good to hear about your RAV4 Invincible delivery next week.
      The RAV4 Invincible has HID headlights with level control so it is a flat beam type and therefore would need no correction when travelling abroad.
      Hope this helps.

  26. My dealer promised me a spacesaver on my new rav I got two weeks ago, it wasn’t there and they have now said end of year, this is useless. I’m driving to holland at the weekend from London, how can I do this without a spare ? A can of sealant that ruins the tyre is not the answer.

    As a press photographer, I know a motoring correspondent on a national newspaper who is interested in this debacle and I’m very tempted to give him all the details.

    It would appear I’m not alone in my disappointment at Toyota’s handling of the situation, very very poor from such a big company.

    1. Hi Mark
      We are sorry for the lack of clarity over the availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4 and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota.
      Over the last 6 months we’ve worked extremely hard to resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit for the new RAV4. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction. The root of the problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. We are working hard to resolve this situation and should have more news towards the end of this year. We are sorry for the time this is taking. In the meantime our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns. They can be contacted on 01737 36 7600. Many thanks.

  27. Hi – I am somewhat confused – I took delivery of my Invincible AWD 2 weeks ago but it did NOT have a space saver tyre… Please could you confirm that it should have come with a space saver in place as part of standard package?


    1. Hi Satnam,
      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
      We’re sorry for any confusion. We can confirm your RAV4 comes with a Tyre Repair Kit (TRK) supplied as standard.
      Full size spare wheels and tyres are, however, available from Toyota Dealers should customers wish to purchase them but are not supplied as an alternative.
      For further advice and information on TRK please view the following video: .
      Once again we apologise for any confusion regarding TRK. As always, Toyota Dealers remain the main point of contact for any further questions or concerns. Alternatively, Toyota Customer Relations will be happy to advise and can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.
      Many thanks, and kind regards.

    2. The first batch of RAV AWD came with a temporary spare and tools,whereas the 2WD had neither.To buy a wheel and tyre will cost approx. £150 the tools cost £90.By removing the cover on the rear floor you will see a cut out to house the spare.

      The sealant for the TRK can be replaced at a cost of around £60.However Holts do a aerosol (2 needed) for £9.99 each from Halfords but only have 10psi pressure in them.ASDA also sell this item at £4.99 each.Which in reality can be topped up with the supplied compressor to 50PSI.
      The good advice here is to get the temp spare and tools.

  28. The arguements regrds a temp spare rattles on to the point of being boring.Owners of the 2 wheel drive version Rav have been shafted well and truly by Toyota.The one I purchased was exchanged for a Lexus after only 2 months,I refuse to deal with people who aren’t straight although the car itself was OK apart from the 2 ltr Diesel engine being at its best pathetic.Apart from this experience Toyota are having many underlying issues with vehicles sold in Britain.Where specs are constantly changed opposed to those sold in Europe.They need a reminder that there are other makes out there that are fighting for a share of the market and are doing very well.

  29. I asked my Toyota salesman today if the new RAV4 Invincible has Xenon headlights as an option. He told me the new lamps are nearly as good as Xenon? I doubt that but would like comments from owners. Also he told me the lamps automatically adjust to LHD format when you go to the continent. He said the car can detect that oncoming lights are on the other side of the road. Again is this true as I cant find it on the Toyota website anywhere. Thx

    1. Hi Iain,
      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.
      Xenon head lights are not available on the RAV4, instead the lights are a halogen bulb (not HID). We would also like to confirm that the lamps do not automatically adjust to LHD format when on the continent. However, RAV4 is available with an AHB sensor (Automatic High Beam). The AHB sensor determines when to turn the high beams on and off automatically after identifying the lights of oncoming vehicles, preceding vehicles and other lights from the information of its camera sensor.
      We hope this clears things up.

  30. After a long delay getting my new Rav4 it finally arrived in May this year. I was told by the dealer (SLM in St Leonards, Hastings) the space-saver tyre would become available for me to purchase this summer. I enquired about the status of this at the end of July and was told the availability would now be around until sometime this December. I’m really concerned about not having a “spare” wheel even if it is only a space saver and I’d like some assurance I’ll be able to get one as soon as possible.

    I also asked the dealer about getting winter tyres with steel wheels and was given vague assurance they would become available later in the year.

    Likewise, I tried to get corrective stick-ons for the front dipped headlights for driving abroad – not available yet I was told.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
      We are really sorry for any confusion or previous lack of clarity regarding the availability of space saver wheels for the new RAV4. We are aware of some negative comments and doubts some customers have about the Tyre Repair Kit (TRK) supplied as standard with this model.
      Regrettably, and despite previous communication, at this moment in time we are not able to offer a spare space saver wheel and tyre for the RAV4 either as standard or as an accessory option. The main issue is the supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet requirements. We will review this situation again at the end of the year. A full size spare is not an option as the storage well is not designed to accommodate or safely secure it in place.
      Full size spare wheels and tyres are, however, available from Toyota Dealers should customers wish to purchase them but are not supplied as an alternative.
      For further advice and information on TRK please view the following video:
      Once again we apologise for any confusion or dissatisfaction regarding TRK. As always, Toyota Dealers remain the main point of contact for any further questions or concerns. Alternatively, Toyota Customer Relations will be happy to advise and can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.
      Many thanks, and kind regards.

    2. Stephen
      sorry to hear about your problems with not being able to get a space saver. It would appear a number of people have bought the new RAV on the promise of a space saver at a later date.

      My RAV4 invincible arrived in early July complete with space saver. When ordering I said to the dealer that I was only interested in changing my Mark 3 RAV (with spare wheel) if it came with a space saver and this was written in the contract prior to me signing .
      The tyre well has no carpet and there is a metal bracket welded to the well floor to hold the space saver down. Was the offer of a space saver at a later date a serious option considering you would need the bracket to be retrofitted.
      I would discuss further with your dealer

  31. After 5 RAV 4s without problems it had to happen; my new Icon has a rattle! There is a persistant metallic rattle somewhere in the back of the car. It’s there at low speeds and right through to 70mph. I’ve emptied the car of everything including the tyre repair kit but it’s still there. Have any new RAV owners experienced a similar noise?

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. 
      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Toyota RAV4. If you haven’t already, may we suggest contacting the Customer Relations team, as they’ll be able to take the time to investigate this for you. Please find their contact details here:
      Thank you for raising this with us,
      Kind regards.

      1. Thanks Kerry. Rattle sorted by Greenhous Toyota in Shrewsbury. They removed trim and added extra insulation material in the boot. Now all I need to solve is the floppy parcel shelf which bounces up and down!!

  32. Picked up my RAV4 Invincible yesterday and I have to say that my first impressions are very favourable. The build quality seems very good and yes I have got a spacesaver spare (hooray!).

    All I need t odo now is read the 700 pager manual!!


  33. Had to call the AA yesterday after 3 weeks ownership of my new RAV invincable. The reason? the rear boot door got stuck and would not open or shut. On closer inspection the electric boot strut ball joint between the car body and lifting strut had come off and wedged itself against the car body. This resulted in scratching to the paint work where it wedged. The AA manged to release the wedged strut but this involved unscrewing one of the boot door hinges with 2 people holding the door up . The AA then put the ball back into the socket and he commented that it went in very easily.
    Do not know if this is an isolated problem or a design problem but thought other owners should be aware of this happening in case it happens to them.
    Will be contacting local Toyota dealer next week as clearly will need to get new strut and damage repaired.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      We’re sorry to hear you had to call the AA out. Could you please email us your contact details and your local Toyota dealer and we’ll get a member of the team to personally contact you regarding getting the damage repaired (
      Thank you for raising this with us and once again, please accept our apologies.
      Many thanks.

      1. Kerry thanks for replying.
        Have taken the car back today to my local Toyota garage in Silsden and the service manager has seen and photographed the car.He has ordered a new strut and will repair the damage when replacing the strut ( thankfully not visible when the boot door is shut)

  34. To all current Rav 4.4 owners.
    Can you assist please? Is your Rav4 front cup-holder illuminated? Mine isn’t.
    Many thanks in advanced.

  35. Having got the spare wheel debate going at the beginning of the year I’m glad I didn’t wait for Toyota to fulfil their promise to supply a space saver spare by June. Instead I bought a Kia Sportage, that comes with a full size alloy spare. After two months of driving it, I’m convinced I made the right choice.

  36. To me the answer to the space saver conundrum is quite simple: If Toyota cannot source space saver wheels and tyres then they should fit a full size wheel and tyre into the wheel well That way one in five of the stock of RAV4s will be wheel-less for a short while!

    1. The problem is a full size spare will not fit into the wheel well. Its too shallow. In Australia and Dubai the RAV is supplied with a full size spare. this requires a raised boot floor.
      Perhaps Toyota UK should explore this option.

    2. I took del of a RAV 4 days ago the well built to house a spare is now covered over with carpet and fastened securely indicating the space will never be used as intended.It has to be remembered that the Rav is a global brand and each area it is sold in has different have different sets of circumstances as th whether a spare will be fitted.But the same floor pan is used throughout the World.

      This is not an issue for me it is the way that Toyota have dodged all enquires relating to a spare which are annoying,.It is the same with the accessory list describing on page 29 of the Brochure item 3 Scuff plates.Clearly stating “For the front and rear” partly true but only the front ones have the words Rav 4 etched on them,A clear case of misrepresentation if ever there was one but little chance of any explanation as to why.

      1. Hi Paul,
        We apologise for the lack of clarity over availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota.
        We’ve worked extremely hard over the last 6 months to resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit for the new RAV4. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction.
        The problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. As a result, we are going to be unable to continue to offer the temporary tyres, as previously announced.
        Although the new RAV4 does not have a space saver, it is equipped with a Tyre Repair Kit, the operation of which is explained in this video:
        Our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns about this subject. They can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.
        As always, thank you for your understanding and do please ask if you’ve further queries.

        1. Hi all
          In case anyone is interested just a quick comment on the space saver tyres. I took delivery of my 2.2 Invincible AWD Auto Rav4 this afternoon (many thanks to Amy for chasing up the dealer, 7 weeks earlier). The first thing I did at the dealer showroom was to check if it come with a spare tyre. Yes, mine came with a Yokohama temporary tyres. Thought I share it with the readers.

          1. Michael

            Their is nothing special about your Rav AWD having a spare.It is the FWD that doesn’t have one,and for those interested the video on the TRK is nonsense as the kit shown is not the one supplied with the new Rav,this one can only be used with the Toyota sealant at a cost of £50 replacement charge.But you carnt keep a good man down have just bought the Holts Tyreweld at ASDA for £5 and with a slight mod to the compressor in fitting a tube to blow up the tyre hey presto it works well.

  37. I have to say that I am very disappointed. After being told by Toyota that spare wheel alternative would be available during June for those that ordered the RAV before July, I have today received a subsequent letter from Toyota telling me that this s no longer the case.

    Where does this leave those that ordered on the basis of thr promise that a solution would be available?

    As I said, very disappointed, and actually a little disgusted that we appear to have been duped.


    1. Simon that is the case and I have also received a similar letter.I can only assume that Toyota tested the Car without a spare and tools,therefore it may be illegal for them to supply a spare or even sell one to customers.You can however purchase the item from E bay or even Honda.Having picked up my car yesterday I was disgusted at the tyre sealant made in Malaysia and would imagine all of £1 for the 500 ml canister,but no Toyota will charge around £50 for a replacement.The Holts eqiuvelant at Halfords is £9.99 for 500mls and is on offer like 2 for 1.

      No blame can be levelled at Japan the parent Toyota Company but with Toyota UK for the misleading statements they have made since Dec 2012 regarding this issue.I will be writing direct to Japan at lengh and do intend to publish the findings on a reply.As to the Car itself it is a Joy to drive and Japanese quality at its best.Having used brand Toyota for many years along with many family members and friends,I refuse to allow Toyota UK to get under my skin.I have added a few personal touches to the vehicle today and the end result is stunning.Please try not to worry about the tyre issue the pleasure owning and running the vehicle will far out weigh any doubts we may have.

      Kind Regards


    2. Simon
      Do you mean that the RAV will be available with the space saver in July or its not going to be available with a space saver at all ?
      I decided to replace my 4.3 RAV with the new one and ordered it in early May. I said I only wanted one if it came with the space saver and this is specified on the contract. I expected to have to wait till July for the car but was told by the dealer that they had already had one delivered with a space saver and I would get the car at the end of May or beginning of July. ( the dealer said they had rung Toyota to confirm this)
      Will wait till July if necessary but If the space saver option is no longer a option clearly contract invalid and I will buy a subaru forester as it has a space saver.


      1. Hi Simon
        The official stand on this is that 4WD versions will have a space saver and tools on delivery.As to the 2ltr 2WD version then a space saver will not be back this up my 2WD version has had the area for the wheel blocked off.But a few days ago Toyoto said that the present arrangements were under review until December this year.The following day they said no spare would be fitted.


        1. In further clarification of what I wrote.The 4 WD version has 18inch wheels and any vehicle of this format will get a space saver wheel and tools on any vehicle ordered,no need to wait until July.Your dealer is correct in his assumption.

          The 2WD 2ltr will NOT have a spare wheel or Tools the size of the road wheels are 17inch.But can confirm the Forester will not even look at the new Rav 4.


          1. Paul
            thanks for the clarification.
            Did test drive the forester and as you say different style more estate like.

    3. Hi Simon,
      We are really sorry for the lack of clarity over the availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4 and would like to thank you for your loyalty to us.
      Over the last 6 months we’ve worked extremely hard to resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit for the new RAV4. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction.
      The root of the problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. As a result, we are going to be unable to continue to offer the temporary tyres, as previously announced.
      We will review this situation again at the end of the year.
      Although the new RAV4 does not have a space saver, it is equipped with a Tyre Repair Kit, the operation of which is explained in this video:
      Our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns about this subject. They can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.
      As always, if there are any other questions you have, we’ll be happy to help.
      Kind regards.

