Toyota gives its Motomachi Plant a raise with fuel cell forklifts

Toyota has started using fuel cell forklift models at its Motomachi Plant in Toyota City, Japan, production centre of the advanced Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle.

Like the Toyota Mirai, the new Toyota fuel cell forklift creates zero emissions as it transforms hydrogen into electricity for operation. It is as convenient as a traditional forklift in that it can be refuelled in approximately three minutes, but in addition can be a source of electricity during power cuts or other emergency situations.


Toyota intends to increase the use of fuel cell forklifts in its production facilities. This roll-out has begun at the Motomachi Plant, with two units offering a load rating of 2.5 tons being adopted this year, followed by about 20 units in 2018. Eventually, the goal is to reach between 170 and 180 units by around 2020.

Since announcing the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, Toyota has been developing and implementing technologies that harness hydrogen energy. The aim is to reduce all plant emissions to zero, while working with environmental agencies to promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles within industry and realise a hydrogen-based society.


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