2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Toyota Hilux: what’s new?

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux, unveiled at the 2016 Geneva motor show, is the latest link in the chain of exceptional Hilux models dating back to 1968.

It offers an even tougher chassis, enhanced 4×4 capability, practicality and functionality, better safety features and an even more appealing cost of ownership – not to mention the new styling and improved comfort.

Here’s our rundown of exactly what’s changed for the new Hilux compared with the outgoing model.


Engine and powertrain

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux will be available with a new 2.4-litre D-4D diesel engine, in two- or four-wheel drive variants and with either an uprated 6-speed manual transmission or a new 6-speed automatic.

The new engine has vastly improved torque delivery in the low and medium speed ranges, as well as class-leading fuel economy. As well as having a lower environmental impact, the engine is also far more responsive than before.

One change for the 2016 Hilux is the removal of the low-range four-wheel drive gear lever, which has been replaced by a switch. This is easier to operate and improves the system’s durability and reliability – and only makes it possible to engage low-range gears when it is safe to do so.

See the key engine specs at the bottom of the page.


Chassis and suspension

Compared with the current Hilux, the torsional rigidity of the new model’s chassis has increased by 20 per cent – making it even more stable and strong. New suspension has furthered off-road capability as well as producing improved SUV-like ride comfort.

Dimensions and weights

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux is longer and wider than the outgoing model, with a lower overall height. The wheelbase remains the same.

Due to the new reinforced ladder chassis, increased equipment and additional safety features, the new model weighs 2,100kg* – a 180kg increase on the outgoing model. *subject to homologation

New Hilux Current Hilux
Length (mm) 5,335 (+75) 5,260
Width (mm) 1,855 (+20) 1,835
Height (mm) 1,815 (-45) 1,860
Wheelbase (mm) 3,085 (+0) 3,085
Curb weight (kg) TBC (subject to homologation) 1,920

Towing capacity

The maximum towing capacity of the new Hilux is 3.5 tons*.

*subject to UK homologation, may be listed as 3.2 tons in other markets.

Toyota Hilux loadbay

In the back

The rear deck has a class-leading maximum width of 1,645mm (124mm more than before), and it’s stronger – with redesigned floor ribs and a reinforced header panel. The tailgate now features stronger link-type tailgate hinges and heavy duty steel plate brackets, to keep your kit super-secure.

Measurements and specifications may vary, depending on cab type.


Looks and exterior design

Hilux now has Toyota’s ‘Keen Look’ styling on the headlamps and upper grille. The bumper has a more expressive shape and a larger lower grille, while the placement of the fog lights and wrap-around headlamps emphasise its width.


At the side, the wheel arches are more pronounced, yet seamlessly integrated into the body shell. A new styling line links the front and rear wheels  before curving upwards to anchor the wrap-around rear lamp clusters. The B-pillar is also blacked out within the smooth, rear-slanted silhouette of the cabin, while a new chrome belt-line links the cab and rear deck. There will also be a choice of new 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels.


Viewed from the rear, the Hilux shows off new lamp clusters, a bumper set lower to the ground and with a lower step for improved access. The rear view handle is now integrated into the handle assembly.

The roof aerial has been repositioned from the rear to the front, and the roof itself now has V-shape contours to channel air to the sides of the vehicle, rather than toward the deck or tailgate, where it can create drag.


The interior

Inside, new Hilux has more equipment and better quality materials.

The new features available on Hilux (depending on model trim level and specification) include a new tablet-like 7-inch touch screen multimedia system (see below); a new driver’s instrument binnacle with a full 4.2-inch TFT information display; a new steering wheel with integrated switchgear; a shortened gear lever; a six-speaker audio system; and a new air-conditioning system with new air vents.

Soft-touch materials are now in place on elements like the armrests, while the metallic-coated styling elements create a more cohesive look. All of the interior lighting is now blue, adding to the harmonious feel.

Leather upholstery is only available on top-spec models, while mid grade versions get high-quality fabric. Entry grade models are available with a tough, hard-wearing material ideal for business users.

Interior storage

The Hilux can carry plenty on its flat-bed, but there’s lots of storage spaces inside the cabin too. It has a split-level glove box – the lower section is lockable, while the upper part is connected to the air-con and can act as a cool box for two 500ml bottles.

Other storage includes: a centre console box equipped with a 220V power socket; an overhead sunglass holder; dashboard-mounted cup holders; a large cup holder and storage tray between the drivers and front passenger, which has two 12 V sockets and AUX and USB ports; a rear armrest with twin cupholders; pockets and convenience to the front seat backs; rear ceiling hooks; and under-seat storage compartments in the rear.

Multimedia and navigation

The new Hilux is equipped with Toyota Touch 2 audio, or Touch 2 with Go navigation, depending on grade.

The touch screen is now measures 7 inches corner-to-corner, up from 6.1 inches in the outgoing model.  All controls have been integrated into the capacitive touchscreen, which is now a completely flat panel. The screen is easier to use than before, as well as more readable.

Where is the Toyota Hilux made?

The 2016 Hilux models that arrive in the UK and western Europe will be produced in South Africa at Toyota South Africa Motors. The 2.4 D-4D engines are made in Japan and the gearboxes are made in Thailand, Philliphines and India (manuals) or Japan (automatics).

Globally, Hilux will be made in six locations: Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, Venezuela, Pakistan and South Africa.

The car was designed in Japan and its chief engineer is Hiroki Nakajima.

Engine specifications

New 2.4 D-4D 4WD manual Current 2.5 D-4D 4WD manual
Displacement (cm3) 2,393 2,494
Max power (DIN hp) 150 144
Max torque (Nm/rpm) 400 / 1,600-2,000 343 / 1,600-2,800
0-62mph (secs) TBC 13.3
Max speed (mph / kph) TBC 105 / 170
Fuel consumption (combined) 39 mpg 39 mpg
CO2 emissions (g/km) TBC 194

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  1. Hi, I’m looking at a new active extra cab when is the face lift due and is the solid bright red available in this model ?

      1. Hi , any news on the new specifications and WLTP for the hilux ? the website doesn’t appear to have been updated thanks..

        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for getting in touch. While we can’t confirm the official date, the website will be updated by August. We would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels for any updates.

          In regards to WLTP for the Hilux, please can you provide us with further information? Please provide us with the bodytype and whether you’re interested in an automatic or manual transmission? We will look into this and get back to as soon as we can.


  2. I too would have loved a new Hilux having had a couple in the past, but no more 3 litre leaves me no option other than the 3.2 Ranger. Ok, the towing capacity is now 3500kg but when you’re towing frequently the bigger engine is a must.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate your feedback and will ensure that this gets passed on to our Product team.


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies for the issue you are experiencing. Toyota Motor Europe are developing and testing a countermeasure for this, and we hope to make it available to customers soon. Thanks for your patience.

        1. Hi Jim,

          Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. We will be back with you on this one as soon as possible.


          1. So the fix has not been relsoved then? If you cannot fix them please say so, I bought and paid top price for the Hilux, Toyota knew the sensors were known fault at the time I was sold the Hilux, not very honest is it Toyota

          2. Hi Jim,

            We’ve checked with the team and there should be a fix for this now. We would recommend contacting your local Toyota Centre who will be able to advise you further and organise a time to bring your vehicle in. You can find the contact details for your nearest Centre here: http://fal.cn/AqGd.


  3. Hi Toyota UK. Are we going to see the Hilux Gazoo GR 2.8 Sport Race truck in the U.K. Or are we going to be stuck with the 2.4 Mr Magoo Truck? Slow and steady wins the race. . . . . .

  4. I had a 16 reg Hilux Invincible with genuine reversing sensors which did not work in wet or hot weather. The Toyota dealer never solved this befoire I sold the Hilux

    I now have an 68 Hilux Inv X and the rea parking sensors are the same, they go off in wet weather when in reversing, they have now stopped work atoghther with 500 mile on the ODO.

    Is this a fault on al lnew shape Hiluxs?

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would recommend for you to contact your local Toyota Centre, as they will be able to assist you further.