      1. Oliwer
        Does this mean that the july RAVs will also not have a space saver?
        I have been rung today by my dealer saying my car has arrived .Asked him if it has space saver as specified in the contract said he had not checked but would look into it and get back in touch. Not got back in touch yet !

        1. Hi Keith,
          Great to hear that your car has arrived!
          Please let us know which is your Dealer and we’ll follow up with you.
          Many thanks.

      2. Good morning Olliwer,

        Are you seriously suggesting that Toyota cannot source Tyres for a space saver wheel.Being a global brand nowadays parts are sourced World wide in particular European marks.Statements like this can only damage the excellent reputation of Toyota.


  38. Can you please let me know the ground clearance of the new RAV4? How does this compare with the outgoing model?

    1. Hello Peter,
      Sorry in the delay in getting back to you.
      The ground clearance is 187mm without Axel, which is more than the previous model by around 8mm.
      Hope this helps.

  39. I’ve just ordered the new Rav4 due for delivery in june and was wondering if there is a limit to the size of usb drive that can be used for the multimedia system for playing music? I’m looking to get a 32gb usb drive will this play ok?

    1. Hi Del,
      Thanks for the question.
      We’re unaware of a size limit for the USB drive, you should be perfectly fine with a 32G USB. Hope this helps.

  40. Have ordered a new RAV4 – we were expecting it to be delivered during the week and take delivery on Saturday, but apparently the dealer still does not know when the car will actually be delivered because it’s the driver who determines the date and then tells the dealer.. Is this really the way Toyota runs it’s business – lets close to £30K of merchandise loose for drivers to determine a delivery date.
    I am currently a Toyota driver, as is my Mum and both my father and mother-in-law. To be honest, after a string of “errors” (including mistakes on the finance deal, dealer not knowing key details about the car etc), I sorely regret that we bothered with another Toyota and did not instead go with Mazda. Several weeks ago, we asked about the spare tyre issue, and we have still not had an answer from the dealer. Have Toyota reached a conclusion regarding vehicles received before July?
    Should have cancelled the order a few weeks back when we didn’t get the reply regarding the spare tyre.
    Really disappointed about the level of service we have received from Toyota.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Firstly may we apologise that you’re not happy with the level of service you’ve received from Toyota. In order to follow up with you, our Customer Relations team will take the time to investigate any issues you currently have and liaise with your Dealer to help. Please find their contact details here:
      With new RAV4s that have been ordered before July, we understand that the Dealer network is working with customers to help them source an alternative to the tyre repair kit. Again, Customer Relations will be able to speak with the Dealer directly and help with this process.
      We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota and hope, very much, that we can restore your faith in us.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Currently there are no plans to introduce a hybrid RAV4 to the UK market.
      Many thanks for getting in touch.

    1. Hi Derek,
      We’re pleased to hear of your new RAV4 order.
      The side steps of the previous generation RAV4 are not compatible with the new RAV4.
      We’re sorry this may not be the information you were looking for. If we can help with anything further, please let us know.

  41. I picked up a new RAV4 Icon 2.0 Petrol Multidrive on 25th April. The car was delivered when expected so no delays like others have experienced despite ordering leather upholstery. This is my 5th RAV and so far I’m impressed with the new model. The DAB radio and rear view camera are great additions though I’ve lost the 6 disc multi-changer of my previous model. One disappointment; the sales brochure says that the Active model has a tyre pressure warning system. I thought that the Icon would have the features the Active has, plus additional features, but sadly I can’t find evidence of the warning system on my Icon. Other than that, I’m very pleased with my new acquisition.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thank you for your feedback on the new RAV4, we’re so pleased you’ve been happy with your purchase.
      The RAV4 Icon also comes with a Tyre Pressure Warning system. The main dash will show a symbol if any of the four tyres reduces in pressure. You can find out more about this warning light on page 620 of your owner’s manual.
      We hope this helps and we wish you many enjoyable journeys with your new RAV4.

      1. Thanks Amy,
        I had only reached page 553! I’d expected to be able to see tyre pressures on the Touch Screen when I had selected ‘CAR’.

  42. Hi,

    I have recently purchased a new RAV4 which is currently not available with a spare wheel. I can see from the posts here that a ‘space saver option will be available as standard from July’,

    If it will be provided as ‘standard’ will Toyota will offer this to existing RAV4 owners free of charge due to the delay in providing it.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Many thanks for your comment.
      May we refer you to either your Dealer or our Customer Relations team who’ll both be in a position to help you further. Please find the contact details for Customer Relations here:
      Wishing you a good weekend.

    1. Hi Steve,
      No plans as yet.
      Thanks for your comments and the idea, we’ll certainly pass this on.
      All the best and have a good weekend.

  43. Picked up my new rav 4 icon yesterday after a long delay but worth the Waite the temp gauge is now digital and the build quality is brilliant a 100 percent improvement on the previous model well done toyota.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mark.
      We are sorry to hear of your wait but are thrilled you are pleased with your new RAV4 and will pass on your comments.
      We hope you have some exciting journeys to look forward to with your new RAV4 and look forward to hearing from you in the future.
      Best wishes.

      1. Congrat Mark in taking delivery of your Rav4 Icon. Good to know the temp gauge is now digital. I envy you and having raving. I had placed an order for the Invincible AWD 2.2 auto with Touch&Go and BSM in early March 2013. Apparently, according to the dealer, my waiting time is late June or early July 2013. It seems a long time to wait….. can Toyota UK speed things up for me please.
        best wishes

        1. Hi MK,
          Very exciting news about your new RAV4 order!
          Delivery times will vary dependent on a number of items including the specification and options selected. If you could email us your full name, dealer and contact details, we’ll be happy to look into this for you.
          Kind regards.

          1. Hi Amy
            That is great news. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and hope your intervention can speed up my delivery date. Will email you my details.

  44. Having now received my printed brochure, just a couple of questions:
    1. Pictures of the instrument panel would appear to show that there is no longer a temperature gauge on the right, just a larger petrol gauge. Is this correct?
    2. Is the cd player single or loadable up to 5 as before? Cannot find any refernce to this in the brochure



    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for your questions.
      1. You are correct the instrument panel is as displayed in the brochure.
      2. The CD player plays one disc and so doesn’t have the multi-loadable feature.
      We hope you liked the brochure and please let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. You could of course fit a hard drive to the system of 10GB.By usin a portable device providing it is the same langusge as the Multimedia system.A temp gauge is outdated and a warning lite will show in the case of overheating.The new Rav is a move forward by Toyota and in terms of tech stuff is way out in front,hence the many mundane questions on here.

      1. Hardly both the lack of a temperature gauge and a multi disc player is going backwards.

        Not every one is into i phones and usb sticks.

        My 2009 car has a 6 disc player and temp gauge, and a full size spare wheel.

          1. Thanks for this info. Was just asking about the temperature guage for interest as having previously owned a Verso was aware that this may be the case. Have to admit I am disappointed in the lack ofthe multi load cd as it is not always convenient to change a single one at times and the random facility would always keep my interest when all five had played on a long journey: not so good on just one cd. Oh well, food for thought I guess.

          2. Converting your cd’s to MP3 and putting on a micro USB stick works just the same, including the random feature. In addition a 16G USB stick will hold in excess of 130 cd’s 🙂

  45. Dear Sirs i am realy disgusted with the delivery of my new Rav i ordered it on the 5th of december 2012 and it should been ready for delivery by the 1st of march which is three months which i think is plenty of time and i am still waiting all i get is excuses from Toyota. And i think its a load rubbish saying its a delivery problem with the delivery drivers its not fair on the dealer and having three land cruisers and 5 Toyota Ravs well if its not delivery tomorrow to my Boston dealer my order will be cancel and i have notified my dealer of this and if it is not here i have a appointment with a national newspaper to report this disgusting position

    Regards M F King

    1. Hi Michael,
      We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with the delivery of your new RAV4.
      There is a genuine issue with our transporting supplier, which is also affecting other manufacturers. Due to this unforeseen delay, the Dealer is now expecting your car tomorrow afternoon.
      We will have one of our colleagues in Customer Relations get in touch with you to provide further details.
      Thank you for raising your concerns with us and please accept our sincere apologies for this delay. We are working closely with our supplier to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.
      Kind regards.

  46. Hi, I’ve been driving a RAV4 xt5 since 2007 and one thing I really like is the sunroof for the additional light, but I notice there is no sunroof option on the new RAV. Are there any plans to make these available since a number of competitors even have panoramic options? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mike,
      As John suggests, a sunroof is an option on the new RAV4. This is an additional £500, available on the Icon and Invincible grades.
      There are no plans currently to introduce a panoramic roof, however thank you for your feedback here, it has been passed on.
      If we can help with anything further, please let us know.
      Many thanks.

  47. Hi Oliwer &Amy,

    Has there been any update to the offering in reference to the space saver, on the basis that a lot of Rav’s will be being picked up tomorrow.

    My dealer certainly was not aware of anything at all.


  48. Does the dealer supplied front sensor interface with display or is it just a sound.

    Anyone got a picture of the style pack on a Tyrol silver invincible?

    1. The steps are in dull black,the underun in dull silver no actual pics available but try google.The tyrol silver needs Red amorite painted Calipers cost a tenner and wow what a difference.

  49. The new Rav looks entirely different when the Style pack is fitted,showing its Toyota pedigree.Ok so its £900 but makes such a difference.

  50. Just ordered new invincible rav4 but could not have the protection pack as not available. It seems strange that you cannot therefore have front parking sensors. Also rear under guard not available as it has not been crash tested yet? But it is shown on the website.
    Is this the right approach for what is supposed to be top of the range

    1. The dealer can fit front parking sensors around £320.But the style pack with side steps and front underun has to be considered at £900 extra.

    2. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for the questions.
      Front parking sensors can’t be fitted at factory however, speak to your Local Dealer who will be able to add parking sensors post-production. They will also be able to give you an update on the rear under guard. We’ll see if we can find out more for you on this too.
      Many thanks.

  51. Dear Amy

    tell me please that the “leather trim” of the invincible grade is not the same as the faux leather trim of the icon. It would be so disappointing!
    If it is fake leather indeed, is there any way to get real leather trim with the invincible grade?


    1. Hi Gabor,
      The leather trim on RAV4 Invincible is real leather. The standard trim on the Icon grade is cloth, however there is an option to add real leather for £1,250.
      Many thanks.

      1. Since then checked it myself: the leather of the seats is a good quality real leather indeed.
        However the dashboard and the doors have fake leather covering. A quick search on the internet confirmed the same. Unacceptable for me, sorry.

  52. Peter I do not think that a full size spare will fit. The space saver is thinner than the full size . The attached picture shows the space saver to be a snug fit. On the tyre wall it says inflate to 60 PSI so I assume its partially deflated to reduce its size.

      1. From what I have read and understand, the spaces ave will fit in the wheel well and the cover will be flat. If the space save is used, the broken wheel will also fit in the well, but the cover will no longer be flat above it.

        1. Above link now works.

          Simon thanks for your update. Having noticed ‘inflate to 420KPA./ 60PSI on the side of the space saver I had assumed it was one of the space savers that are stored parially collapsed. Thinking about it 60PSI is double the normal Rav tyre pressure so its probable not a pressure you would want a tyre to be stored at.
          Would love to have a new RAV with a full size stored spare but this will stick out of the wheel well. Doubt that Toyota would bring out the option of a slightly raised boot floor to compensate for this as an accessory as the Skoda Yeti has for those that opt for a space saver over the tyre repair kit.

          1. I’m also concerned about 55 profile tyres for use off road. Could the 18″ wheels on an Icon be swapped for 17″?

          2. Hi John,
            The standard wheels can not be swapped for larger/smaller tyres, which is due to Homologation regulations. However, the Icon can be purchased with 17″ wheels on the 2.0d 2WD option.
            We do hope this helps, many thanks.

          3. I don’t understand homologation regulations – but a Freelander model can be bought with 17″, 18″ or 19″ wheels.
            I want a 4WD for steep rough tracks and 55 profile tyres don’t seem right for that sort of terrain.

        2. Hi Simon,
          The Space saver, which will be available from July, will be able to be stored in the boot wheel well and the cover will fit flat. The full size tyre will not fit in the well with a flat cover.
          We hope this helps.

  53. Having been very pleased with my 59 plate Rav 4, I had been waiting with interest to see what the new Rav would be like. My car did not have a spare wheel but as I had not had any problems with punctures, I was not too concerned about the new car not having one. My wifes IQ also has the sealant and pump kit. I was more confused by the fact that you could have front parking sensors on the Icon model but not the Invincible. I was also worried by the reports that ground clearance has been reduced on the new car. While waiting for the Rav launch I decided to test drive the competition from Honda, Hyundia, Kia, and Skoda. The CRV was fine until you got on the motorway when I found the noise levels to be unacceptable. The Santa fe was impressive in a lot of areas but the earliest the dealers could get the model I wanted was June, also the deal the Hyundia salesman was offering was very poor. The Sportage was a nice car but rear seat space was tight and the boot was too small. The Skoda I also found to be too small. I then read several group tests in leading car magazines and noticed that the car that was winnning nearly all of them was the Mazda CX5. I test drove the CX5 and was very impressed. I was still prepared to wait to test drive the Rav until the deal the Mazda sales manager offered me meant that I could have a top specification AWD CX5 from stock in the colour I wanted, with all the safety pack extras included for less than the base price of an AWD Invincible. The CX5 is more powerful, more economical and has lower emissions. As much as I wanted to stay with Toyota as both my wife and myself have been very impressed with our cars and our local dealer, commonsense had to prevail and I have purchased the Mazda. I was worried that the new Rav 4 might turn out to be the better car, but the first drive road test on the What Car web site today would seem to justify my decision. I didn’t want to turn this comment into a Mazda advert, but it does seem that Toyota have not done enough market research in the UK prior to launching the new Rav 4. The comments on this blog show that if Toyota had sent out questionaires to all current Rav 4 owners in the UK prior to deciding on the cars final trim and option specifications, they could have avoided losing a lot of potential sales.

