‘Your Toyota is My Toyota’: a commitment to quality with a 5 year warranty for all new Toyota cars


We’re pleased to announce that Toyota is reinforcing its commitment to quality by introducing a new 5 year/100,000 mile warranty as standard on all new Toyota cars purchased in the UK from today, 1 June.

Building on the successful Your Choice. Our Promise.’ campaign that launched in April, ‘Your Toyota is My Toyota’ demonstrates Toyota’s total confidence in its cars, from the innovative iQ right through to the legendary Land Cruiser V8.

“Our new 5 year warranty is tangible evidence of our commitment to quality and to our customers – both those who are loyal to the brand, and those who are considering switching to Toyota for their next car,” said Miguel Fonseca, Toyota GB managing director.

“By taking this major initiative we are giving our customers complete peace of mind. We want to reassure them that, in choosing a Toyota, they are getting the best in quality, reliability and durability.”

What’s more, Toyota is giving everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the people who design, build and sell its cars. Click here to see inside Toyota Europe Design Development – also known as Toyota ED2 – or to discover more about Toyota’s Burnaston manufacturing facility, the home of the exciting new Auris Hybrid.

To find out more about ‘Your Toyota is My Toyota’, click here. For information about the full terms and conditions, please contact Toyota (GB) PLC on 0845 275 5555.

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  1. Someone has come to my office regarding the purchase of a used Toyota for which they had to get a bank loan. The vehicle had a one month warranty. Shortly after, the buyer began having problems. Buyer was told by Toyota that in April an announcement of some sort went out to all Toyota dealerships (a CPS or CSP)? providing notification about this year make and model, and the concerns of this particular problem which was to be fixed by the dealerships. Buy was never told when he bought it or he would not have purchased the car. The dealership now says they didn’t know, saying they never drove the car but had they, they would have recognized the issue and taken it to auction instead of selling it on their lot. The fact remains, he got a loan, paid a good amount for this vehicle, the dealership should have told him of the problem prior to him buying it and did not. They will pay for the parts but not the work on the car. Buyer cannot come up with another 1000-2000 to fix this car. Shouldn’t Toyota or the dealership do both?

  2. I am considering buying a 2016 Yaris hybrid with 62000 miles on clock. It has been used as a driving school car for past 2 yrs. If they serviced the car as per warranty requirements, will the 5 yrs warranty still be valid?
    I would like a copy of your terms and conditions for the warranty.
    Several comments above requested a copy but your replies seem to indicate that one has to buy a car before one has sight of the T&C’s! Surely this is not acceptable.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We will now email the Terms and Conditions over to the address you are currently using.

      Hope this helps.

  3. I’m thinking of buying a second hand toyota yaris hybrid, would the 5 year warranty still be valid if I used my own local independent garage for servicing rather than a Toyota dealer?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Unfortunately, there is the possibility that this could void the warranty if they use non-genuine parts. We’d have to suggest getting your car serviced at a Toyota Centre to avoid this issue. For more information our customer service team will be more than willing to advise.

  4. I am considering buying a used Yaris from a non franchised dealer. The car is 40 months old and has a very low mileage, it has had an annual service by a Toyota dealer each year. Is the warranty still valid and transferable to me as the second owner.

    1. Hi there,
      If you buy a used Toyota vehicle which is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, if that vehicle has a poor service history or has not been maintained under the terms & conditions of the warranty, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer’s warranty will be valid if a problem arises. We recommend checking the service history of any vehicle when purchasing a used Toyota vehicle. Since you have stated that it has had annual services by a Toyota dealer but you are buying from another franchise, we would suggest double checking with a local dealer to see if they will support this. Hope this helps.

  5. I have searched all over to find terms and conditions for the 5 year warranty. You dont seem to either be clear of where to find it so it can be read nor your dealerships give a straight forward answer if certain things are covered. It seems as its being made to suit.
    Can someone just forward a link with toyota official terms of 5 year warranty.

    1. Hi there,
      The Toyota 5 Year Warranty covers any mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect within 5 years or 100,000* miles from new, whichever comes first, with no mileage limitations for the first year.
      You should have received a Warranty handbook when you purchased the car which explains all of these details and the terms. Many thanks!

