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10 things that are free when you own a Toyota

1. Bulb fitting
Need new bulbs fitted to your car? When you buy bulbs from a Toyota dealer, just ask and they will fit them for you free of charge.

2. The Toyota Hybrid Health Check
Once a year, we recommend that a Toyota Hybrid should have a Hybrid Health Check. If you have your car serviced at a Toyota Centre, the dealer will also throw in a Hybrid Health Check without charging you a penny.

3. Peace of mind
The warm feeling you get waking up on a cold winter morning knowing that your Toyota will start first time doesn’t cost a thing.

4. MyToyota
Would you like to be reminded when your car’s next service is due? Or the due date of its next MOT? Sign up for a ‘MyToyota’ account and we’ll send you an email to jog your memory in good time. You’ll also receive details of special offers and rewards.

5. Wash and vac
Whenever your car is serviced at your local Toyota Centre, they’ll return it to you spotlessly clean inside and out.

6. Collection and delivery
Struggling to find the time to bring your car in for its service? Many of our dealers will collect your Toyota from your home or office, and bring it back to you when the service is done. And they won’t charge you any more.

7. Admiring looks
See people turning their heads as you drive by in your Aygo or GT86? It’s not you they’re looking at. It’s the car.

8. Puncture repair
If you have a puncture, take your car to the nearest Toyota Centre. If they can fix the puncture safely, they will. You don’t even need to make an appointment. If the puncture can’t be repaired, our dealers can also offer a wide range of replacement tyres.

9. Visual health checks
Toyota dealers carry out free visual health checks. From the bodywork to the brakes, your Toyota is examined carefully by an expert technician. The exhaust system is checked for leaks and overall condition. The clutch is checked to make sure it’s operating normally with no slipping. Tyre wear and condition is also assessed, including the spare. A bounce test is carried out on all four corners of the car to make sure the suspension is working properly. In total 37 different checks are carried out, and you’ll receive a detailed report highlighting any work that needs to be done urgently to meet safety and legal requirements.

10. Hybrid warranty extension
Would you like the warranty on your hybrid’s battery extended for a year, FOC? Just make sure your car has its annual Hybrid Health Check. The standard five-year, 100,000-mile warranty is lengthened by a year and 10,000 miles every time the car has its Hybrid Health Check until the car is 11 years old.

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