    1. Should you not have purchased a Mazda then the most sensible option would have been the flagship Toyota in the Avensis range either in TR format or the top of the range Spirit.Both Tourer and saloon are keenly priced and have every conceivable extra fitted for the same price as a RAV.They are also economical opposed to an SUV.Without further ado and for the benefit of others read the specs and prices of Britains best Car.All SUVs carry a misconception as off road vehicles and the claimed MPG figures.Having had 2 new Avensis cars every year always the Spirit, the new Rav tempted me to no avail.So that on March 1st I will be the proud owner of another new Spirit of 2.2 engine at in todays market is the cheapest and best Toyota ever,let alone its Derby pedigree.
      Best of luck with your purchase and can understand your concerns with the marketing of the RAV.But remember once a Toyota owner always a Toyota owner.

    2. Hi Paul,
      Thank you for your feedback, it will be passed on to our RAV4 product team.
      Whilst the Mazda CX5 is a good car, the New RAV4 comes standard with a 5 year warranty, a commitment to quality, has a better residual value after 3 years, and class-leading rear boot space. It’s a competitive market out there and we feel the RAV4 has a rich offering for UK customers.
      Thanks again for the feedback, kind regards.

      1. I hope so ….

        The Mazda carries a spare as an option, and doesn’t have a multi CD system ….much the same as the RAV4

        1. I would have liked another Toyota, but unfortunately the Rav4 doesn’t offer the power and torque i require.
          Shame as the 5 year warranty would have been a bonus.
          I have a full size alloy in the deal for a spare tyre, but yes I’ll have to settle for inferior music via USB, or mp3, neither of which are a substitute for a six cd player.
          If Toyota improve the emission’s and economy to compete with the class leading CX-5, then i will certainly look at Toyota again.

  54. I beleive it time to put the space saver issue to sleep.The same floor pan and spare housing is used in the states on the new RAV.I am quite certain a full size road wheel could be housed in the new model.This being the case then a projected cost would be £345 still having the compressor and sealant as a back up.A better way would be to ask the dealer to try a road wheel inflated and place it in the spare housing,where a cut out has been made for this facility.Be nice to the dealer and he may just supply one for £240…info reserved cheers Peter

    1. The space saver issue could easily be put to sleep by Toyota applying some common sense and agreeing to provide a full size spare wheel. At the same time it would better the Honda CRV spec and match that of the Kia Sportage. It would also remove any doubts about towing with a space saver spare wheel. The likely cost of £345, quoted by Peter,amounts to just 1.5% on the price of the Active and 1.4% on the Icon and Invincible. A small price to pay for total peace of mind. But the real pay off for Toyota would be fully satisfied owners of the new RAV. Ironically enough there is already a line on page 47 of their brochure for an underfloor spare wheel to be listed.

      1. Trevor,

        The line on P47 indicates the item is not available.But can confirm a Temp Spare from another model(subject to tyre size) is an option to purchase.The removal panel at the rear R/hand side is constructed to house a Jack and Brace.Have also dciscovered the memory settings on the rear door.When the door is at the desired height press on the button until 4 bleeps are heard the door is set.To return to default press the button until 4 beeps are heard following 2 more beeps.

    2. Having got tired of waiting for a definative answer to the spare wheel situation from my local Toyota dealer I’ve ordered a Kia Spotage 2.0 XT3-AWD complete with full size alloy spare.

      1. Hi Trevor,
        We’re very sorry to hear this.
        As you can see from updates here, a space saver option will be standard from July 2013 on the new RAV4. Full size spare wheel options will need to be discussed with a Toyota Dealer, as these would be available as a local fit option.
        If we can help you further by following up with your Toyota Dealer, please do let us know through Otherwise, our Customer Relations team would be able to investigate this for you, details here:
        We are very sorry if this is too late for you and if this is the case, wish you all the best with your new car.
        Kind regards.

  55. When a space saver wheel is fitted to the RAV during towing I have a feeling it could alter the geometry of the steering. Comments please

    1. Ray,

      That could well be the case.But providing the correct size of a space saver is fitted IE.18inches with the proper ballon type tyre all should be ok.The maximum speed on a space saver is 50MPH,when towing and to remain safe assume 40 MPH would be OK.However this type of wheel is recomended only for short journeys before changing to the ordinary road wheel.Always beleive it vital that the same make of tyre is fitted on replacement,my experience with Toyotas has been Bridgestones,but its the luck of the draw what would be fitted on new Car.

    2. Hi Ray,
      The geometry of the steering will not be affected when using the Space Saver. The diameter of the full wheel is comparable with the temporary wheel and so the driving experience should not be impacted. The Space Saver however has a maximum speed of 50mph or 80kmh.
      We hope this helps.

  56. seems the spare wheel options is going to be a problem, the very same thing with run flats put me off our 3rd rav to be, the T180.

    1. Now you don’t even get the power and torque of the 175bhp engine offered.
      Torque just short of 300 pound feet (400nm)

      1. The latest engine in 2.2 format and 150BHP is equally as good if not better than the old T180 180BHP.I have driven the new Rav and the power output and torque along with the quietness is far ahead of the older engine.

        1. Are you sure that the power of the new car is 150bhp, and not 150hp?

          You’ll not convince me that a engine with less torque near 50 pound feet less, and around 25hp, will perform as well while towing.

          1. Hi Ray,
            As per page 17 of the brochure, the 2.2 diesel engine has 150 DIN HP and can tow 2000kg (manual only).
            Hope this helps clarify the figures.
            Many thanks.

  57. I agree with others that Toyota UK should be congratulated for setting up this blog, for helpful answers to a wide range of questions and in particular for eventually responding with a solution to customer feedback on the failure to include a spare wheel. I hope that Toyota UK senior managers (do they ever read this blog?) have learnt an important lesson and perhaps next time before launching a new model they will consult customers well in advance on what should be included in the standard spec. I still wonder how Toyota reached a bad decision to equip the new RAV with a so-called tyre repair kit. Who were they listening to? It wasn’t customers.

    I would still prefer a full size spare instead of a spacesaver which has speed and other limitations. I drive my RAV mostly abroad so a spacesaver to get me home is not much use. I want a full size spare (as was standared on my current RAV) so I can continue my journey and not have to spend the next day or two finding somewhere in a foreign country to get a puncture repaired or a tyre dealer who can if necessary supply and fit the correct size new tyre.

    1. Thanks very much, Roy.
      Your comments do not go unnoticed and really are important for our developments moving forwards.
      We will continue to keep you updated here on the Toyota Blog.
      Have a lovely week.

      1. I have been waiting to find out about the spare wheel issue before visiting my local dealer. Having had 6 Ravs before I am keen to continue purchasing this model, so perhaps you can let me know the spec regarding a space-saver tyre, i.e. maximum recommended speed, mileage range etc.

        1. Hi Kathy,
          Thank you for your interest in the new RAV4 and your clear Toyota loyalty.
          We are currently looking into the specification you reference and will provide an update once we have this information for you.
          Kind regards.

        2. Hi Kathy,
          Thanks again for getting in touch.
          As it currently stands, the Space Saver tyre is: T165/80D17 104M with inflation of 60psi.
          Broken down this shows 165 the width of the tyre, 80 the aspect ratio, 17 inch wheel and 104 load index, M is the speed index.
          The Space Saver can be driven at the maximum speed of 50mph or 80km/h. There is not a specified mileage range, however it is recommended to visit a repair centre as soon as you are able.
          We hope this helps and if there is anything else we can help with do let us know.
          Kind regards.

    2. Well said Roy. Absolutely spot on. I too drive abroad regularly in my Rav often travelling through the night in France and Spain. Unfortunately punctures occur usually at the most inconvenient times. A tyre repair kit? Forget it! A space saver tyre? Hardly the best solution Toyota but an improvement I suppose!

  58. Had a good look at the new RAV4 Invincible in my local showroom yesterday and am waiting for a demonstrator. I’m very impressed .I’m currently on my 5th RAV4 so will look forward to driving the new model. Thank you for answering all our questions on your blog, it’s been great to be able to follow developments. One last question: Where is the new RAV made?

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thank you for your comments and your Toyota loyalty!
      We’re pleased to hear you were impressed with the new RAV4 and we look forward to hearing about your test drive.
      The new RAV4 is built in Japan. If you have any other questions please do let us know.
      Have a good week.

  59. hi but you didnt deal with the question you are saying that from july all wheel space savers will be standard but nothing about people who ordered as soon as we could order it which was the 4th december 2012 and taking delivery on the 1st of march 2013??????


    1. Hi Mike,
      As you know all New RAV4s will come with a Space Saver as standard after July this year. At the moment we don’t have an answer for you but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know. Toyota is aware of this and are working hard to provide an alternative option to those customers who have already placed and order and would like a Temporary Wheel.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi Oliwer,

        As with others, it is the inconvenience of not have the space saver (or full wheel) that is the bone of contention, and I look forward to the solution proposed for those that have already ordered and wish to have a Temporary wheel.


    2. but you are not saying you will provide one free of charge like those who order after july, when you have sorted it and another question in the mean time if you get a puncture in the rav before july and have to use the kit the you have been landed up buying a new tyre even if you could have repaired it if you hadnt used the kit who is going to pay for a new tyre because toyota has been to mean to include a spare wheel in the first place i dont know what the legal position is i will have to ask my legal adviser mike

      1. Think you are being a bit harsh here: a space saver is only a short term “get you home” solution so you would still have to buy a new tyre regardless of its provision. The issue for me is the inconveneience when the puncture happens and the inevitable wait for a rescue organisation to source a tyre or even worse a wheel. Trust me I know from experience.)I for one commend Toyota for listening and look forward to visitng my local dealer in August to negotiate on a new RAV!

        1. The space saver might save a tyre – some of the ‘repair kits’ leave a tyre full of foam so prohibiting a permanent repair.

          I, too, will be down at my Toyota dealer later in the year – but without the space saver I would be looking elsewhere.

  60. Hi yes i got your reply from you for the space saver wheel and as you are passing the buck back to the dealer i am very upset as a very loyal customer with two ravs in my family i have this moment rang my dealer and cancelled my order that i placed on the 4th of December 2012 i ordered the top of the range with all the extras and if thats is how you treat a good customer who has had three land cruisers and four Ravs the it the end of our relalationship Bye

    1. Hi Michael,
      Very sorry to hear that you’ve cancelled your order and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty to Toyota.
      As you know, the discussion around a spare wheel option has been a hot topic for us and it is in fact feedback from this blog post that will change the entire fleet from July production. It’s testament to our customer’s feedback that such a change can take place and we have done this to provide customer’s with the best option possible.
      This isn’t a Dealer issue, this has been dealt with through Head Office in Epsom and has always been dealt with in that manner. The Dealer Network have been informed of the news, again having been instigated from this blog, and as of July all new RAV4s will come with a Space Saver.
      Do let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

      1. Hi Oliwer,

        What options have been given to the Dealers in regards to those purchasing before the July standard kicks in?

        As you have stated, it is as a direct result of the post on this blog that have introduced the space saver as a standard from July, so it would be a shame for those that instigated the change to be “left out” of enjoying the win.

        Are Toyota UK supporting the Dealerships in regards to swapping the Tyre Repair Kit for the Space Saver(when available)?

        If this is not the case, then I can see a number of cancelled orders, at least until July …..


        1. Hi Simon,
          We have considered this and are currently working on a solution for the initial run of New RAV4. You’re absolutely right, the last thing we want is for customers to cancel an order to then wait for a July delivery.
          We will update this blog post as soon as we have more information for you.
          Many thanks.

  61. Hi Amy and Oliwer,

    Great news to hear in your email that the Rav4 will have a space saver wheel included from July 2013. Please could you clarify where Toyota will locate this securely? Will it be within the existing rear load area and if so will it be in a dedicated space or in the general load area? Many thanks

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Temporary Wheel (Space Saver) will be housed under the rear boot floor, in the space provided, along with a jack and brace. It will reduce the boot space slightly but will happily house all of the parts of the temporary wheel leaving you with plenty of room in the boot space.
      We hope this helps!

      1. Amy & Oliwer

        I too am very pleased that customer feedback has worked re the spare wheel issue.It looks like I will be ordering my third Rav sometime after July.

        1. Hi Tim,
          That’s great news, thank you very much for your post. It’s a truly brilliant car and we hope that you enjoy it. Let us know how you get on!

        2. I’d like to thank Toyota for taking the comments about the lack of spare wheel seriously. The provision of the option to have a spare wheel as opposed to a tyre repair kit will aid a lot of would-be purchasers in their vehicle choice. I understand that the spare wheel option may involve a cost. That is fine by me. Other manufactures, such as Audi, also offer the choice of a space saver, for instance,on the Q3 at a cost of £75.

          Well done Toyota for taking notice and acting on this issue.

      2. Hi Oliwer,

        When you say “will reduce the boot space slightly” can you be more specific on this. Are we talking about the wheel intruding in to the boot space by a few mm or a few cm for example ? Also does this mean the load area over the wheel will no longer be completely flat ?

        Many thanks,


        1. Hi John,
          Thanks for the question.
          We’re awaiting details on this. Only yesterday we received news of it coming available. We’ll update this post as soon as we have more details.
          Apologies we can’t answer you straight away. Rest assured the solution will ensure the boot is a large and practical space, similar to what is available on current spec New RAV4.

