Fredric Aasbo and the Toyota 86-X

Who is Fredric Aasbø?

Fredric Aasbø stars alongside the Toyota GT86 in our latest film Donuts from Space. This is your opportunity to get to know the Norwegian drift driver and global Toyota ambassador.

2017 Toyota GT86 reviews round-up

From standalone reviews to comparative group tests, these independent reports will help you understand why the 2017 Toyota GT86 is an undiluted sports car.

cars and art

Can a car ever be art?

Chris Price examines the relationship between art and cars, with the help of the 2000GT and GT86.

New 2017 GT86 images revealed

The 2017 GT86 is available to order now. Fancy taking a closer look at what’s changed? Check out these brand new snaps of our award-winning sports car.