  5. Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year 2019 winners
    • Caravan Weight Under 1100kg – Volkswagen Polo SEL 1.0 TSI 115PS DSG

    • Caravan Weight 1100kg – 1350kg – Peugeot 3008 Allure BlueHDi 180 EAT8

    • Caravan Weight 1350kg – 1500kg – Volvo XC40 D4 AWD First Edition

    • Caravan Weight 1500kg – 1700kg – Volvo XC60 D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design

    • Caravan Weight over 1700kg – Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Tech 3.0 V6 TDI SCR 4MOTION 286PS Tiptronic

    • Pick-Up – Volkswagen Amarok Highline 3.0 V6 TDI 4MOTION 258PS Auto

    • Best Family Towcar – Volvo XC60 D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design

    • Best Large Family Towcar – ŠKODA Kodiaq Edition 2.0TDI 190PS 4×4 DSG

    • Caravan and Motorhome Club Towcar of the Year 2019 – Volvo XC60 D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design

    I think I am going to have to sadly give up on the wait for the Hilux for my towing needs in the future and to move to pastures green. Best of luck with the future Toyota.😢

  6. Morning Toyota GB
    Just placed an order for a Hilux Invincible X (new front style) only to be told that this vehicle comes without front parking sensors ???
    Why is it that if you buy the Invincible model you have the optional parking pack (front & rear) sensors
    But purchase the upgraded Invincible X and you are reduced to just rear sensors.
    Not even an option to have them fitted according to my Dealership
    Can you explain why Toyota have decided to drop the front sensors AND please
    Don’t say it’s through customer feedback ie driving through grass and off road the sensors keep going off, my previous Mk 7 Hilux invincible had both front and rear with switch to turn either off.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Due to a delay in the development of front parking sensors on the new Invincible X and Invincible X Limited Edition, this specification is not currently available. An OTR reduction of £150 has been applied to all new orders from 17th July because of this. Once the front parking sensors are available, you will be able to get these fitted at cost price.

      We apologise for any inconvenience.


      1. Thank you for your answer to this small problem
        Could you tell me when the delay of development of the parking sensors is likely to be solved and is it possible to have the parking pack fitted to the Invincible X , or should I be considering asking my dealer to recommend an after market fitting of front parking sensors.
        Thank you

        1. Hi there,

          We are currently working towards all vehicles being delivered for September registration.


          1. Hi Toyota UK
            Now that the September rush for vehicles to be delivered for the new registration plate is probably over, I wondered if you have any news on the development of the parking sensors fitted to the front of the New Hilux Invincible X and the New Hilux Invincible X limited edition
            I have spoken to my dealership and at the moment they can’t give me any answers,
            Thanks for any update, ( my new vehicle order still waiting for a delivery date)

          2. Hi there,

            Thanks for getting in touch. A fix has been found for the rear parking sensors and cars are being fitted to ensure September registration & delivery. The front are still in development. Could we please ask which is your local Toyota Centre?


          3. Thank you for your quick reply regarding the fix for parking sensors on the Hilux Invincible X and Invincible X Limited Edition
            In answer to your question , my Toyota Centre, they are located In Maidstone / Gillingham
            The dealership has explained to me that rear sensors are fitted but they have no information regarding the front sensor
            Sorry to make such an issue of this but the Invincible X I have placed an order for will require us to be able to manoeuvre the Hilux in a precise and exact manner.
            Hence my enquiry when a solution to this front sensor will be available
            Hopefully before delivery of my vehicle
            Thank you for your help

          4. Toyota UK,
            Do you have an update (timescales and procedure for retrofit) on the Hilux Invincible X front parking sensor issue ?
            I took delivery of my new Hilux on Monday (24 September) and was unaware that it would not have front parking sensors. In fact, when placing the order I had been reassured that it would have front and rear parking sensors.
            Thank you,
            Jonny S

          5. Hi Jonny,

            Thanks for getting in touch.

            We are working towards fitting them in Q4 2018, and your Toyota Centre will be in touch when they are ready to be fitted.

            We apologise for any inconvenience.

          6. Good Morning Toyota GB
            Do you have any update on the possible fitting of the front parking sensors on the New Invincible X

          7. Hi there,

            Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in our reply. We are currently liaising with our Product Team regarding this and will be back to you as soon as we can.


          8. Hi there,

            We have spoken with our product team who have confirmed that front parking sensors will be a costed option for customers from Q1 2019.


      2. Hi Toyota UK
        Wondered if there had been any updates on the parking sensors of the Hilux Invincible X
        Noticed the note that Toyota Europe has been developing a fix for the rear sensors that become unusable in the rain or wet roads. My sensors never work in the wet
        Also when I purchased my Invincible X it came with no front sensors and I was told that Toyota were looking for a fix to this problem.
        Been in touch a couple of times on the page along with other owners and the last up date was November 29th saying that a fix had been developed and would be available fro Q1 2019
        Thanks for your help

        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for getting in touch. The front parking sensors are now available as a Centre fit option for the Invincible X grade. We would recommend contacting your local Centre for further information.


          1. Hi Toyota UK
            And all Hilux Invincible X owners and Limited x models

            The front parking sensors that should have been fitted from new build
            Are now available to be fitted by dealerships
            After receiving a OTR reduction of £150.00 on new vehicle price,
            If you require the sensors to be fitted now the cost will be , £344:66

            Not much else to say


  7. Hi , I’ve just recently added Touch to go
    Just wondering is it possible to change the voice as Theresa May is beginning to grate now , and is it possible to edit the speed limits to show the commercial ones mine says 70 on dual carriageways and 60 on A roads .. oh this is for a late 2016 current shape hilux ..thanks…

    1. Hi Finners,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the voice but you can turn the voice off.
      The speed limits cannot be edited by the driver. If you have identified any errors then we would encourage you to report these to our mapping supplier, HERE.COM, by visiting http://mapcreator.here.com.

    2. If it’s a double cab it is classed as a dual purpose vehicle and can travel at 70mph on dual carriage ways, same limit as cars

  8. The Invincible X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Is a 2.4. . . . . . . . . .where is the 2.8.

  9. BOOM💥
    Word around has it that the Special Edition 2018 Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 premieres next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Hilux Invincible 50 highlights excellent durability, reliability and a custom wrap designed to lure buyers worldwide. According to the automaker, the recently configured Hilux truck will accommodate an array of leisure and professional undertakings.
    The body framework of the Invincible 50 remains unaltered. This implies that the 2018 Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 has an intact body and shape. The truck’s most noticeable tweaks are black fender flares and new graphics. Backside steps and mud flaps complement the black sports bar in the bed. A new set of 18-inch black alloy wheels grace this pickup truck. These wheels get wrapped in muscular BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires.

    Toyota didn’t unveil most of the details about the 2018 Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 truck. However, we believe it packs either a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel or a 2.7-liter gasoline four-cylinder engine.

    Both powertrains are likely to get hooked to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard. For now, let’s wait until all the information becomes available.

    The Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 was recently launched at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. At the time of inception, the model was based on the current Invincible variant. Although we haven’t been told when production kicks off, we expect the 2018 Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 to grace the UK showrooms next year.

    Similarly, the authorities went mute concerning the pricing. But, we should expect the basic variant of the Invincible 50 to start at $34,521. The primary option receives numerous features as standard. All entry-level trims of the 2018 Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 will get the keyless entry, automatic air-conditioning, cruise control, push-button start and a multimedia system with Bluetooth.

    You little monkey Toyota UK 🐒…… I may have to take the hammer to my piggy bank……. I am sooooo excited🤗……….!
    What you got to say about that then………….😉

    1. We have no information on this at the moment, Martin, but keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates.

  10. I am a major Toyota NUT! Amazon, Hilux, Rav4. I am am soooo upset the V8 isn’t being sold in the uk anymore VERY upset!… I have just gone to buy a LC to find out it will not pull 3.5t which I find ridiculous! so thats off the cards.. I would have bought the new hilux as I love my Mk7 but WOW what a disappointment! Looks great but the engine is horrendous!!! and I mean Horrendous!!!! anyone who says differently is deaf and doesn’t tow like me. So what am I left with?? holding on to older vehicles and not spending my money on a a new one.. Im sorry Toyota but you really have let me down and by the sounds of it loads of others too!

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry you feel this way. We’ve passed all your comments on to our product team here in the UK.