  62. hi i have been watching all the responces to the spare wheel and see you have come up with a space saver wheel from july but what about your loyal customers who ordered on the first day in december and taking delivery on the 1st of march?????????


    1. Should the wheel and tools be a chargeable item then expect to pay around £250.Incedently the wheel and tools are available now but not as a Rav 4 designate but from another model which is exactly same everything.But would imagine a good dealer throwing in these items for free.Today I cancelled my order for all kinds of reasons the wheel and tools being oe of them.

    2. Hi Mike,
      Many thanks for your post.
      Space savers are not currently available for RAV4 as a retro-fit option. There are several components which make up the Space Saver which can currently only be fitted at the factory. These include the housing, wheel, tyre, jack and brace. If you require a Space Saver on your new RAV4 we’d recommend speaking with your Dealer as they’ll be able to discuss possible options with you.
      We’re sorry for the timing with this however you’re in good hands with your Dealer.
      Best wishes.

  63. Oliver and Amy
    Following on from your email to Simon M could let the rest of us know what the news is about the space saver

  64. Dear Oliwer and Amy,
    I thank you for your email earlier regarding the space saver wheel being incorporated as standard from July, however, does that mean those tat purchase before then will be able to swap the Tyre Repair Kit for the space saver when they are available?


      1. Dear SimonM

        As someone who took the time to talk to us about the launch of the new Toyota RAV4, we wanted to let you know that we’ve been listening to your comments.

        As you’ll know, the Tyre Repair Kit (TRK) has proved a pretty controversial offering among some of you, and as such we’ve been working hard to provide an alternative.

        As a direct result of your views, we’ve decided to make a Temporary Wheel (Space Saver) available. We wanted you to be the first to know.

        This will be offered as standard from July this year.

        We’d like to thank you for your feedback.

          1. Hi xtrailman,

            I don’t see how the following quote can be a play on words

            “This will be offered as standard from July this year.”


          2. So does that mean a space saver will be fitted free of charge? As standard.

            Again you have used the word “offered”

    1. Hi Simon,
      Space savers are not currently available for RAV4 as a retro-fit option. There are several components which accompany the Space Saver which can currently only be fitted at the factory. These include the housing, wheel, tyre, jack and brace. If you require a Space Saver on your new RAV4 we’d recommend speaking with your Dealer as they’ll be able to discuss possible options with you. However, currently Space Savers will only be available on New RAV4 models from this July.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,
      The new RAV4 does not have rear LED lights. It does come with LED Daytime Running Lights.
      Thanks for your question.

        1. Hi Peter,
          Assuming ‘rear lights’ means rear light clusters, it is correct that the RAV4 doesn’t have rear LED lights. As you say, the high ‘brake light’ is an LED light.
          Hope this helps to clarify the answer.

  65. Yes Peter, it is all to do with presening the CO2 and performance figures in a better light according to correspondence I’ve had with the Daily Telegraph motoring correspondent ‘Honest John’. So there’s no way I’m changing my RAV until Toyota offer a full size spare and I won’t waste my time having a test drive. The salesman won’t be around when I have puncture!!

    1. Trevor,Thanks for that it is what I gathered,and feel let down by Toyota.A full spare for the Rav would cost around £300.Should I decide to buy one then my total cost would be £28400 which would include packs and acesories on the Invincible.Which is a lot of money and comes close to the Honda wich is loaded.

  66. What on earth are Toyota’s design team thinking in allowing Honda’s new CRV to better the new Rav4 in such an important area as the spare wheel issue. In doing that Honda clearly demonstrates that it knows its UK client base better than Toyota which should (but probably won’t) be a massive wake up call to a complacent Toyota UK dealership and European design team who need to learn that UK consumer brand loyalty only goes so far. In clearly recognising that better than Toyota, Honda’s top of the range CRV has already stolen a massive march on the new Rav4. Add to that on the higher spec Honda CRV EX the addition of front and rear parking sensors and better headlights then I know which of these two cars is likely to be my choice when I replace my ageing Rav4 in the next few months.

    1. The only explanation I could think of would be that the spare was omitted to save weight on testing and its published figures.

    2. After doing a close pricing comparison RAV vs Honda CRV EX.Surprised that in putting all the bits on the RAV as the Honda has it would cost £1160 more than the Honda.Not incl the Video play back facility on the Honda.

  67. My dealer has the Rav now and tells me that a temporary spare will not be available until June or July.This will be a chargable extra which is unreasonable to me as what will become of the repair kit which has been paid for.

    1. Peter thanks for the update.
      If your dealer has the correct information I wonder why it is going to take Toyota UK 4 to 5 months to source the space saver. I would not buy the RAV4 until the space saver is available . ToyotaUK could well be waiting to see how well the RAV4 sells and they could then ‘revise’ the space saver option.
      i have been a loyal Toyota customer for 20 plus years and have had to hang on to my present 06 RAV due to the lack of a spare wheel with the newer models I will now start looking at the Honda CRV , forester etc as they already have a spacesaver or full size spare as standard.

      1. I drove the Rav today in 2ltr Invincible format.The drive is not at all like any other Rav previous but like a car.The new engine is sweet and smooth and gear changes are a doddle.Part of the test was to put the vehicle on its limits Hamilton style and the cornering and road holding is acceptable to the most descerning user.I did an average of 35MPG on the test which to be fair was good considering the way it was driven..The spare wheel still remains a contentious issue and feel it unfair of Toyota in the handling of the issue.

        The new Honda is beautiful inside and out but the fuel consumption is a worry and the high price.As a fanatical Toyota owner as me may I suggest you try and live with the wheel issue and get one ordered.Honestly no comparison to your 2006.

        1. Thanks for your sharing your assessment of the new RAV.
          Would order the RAV (after a test drive) ASAP if the spare wheel was available.
          Will await the official anouncement then will have to decide whether to wait another 4-5 months or look at the competition.

    2. I think we just got the answer regarding the spare wheel. The new brochure states quite clear: spare tyre – not available, underfloor spare wheel – not available.
      If this is true, I do not even need a test drive or a closer look as the Rav4 is not on my short list anymore.

  68. Having placed a firm order for the new RAv and in spite of the uncertanty regards a spare wheel I have now cancelled the order.Toyota must realise there are other options out there and some good ones to.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Naturally we’re disappointed that you’ve cancelled your order for the new RAV4. Next week we will be able to let everyone know what the solution will be. We hope that upon learning what this will be (we’ve yet to be told) you may reconsider.
      If there is anything we are able to help you with then you have only to ask.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  69. Have just received my invite for Toyota reception & thrown it away.I agree with previous blogs,Toyota have taken too long to listen to what their customers are asking for.When I replace my Rav 4 it will be for a KIA complete with full size spare wheel plus 7 year guarantee or HONDA.I believe TOYOTA have got so big they no longer care for their individual customers.

  70. having read and studied the new Rav and the 2 ltr diesel on 2wd I have assesed that the car will cost in terms of money.£1.78 per 100mls more than the Prius,the difference being in the diesel cost apposed to petrol this was based on the combined figure.

    Rav 4 asses combined 56 MPG Combined….Local 47
    Prius true 50MPG combined……………Local 42
    local on Rav4 per 100mls = £14.88
    local on Prius per 100mls= £12.78
    Based on Fuel at £6.00 gall petrol and £6.25 Diesel

  71. I change my car on a 3 year cycle. In 2007 I bought my first RAV4 paying extra for a model with a spare wheel.
    In 2010 the model range had reduced to 4, none with a spare wheel or run flat tyres. Reluctantly I opted for my current 2.2XTR AWD with a tyre repair kit. Unfortunately I did experience a puncture for which the tyre repair kit was totally inadequate, resulting in a long roadside wait whilst a new tyre was sourced.
    When visiting Canada in 2011 I called into a Toyota dealership to enquire about the spare wheel situation over there. They confirmed that every RAV4 in the range came with a spare wheel and added that they wouldn’t be able to sell any if they didn’t.
    From pictures on the web of the new 2013 RAV4 there are shots of a spare wheel stored under the boot floor.
    Can Toyota please stop pussy footing about and confirm that UK RAV4’s will be available with a spare wheel. If not I along with a number of friends will be opting for the Kia Sportage which comes with a full size alloy spare wheel throughout the range.

    1. Hi Trevor,
      Thanks for your comments.
      As you know, from reading the comments on the blog, we are looking into providing UK customers with an alternative to the Tyre Repair Kit.
      Once we have this confirmed we’ll post on the blog, so please do keep checking back for the latest news on this.
      It’s great to hear that you’re currently driving a RAV4 and hope that you’ll consider the new model when it’s available.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

      1. Oliwer – I was told that a solution to the tyre issue would be sorted by the end of Jan.The car is at the dealers on 18th February and available on 1st March – whilst you are delaying with this solution people will be buying cars elsewhere.How difficult can it be to use the same fixings as the US to house a spare wheel.This is a really silly issue that should have been sorted when the comments came flooding in on the blog starting in December 2012.

        1. I completely agree that the spare wheel issue is taking too long to sort out. The question of who in Toyota decided that no new RAVs in Europe should be supplied with a spare wheel needs a full investigation and the senior managers responsible for this bad decision which took no account of customer opinion should be named, shamed and dismissed. But more importantly Toyota UK which seems to have had no say in Toyota Europe’s decision needs to get its act together and confirm without any further delay that new RAVs sold in the UK will be supplied with a full size spare wheel for those customers who want one. If not like others on this forum and elsewhere I won’t consider buying a new RAV without a spare wheel and will reluctantly be replacing my current RAV with the spare mounted on the rear door with a vehicle from another manufacturer that meets all my requirements.

          1. Hi Roy,
            Thanks for your comments.
            As you know, we are awaiting final say as to what an alternative may be for the Tyre Repair Kit on the new RAV4 and will announce this news here, on the Toyota blog, as soon as we have it.
            Many thanks for your loyalty to Toyota and we hope that you’ll consider the new model. Further to this, your Local Dealer will happily help in terms of getting you behind the wheel of the new RAV4.
            Many thanks!

        2. Hi Tim,
          As you know we are awaiting final word from Toyota Europe on this, unfortunately it’s not a decision that was going to happen quickly. We have listened to customers having taken into consideration comments on our blog, and we are working on a practical solution for customers. We appreciate your feedback and apologise for the delay however we’ll let you know as soon as we can what the alternative will be.
          We hope to announce this next week.
          Many thanks.

          1. what about the spare wheel for rav 4, i have had to buy two new tyres due to rubbish repair unit ,

          2. Hi Alan,
            Thank you for your feedback. As you will see from conversations, we are currently working with our Product Development team to offer customers another option. We are hoping to be able to provide an update early next week.
            Kind regards.

  72. Hi,

    Why does the Invincible grade not have front parking sensors, when it has rear ones?

    Surely the electric drivers seat should have a 2 person memory?

    Why is there no cold climate pack eg; heated steering wheel, screen and washer jets?

    1. Hi John,
      Front parking sensors can’t be fitted at factory however, speak to your Local Dealer who will be able to add parking sensors post-production.
      Following a review of our key competitor models it was decided that memory settings was not a common feature and therefore in line with offering customers the very best price point we decided not to include this feature.
      With regards to the cold climate pack, unfortunately this option isn’t something we provide as a POE pack for any of the Toyota models. However, do speak with your Local Dealer who may be able to source parts for you.
      We hope this helps, many thanks.

  73. Invincible…1).The color of the all plastic ext trim….
    Is it Grey or is it black as used on all the Toyota range say around mirrors and near wipers.The pillars seperating the doors are in Black will the trim be the same color.2)Is the reversing camera in the Multimedia system.3)Has this model got a glove box to house manuals etc.4)Will the 2 wd model have a complete flat floor in back or is the same set up used as in 4wd.

    1. Peter,
      In answer to your questions:
      1. Both the front and rear bumpers are black. The interior trim is also black with gunmetal grey garnishes.
      2. Yes, the reversing camera is included in the multimedia system from ICON grade only.
      3. Yes, the RAV4 has a glove box.
      4. The Toyota easy flat system is the same in both the 2WD and AWD models.
      Hope this helps.

      1. 1) All the pics seen show the bumpers in dark grey plastic.The full specification on site says these are colour coded??????

        2) Any idea what torque on 2ltr manual.
        3) will all accessories ie Chrome surrounds around rear lites be available at launch.
        4) Web site indicates when ordering style pack front embelishment on bumper.Does that mnean the chrome strip on stock invincible on bumper is deleted.

        1. Hi Peter,
          In answer to your questions:
          1) Our apologies this is incorrect on the website. Thank you for highlighting this and we are in the process of amending.
          2) The torque is 310/1600-2400 for the 2-litre manual.
          3) Yes, as part of the Style pack.
          4) Yes, the standard Invincible front chrome garnish is replaced with a full chrome under run.
          Please let us know if we can help with anything further.
          Kind regards.

          1. Amy,My q3 the rear lites chrome surround is an accessory and not listed as part of a style pack….would you please confirm which is the case.

          2. Hi Peter,
            This post is an apology as we have been informed that the Rear Light Surround, that adds a chrome highlilght, does not come as part of the Style pack. However, you are quite right, this is an accessory.
            We’re sorry for this inconsistency in information.
            Kind regards.

  74. Is it possible to have all Grey plastic areas colour coded in 6V4 Green prior to delivery and given the chosen model to be the Invincable.

  75. Hi Oliwer.
    I am really disappointed that Toyota cannot offer the petrol engine and a proper automatic in the top of the range Invincible incarnation of the RAV4.
    Accordingly I have looked at the specs for Honda’s new CR-V and guess what, they have a petrol engined proper automatic available throughout their range and each model comes with a space saver spare wheel.
    I hate to say this but, after 38 years of owning Toyotas, it looks as though my money will be going in Honda’s direction! It is a shame really, but the CR-V has what I as a customer wants.

