Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ completes 12 ‘death loops’ in huge cage

Hold on to your stomachs! A Toyota iQ has completed 12 loop-the-loops inside a 12-metre tall cage.

According to the video posted on YouTube, the cage is in Vilnius, Lithuania. The iQ takes just a few seconds to go from a standing start to driving upside down in the cage.

The cage video brought back memories for us of the time when a Toyota Aygo looped to loop in a Fifth Gear video. Described as the TV programme’s most dangerous stunt ever, the Aygo recreated the famous Hot Wheels toy with a 40-foot high loop that took the car and driver through 6Gs.

Fifth Gear released a five-video playlist of the loop-the-loop attempt last year – you can see stunt driver Steve Truglia attempt the record in the videos below.

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