  6. Good Evening,

    My Girlfriend bought an Aygo, had it for four years and loved it. She then took it into the Westlands, Hereford Dealership and was practically forced to buy a new Yaris – they were very pushy. Since owning the Yaris, it has been a complete let down. It has developed a fault which although has been acknowledged by the dealership… nothing has been done to fix it in over 6 months.

    She was mis-advised about the cars features when she bought it and has been fobbed off on a number of occasions when trying to get the fault acknowleded / diagnosed and now has seemingly been ignored when trying to get the fault repaired. She has not only lost faith in the car, but now regrets ever buying it.

    I would like to be sent a copy of the full terms and conditions of the 5 year warranty as i cannot see how being left over 6 months with a fault that has been acknowledged by staff at the Westlands Toyota dealership – but nothing being done about it – is acceptable.

    If someone could get in contact as soon as possible, we would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hello Tom,
      We’re very sorry to hear about the experience both you and your girlfriend have had. We’d like to help.
      Our Customer Relations department are best placed, in this instance, to assist you. They’ll take the time to investigate this, along with your Dealer, and will contact you directly to go through any further details in order to find out what they can do for you.
      Please find their contact details here: http://ow.ly/kw7P9.
      Again, please do accept our apologies. You’re in very good hands with the Customer Relations team.
      Kind regards.

  7. Hi Melissa,

    Have not received reply to my post dated 23rd July see below,any news yet?

    Thanks for your reply but I was not asking if we would be able to extend a 5 year warranty to 8 years.
    What I was asking was – My car was purchased in May 2010 and came with a 3 year warranty. As Toyota are now giving a 5 year warranty on cars brought from the 1st June 10, and I purchased my car just a few weeks earlier will they extend they new 5 year warranty to cover all cars with a year 10 number plate.

  8. This has to be the worst marketing campaign ever. I don’t want my Toyota to be your Toyota; I want it to be my own.

  9. I took delivery of my new Prius T Sprit on 12th May 10, am very pleased with it, and would highly recommend the Prius to anyone.
    Nevertheless, I do have two questions:-
    A) Although I have driven extremely carefully and even on motorways not gone over 65 MPH I am unable to get anywhere near the 70 MPG combined as stated by Toyota, only approximately 58 MPG.
    How do I achieve the stated 70 MPG?
    B) My Prius was built to the same standards as those now being supplied with a 5 year mechanical and 8 year battery warranty. Do Toyota intend extend their extended warranty to cover all cars with a 10 number plate?

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and my apologies for the time it’s taken for me to get back to you – I’ve been looking into this for you.

      Although Toyota cannot confirm any details at this stage, I can tell you that it is highly likely that third-generation Prius owners will be able to extend their five-year warranty to an eight-year warranty. I’ll let you know as soon as I receive further information.

      As for mpg, there are many factors that influence the mpg you get – though keeping under 65mph is a good start! Tyre wear, air temperature, acceleration and road surface are just some of these factors. Getting 70mpg is certainly achievable, though, as blog users David and Grumpy Cabbie can testify.

      Feel free to come back to me with any further questions. Once again, I’m sorry for the delayed reply.

      1. Hi Melissa,

        Thanks for your reply but I was not asking if we would be able to extend a 5 year warranty to 8 years.
        What I was asking was – My car was purchased in May 2010 and came with a 3 year warranty. As Toyota are now giving a 5 year warranty on cars brought from the 1st June 10, and I purchased my car just a few weeks earlier will they extend they new 5 year warranty to cover all cars with a year 10 number plate.

  10. Hi,

    I have booked Toyota Avensis and the date of registration on V5 document mentioned as 28th May and the vechile was delivered on 5th June 2010. I have been told by local toyota centre that I will be covered on 5 year warranty, but there are no documents supporting this. I did ask for this and was told that all new vechiles are covered under 5 year warranty and no proof is required. Can anyone confirm this…Thanks

  11. It is very interesting that you are still moderating my comment after 10 days without any response!

  12. Just wondering.
    I ordered a new Prius 3 weeks ago. It will not be delivered for another 12 weeks. Will Toyota extend the 5 years warranty for my car? Surely, being a new order Toyota will honour ALL new cars on order?

    1. Hi Al,

      Please contact the Toyota Centre that you ordered the Prius from – they are best placed to help you here. However, if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks.

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