  76. Hi,

    Can you please confirm if the Invincible will come with front parking sensors and Bi-Xenon headlights either as Standard or as an Option. If they are options, how much will they cost?


    1. Hi Arlene,
      Thanks for the questions.
      The Invincible grade will come with rear parking sensors as standard, unfortunately front sensors and Bi-Xenon light aren’t available.
      We’ll soo have more information available for the new model and will update everyone here, on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hi Oliwer,
        Thanks for the quick response.

        I’m surprised to hear that front parking sensors will not be an option as I’ve had them on my last two RAVs.

        Due to replace my current car and I’m a bit worried that Toyota is falling behind the competition as top of the range CR-V and Tiguan both have front sensors and Bi-Xenon headlights.


        1. Hi Arlene,
          The RAV4 does come with halogen headlights, however these aren’t the Bi Xenon’s you were referring to. Although the new RAV4 doesn’t come with the front parking sensors (as standard), you can have these added as part of the Protection Pack on the Icon grade. We’d recommend speaking with your Local Dealer with regards to availability and fitting.
          Do hope this helps, many thanks.

          1. If the new Rav4 is not going to have xenon headlights why have all of the press shots shown it to have headlamp washers and a blueish tint on the lights which look like a HID effect? I find this very disappointing! and a rather false advert of what the finished article will be! I am also surprised that it will not have xenons as they are more energy efficient and also light the road better!

      2. Bi Zeon headlites require a stronger wiring loom owing to the generated heat.Under EU law (48) vehicles fitted with this option also need self levelling and headlamp washers adding at least £1000 to the vehicle price. It would never be advisable to attempt a self fit as this could cause a fire risk.Front parking sensors can easily be fitted by the supplying dealer at little cost.

          1. it is because all the pictures are of the same car “Invincible” and H lamp washers and self levelling are on this grade.

            Pictures hever tell the reality of a thing,and dont think Toyota has tried to confuse anyone in this case.A false description is on the Prius describibg the H lights as LED when in fact they are only on Low beam.Toyota the brochure needs a correction…

          2. So you’re telling me that the invincible will have headlamp adjustment and washers but no Xenon!!! I don’t think so, or at least if it does it’s possibly the most ridiculous car ever!!

    1. Hi John,
      Unfortunately we can not offer the 18″ wheels on the 2wd RAV4. We can only offer alternative alloys, not enhanced wheel sizes.
      We hope this helps, many thanks.

  77. Leather Seat Option.
    Thank you for your full reply. I rather liked the two tone effect, it did lift what is an otherwise quite dark interior. We are all used to just Black interiors so maybe a change would be refreshing.

  78. Leather Seat Options.
    Thank you for your reply on the above subject. Why will we not be offered the two tone Black/Brown option?

    1. Hi Gordon,
      We believe you are referencing the Terracotta leather option, due to historic low demand for this interior, we have decided not to take this as an option. Customer feedback is always re-evaluated and we will review the grade line-up at our next possible opportunity.
      We’re sorry this may not be the answer you were looking for.
      We hope you have a good weekend.

  79. I note you are now saying that the demonstrators will be at the dealers at the end of February. Does this mean that the cars will not be available in March ?

    1. Hi Robbo,
      The new RAV4 demonstrator vehicles start to arrive at Toyota Dealers from the 18th February, however your local Dealer will be able to provide exact dates for you. There is also good stock availability for March deliveries of the new RAV4, again this is best discussed with your Dealer who can provide more exact dates dependant on options taken.
      Thanks for your question and we hope this helps.

  80. I got the preview brochure but it hardly has any details. Regarding the Invincible AWD 2.2 Diesel model could you please provide the details of:
    – combined fuel consumption
    – acceleration 0-62
    – ground clearance
    – boot capacity with front seats up only
    – service intervals
    – accessories list

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Gabor,
      The full brochure will have further details and the preview is simply to give a ‘top level’ introduction. We expect it to be published in the next few weeks and you’ll automatically be sent a copy if you’ve already registered to receive the preview brochure.
      In answer to your questions:
      – combined fuel consumption
      2.2 Diesel Manual – 149g/km
      2.2 Diesel Automatic -176g/km
      – acceleration 0-62
      The 0-62mph time is 9.6 seconds for the 2.2l diesel engine and the top speed is 118mph.
      – ground clearance
      We’ll get back to you on this.
      – boot capacity with front seats up only
      The boot capacity of the new RAV4 with the back seats folded down is 1.846m3
      – service intervals
      The Service intervals are standard for our vehicles, being an Intermediate Service at 10,000 miles or 1 year (whichever comes first) followed by a Full Service at 20,000 miles or 2 years (whichever comes first).
      – accessories list
      The accessory brochure isn’t yet complete, this should be available in the coming weeks. Please contact your Dealer for this information. Available options include Touch & Go Navigation, Sunroof, Lane Change & Blind Spot Monitor, Leather, Style Pack and the Protection Pack.
      Many thanks.

      1. Thanks Oliwer

        In addition to the ground clearance value could you provide the combined fuel consumption as well, please?
        I guess you accidentally gave the emission values instead of the fuel consumption.
        Many thanks.

        1. Hi Gabor,
          Good spot, apologies. The fuel consumption (combined) for the 2.2 diesel engine is 49.6mpg with manual transmission and 42.2 with automatic transmission.
          We hope this information helps.
          Kind regards.

          1. The 2.2 is a fine engine but particulate filter does block very quickly when local usage. ripping to shreds the claimed MPG figures.But a quick run on the m way usually clears this.

            The 2.2 engine will live with anything on todays roads straight line and corners providing the correct gear is selected.It is the emmisions which put it out of favour hence the rumour Toyota will adopt the BMW 3 series engine in the future in place of the 2.2.

            This info can be relied upon from a user of 2 new Avensis yearly.Personal reasons and good loading has pursueded me to order the new Rav today.My local centre already has 7 forward orders for the Rav.

          2. Hi Peter,
            Thank you for your feedback and we are delighted to hear you have ordered a new RAV4.
            We look forward to hearing once you’ve received this new model.
            We are currently looking into your previous questions and will get back to you shortly.
            Kind regards.

        2. Hi Gabor,
          We can now confirm that the ground clearance of the new RAV4 is 187mm without Axel (1 person).
          If you have any further questions, please do let us know.
          Have a great weekend!

  81. Some pictures on the net show a two tone leather interior,Black/Brown. Will this be available in the UK?
    Glad to see so many people agree on the spare wheel option.

    1. Hi Gordon,
      The leather options taken in the UK are as follows:
      – Berkeley Black Leather is available as standard on the Invincible grade
      – Markham Black Leather is available as an option on Active and Icon grades
      These will be available to see through our Car Configurator tool on early next week. Your Dealer will also be able to help further with showroom vehicles arriving towards the end of February, their details are available here:
      Many thanks for your question.

  82. Icon AWD, 2.0 Petrol, CVT Automatic

    1. Is the steering wheel reach AND rake adjustable?

    2. Paddles behind steering wheel to change gear?

    3. OPTION: Sunroof £500
    What is the specification of the above, for example
    – Electric OR Manual?
    – Tilt AND Slide?
    – Interior sliding sunshade?
    – Tilts up, then slides back over the roof OR slides inside the roof of the vehicle?

    4. Would it be possible to have electric driver’s seat adjustment WITHOUT leather?

    1. Hi Peter,
      1. Yes both are adjustable
      2. Yes, the 2.2 automatic has paddle shift.
      – Electric OR Manual? – electric.
      – Tilt AND Slide? It has the option to do both.
      – Interior sliding sunshade? Yes.
      – Tilts up, then slides back over the roof OR slides inside the roof of the
      vehicle? It neatly slides inside the roof of the vehicle.
      4. We do not offer this as a factory option, however please speak to you local
      Centre who might be able to offer you an option.
      We hope this helps.

  83. i have had several land cruisers the i brought a jaguar but i am thinking of buying a New Rav 4 on the 1st of march but the thought of no spare wheel concerns me why carnt Toyota do the same as on the land cruiser put the spare wheel on a cradle under the car and wind it down to get it out if you need it????????

    1. Hi Michael,
      The new RAV4 currently comes with a tyre repair kit, however due to customer feedback we are looking into possible options. We will update everyone on the blog so do check back soon for he latest.
      Many thanks.

  84. I am at a total loss as to why we cannot have a petrol option on the Invincible model. Not everyone wants a diesel engine, given the known issues with particulate filters and regeneration valves for those of us that need vehicles for short journeys. I am the only Toyota customer that feels short changed by not being able to opt for a “top of the range” model?

    1. I have the petrol RAV4 and like Michael I don’t want a diesel engine either. With petrol you only get the flappy paddle auto gearbox as well – though that may be good as I’ve only driven a Honda Jazz with CVT.

    2. Hi Michael,
      We are sorry that there is no Invincible grade on the petrol CVT model, we do not offer this due to historical low demand.
      Apologies we aren’t able to provide this particular model for you however we hope that there are other petrol ‘top grade’ models that you may be interested in.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  85. Both US and Canada have full brochures/details published and HAVE SPARE WHEELS AS STANDARD together with numerous expert/owner reviews(see Rav4World forums)
    It looks a good car, it will have to be to change me from Subaru and I have owned 4 Ravs.
    Time for Toyota Europe to sort the spare wheel issue.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your loyalty to Toyota in the past!
      The new RAV4 currently comes with a tyre repair kit, however due to customer feedback we are looking into another option for UK customers. We will update customers on the Toyota blog so please do check back soon to see the very latest news.
      Kind regards.

  86. I am a former RAV4 owner. I changed to a Land Cruiser after buying a larger caravan. I loved the RAV4, but will not buy another until a spare wheel is provided. I don’t fancy being stranded abroad at a weekend with no spare. I can’t believe Toyota thinks it’s acceptable not to include a spare in this type of vehicle – even my Aygo comes with a proper spare.

    1. Yesterday I walked in the local Toyota dealership and asked about the Rav4’s spare wheel. I was told they still did not know if it comes with a spare wheel but if it doesn’t this will be on the accessories list for those who are interested.
      The case is very similar to the Mazda CX-5 which comes with the useless repair kit only despite the American model has a spare wheel. In the UK – for a little extra – the spare is optional.

      1. Hi Gabor,
        The new RAV4 currently comes with a tyre repair kit, however due to customer feedback we are looking to offer another option, yet to be decided. Once we have more information we’ll update you here on the Toyota blog, so please do check back for the latest news.
        Many thanks and kind regards.

    1. Hi Ray,
      We offer a 2.2 diesel manual engine with 150HP that can tow up to 2000kg. We’d recommend this engine choice if you wish to tow and your Dealer will be able to offer further advice, and organise a drive for you.
      Many thanks.

      1. 148 bhp isn’t enough power, nor is 250 pound feet of torque.

        I already have 171 bhp, and 266 pound feet, and feel i need more power.

        The Mazda CX5 gives 148bhp with 280 pound feet, or 173 bhp with 310 pound feet.

        It appears that both Honda and Toyota are not offing what customers want.

        The older Rav had a 180 engine offered.

        1. Well I don’t think another 9 Bhp (previous RAV) is going to make much difference is it!! If you really need that much more towing capacity why don’t you look at a vehicle which is designed for it not one that isn’t!!
          I think Toyota are offering what most! customers want – unfortunately they cannot please everyone. Get a Hilux – they can tow 2500Kg or a Landcruiser which tows 3000Kg. Ie a car DESIGNED to do your sort of towing job!

          1. No car is designed to tow a caravan.

            Caravaners are wanting to downsize to lighter more economical cars, with low emissions and good fuel economy.

            Looks like I’ll be buying a Mazda cx5 175ps with 310 pound feet of torque, along with a towing limit of 2000kg, with emissions under 140 co2.

          2. Yes Damian but with out the power and lower emissions (135 co2 for the manual AWD), and added economy of a Mazda CX5, the class leader according the all the group tests its been in.
            But it only has a 3 year warranty, that’s the only negative.

  87. Having read the comments about a spare wheel in the absence of one will the road wheels on the 17in wheel have Run flat tyres.Should this be so what size tyres will be fitted.

    1. Hi Paul,
      The new RAV4 does not come with run flat tyres. As suggested, we will be providing an update regarding a further option to the Tyre Repair Kit as soon as we are able to confirm.
      Many thanks.

        1. Hi John,
          We measure this as 0-62mph, which is 9.6 seconds for the 2.2l diesel engine and the top speed is 118mph.
          Thanks for your question and we hope this helps.

  88. Which country is the Rav built in.The 2 ltr Engine is described as new have you a breif on what changes have been made from the older engine.

    1. Hi Paul,
      It is the first time the RAV4 has had a two litre displacement drive train with stop-start technology. The engine has been re-engineered to generate the lowest CO2 and highest MPG a Toyota RAV4 has ever had.
      Wishing you a good weekend.

      1. what is the CO2 emission on the 2LD 4WD and the 2Wd does it only have 2Wd or equally a setting to change to 4WD? it’s confusing me.

        1. Hi Shelly,
          Thanks for your post and apologies for any confusion here.
          There is a 2WD version of the new RAV4 with a 2.0 diesel engine and CO2 emissions of 127g/km (combined). The AWD (All Wheel Drive) comes with the 2.0 petrol and 2.2 diesel engines, CO2 emissions (combined) are:
          2.0 Petrol CVT -167g/km
          2.2 Diesel Manual – 149g/km
          2.2 Diesel Automatic -176g/km (auto) respectively.
          The 2WD doesn’t have an option to change to 4WD. The AWD defaults to 2WD and is changed by a button on the dashboard, so in the AWD models you have the choice of driving in either 2 or 4 wheel drive.
          We hope this helps.