    2. Hi Mathew
      I couldn’t agree with you more on the new hilux it’s awful !
      Have been looking at the options ford seem to have back end and wiring problems,Mitsubishi l200 engine problems,Isuzu 1.9L engine I have had a shot of the new Navara really comfortable lots of nice toys and less £ s than the hilux better fuel economy by a long way than Toyota and 5 year roadside assistance would have been good as my hiluxhas started to lock me out with the keys inside now I think that’s the way I’ll be going in about a year i have had 5 hiluxes in a row and it will not be 6 unless Toyota sort out the engine

    3. I’ve had a 2.4 for nearly two years and I still rate it highly , cruises well over the legal limit
      Effortlessly, gets low 30s to the gallon and so far 100% reliable,
      Yes the 2.8 or the petrol engine would be a nice option but !!, we will have to see what happens to import duties post brexit!!, currently the EU levy 22% on commercial vehicles Over 2.5 liters to protect European manufacturers !! maybe we sign a trade deal with Australia and we can import the 2.8 and 70 series landcruisers..

      1. Ask the same question of any prime mover most weigh much less than the load So your comment doesn’t hold water …

  11. Any news on when we will be able to order the Petrol 2.7 engine that is available in Europe for the Hilux?? Thanks

    1. Hi Finners,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no information on this at the moment but keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates. Thanks.

  12. It seems a lot of people on here are not happy with the new hilux and it’s small engine and towing ability. I must have a different version because although sceptical when we bought it I have found it has no issues with what we have asked it to do. We are often towing on the 3.5 tonne limit and I actually had to wait before we bought one until they were 3.5 tonne as the original spec was no good to me. I think the engine copies admirably with our towing, it is nice low geared unlike some other ones I tried out. Yeah it’s a 2.4 but that is how things are going, a lot of engines are not as big as they used to be and getting more power from them. I would advise any one looking at buying one to try first. If they do release the 2.8 engine, I can honestly say I won’t be rushing to change mine just for a bigger engine as it copes with what I want.

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Thank you for your kind words. We are glad to hear you are loving your new Hilux and we wish you many more happy miles ahead. 🙂

    2. Do we have anymore info on this 2.8 engine, surely with all of the negative comments about the 2.4 Toyota must be considering it for the UK? If not can we have some information about the reasons why?

        1. Finally Toyota give a viable reason for ditching the 2.8 in the UK.

          Makes massive sense for domestic car market, but just opens the door for VW V6 3 litre Amarok, 350 Merc X class and likely Ford Ranger Raptor (albeit that is a 2 litre twin turbo but over 200 BHP).

          Still keeping on with my Hilux MY2014 3.0 D4D until the summer. Must change it this year though.

          1. Well I’ve done it and ordered the Amarok 258 HP V6 Diesel with 20 HP overboost to 278 HP.

            I waited and waited thinking Toyota GB would see what the German manufacturers are doing, Merc and VW both going big V6 diesel [while FORD like Toyota downsize engines].

            I’ve had many Hi Lux and hope to have another at some point but I’m not having a Truck that is almost 100 HP lower than other comparable models.

            I do understand why downsizing car engines makes sense CO2 wise but trucks and vans is a different ball game.

            I hope Toyota are able to offer something with the next model.

            Best. Rob

        2. Sorry to be stupid but toyota are not introducing the 2.8 into the uk to meet their 2050 challenge? So Toyotas 2050 challenge only applies to the uk? Don’t really think that is going to make much of a difference to the world. Does that mean that toyota is going to stop supplying the 2.8 engine in other parts of the world?
          Or are have you just thought up a excuse for not supplying the 2.8 to the uk and are hoping your customers are stupid enough to believe you
          My 2.4 Hilux has just turned 1 year today and I cannot wait to get rid of the underpowered useless thing for towing it can nearly pull itself up a hill never mind a trailer 5 Hiluxs in a row all bought outright my next pickup will either be a Nissan ( tows and really comfortable ) or Mitsubishi ( tows and I would expect tougher than Nissanbut turning circle may not be the best) toyota look at your sales drop look on the road it’s full of rangers now not Hilux.
          Lower emissions will be achieved throug Car lower sales but for your owners a big concern now is damaging your second hand values give us what we are crying out for a good engine!

          1. Hi Tom,
            Thanks for getting in touch. The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 is a global campaign, you can find more information on the Toyota Global website here: http://www.toyota-global.com/sustainability/environment/challenge2050/. We cannot comment on the engine sizes of vehicles in other countries as we are Toyota GB. We are sorry you feel this way and if you wish to discuss this further you can contact our Customer Relations team. Their contact details are here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/index.json.

        3. 2.4 2.5 (old) 2.8 (from LC) 3.0
          Displacement (cm3) 2,393 2,494 2,775 2,982
          Max power (DIN hp) 150 144 174 169
          Max torque (Nm/rpm) 400 /1,600-2k 343/1,6k-2,8k 450 /1.6k-2,4k 343/ 1,400-3,600
          0-62mph (secs) TBC 13.3 12.7 12.1
          Max speed (mph) TBC 105 TBC 109
          Fuel consumption (combined) 39 mpg 39 mpg 39.2 mpg 36.7
          CO2 emissions (g/km) TBC 194 194 203

          to compare torque across the curve – the torque spread is the important factor: 2.4 has a peak torque of 400nm for 400 rpm only the 3.0 d4d manages 343nm from 1400 rpm to 3600rpm, almost the entire rev range has significant torque.

  13. I am very disappointed with Toyota.
    There are much better alternatives to the new under powered 2.4 Hilux.
    My current 2015 3ltr invincible is due to be changed but sadly Toyota will not be getting my money.
    This is from a die hard Toyota fan.
    What are they playing at?

  14. Hopefully the marketing people at TGB
    Will have read the farmers weekly road test
    And finally got the message !!! They really need to accept a good number of hilux buyers want the bigger engine and they aren’t buying just on price ,Sales are being lost and reputation is suffering Ford seem to be getting a big share of both the recreational and the business pick up market
    And VW are becoming the premium pick up market leader , come on get your act together for a change ,people will pay for the best , get some better engine options
    Before you lose even more market share ..

    1. Hi Finners,
      Thanks for your feedback and we appreciate you getting in touch.
      The all new Hilux features an improved engine which has a vastly improved torque delivery in the low and medium speed ranges. Being more responsive than its predecessor. Currently, Morecambe Bay Search and Rescue (BSAR) have placed their trust in Hilux, using it to aid in rescue and recovery from quicksand, floods, snow and inaccessible areas during extreme weather. For more on this here: http://fal.cn/qgVh.

      1. I tested the new hi-lux, seemed ok pulling its own weight, then pulled 3.5ton, what a joke, gutless… my 2015 3L ran rings around it!!! All Toyota say is we will pass on your comments!! The customer should have the option……

          1. Hi Toyota UK, Regarding your environment/environmental-challenge-2050, It will a big challenge as not even a full electric vehicle will ever be zero CO2 unless all electricity is generated by wind or wave/tidal power, then you have got to make all the infrastructure carbon free. Please Toyota UK elaborate. Today my Truck went into the local dealership for a service and was greatful to be offered a Yaris Hybred 2017, it was not for me, but could not understand after checking out the trip computer to find an average mpg of 45.4. My ex Honda 1.6 Diesel achieved 52 mpg and 93 g/kg on a short local trip of 5 miles most days. Please can you explain in a bit more detail, as I am stratching my big bald head. Me do not understand? Me thinks all the car manufacturers are having their arms twisted behind their backs by the dreaming bully boys in the EU. It is all going to end in tears. . . . . . . .Are you 100% sure your going down the right road, as many many loyal Toyota fans are not convinced. Thank you in advance.

          2. Hi Martin,
            Thanks for getting in touch. We understand that our Environmental Challenge 2050 will be tough and wont be easy to complete, but with the evolution of technology we are optimistic with what the future will hold.
            There are a number of different factors that could influence fuel consumption. The first and most important factor is the driving conditions. If the vehicle was being used mainly for short journeys, the engine will not have enough time to fully warm up and will operate most of the time in “warm up” condition. This will have a huge impact on fuel consumption.
            Also other things like the driving style, use of A/C and other electrical equipment (e.g. heated seats , heated rear window etc), may also have an impact on fuel consumption. Finally, tyre inflation pressure will also affect fuel consumption.
            Hope this helps.