      2. Oliwer,
        You only answered part of my question…Quote Which country is the Rav 4 built in?In addition is the Invincible 2 wd 2 ltr fitted Run flats or not.As provisions are already in place for a spare wheel can only assume its absence is relevant to a few kilos of extra weight in order to boost consumption figures,even though a compressor and sealant weighs.Now come on the vehicle takes 5 people and luggage.

        1. Hi Peter,
          The new RAV4 will be assembled in Japan and run-flat wheels won’t be available on any of the new models. At this stage we can’t confirm what the alternative option may be for the tyre repair kit but once we know, we’ll let everyone know on the blog.
          Many thanks.

  89. Is there any information regarding the front driver’s leg room? As a tall chap with long legs i find that my wife’s 107 has more leg room than the RAV. Is there additional driver’s seat adjustment or no change from current model?


    1. Hi Andrew,
      The effective front legroom of the new RAV4 is 1,081mm and headroom is 1,012mm. There are driver’s seat adjustments but we recommend seeing the car firsthand to ensure it is comfortable for you. The RAV4 showroom vehicles are available from mid February, you can contact your local Dealer for more specific dates here:
      Thanks for your post and we hope this helps.

      1. Many thanks. If the spare wheel question can be satisfactorily resolved then, come August, I will be in the market and will be visiting my dealer for a test drive.

  90. Rav 4 2ltr man invincable….Is full leather fitted as standard….various sites looked at conflict this.Is the headlites Bi Zeon? as on Avensis.Is light grey leather available if so what cost.Does Multimedia system have rear camera.What radio is fitted?
    Please answer question of Head lites carefully…Cheers

    1. Hi Paul,
      The Invincible grade does not have Bi-xenon headlights. It does come with full leather heated seats in black, smart entry, smart start, rear parking sensors, power back door, 18″ wheels, dual zone climate control (plus much more) as standard from just £25,995 for the Invincible 2.0 2WD man. The multimedia system does have the rear camera and it comes with a DAB radio.
      We hope this helps, many thanks.

  91. With reference to the new Toyota Rav4 navigation system please could you confirm whether or not it will be able to search 6 figure UK postcode destinations or frustratingly be restricted to the first 4 figures of UK postcodes as is the case with some current Toyota Rav4 navigation systems?
    Will it also contain fixed Road Safety camera data as TomTom does for a fraction of the cost of the Toyota system?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Geoff,
      The Touch and Go navigation system is an option on the new RAV4 Icon and Invincible grades. The system allows you to search for full UK postcodes and also shows speed cameras. Your local Dealer will be happy to talk you through the system if you’d like any further information, their details are here: The new RAV4 demonstrator vehicles are available towards the end of February, your Dealer will be able to provide more specific dates for you.
      Thanks for your post and kind regards.

  92. The Protection Pack that is available on the Icon model contains front parking sensors. This pack is not shown as an option on the Invincible model. can you tell me if front parking sensors will be available as a seperate option on the Invincible model? Also is the navigation system able to find locations using UK post codes?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Front parking sensors don’t come on the Invincible model as a factory fit. We’d recommend speaking with your Dealer as they may well be able to fit front parking sensors as an option. Rear parking sensors come as standard. You will be able to search UK postcodes on the navigation system too.
      We’ll have more news and specs on the new RAV4 very soon!
      Many thanks, enjoy your week.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Many thanks for your question.
      The new RAV4 come with cruise control as standard on the Icon and Invincible models of the new RAV4. Please note this is not Adaptive Cruise Control. The Cruise Control will allow you to set the speed and adjust from the steering wheel.

  93. I was looking to buying the new RAV to replace my current ML, but the lack of a spare tyre worries me ! Back to the drawing board I guess looking for an alternative !

    1. Hi Cathy – thanks for your comments! We are working on a solution and hope to have an option for UK customers soon.
      Of course we’d love you to be an owner of a brand new RAV4 and hope to have an answer for you soon.
      Best wishes.

      1. I am on my second RAV4 (no spare) so I have bought a full size spare wheel which I take on long journeys (France in winter for skiing
        ).I do not need 4 seats so I remove the larger of the two rear seat to accommodate the spare but this is hardly an ideal solution. I will probably buy a Q5 next if a spare wheel is not supplied with the new RAV4. I await further news with interest.
        We have had 5 Toyotas over the years as I like their reliability but the spare wheel issue is important for me.

        1. Hi Roger,
          Thanks for your your post and for your loyalty to Toyota. We’re delighted to hear that you’ve travelled well with your current RAV4.
          As you know, we are working on a solution for customers regarding a spare. As soon as we have confirmation as to what this is, we’ll let everyone know on the blog.
          In the meantime, do let us know if you’ve any further questions.
          Best wishes.

    2. I refuse to buy a car with no spare wheel, so I will see if it possible to stow one. Sadly I will have to wait to see the car before ordering. In the meanwhile like Cathy I will have to keep my eyes open for an alternative. I like my current Rav but it will have to be changed soon .

    3. I also currently have a RAV 4 but will not be buying another one unless there is a spare wheel available.
      Also will normal glass (i.e. no non-privacy glass) be an option?

      1. Hi Mark,
        As you’ll see we are currently working on a solution and will provide an update as soon as we can.
        Rear privacy glass is standard on all grades, this is factory fitted so unfortunately cannot be changed.
        Thank you for your feedback.

        1. We have the older RAV4 with spare on the rear door and I agree with Mark.

          1) won’t be buying another new one if no spare wheel option

          2) I don’t like/want rear dark glass you call ‘privacy glass’. Can’t see why this is now compulsory – maybe some use if you have a chauffeur driving you but I drive myself and don’t take drug dealers in the back..!!

  94. Hi Oliwer,
    I believe the new Rav4 is a ‘Global Vehicle’ and is capable of having either a full or space saver wheel fitted, as per the U.S. and Australian markets.
    I therefore presume the U.K. version has the same capabilities. Again I speculate the problem must lie with the underfloor furniture. Would that be correct?
    If so we may be able to sort out a solution of our own as I have done with my other car, Mazda 6 estate.

    1. Hi Gordon,
      It may well be worth speaking directly with your Local Dealer as they may be able to give you advice about providing a solution at this stage. Perhaps they can discuss an arrangement similar to that of your current Mazda on a local level rather than us pending a national answer. We haven’t a response yet from Head Office regarding a possible work-around and I apologise for this as I can understand the frustration of not having a frank and direct answer from us.
      Rest assured as soon as we know, we’ll post it here.
      My best.

  95. Hi Oliwer,
    Just a bit confused, who is it that decides on behalf of the whole of Europe that we all want a can of Gunk instead of a spare wheel? How do they come to that decision? I can almost guarantee the end user had little or no say in the decision.

    1. Hi Gordon,
      You’re right, the decision is made by the senior management team and we aim to offer the new RAV4 at a competitive price for customers. Both cost and weight have been taken into consideration and as such the tyre repair kit comes as standard. We have listened to customers on our blog and understand that some would like to have a spare wheel/space saver as an option with the new RAV4. We have taken this feedback on board and Toyota are working on a solution. Although we can’t offer a definitive answer on this right now, we will be sure to update you with what they conclude.
      Many thanks.

      1. Just one comment on the spare tyre issue (and I have my fingers crossed as I write this!) but I am now on my 5th RAV4 and despite living in a rural area where the roads are frequently strewn with hedge clippings, I have never had a puncture.Provided I can get a good deal, I will be buying my 6th RAV4 in the spring irrespective of whether it has a spare tyre.

        1. Hi Graham,
          We’re so pleased to hear you’re considering a 6th RAV4!
          Thank you for your loyalty and if there is anything we can help with, do let us know.
          Kind regards.

        2. I have a T180 with run flat tyres. I have had two complete flats where the tyre has had a bang on a kerb. In both cases this has left me in serious problems as it is not easy to have the run flats replace at short notice and once I was in France! In both cases I had to have the car sorted out by a roadside rescue service. This is not good and I will not be considering another Rav 4 with out a spare tyre option.

  96. Hi Oliwer,
    Re. the spare wheel issue. I am confused, who is it that decides on behalf of a Market what it will ‘take’? I can only suppose it must be Toyota Senior Management. If that is indeed the case they must be turning a deaf ear to a substantial percentage of existing and potential future buyers. This blog is not very well known or particularly easy to find yet the vast majority of posts relate to this subject.
    I understand politics are important but so are Sales. I hope the sensible option of offering a spare wheel is taken but I wont hold my breath, especially as the decision has been made to ‘take’ a can of Gunk!

    1. I guess Toyota will have to decide whether this is a significant issue for UK markets or not. Many car owners seem oblivious to what type of tyre replacement system they have until the day they are confronted with the problem. For many of us buying 4-wheel drives that live in the country, this is a bigger issue than for those with a more urban existance. However, I will not consider a car, no matter how good, if it does not have a spare tyre or at least a space saver. I have made a shortlist of alternatives which includes Subaru/Honda and some Audi’s.

  97. The lack of a spare wheel is a serious problem effecting many car producers. I am moving from BMW because of run flat tyres – had 5 punctures in 8 weeks at £320 per tyre expensive! I really like the new Rav 4 but the spare wheel issue will kill my interest.

    The idea of the dealer offering the spare wheel as an option seems the most sensible – customers choice then.

  98. Another vote for a spare tyre. Also stranded deepest Wales no mobile signal had to limp to Harlech for replacement run flat tyre,by which time the whole unit required replacing. Spoilt two days of holiday.

    1. I add to your comments Caroline. At present I am driving my sixth, yes that is 6, Rav and would be looking to change this year. As with the majority of the comments, without a spare wheel that will not happen. Pity, as the new range looks very good.

      1. I echo the spare wheel comments: having experienced the frustration of a flat tyre and the subsequent delays, much as I love my RAV from a driving point of view the lack of a spare might well mean I look elsewhere when the time comes to change my vehicle.

        1. whatever cars in this price bracket have a spare wheel? this isn’t a trend started by Toyota. I doubt Toyota UK can lobby the Group to change a global decision – let’s face it this market is very small compared to the U.S. But lets hope they do 🙂

          1. I believe Subaru and Kia retail their 4×4’s with a full size spare and other makes offer spares (spacesaver or full size) as an option.

          2. At the launch of the new RAV in the USA there was a spare wheel in the boot.Clearly Toyota will be offering one to their american customers and I suspect also to their Australian customers.
            Looking closely at the spare photograph it is a space saver with less tread than a normal tyre and also has the following on the tyre wall ‘for temporary use only ‘ and ‘Inflate to 420 KPA/60 PSI’ Its a snug fit so I doubt that a full size spare would fit into the wheel well.
            Amy / Oliwer is this the case?

          3. Hi robbo,
            Various countries have taken different spec for the New RAV4. As you know, our Product Marketing department are working on offering additional options for the UK, regarding a spare wheel or space saver. As soon as we know any more, we’ll let everyone know on the blog. Currently it stands that the USA and Australian markets are taking a space saver and Europe has chosen to take the Tyre Repair Kit.
            Many thanks.

          4. Oliwer
            Do you know if a full size spare will fit in the wheel well of the new RAVs boot in view of my above observations ?

          5. Hi robbo,
            In theory, yes, there is room to fit a spare wheel in the luggage space. However, the boot (or wheel well) space isn’t designed to take a spare wheel and it won’t fit flush into the space. As you know it’s currently designed to fit the tyre repair kit.
            Many thanks.

          6. Thanks for yor reply but I feel it is a little misleading. The wheel well ( under the boot carpet ) is designed for a space saver spare. If it was just designed for the tyre repair kit why would Toyota make it round.
            The space saver supplied in America has a 165/80R17 tyre which is narrower and slightly smaller diameter than the standard tyre 235/55R18 so that explains why it will not fit flush into the wheel well.

  99. Hi Amy, I am a Rav4 SR180 2.2 diesel owner which has the run flat tyres fitted as standard and I have found out to my cost that they are an eye watering cost to replace through Toyota’s monopoly at its approved dealerships. I have been complaining to my dealership about this issue for several years. I hope Toyota can still address this.
    I love the power and acceleration of the SR180. How do the new Rav4 diesel models compare on the 0 to 62mph acceleration official stats.
    Please could you also advise on each models Vehicle Excise Duty costs?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Please find the statistics you requested for the new RAV4:
      Engine CO2 VED (1st Year only) Performance 0-62mph

      2.0 D-4D manual 127 £0 10.5
      2.0 VVT-i CVT 167 £275 9.9
      2.2 D-4D manual 149 £135 9.6
      2.2 D-CAT Automatic 176 £325 10

      We have spoken to our Customer Relations team regarding your experience and they will be best placed to address this with you. We understand you have been in touch with them previously regarding this but they would be happy to speak with you to provide further assistance. If you could possibly email us your contact details at: and we can arrange this for you.
      We hope this helps. Kind regards.

      1. Hi Geoff,
        Apologies the statistics did not appear as expected please see as follows:
        2.0 D-4D manual: CO2 is 127g/km, VED (1st Year only) is £0 and performance (0-62mph) is 10.5 seconds.
        2.0 VVT-i CVT: CO2 is 167g/km, VED (1st Year only) is £275 and performance (0-62mph) is 9.9 seconds.
        2.2 D-4D manual: CO2 is 149g/km, VED (1st Year only) is £135 and performance (0-62mph) is 9.6 seconds.
        2.2 D-CAT Automatic: CO2 is 176g/km, VED (1st Year only) is £325 and performance (0-62mph) is 10 seconds.
        Many thanks.

  100. Is there any news from product development regarding the spare wheel option?I have owned 2 RAV 4’s and an Avensis prior to that.Having had a puncture in my 2011 RAV and being unable to use the tyre repair kit – I never want be caught out again.If Toyota do not offer even the option of a spare wheel it will be a Subaru Forester (which has a full size spare wheel as standard) for me when I come to change cars.A great shame that Toyota cannot confirm at this stage what the position is.

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you for raising your concerns with us. We appreciate your viewpoint as a loyal owner and have passed on your comments.
      Product Marketing are working on a solution, which should be concluded at the end of this month.
      Once we are able to provide any updates, we will do so.
      Kind regards.

      1. Thanks Amy – hopefully Product Marketing will see from the bulk of the comments here that without some sort of solution to this issue people will look at other alternatives.

  101. Like others on this blog I won’t even consider buying the new RAV 4 without a spare wheel.I am looking to change from a VW Touran (no spare wheel either) which has been a good car but the lack of a spare wheel has left me many times stranded on country roads or the motorway – a complete pain and may call outs for the AA and huge expense as often had to get emergency roadside tyre repair – never again. Rav 4 looks great and would love to buy but please wake up and start putting spare wheels in cars again…it’s utter lunacy not too…

  102. Do all diesel engines have a DPF? Please add my support to the spare wheel campaign – NO spare is a deal breaker! Honda will continue to love it if this persists.

    1. Hi Gordon,
      Yes the new RAV4 comes with a diesel particulate filter.
      Thank you for your feedback regarding the spare wheel, we have too passed on your comments.
      Kind regards.

  103. I am concerned about reports that driving position is lower having had a t180 i like the high position and certainly do not want anything lower hope this will not be a factor to not purchase do you have any details please i would be interested in the invincible

    1. Good morning,
      The maximum seating position is 3 centimetres higher in the new RAV4 than the previous model. We do suggest experiencing this for yourself as the interior has been completely redesigned. Your Local Dealer will be able to help you with a test drive, you can find their details here: These are expected to be available from the end of February, your Dealer will be able to provide more specific dates.
      Many thanks for your interest!

    1. Hi John,
      The boot capacity of the new RAV4 with the seats up is 547 litres, this is 138 litres more than the previous generation.
      Thank you for your post, we hope this helps.

    1. Morning Bern,
      The reversing camera comes as standard on the Icon and Invincible grades of the new RAV4. It isn’t available as an option on the Active grade. There is a detachable tow-bar available which is a Dealer fit option.
      Do let us know if there is anything else, many thanks.

  104. I’ve just received my ‘mini’ preview brochure. I’m looking to repalce my 2010 RAV4 XTR with the Icon AWD,2.0 Valvematic petrol, CVT automatic. Do you have any performance figures (0-60mph, 50-70 mph, mpg etc.) for this engine/transmission please? Thanks for all the updates!

    1. Hi Graham,
      Performance figures for the 2.0l Petrol CVT transmission are as follows:
      Power (hp) 151
      Output (kw) 91
      Displacement (cc) 1987
      0-62mph (seconds) 9.9
      We hope this information helps. Enjoy the preview brochure!

  105. Does the Leather upholstery option included heated seats? or is that not available on the Active or Icon models???

    1. Hi Dee,
      Heated leather front seats are available as standard on the new RAV4 Invincible grade. The seats are available as an option on the Active and Icon grades.
      Do let us know if you’ve any further questions. Many thanks.

  106. Will the headlamps be easily adustable for driving on the right? With my current RAV I use Toyota headlamp protective covers fitted with beam deflectors. Will these be available on the new RAV or can the headlamps be adjusted from inside the car for driving on the right?

    1. Hi – I have not had an answer to my question about whether the new RAV includes a system for adjusting the lights for driving on the right.

      1. Hi Roy,
        Our apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We’re on the case with this and will let you know once we have an answer.
        Thanks for your patience!

      2. Hi Roy,
        The headlights cannot be adjusted from inside the vehicle for driving on the right.
        We’re sorry this isn’t the answer you were looking for. If you’d like to discuss this further, your Dealer will be happy to help. You can find their details here:
        Thanks for getting in touch. Kind regards.

  107. Hello,

    I don’t see the preview brochure on-line yet. Is that available yet ( end of December you said in your other posts ).


    1. Hi Carl,
      Apologies it seems there has been a slight delay with the new RAV4 preview brochure, however it will be available this week. The following form can be completed and a copy will be sent as soon as it becomes available:
      Thank you for raising with us.
      Kind regards.

      1. I’ve just received my ‘mini’ preview brochure. I’m looking to repalce my 2010 RAV4 XTR with the Icon AWD,2.0 Valvematic petrol, CVT automatic. Do you have any performance figures (0-60mph, 50-70 mph, mpg etc.) for this engine/transmission please? Thnks for all the updates!

    1. Hi David,
      The new RAV4 2.0l petrol CVT engine has combined CO2 emissions of 167g/km.
      We hope this helps. Thanks for your post.

  108. Surely you tell the factory what you want. The US RAV has the spacesaver option and looking at the pictures, the wheel well will easily accommodate a full size wheel (although the latter could be added at the import centre). This is all about weight and whether the vehicle will comply with Euro emmissions. It won’t with a boot full of junk or Grandma in the back but that should be our choice. Add it to the accessories list and get round it that way.

  109. Having had many Toyota and being loyal customers we recently tried the Honda Insight (cheaper than a prius) with no spare wheel the whole experience was a disaster. Traded in very quickly back to Toyota for a Yaris. The Yaris is a working car but for bad weather we have a Subaru outback which I was going to seriously consider a change for the new Rav4. After my experience with the Honda there is no way I would consider any vehicle without a full size spare wheel on a bad weather vehicle. It does not have to be an alloy it can be steel as long as it is full size. If Toyota do not sort this out we will be keeping the Subaru.

  110. Looks a good vehicle. However, I live in rural Wales and two punctures a year is a common experience (as is no mobile signal!). I could not consider a car without a full sized spare wheel. It would be too dangerous. I would hope that a full sized spare wheel is available as an option.

  111. Could you inform me of the interior dimensions, specifically the length between the drivers seat and tailgate please?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your post.
      The length between the front seats and rear tailgate for the new RAV4 is approximately 2000mm, depending upon the seat position, this is about 1.846m3.
      We hope this helps you.

  112. My current six year old RAV came with a full size spare wheel as standard equipment. Unless the new RAV comes with a spare I like others on this blog won’t even consider buying it.

    I am very disappointed by the comments of Toyota UK, so near to the new RAV launch date, that they have yet to decide even whether to give customers the option of buying a spare wheel. It should be standard equipment not an option. Sadly another example of a major manufacturer not listening to their customers who would prefer to have a spare wheel in place of standard equipment that is of no practical use in the event of a puncture.

    It is well known that some types of puncture can’t even be sealed with a so-called tyre repair kit. Even if the tyre can be sealed most tyre repairers won’t then repair it and will insist that you to buy a new tyre. As for spacesaver tyres they have speed limitations and are at best a temporary fix until you get the puncture fixed or get a new tyre. So with no full size spare you end up being delayed and inconvenienced twice in the event of a puncture. Where do Toyota think that most RAVs are driven most of the time – within ten miles of home and a tyre repairer?

  113. I have a 2009 2.0 CVT which is fantastic. However I want to go onto Motability. Honda do an auto 4×4 CRV (£2999 pre payment) and VW do a DSG auto diesel 4×4 Tiguan (£2350 pre payment) both on Motability. The new RAV Icon with petrol engine & CVT box are cheaper than these.
    I want to stay loyal to Toyota – What are the chances of getting one on Motability as I need an automatic 4×4 because of where I live?

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Apologies for the delay in responding to you.
      We have looked into this and unfortunately, the new RAV4 will not be availble on the Motability scheme. You can find more information on other models available through our website:
      We are sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for and thank you for your Toyota loyalty.
      Kind regards.

  114. New model looks great. Just came to have a look at the new rear door as we will need to update our fitment requirements for this new model. Can you confirm if it has struts and hinges or just hinges on their own?

    We hope you can help us with this information.

      1. Thanks for the prompt response. We have updated our website ( to ensure that the correct boot liner is supplied as the fitments for the old and new model differ. Not sure when it will be released here in Australia?

        1. Hi Bob,
          Thanks for your comments.
          We’re not aware of launch timings and availability in Australia as models will vary across markets.
          Toyota Australia will be happy to help you, you can contact them here:
          Sorry we could not help further.
          Many thanks.

  115. I am interested as I have to replace my T180 shortly soaA few questions which will allow me to decide whether to hang on or go elsewhere:
    – What is the CO2 Emission / Fuel Consumption of the 2.2 D4D manual engine?
    – Are there front parking sensors?
    – Has the front legroom increased from the previous versions[I have a 2007 T180]
    – Is the headroom the same?
    – When will demonstration models be available in UK Showrooms?
    – What is the fuel tank size?
    – Will the New RAV4 have Active Cornering Lighting – as most of it’s competitors
    – What tyres will be fitted – and will I still have to take the car to a Toyota main dealer for replacement – like the T180 or will I be able to use other Tyre Replacement Outlets?

    1. Hi Ted,
      Thanks for your interest in the new RAV4 and our apologies for the delay in response to you. Please see answers to your questions as follows.
      – The CO2 emissions for this engine are 149g/km combined and the fuel consumption is 49.6mpg combined.
      – Rear parking sensors come as standard on the Invincible grade. Front and rear parking sensors are available with the Protection Pack option, available with the Icon grade.
      – The effective legroom is 1081mm.
      – The headroom height is 1012mm and the overall height of the vehicle is 1660mm.
      – Showroom vehicles will be available at the beginning of February and demonstrators at the end of February. Your Toyota Dealer will be best placed to advise on specific dates and availability of test drives.
      – The fuel tank size is 60 litres.
      – The new RAV4 does not have Active Cornering Lighting.
      – The two types of tyres provided are the 17″ 225/65R17H-A/S and the 18″ 235/55R18H-A/S. These tyres are not run flats like the T-180, and can be purchased at any of your local tyre retailers. Toyota Dealers offer replacement tyres at a very competitive price.
      We hope this information helps you and please let us know if we can help you further.
      Kind regards.

      1. Thanks for your reply, looking forward to February…good job it’s a short month…means the demonstrators will be here sooner!!!

        New Years Resolution…be patient!

        1. I notice on one of your responses that there is a tow bar – dealer fit option…what other dealer fit options are there?
          When will the full brochure be available?
          Are you aware that there are more details on the New RAV4 on the compare cars section of the Honda website than on yours!

          1. Hi Ted,
            The full car chapter on the Toyota website is due to launch on the 4th February and the full brochure is due to be launched mid-February. Once live, they will contain all of the information about the new RAV4 for you, including the Dealer Fit Options.
            Factory fit options will include: Go Navigation (Icon, Invincible), Sunroof (Icon, Invincible), Lane Change Assist & Blind Spot Indicator (Invincible), Leather (Active, Icon), Style Pack (Icon, Invincible – includes Front Guard, Under Run, Side Steps and Scuff Plates front and rear), and the Protection Pack (Icon).
            Hope this helps, sorry we don’t have full details for you right now as we can understand this can be frustrating. We’ll be sure to update you with information on the blog as soon as we have it.
            Enjoy your week, many thanks.

    1. Hi Andy,
      The kerb weights are as follows:
      Rav4 ‘Icon’ grade 2.2 diesel manual: 1640kg
      Rav4 ‘Icon’ grade 2.2 diesel auto: 1650kg
      Rav4 ‘Invincible’ grade 2.2 diesel manual: 1660kg

      I hope this helps.

  116. Have looked at the new RAV 4 and had every intention of purchaing this car, but have been put off at the lack of spare wheel. Would only consider this car if it is avaiable with a full size spare which can be fitted as before in the boot (even though it compromises boot space). It is a shame that a nice car has been spoilt by this cost cutting and manufacturers should consider that the majority of the public do not like repair kits – very short sighted of them especially as many competitors still offer full size spare wheels.

    1. Hello,
      We’ve taken this on board and are currently looking at additional options for the new RAV4, although we can’t guarantee a spare wheel will be an option. Once we have a better idea of what we are able to offer, we’ll update you here, on the Official Toyota blog.
      Many thanks and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

    2. Judging by the responses, the lack of a spare wheel/space saver tyre is fundamental to whether many people will buy the new Rav 4 or not. Certainly for those of us that live in challenging winter climates (me for one) the provision of a proper spare is critical. Similarly, run flats are not a serious option for those living large distances from garages and are therefore not a viable alternative. So, Rav 4 with spare wheel will mean I shall probably buy one. Otherwise, Audi Allroad here I come.

  117. I own a Rav4 XTR and was looking forward to the new model, but without the option of a full spare wheel, it seems that Toyota is shooting themselves in the foot because it has put me off buying one.

    1. Hi Michael,
      We are sorry to hear that. Although we cannot confirm, we can assure you we are looking into providing the option to purchase a temporary or full size spare wheel in time for launch.
      We will continue to keep you updated on the latest new model information here on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks for your feedback and we will be sure to pass this onto our Product Marketing department.
      Kind regards.

      1. Hi Amy,
        I have the same model RAV4 as Michael, and agree entirely with his views, together with many others given the adverse response Toyota is receiving about the UK spare wheel issue on the new model.
        I e-mailed Toyota over one year ago and enquired as to whether the new RAV4 would have a spare wheel and a top hinged rear door/tailgate. The response was a brief phone call that my wife took as we drove home from London. The message was ” we are unable to say….”. As an owner of several RAV4 s , all purchased new from a main dealership, I just wonder who Toyota consult for market surveys. Did those who may have been consulted respond that they were entirely happy with the lack of a spare wheel, unlike our US and Canadian cousins?

        1. Hi Alan,
          Firstly I’d like to say thank you for your loyalty to Toyota, it’s great to hear that you’ve had several RAV4s over the years.
          Often, when writing for the blog, we like to give our fans the very latest news. This is usually pre-launch information which provide the main details of new models. Although, by reading this post, you’re among the first to know about the new RAV4, we will post again on the blog when we can say more. We’re sorry we can’t let you know absolutely everything right now, as we understand this can be frustrating.
          Different countries take different options for their Toyota models. The spare wheel is clearly something that some UK customers would like to see on the new RAV4, taking into consideration comments on this blog post. We are working with the Product Marketing team here in the UK along with TME (Toyota Motor Europe) to provide a solution. As soon as we have one we’ll let everyone know on the blog.
          Please do keep checking back for the very latest.
          With best wishes.