          3. Maybe you are sorting out engine size for 2050 !!! But explain to me why is it that the new Landcruiser on sale in the uk has the same 2.8 L engine than that of hilux trucks abroad?? I feel we here in the uk are being fobbed off and we should have a engine choice of either the 2.4 or the 2.8….. after over 17 hiluxs I am really disappointed, and where does that leave loyal customers who need the power for towing 3.5 Ton??? It seems that Toyota are not listening again and not bothered about customers going for either the ford wildtrack or the VW Amarok!! So it’s going to leave me importing a 2.8L from abroad. But all you seem to answer is you will pass on my comments!!!! That’s not dealing with it and know that Toyota will never get back to me!!!!

          4. Hi Glen,
            The 2.4 Hilux has a 3.5 tonne towing capacity and 400nm of torque between 1200-1600rpm.
            Morecambe Bay Search and Rescue (BSAR) have two new Hilux models on its team, where they will aid in rescue and recovery from quicksand, floods, snow and inaccessible areas during extreme weather. If it’s good enough for them… https://blog.toyota.co.uk/hilux-search-and-rescue.

          5. Thank you for your honest reply Toyota UK, March 12. 09:36. My point exactly. Hybrids do not warm up as they are running on electric at slow speeds, and the petrol motor seems to be cutting in and out all the time never getting hot on start up and seems to be running at full revs for short periods of time on acceleration with a cold engine, not good for fuel economy and just proved it with a poor MPG of 45 while running all the auxiliary’s as per the normal customer would do in the winter in the Yaris Hybrid compared to a small Diesel passenger car. As per your European decision to only offer the smaller engine in the new Hilux in the U.K., I can see your reasoning as all Diesel engines like to run at full load and normal running temperatures do not like idles, as they can become varnished up inside the cylinders and also you have got the afterthought problem with the bolt on EGR, CAT, DPF, problems when the engine are used for short trips and thus clogging up the systems. As moden Diesels are so efficient theses days they struggle to get warm in the winter in normal conditions and sometimes a separate auxiliary heaters are used to heat the cabs as the engine just struggles to get hot, as per the power heat button in the mk 7. As the Hilux is a commercial vehicle and mostly used by working people like us towing very heavy loads, fully loaded in the truck bed and driven in exceptional condition all day, day in day out. Some of us need a multipurpose vehicle that can cope with adnormal conditions from time to time and need the power without needing to purchase a bigger larger more expensive to run commercial truck as in the past the mk 7 2.5 Hilux was lacking in grunt and the 3.0 litre seemed to just do tick all the boxes and was very popular. The 2.4 new Hilux is a good improvement engine but some of us need a replacement to the long stroke bomb proof three litre unit in the Hilux. I bet Toyota would not only offer the new 2.4 in the Landcruiser?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We have no new information on this at the moment, but keep an eye on our blog and social media spaces for more information. Thanks.

  15. We have just taken delivery of the new Hilux as part of our estate vehicle fleet, it replaces an older model. The one thing I am totally disappointed with is its towing ability, I would like to say it struggles only when nearing its towing capacity, however, even with an empty 1/2 tonne trailer, it really struggles, unless on tarmac, especially in reverse. Switching to low gear ration seems to make little difference as the clutch is so high. I have absolutely no faith in taking this truck off-road with or without a trailer. I’m anticipating having to replace the clutch before our lease is at an end, fortunately, being a lease vehicle, this will not be a cost our organisation will have to bare.
    Stop making trucks for posers and start making work vehicles, and don’t get me started on the flared wheel arches which obscure the view of the trailer

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have passed your comments on to our product team for consideration on future models. Thanks.

  16. hi i have the 30ltr as my own truck and i was going to trade it in for the new 2.4
    but after my works landrover broke down i was given a new 2.4 hilux icon to use for work and i had it for four 16 weeks and covered 8000 mile
    the first 2 weeks i thought it was very good but as time went on it turned out to be not that good
    the dashbord with all its swoops and curves is just a mess and the add on afterthought scrren
    when the sun is on the front screen you get all the dashbord is reflected on the screen
    and in some sunlight it wouyld be very hard to see cyclist
    it would be much better if toyota put the dash in out of the toyota kluger
    the cloth on the door handles just gets dirty and wont wipe clean

    and hill star assist who needs this have you tried pulling away on a hill with a loaded tralier on

    the so called power button just over strokes the throttle and does not give you any more power
    it is really pointless and could be very dangerous if the person driving it did not know it was on
    if you pulled out on to the road and lets say you gave the truck half throttle to pull away
    it would give it full thorttle with the button on
    and if your driving up hill with your foot down and push the power button to give you more power
    nothing happens
    it really is pointless

    i drive my 30ltr at 2000 revs on the motorway and and get 70mph i get 31mpg
    i drove the 2.4 at 2000 revs and and get 85 mph got 30mpg

    so the high gearing it a big plus as i drive to spain and italy twice a year
    but when it comes to the big hills out of spain and france some are two miles long
    and the 2.4 just would not have the power it would be down the chinese gear box
    i just leave the 30ltr in top gear and foot down
    and as we know its the torque the counts but you have get it from the engine
    and we all they is no substituite for cc s when it comes down to it

    the good points are

    good brakes
    quite in the cab
    and a high top gear

    so if i was to trade my 30ltr in i am not gaining much at all toyota uk

    2;8ltr engine and a truck dash and you have my money

    my first new hilux was in 1987

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We have passed your comments to the product department for consideration on future models.

  17. Dear Toyota. With so much social pressure on Diesel at the moment why not be ahead of the game for once and send the UK the 3.0 V6 Petrol.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for getting in touch and for your suggestion. We have no news on alternative powertrains for Hilux at this time. However, we are working on a number of alternative fuel solutions, not just for passenger cars but for commercial vehicles as well. Please take a look at Project Portal which is a fully-functioning hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty truck with the power and torque capacity to transport cargo over short distances while emitting nothing but water vapour. You can read more here: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/project-portal-zero-emissions-trucking.

      1. Hi, I really hope this message gets to someone with common sense? Someone who can make a firm decision on the new hilux and it’s poor engine performance!! I have had 17 hilux and the reliability has been second to none… however I had a test drive in one to see how it compared to my current 2015 3L invincible automatic. Towing it struggled massively and was constantly reving and not changing gear, the dealer then said we will chip it so it has more power, they gave it me back and it didn’t make a difference.. my current 3L run rings around it… I have had a sticker on the back window that says” hilux nothing more to prove” but will be taking that off as they certainly do have something to prove… what has happened with your build quality… why aren’t you listening to your customers??? Now I am having to go with buying a ford ranger or the vw… massive disappointment TOYOTA… I voiced this with TGB. But they still have not got back to me.. good job I don’t run my business like you do!! It’s DISRESPECTFUL TO TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS.. you really need to step up!!!

        1. Hi Glen,
          We’re sorry to hear this. We have made our product team aware of your concerns. We’ve informed our Customer Relations team. Many thanks.

        2. I’ve. Got the latest hilux
          Good on fuel ,10 years ago it would have been class leader on power sadly for TGB the other makes have come on leaps and bounds the 2.8 would have been mid pack and more acceptable to anyone coming from a 3l Round here people I know who had toyotas are now buying 3.2 fords however they only do mid twenties mpg where my hilux is averaging 32 mpg !!!

          1. Hi, we are not in the past anymore.. the new hilux is noisy slow and can’t tow like my 2015 invincible.. when I had the older hilux that could only pull 2.5 Ton I used my toyota Amazon , but they got better , but now they have gone backwards!!! At the end of the day it’s a small engine working it’s balls off!!

          2. I totally agree that the 2.8 would have been a better engine. Sadly it doesn’t comply with emissions in the Hilux (although it does in the Land Cruiser……..). Now that combustion engines seem to be on the way out, I wonder if we will ever get it. I liked the new Hilux I had on demo but decided to stick with my 3.0 and have it remapped. Now it’s getting 216hp and 465Nm of torque. I don’t think a 2.4 would manage that!

  18. I bought the 2017 invincible X with the 2.4. I love it, my wife loves it and my kids drive it everywhere. The best car I have ever owned. We tow horses every weekend and the Hi Lux out preforms and is better at towing than my old RR. Pleae provide a future hilux with a v6 or v8 petrol, not that it needs the extra power but I would prefer it. Anyway thank you for a great product.

    1. Yes I agree mine is great and no problems after one year of work use , the engine issues !!!I think they will have to offer a petrol engine option short term and it then be a hybrid system
      going forward , hopefully TGB will lead not follow as usual!!