  118. A maximum torque of 251 is of no use to me, the CRV has 258, the cx5 210 pound feet and has a spare wheel option according to mazda customer services.

    Has i tow a heavy caravan, and already find my 266 pound feet of torque insufficient, then I’m disappointed to say that the Rav4 is of my list of new cars.

    Shame as i really wanted a 5 year warranty.

  119. Will the rav4 have a powerful diesel engine, with over 300 pound feet of torque, like the Mazda CX5?

    And a spare wheel option?

    1. Good afternoon,
      Thanks for your questions.
      The maximum torque for the new RAV4 is 251 pound feet for the 2.2 diesel engine.
      The new model comes with a Tyre Repair Kit currently, with no spare wheel option. However, our Product Marketing team are looking into this and, although we are unable to confirm, are hoping to have an option of purchasing a temporary or full sized spare wheel available for launch.
      Many thanks and we hope this helps.

      1. Hi Amy,

        With regard to your response to Michael on 20 December I would also like to add my support to the need for a spare wheel option for the all new Rav 4 at its launch. Our family are great supporters of Toyota cars and the Rav 4 in particular.

        Kind regards


        1. Hi Joyce

          Thanks for the message. All customer feedback is gratefully accepted. As mentioned in previous dialogue we’ve taken this on board and are currently looking at various options for the new RAV4. That said we can’t guarantee a spare wheel will be an option at this time but once we have a better idea of what we plan to offer, we’ll update you via the Toyota blog.

          Kind regards and thank you for your ongoing support.


    1. Hi Ron,
      There are currently no plans to introduce a hybrid model RAV4 in the UK.
      We will keep you up to date with the very latest news here, on the Toyota blog, so please do keep checking back.
      Many thanks.

  120. hi there i currently drive a rav 4 xt4 is the icon model in the new range of similar spec . it looks good just in time for a new car for me

    1. Hi ally,
      Thanks for your post and we’re delighted to hear that you’re considering the new RAV4. You’re absolutely right, the Icon model is the mid-range model and will be closest in spec to your current RAV. Please do ask if you’ve any further questions otherwise your Local Dealer will be best placed to show you around the car and take you for a spin!
      With our best regards.

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thanks for your post.
      The continued colours will be Pure White, Tyrol Silver, White Pearl, Decuma Grey, Light Cappuccino and Vermillion Red. New colours include Eclipse Black, Highland Green and Titan Blue. You will be able to see this range of colours in our preview brochure which is available later this month, please do keep an eye on our website for it:
      We will continue to keep you updated here on the Toyota Blog with the latest new model information.
      Many thanks.
      Kind regards.

  121. Have been following the comments about the new RAV4 not having any kind of spare wheel. The repair kits provided effectively ruin a good tyre cannot subsequently be properly repaired, but has to be replaced.

    We live in mid Wales and mobile phone signals cannot be relied on. Without a spare wheel that leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help.

    Not providing a proper spare is just cost cutting. At the very least it should be an option.

    I refuse to buy any car that does not have a spare wheel. Note, for those who tow caravans, a space saver, as far as I can make out, is not recommended. Is the repair kit acceptable for towing??

    1. Hi Len,
      Thank you for your comments, we have fed back to the Product Marketing team for their information.
      You should not tow if the tyre has been repaired with the tyre repair kit. This kit provides a temporary repair to get you to your nearest Toyota Dealer or authorised repairer to fix or replace the tyre.
      The new generation inflation foam used can be manually peeled away therefore if the tyre is repairable it can be salvaged. The spare wheel weighs in excess of 50 kgs, removing this additional weight lowers CO2 emissions as well as increasing fuel efficiency.
      As you have seen, we are working closely with our Product Marketing department to offer customers the option of purchasing either a temporary wheel or a full sized spare wheel. This isn’t guaranteed but we hope to have an option in place in time for launch, with the Tyre Repair Kit as the standard factory specification in the meantime.
      Many thanks again for raising your concerns.
      Kind regards.

      1. Amy
        I think you need to check how much a spare wheel weighs. The present RAV4 spare wheel weighs in the region of 22kg far less then ‘ in excess of 50kgs’ you have quoted.

        1. Hi Robbo,
          The figure quoted takes into account various other components which come with previous models of RAV4 with the spare wheel including the rear mounted casing, jack and tools.
          We hope this helps to put into perspective the figure quoted.
          Many thanks.

      2. I have had 4 RAV 4s. Last one 2 plus years old and was the first not to have a spare wheel. This was not a problem until 2 days ago when 100 miles from home had a puncture. AA said that foam kits do not work with a complete flat tyre and as a result had to be loaded home on a trailer.
        Was looking forward to a New look RAV but without a spare will now think twice. Perhaps I am cynical however probably more about making the car more favourably priced rather than concern about emissions.

  122. I really like the look of this, been comparing this between a 2013 CR-V and Kuga. Sadly there is no 7 seat option, but that seems to be common place. However, both the CR-V and Kuga offer Panaramic Sunroofs – is this not an option? the sunroof i’ve seen on 2013 RAV4 looks like something we used to have on cars in 80s and 90s. The only thing that would sway me back to the RAV4 (if there is no proper glass roof) is space and price, spec and economy. However, i feel the 1.6 diesel units(1.6 i-DTEC, 1.6 tdci) and in the Honda and Ford SUVs may beat the RAV4s economy.

    1. Hi Dee,
      We’re pleased you like the look of the new RAV4.
      We have a preview brochure for the new model coming later this month, it will provide you with the information available that you are looking for and further imagery. We will be sure to let you know on the Toyota Blog when it’s here.
      We can confirm that the sunroof is available as an option on the Icon and Invincible grades, this is not a panoramic sunroof.
      You may also be interested in the Toyota Verso, this comes with a 7-seat option and panoramic roof with the 7-seat TR and the T Spirit grade. You can find more information here: We also have information on the new model Verso coming next year:
      We hope this helps in the meantime.
      Kind regards.

  123. Looks good, I currently drive an Auris, the best car I’ve ever owned for reliability, it’s just a bit too small for my needs.
    The Rav4 looks about the right size, do you have details about it’s dimensions, I need to ensure I can get it in the garage?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your interest and Toyota loyalty!
      The dimensions for the new RAV4 are as follows:
      Active/Icon Grade: Length: 4570mm
      Width: 1845mm
      Height: 1660mm

      Invincible: Length: 4570mm
      Width: 1845mm
      Height: 1705mm
      We hope this helps you.
      Many thanks.

  124. I have been driving RAV 4’s for many years and have been looking forward to the new version. But, sadly, reading a post above it seems customers are not able to have heated seats without leather as the seat fabric. This sadly means I will never buy a RAV 4 again as I deplore leather both from a ‘feel’ and ethical point of view. It is such a shame those of us with ethics are discriminated against and are not seen as being worthy and afforded the same options. I hope Toyota will look to companies such as VW in the future who allow their customers to have the whole range of choice on their vehicles.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for taking the time to post on our page. We’re delighted to hear that you’ve been driving RAV4’s for many years, thank you for your loyalty to Toyota!
      Currently the heated seat option is only available with the leather seats. Your Local Dealer will happily source you an alternative seat trim, at an additional cost, if this would be preferable. We advise, in this case, you speak directly with them. Here’s how you can find your Local Dealer:
      We do hope this helps, enjoy the rest of your week.

      1. I too am disappointed that heated front seats will only be available on the Invincible unless I upgrade to leather seats. With the leather seats, are they electrically adjustable? I’m on my 5th RAV4. My current 2010 XTR is the best yet, and the best equipped so the Icon seems disappointing by comparison. Why no rear parking sensors on the Icon?

        1. Hi Graham,
          Thanks for your post.
          The optional leather seats are electrically adjustable on the Icon RAV4 however the rear parking sensors aren’t available on this model. You may be interested in the Invincible model, at just £1,700 more you get leather seats, rear parking sensors as well as smart entry, push button start, heated front seats and roof rails as standard. Your Dealer will be able to discuss your requirements and help with a recommendation as to which model will be suit you.
          Please do let us know if you’ve any further questions, kind regards.

          1. Thank you Oliwer. That may be the answer.I would not want the roof rails; are they removeable?

          2. Hi Graham,
            We understand it is possible to remove the roof rails, however this is something your Dealer would need to advise upon as the fittings would need to be adjusted.
            You can find details for your Local Dealer here, to discuss this further:
            Thanks for getting in touch.
            Kind regards.

    1. Hi Tony,
      The preview brochure will be available later this month, so please do keep a check on our website:
      The full brochure will follow early next year.
      Thanks for your post and we hope this helps.
      Kind regards.

  125. A very nice looking car and I would have seriously considered purchasing one. However there are two deal breakers:
    1)I do low mileages which is better suited to a petrol engine. However, I do take the car on the occasional dirt road (the reason for a 4×4). I prefer a manual gearbox for this activity, which is not available with a petrol engine?
    2)After having a couple of punctures that could not be fixed at the roadside, I refuse to drive a car that does not have at least a space saver spare.

    1. Hi Ian,
      We’re sorry to hear this. To follow up on your points:
      1) The petrol engine does come with a CVT transmission. The 2.0 diesel has fuel consumption of 57.6mpg (combined) and 127g CO2 which means there is no road tax in the first year.
      2) A Tyre Repair kit comes as standard however our Product Marketing department are looking into offering customers the option of purchasing either a temporary wheel or a full sized spare wheel, although we are unable to confirm at this stage. While vehicle speed should be limited when using a temporary tyre, customers still have the peace of mind that they can keep driving either to their destination or to a place where their punctured tyre can be replaced or repaired.
      We appreciate you taking the time to provide these comments, which are taken seriously in our product development considerations.
      Kind regards.

  126. Is the valvematic normally aspirated or turbocharged? I no longer do an adequate mileage to justify diesels; with the associated DPF problems, but after many years of turbo diesels I find normally aspirated petrol engines so lacking in mid range torque as to be unacceptable.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      The petrol engine doesn’t have a turbocharger. The veriable length intake manifold system (ACIS) is adopted to enhance torque at mid to high engine speeds. We recommend, when available, you speak with your Dealer to arrange a test drive. You’ll then be able to make an informed decision.
      Wishing you a good weekend.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Yes there is a paint named Pure White, code (040), which is a non-metallic, solid colour.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,
      The heated front seats are available as standard on the new RAV4 Invincible grade. The heated front seats are available with the leather option on the Active and Icon grades.
      The 2.2 D-4D diesel automatic is a full automatic and the 2.0 valvematic petrol is a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).
      Thanks for your message and we hope this helps.

    1. Hi Roger,
      Thanks for your post.
      The new RAV4 won’t have a spare wheel, it will come with a tyre repair kit.
      This decision takes into consideration the safety of the driver as it is often dangerous changing a wheel on the hard shoulder. It saves weight and space not having it, with the new RAV4 offering additional floor storage space, and can also be more fuel efficient, not carrying excess weight. On average drivers clock 72,000 miles before they experience a puncture and also all new and second hand Toyota cars from Dealers come with one years Club Toyota which includes AA breakdown cover.
      We’ve been informed that the product marketing team are looking into supply for space savers.
      We hope this helps to explain our decision making process and the practical side of running the RAV4, which should be no different in terms of having the spare than with previous generations.

      1. I am pleased that the product marketing team are looking into the possibility of supplying a space saver but would it not make more sense to have the option of full size wheel as clearly the new RAV4 is designed for one. A space saver when fitted reduces your range and speed when fitted and where does the punctured full size tyre go when your car is full? You also say its dangerous to change a tyre its also dangerous to use a tyre repair kit
        A RAV4 with the option of a full size tyre will be more attractive than some of the competition supplied with space savers and will compete with the subaru forester with full size spare.

        I appreciate it is Toyota UK policy to supply cars without full size spare tyres but you have to remember that RAV4 owners buy 4x4s for better traction and the fact that they are less likely to get stuck in the snow or on a wet field. Likewise they do not what to be stuck in the middle of no where, with no mobile signal ond no proper spare

        1. Hi Robbo,
          Thank you for your comments, we appreciate this feedback from our customers.
          Although we are unable to confirm at this stage, Toyota’s aim is to offer customers the option of purchasing either a temporary wheel or a full sized spare wheel. We are hoping to have this in place in time for launch, with the Tyre Repair kit as the standard factory specification in the meantime. The RAV4 can accommodate a full sized spare wheel, however, in doing so, boot space is compromised and the floor slightly raised. If a puncture occurs, the punctured wheel can be located under the floor, within the boot.
          Temporary wheels are commonplace and widely accepted within the industry. While vehicle speed should be limited when using a temporary tyre, customers still have the peace of mind that they can keep driving either to their destination or to a place where their punctured tyre can be replaced or repaired.
          Thanks once again for your comments and we’ll be sure to keep you updated here on the Toyota blog.

          1. I’m glad Toyoya UK are looking at offering a spare as an option – I have owned 2 RAV 4’s and and Avensis prior to that.If a spare was not going to be offered I was going to look elsewhere for my next car – looking at other comments on here I would not be alone.Hopefully Toyota UK will take these comments on board.

      2. Sorry the comment “This decision takes into consideration the safety of the driver as it is often dangerous changing a wheel on the hard shoulder.” is a cop out.

        I get punctures driving on rural back roads, the last one was on National Trust land where there were flints on the road. It must also be unsafe to use a repair kit on a motorway hard shoulder – just phone the breakdown guys and let THEM change a proper full size spare wheel under the protection of their hazard lights and high viz jackets etc.

        Come on a spare wheel option for all.

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