      1. Hi Finners,
        Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a number of alternative fuel solutions, not just for passenger cars but for commercial vehicles as well. Please take a look at Project Portal which is a fully-functioning hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty truck with the power and torque capacity to transport cargo over short distances while emitting nothing but water vapour. You can read more here: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/project-portal-zero-emissions-trucking.

        The first generation Prius went on sale in 1997 and since then Toyota’s cumulative worldwide hybrid vehicle sales passed the 10 million mark on 31 January 2017. More than just a numerical milestone, this achievement demonstrates Toyota leading with a technology that is only now emerging as a mainstream choice for helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

        Toyota was also the first manufacturer to mass produce a hydrogen powered saloon car which went on sale last year. For more information on that click here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/new-mirai/meet-mirai#1.

  19. I’ve just done something unthinkable, something I never wanted to do but I have had no choice.

    I have just taken delivery of a new Ford Ranger Wildtrak, after 21 years of owning hiluxes.

    I hate this new ranger of mine, but I needed the power it offered, I really want the new hilux and I will chop this ranger in for a hilux the second Toyota bring out a better engine for the U.K. Market.

    Please please please Toyota, listen to your customers, we need a better and more powerful engine!!

    1. With you on that comment joshua, I also have many years using hiluxs , on my 17 th in fact , 20015 invincible 3L… the new one is shocking!!!!! Looking at the ranger and absolutely gutted I am going down this road. TOYOTA NEED TO LISTEN AND MAN UP TO THE DEMAND OF THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!!! Have they bothered to get back to me NO !!!!!! They are going to loose hundreds of customers!!!!

  20. I am so glad to have found this thread.

    I have been a Toyota customer for over 25 years, I am fortunate enough to have the awesome 2009 Hilux Invincible 200 edition. With it’s 3 Litre 200bhp engine, rear wheel drive and lsd.

    I was really looking forward to the launch of the new Hilux only to discover the huge disappointment that was the 2.4 litre engine with a puny 150bhp output.

    Looking at the UK market, an article I once read prior to the release of the latest Hilux indicated that 3.0L Invincible sales formed 80% of the Hilux sales. Therefore offering an engine that is 50bhp and 600cc down on the outgoing model (against the 200 edition) is a huge case of under delivering. When VW, Nissan and Mercedes are all talking 250bhp V6’s a puny 150bhp is a huge backward step and Toyota have totally misjudged the UK market.

    My truck should have been replaced at 3 years, instead it is now 8 years old with 130,000 miles on it, it will need replacing at some point and I am hoping Toyota come back with something astounding or I will likely be looking to Mercedes or one of the other alternatives to fill the void.

    For the record the 2009 model Invincible 200 has been superb. In particular the highlights are;
    200bhp 3.0L engine
    Well judged gearbox ratios (Auto)
    Full Rear wheel drive (with engageable 4wd as opposed to a permanent full time 4wd which I do not want)
    No traction control (Can this be deactivated on the new model or does it cut back in over a certain speed?)
    Rear Limited Slip Diff

    The cons have been;
    No reverse camera (imperative on such a long vehicle with blacked out rear windows, disappointing tyo see that only sensors are offered on the new model, for safety reasons a camera should be standard fare)
    No Ipod connectivity (addressed with later models)

    And finally, Toyota Europe’s shift to not offering genuine oe brake pads. Instead the useless Toyota Alfit pads are the only ones available and they are useless for such a heavy vehicle. I now have to run Brembo pads for safety reasons.

    So please Toyota, listen to your customers and offer us a proper engine, over 200bhp would be nice as it could be deemed a step forward rather than the backward step of less power, more electronic intervention, more weight and gears designed for fuel economy and maximising an underwhelming engine at the expense of driveability and driver enjoyment. This blog sufficiently shows that there are a lot of die hard Hilux fans who need to replace their vehicles and are not being catered for. I am responsible for a small fleet of pickups the majority of which are currently Nissan. I am hanging on for my own truck because I don’t want to move away from Toyota and my fantastic local dealership but time is running out.

    1. Hi Nito,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We have passed your comments to the product department for consideration on future models.

  21. Having had a test drive, the improvements in the new Hilux are noticeable in terms of comfort and driveability. However that small engine is still a big concern when the VW puts out nearly 70bhp more (90 more on overboost), that’s nearly 50% more power as well as 40% more torque. When will Toyota stop playing ‘safe’ and actually give us the power that we want. VW and now Mercedes (V6 255bhp) all realise there is a market share to be grabbed, why not Toyota? The 2.8 1GD-FTV engine is available for the Land Cruiser with 177bhp, why not the Hilux? I realise that Toyota GB has very little say in the matter as a subsidiary of Toyota Europe, but the European market is very nearly as big as the Australian market where they get a choice of 2 diesels and a petrol V6! Why can’t we get the same choice here?

  22. bought mine back in November, and a decent enough pickup, had 2x3lts before hand and to be honest the 2.4 doesn’t really upset me too much, it drives very well and is as other say very comfortable, the problem is the parking sensors don’t work, Toyota are aware of this and are working on a fix, why don’t they notify us and make us aware of the issue, I have been at the dealer ship 4 times now, and get the same sob story, we have opened a case but haven’t heard anything back from Toyota yet, why and how are they still able to sell the top end pick-up when they know there is a problem, I wonder how many would be put off if the saleman turned round and said great pick-up but we are having a problem with the sensors, just give us your dosh and we will keep fobbing you off with cheap excuses
    come on Toyota, you need to do better than that

    1. I have exactly the same problem and Toyota say that the fix date is ‘open ended’. Not good enough. It has also recently been back to have the forward camera system repaired as condensation gathers between the lens and the screen. Two safety features that have failed. Both are problems recognised by Toyota. As you say, these would be difficult to sell if the sales teams were telling the customers about the faults. Toyota need to sort this issue soon as my campaign on their Facebook page will continue to be ‘open ended’. I also hear that some are experiencing gear box problems.

      1. Hi Nigel,
        Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry you have experienced this, if you wish to discuss this further contact our CR team, you can find their details here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/index.json.
        All comments on the blog go through an approval process and this is carried out during the week, hence the reasons why your comments weren’t showing. We have read them and passed your comments our product team.
        Many thanks.

  23. Happy birthday , my new Hilux is a year old
    All good, reliability , still a poor choice of accessories, and limited options compared with what other Toyota importers offer
    Maybe TGB will get their act together in 2018 with some changes ?? 2.8 option, DAB radio and a accurate fuel gauge??

  24. Are we ever going to get 2.8 hilux over here. Getting bored of waiting and not hearing any news on what I going to happen. Everybody wants it, so come on. My 3L hilux is coming up for replacement, although I will probably keep it until you bring out the 2.8 as it is a great vehicle and I certainly won’t be downgrading to the 2.4 especially as the rest of the world seems to have the 2.8. Maybe I will fly to South Africa and buy a 2.8 and drive it back and put it to the test.

    1. Hi Finners,
      Unfortunately, we have no information regarding the future of the Hilux. If there are any more developments they will be announced here!

  25. So I decided to take the Hilux 2.4 Auto out for a test drive, I thought it deserves a chance before I go for the Amarok. 1st, this was the Invincible X version and the interior is high end, very. IMHO the ranger and others do not come close. The seats were ultra comfortable and very supportive. 2nd after a quick check around the bodywork I noticed the reverse parking sensors, yes they had been fitted and yes the chrome bumper was rusting (this was a brand new demo vehicle) more concerning was the paintwork, many errors, like dust has settled during the pain process, the black bumpers looked like they had been sprayed from a can!!!. 3rd The test drive. bounce was well controlled and the sound insulation was excellent. This particular vehicle was sitting on 18’s and body roll/control was OK, just ok. What was disappointing though was the power or lack of. this thing is slow and the Auto gearbox hangs on waaaaaay to long, so you just get noise and not power, I can imagine the manual would be better though. Will I be buying? I wished I could but I cant get over the lack of power, it really is a deal breaker for me. Sorry Toyota GB but its a NO from me, I really wished it wasn’t.

    1. chris
      there are all the same, mine was rusting after 5 weeks, the sales man said it was the worse one he had seen, the rusting is the least of their worries as the sensors don’t work anyway, everybody I talk too say the same things,
      I have waited 8 month now for a answer, they don’t seem to care, now that they have your cash ,

  26. I did plan to purchase a Hilux in the 3rd quarter of this year but it’s the 2.4 engine that’s pushing me towards the v6 amarok. I configured a Hilux invincible and it came to £36,785.00. V6 amarok Trendline is coming out at £36,507. Sorry Toyota but unless you give us the 2.8, you be seein my cash. Listen to your customers and give them what they want. You snooze, you loose.

    1. Collected new Hilux Invincible X on 30th March, from local Toyota dealer. Traded in year old Navara NP300 which I had owned from new. The new Hilux is head and shoulders above the Navara, it’s quieter, quicker and has an overall better quality finish and far better interior.
      The engine is quieter than the Navara and pulls just as well if not better.
      The media system is great and really user friendly.
      Having owned 2x Hilux in 1987 and 1995, glad I made the decision to purchase the Mark 8.. it’s a quality piece of Kit.
      Looked at a Ranger 3.2. Good truck.. bit dated the Hilux ticks all the boxes!
      I owned one of the first VW Amaroks in 2011, not for long though, poor aftermarket alarm and parking sensors, sluggish engine.
      The new Hilux is a good choice for anybody looking for a quality product.

  27. I thought I was the only one! I’ve just had two separate test drives of two separate invincible hiluxes and both of them were amazing cars, except for that pathetic little engine! I’m so happy to see so many other previous generation hilux owners on this feed are as angry and annoyed as I am about TGB bringing in only the tiny engine, due to some nonsense about emissions. Ella can you explain why the 2.8 engine is in the land cruiser which is on sale here, but not the hilux? How is it ok in the cruiser but not the hilux?! A simple google of your commercial sales figures shows you’re down 2000 units year on year with the new hilux, I bet you any money that is because of the pathetic engine, people aren’t stupid. This whole thing makes me angry because I’ve been a hilux die hard fan/owner for the last 20 years, but I’m not a fool, I used to buy the hilux because it was the best. Sadly, with this engine it no longer is, I am now being forced by TGB to purchase a Ranger. You have no idea how this upsets me, I would sell the ranger tomorrow if the 2.8 came out the in the uk. Get the message through to HQ, your customers aren’t happy with your bad decisions!

    1. Hi Peter,
      We’d like to thank you for your feedback and assure you that this will be fed back to relevant departments within Toyota GB and Toyota Motor Europe. Many thanks.

      1. Hi
        I have had Toyota all my life going back to bj40 and I really wanted the new hilux ,but it won’t pull I know you say it will but in the real world we wanted over 200 bhp and big torque ,i don’t care if I had to put adblue in !
        Please sort this …..ford is calling !

  28. Having read the last comment with regards the emission being reduced, there are plenty of cars in the Toyota range for this offset, especially as Toyota have lead the way with the Prius over the years, so stop giving customers rubbish talk, and supply what they are after, if Toyota gb had listened from the start they would of sold loads of 2.8’s to pay the tax for the bigger engine, or let’s look at it this way, why not bring the hilux in, in KDF (knocked down form) like a lot of other manufacturers do, to avoid the tax !. Let’s stand up and make the ex-eu country called Britain great again, and have what the public want, not what Europe say

      1. Hi Ella,
        I have been reading these comments for the last 45 mins,
        It seems like you are simply ignoring the comments calling for the bigger engine???
        Yes, I have test driven your new model and although the vehicle looks nice, rides nice and has an improved interior, the engine is a massive let down!! I cant stress it enough. It has a tiny range of torque, and in use as a work vehicle its almost pointless.
        Please put this comment and the hundreds of others to someone who will listen? I am another hilux owner who after my test drive will be buying something else.

        1. Hi Ian,
          Thanks for getting in touch. These comments are monitored by a number of members of Toyota UK. Unfortunately, we are unable to control what engines are released for UK sale. Like others, this comment will be passed on to our teams and taken into consideration for future generations of the Hilux.

          1. Has it not come across to you that maybe that is not good enough Ella? I don’t mean to sound rude, but every single comment here is slating the 2.4, I think we need a proper response TGB! I hate hate hate to say this but I’ve just purchased a Ranger because of the small engine in the Hilux. Everything about the Hilux was better except that engine, I even test drove the vehicle 3x times to try and persuade myself away from the Ranger. If Toyota were to bring that 2.8 engine to the UK I would sell my ranger tomorrow and buy the hilux. What I’m trying to say is that the only thing I could not live with in the new Hilux is that pathetic engine, it’s a crying shame because I’m the biggest die hard Hilux fan and have been for the las 20 years, it genuinely invokes anger in me that Toyota UK has decided to not listen to the people buying their vehicles in the UK. I’m about to replace three other vehicles in my fleet in the next 6 months as well, at this rate they will not be Hilux’s, which genuinely makes me sad. Well done Toyota GB!

          2. Hi Alistair,
            We’d like to thank you for all your feedback. As we’ve said before, we are feeding these comments to the relevant departments within Toyota GB and Toyota Motor Europe. Any developments regarding the Hilux or any other Toyota models will be announced here.

    1. Hi Pete,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We will not publish any comments that contain offensive language, external links and email addresses. A number of comments we receive do contain the above and therefore they are not made public. Many thanks.

  29. Read many posts on this blog where people say there comments haven’t been added.
    Seems now that only good comments make it onto the blog. Mine from Saturday about the 2.4L (cripple) not allowed on. What do have to hide from Toyota.

    Look at cattle markets where farmers tow cattle to market, they are abandoning hilux’s.
    Virtually no 2.4L’s….replaced by rangers and amaroks.

    1. Hi Jill,
      All comments go through an approval process, please see that your comment has been published. Due to no-one manning the blog comments over the weekend, all posts posted past 5:30 on a Friday are dealt with on the Monday. Many thanks.

  30. Pulled a horse box (3160kg) from Warrington to York last week (170 miles) in a 2.4 Hilux.
    Used 45L of diesel = 17mpg.

    Did exactly the same journey today, in a 3.0L Hilux, 29.5L= 26mpg.

    The 2.4 has to be thrashed to get any power out of it, and constantly up and down the gearbox to keep moving! At one point we were down to 3rd near redline to get over the top (Pennines).

    Toyota have got it so wrong with this excuse of an engine!!!

    1. I would echo that I’ve not done much towing with mine I’m getting low 30s mpg but I have. Noticed if it’s well loaded the economy really suffers ,
      The 2.4 is a short stroke version of the 2.8 , my guess is less torque and happier revving with a light load 6th gear seems to make it use more fuel as it struggles to pull the higher gear ,
      Still like the truck it is a Toyota and built like one , I’m sure the engine options will come I would guess they order well ahead so let’s hope they get there act together for 2018 model year…

    2. I came over the M62 today with a load of bagged sand. 27 mpg with the engine fighting against a 70 mph headwind (storm Doris) which pulled me down to 35 mph in 4th gear. Mine Hilux is the 3ltr, last of the good ones and the best workhorse I have ever had. To pull that load in those conditions would have been a challenge with the underpowered 2.4 and at what fuel consumption? I cannot understand Toyota saying that the smaller engine ‘satisfies the market requirements’ unless they are aiming at the school run instead.

    3. My 3 litre invincible is due for renewal I also pull a 3 tonne trailer tried the 2.4 absolutely rubbish so unless they give us more torque it’s a new 3.2 ranger on 0% finance

  31. Hi guys,
    Just been out On test drive with new hilux, plus VW . I have 2 14 plate 3.0 Ltr hilux, the new one is much better drive. It might not be as quick as the VW, but is a much better drive.
    The interior of the VW is awful and looks very dated.toyota all the way
    2 no invincible X ordered for 1st march

    1. Hi Paul,
      We’re very happy to hear you like the new Hilux. We’d love to see a picture of it when it’s delivered!

    2. Paul that’s good mate, I agree the Invincible X is a fine looking truck. I don’t doubt the looks handling, ride and interior.

      I have a 2014 3l invincible, with every extra on it. Compared to my 3 litre Invincible 200 I had before its much worse, crap rear diff, down on power interior not as nice….however the 2016/17 addresses the interior and suspension issues……Toyota however IS going backwards in terms of engine performance.

      in 2008/9 that had trucks with trick bits on from the showroom with 193 BHP and the decent add on parts.

      Now the top spec is 150 BHP with worse torque curve (ie very short work range).

      I need to replace my Invincible 2014 next month and I don’t know what to do…..Have driven the hilux and DONT like the performance, love interior and exterior looks. Like the VW’s performance but don’t like the styling of the Amarok. Love the AT35 Isuzu styling and ride, but not sure on the 2.5 twin turbo, and I’ve driven them all.

      I could pay good money more than a V6 Amarok for the right truck. Had loads of hiluxs and not sure why Toyota GB doesn’t give the customer what we want.

      Enjoy your new trucks 🙂

      1. Hi Robert,
        I test drove the new 2.4 auto for a week.thought it was a far superior vehicle than my old one, see if they can loan you one too.
        It’s only my opinion, but it’s the best truck out there. I have spent days test driving them!! Good luck.

          1. That’s great! We hope you have many happy years behind the wheel of your Hilux. We’d love to see some pictures when they arrive, feel free to post them to our Twitter or Facebook. 🙂

      2. It’s the same with rav4, no AWD diesel model and it’s less powerful than in 2006. I have a T180 rav4 and no Toyota product can really replace it.
        I would be interested in a Hilux but every one complains about the power.

    3. I own of the new ones plenty of power torque but never seen it get above 25mpg I bought it for economy but if I new what I know now I would of gone for the big ford ranger wildtrak might as well have a big engine and lots of power and bad economy instead of smaller engine less power and still rubbish fuel economy I think whoever came up with the hilux fuel specs must of been on something or needs a new calculator!!!

      1. Just double check warranty I bought mine with the understanding that they have 5 year warranty but been told by another that it’s only 3 year says in small print excludes hilux could someone tell me if this is correct or not

        1. Hi Chris,
          Every Hilux registered from 01/01/2016 was NEW and from that date they would not have had 5yr/100,000 mile warranty.
          It would only be the NEW generation Hilux models supplied after 01/07/2016 that get the 5 year/100,000 mile warranty.
          I hope this answers your question. Many thanks.

          1. Hi thanks for confirming this other question do Toyota do any ecu upgrades similar to chipping as it’s using too much fuel actually had Amarok on demo thinking of changing or less there’s a solution

          2. Hi Chris,
            Toyota UK do not support any chipping upgrades or ECU upgrades. We do not recommend doing this as there can be unhelpful side effects.

          3. If you guys brought the 2.8 to the uk maybe you wouldn’t have people asking about chipping the vehicle. Just saying.

  32. Yes I have the 2.4with manual trans , yes it’s ok I think we are going to miss out on the 2.8 due to diesel bans in London and soon Birmingham and others we will see a petrol option !!!! Wonder if Toyota GB will lead or follow with a v6 or 2.7 4cyl???

    1. Hi Finners,
      At this moment in time, we have no information of any updates to the 2016 Hilux. If anything changes, any announcements will be made on the blog. Many thanks.

    2. They are going to be fitting the twin turbo V8 diesel from the Land Cruiser 200 series to the Hilux!!! :-)………….Only joking! It’s amazing that, with Land Rover Defenders out of action for two years, Toyota aren’t selling 70 series Land Cruisers here. If ever there was an open goal……..

      1. I don’t think the 70 series comply with the nanmby pampy Euro safety regs , but it is a mystery as to why TGB don’t do a landcrusier van ..

        1. You’re right about the emissions. I think that is what killed the LC200, and the fact no one wanted a giant bloated whale. Just have to put up with an Amarok V6 until Mr Toyota sees sense!

    3. Just got 2.4 invincible x auto, after much disappointment about Toyota GB not offering the 2.8d I decided to get one anyway. It is really good, in a different league to the previous version. I’ve owned every version of Hilux since 1995 and have never been more impressed. Suspension is much smoother, it’s much quieter, well thought out media/nav system, great seats and at least as quick as the 3 litre diesel. Can’t recommend it enough.

      1. Hi Ian,
        We’re glad to hear that you’ve changed your mind about the 2.4 engine. We’d love to see a picture of your new Hilux, if you could post one to one of our social channels that’d be great! We hope you enjoy the 2016 Hilux for many years to come.

        1. Lets clear up the performance of the D4D 3litre vs new 2.4

          Previous 3litre
          Power – 171 BHP
          0-60 – 12.1 manual
          0-60 – 12.0 Auto
          Max Torque 343Nm between 1400 rpm – 3400 rpm (wide flat torque band ideal for towing or accelerating under load)

          New 2.4
          Power – 150 BHP
          0-60 – 12.8 manual
          0-60 – 12.3 Auto
          Max Torque 400Nm between 1600rpm-2000rpm (400rpm opposed to 2000 rpm)

          The “improved torque” is available for such a short rev range its unusable once moving.

          Can we please have the 2.8 and a bigger diesel too….come on Toyota fit the 5 litre Cummins diesel or import some RHD Tundras please.

          1. I’ve got a15 month old 3.0 invincible loaded with equipment to the maximum it has done 50000 miles tried new one the other day disappointed using the word it was 6 mph slower up half on hill than my fully loaded one won’t be buying another until bigger engine appears

    1. Hi Matt,
      As stated in a previous reply, comments may appear briefly after you submit them. They then go into an approval folder and will be either posted or responded to when back in the office. Due to your comments being posted over the weekend, we are in the process of reading them and replying. Many thanks.

  33. Another blog from pete, at 6:30 on Saturday up for 2 minutes and then taken down, sensorship, what are Toyota frightened of.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Comments may go live shortly after a comment has been submitted. They will then disappear as they go into a folder for approval. Due to no-one monitoring blog comments over the weekend, it means Pete’s comment has been responded to this morning. Many thanks.

  34. A big thanks to Toyota GB. for only selling the hi lux 2.4 cripple.
    If the 2.8 would have been an option we would have ordered 3 on the nod like we have done every 3 years for the last 32 years. On Saturday the first of 3no 3L amaroks arrived .WOW !
    Don’t moan about Toyotas cripple just go out for a test drive in a 3L amarok and get your eyes opened to what you have been missing.
    Then think why there is a 4 month wait for the VW. and why Toyota dealers are selling the 2.4 cripple 15% off list through brokers and only a few days delivery.

    1. Hi Pete,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy with the 2.4 engine. Have you had a test drive in one of these models? We think you could change your mind!

      1. Ella see my comment I hav trialled an empty 2.4 against my loaded 3.0 to even get near the performance of mine it got noisy being hammered as that’s how ours are driven carrying 1 ton of recovery equipment and tools I will probably be looking at the ranger 3.2 next unless you come up with something better

    2. Hi Pete,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy with the 2.4 engine. Have you had a test drive in one of these models? We think you could change your mind!

  35. Had my 2.4 since last July I would still recommend one despite the small low power engine it’s good on fuel too I would like to think the Toyota GB marketing department will be looking at engine options along with omissions like DAB radio and the technical department looking at the pessimistic fuel gauge that says empty with about 20 liters remaining …

    1. I’m sure it’s fine on the road (as long as you are not swerving to avoid a moose……) but what is it like towing a couple of tonnes?? Hopefully they have also realised that putting the trailer electric socket at the lowest point on the towbar isn’t a great idea on an off-road vehicle!

    2. I’m sure it’s good on the road (unless you are swerving to avoid a moose…) but what is it like towing a couple of tonnes?? And have they worked out that putting the trailer electric socket at the lowest point on the towbar isn’t the cleverest idea on an off-road vehicle??

      1. I have had mine for a month now and I must say even with my concerns of smaller engine, it’s towing has exceeded expectation. We waited till it came out at 3.5 t tow as we are on the limit with what we tow. The engine is more than capable and tows well. I find it a bit more thirsty on general driving than my old 3 litre., but far better drive.

      2. I regularly carry 750kg on the pickup with a 2 tonne load on the towbar. My 3ltr copes well with this on the very steep hills in my area. I doubt if the new one would do this but my local dealership offered me a test drive to prove the point. Big snag.. they would not fit a towbar to the test vehicle unless I agreed to buy the vehicle! Not very clever sales pitch!
        ‘Are Toyota reading these emails’ is a frequently asked question. Ford certainly are. My local dealership has offered me a 3.2 Ranger at a very attractive price with an ‘exclusive discount for Toyota customers! I am not VAT registered so usually absorb the VAT charge myself. Ford’s offer is good enough to cancel out my VAT loss.
        Come on Toyota, wake up before it’s too late!

  36. Having read most of these comments, I really think it’s time Toyota really did think about putting a decent sized engine in the hilux, I no longer have a hilux due to the reason of the pathetic 2.4 and possibly 2.8 variants available, being a engineer and understanding there thoughts with smaller engines, it’s not what is wanted if a commercial vehicle, I’m a believer in lead the game, don’t be lead, all other manufacturers have choosen smaller engines, and then Vw blew the pick-up world apart by announcing their 3ltr v6, Nissan Navara D40 did this years ago and that engine is brilliant (even though it’s a Renault commercial engine), so Toyota it’s time to pick-up your game and start leading again, don’t be the sheep on the farm

    1. Our two 3.0 hilux 2012 are now overdue being replaced as I have been waiting for Toyota to put an actual engine rather than a sewing machine in the new hilux. First we waited for the new hilux and were very keen on placing an order…. then with great disappointment we learn that they only offer a tiddly little 2.4 litre.. so have been waiting for them to announce a decent engine. It is now getting silly waiting any longer so have started to test drive others. New hilux is great.. but gutless. The new Amarock is expensive.. but also has a far superior engine and when you include its higher trade in price it costs around £6k (my own estimate..probably wrong.. but it is my own cheque book and responsibility!) more than the hilux over 4 years.. not a massive deterrent to most top of the range pick up buyers.. so unless Toyota announce a larger engine soon I’m sad to say that after 17 years of Being Toyota owners we will be moving over to VW pick ups.. There is only so long loyal customers can wait around for.

  37. ive had hilux’s for thirty years for my business,, my wife drives a rav, and my private motor is a landcruiser, and now this fiasco with us not getting the 2.8 l in the new lux’s. well today i drove a vw touareg and loved it. if toyota wont supply us with the engine of our choice then its simple,, i’ll buy seven vehicles a year off some other manufacturer. after reading the remarks on the net about this tonight my mind is made up.. i have brand loyalty, and have purchased nothing but toyotas for years, but loyalty goes both ways. and i for one won’t be begging toyota to let us have the larger engine in the lux’s, let them find out the hard way.

  38. I think Toyota is making a mistake taking away the bigger engine. The 2.4 may be good, but customers want drivability, which means low down lazy torque engines, not having to rev the nuts off a motor. Look at the 4.2 td Amazon engine. It’s fantastic and reliable. I’m a big fan and Toyota user. But bringing out the 2.4 engine whilst VW are putting the 3.0l v6 in their new pickup makes me shudder and think it’s a huge mistake by Toyota. I hope I’m wrong. I know what engine I would pick out the 2. (The VW v6.) I always wished Toyota had put the 4.2 td engine in the hilux. Come on Toyota, add to the line up by all means. Don’t take the best engine in the hilux away.

  39. MARKETING DISASTER…….TOYOTA CITY, Japan — Toyota Motor Corp., after long neglecting the humble internal combustion engine in favor of hybrids, is preparing a sweeping powertrain makeover.
    The automaker is designing common parts to spread costs across large numbers of engines.
    This will allow it to economically customize engines for specific vehicles with fuel injection, turbocharging and more.
    The new engine strategy will catapult Toyota ahead of rivals, Koei Saga, senior managing officer in charge of powertrain development, told Automotive News.
    Toyota is seeking fuel economy increases of up to 30 percent and cost cuts on key components of up to 50 percent.
    The strategy underscores how Toyota is playing catch-up in a fundamental field, as rivals gain on the automaker’s top fleet average fuel economy in the United States with big advancements in such fuel-saving technologies as direct injection, turbocharging and stop-start systems.
    For years, Toyota has focused on its best-selling gasoline-electric hybrid systems. It hasn’t abandoned that track.
    But flush with record profits, the world’s biggest automaker is channeling big investments in making its base engines more competitive.
    Its gambit: The more money it can save through common parts, the more it can spend on such add-ons as turbochargers, which Toyota engineers internally refer to as kanzashi, the traditional ornamental hairpins worn by geisha.
    For mainstay nameplates such as the Camry, it could mean dumping a V-6 engine option and turning to downsized turbocharged four-cylinder engines.
    Seems like we are being mugged off again, it’s not about EU immissions. You can add to a range but’s it’s a marketing disaster to take it away.

  40. Hi, I feel Toyota have insulted its U.K. loyal Hilux Customers, and acted very disrespectful towards them (Shitsurei), by not offering the 2.8L in the new Hilux in the U.K. Shame on you Toyota……..!

    1. Hi Martin,
      We’re sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the 2016 Hilux. We will pass all your feedback on to our team. Many thanks!

      1. No I think chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima has come up trumps, I like very much… they have improved a number of things including the tail gate wire rope supports that tended to stretch and rest on the bumper and mark the paint on the outside, and they have seemed to get rid of the rear heating flat duct on the front floor on the double cab, made a right mess of the floor layout, but it is handy for wedging a tea flask in next to the seat. I hope they have also sorted out the front suspension as it seemed to dive and bottom out on meadeoaker bumps on the mk7, but a 2″ lift kit sorted that out from Roughtrax. Big Big shame to loose the twin battery set up as that was a very good idea. And why oh why do they fit carpet…… Full rubber floor needed all round and bigger heavey duty mud mats x4 and get rid of thoses silly mat sucuring twist things that keep the mats in place, not fit for purpose. Also the chassis… is it rust proofed on the new truck? As mine is showing slight sighs of surface rust,only a little on the seams, why didn’t they galvernise it? I have had to under seal it. Oh…… one more thing Ella? You say you will pass onto your team, who is your team and what do they do? And what happens to all the feedback you get…. just asking. Thank you very much to you and your team in advance and have a very nice Christmas. Sorry for the whinging. 😉

        1. Hi Martin,
          All comments are fed through an internal reporting system to relevant departments such as: technical, product, marketing etc. Many thanks.

      2. We are all being shafted! With cars & small commercials, these small high torque engines are too electronically tuned due to emission laws, if all manufacturers told Europe to stick your emissions and you build an engine! You show us what to do And we’ll watch you the shoe would be on the other foot! if the people implimenting how things should be done can’t actually do it them selves then they need to keep there noses out….! Very simple politics & common sense. Example don’t fish what you can’t catch, we need to go back to larger engines that are de-tuned so they are not so stressed and more reliable, modern engines would be amazing on fuel if it wasn’t for these people dictating these emission laws the average man in the street doesn’t understand that fuel economy is being reduced to cut emissions spraying fuel into an engine after the compression stroke what on earth is going on..? Madness thats whats wrong.! unfortunately nobody stands upto to these clowns that make all these ridiculous laws we are all like aload of jelly fish! We don’t have back bones! Cheers! And merry Christmas ☺

      3. I’m Italian customer of Toyota in particularly the new Hilux automatic,and the last one isn’t like the old 3.0automatic m.y.2009 to much better the old and “drink”less 20%,the new gear box isn’t clever it’s more stupid,also the warranty isn’t the same for the five years,is 3 years completely warranted and Last 2 years in another way,cont completely,sorry for my English.tomorrow I drive a new Amarok 3.0 V6 because sell my new Hilux with 8000 km

        1. Hi Gianni,

          Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are sorry to hear you are not pleased with your new Hilux automatic – we appreciate you giving us feedback and will pass this on. We would suggest you contacting Toyota Italy if you would like to discuss this further as we are Toyota GB.



          1. Hi Mariap,

            Toyota Italy does not seem very interested in customer problems, I chioamato the tow truck for the dead battery after 12 hours from the car pick-up and no one has contacted me
            Toyota Italy does not manage a blog like this, possimo find some impressions in private blogs.
            However My “NEw” Hilux consumes 8km / liter and 150 hp, while the “old” Hilux consumed 11 km / liter with 171 hp, Toyota explain to you where is the technological progress of this product ???

          2. Hi Gianni,
            Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this query. Toyota Italy should be willing to talk with you about these issues and queries. If you find their help unsatisfactory, we would have to suggest writing to Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. You can find all the contact details here: http://www.toyota-global.com/company/profile/overview/. We hope this helps!

    2. , Toyota GB are doing what they think is right , most Hilux’s go into the utilities and construction firms , they won’t want the big engine most end up with limiters anyway,
      the private and leisure buyer obviously isn’t a priority so if you don’t like what’s on offer you are free to go elsewhere , I think they are being silly and people would pay a premium to have the 2.8
      ,once they have changed brand it’s not as easy to trade in a X Y or z against a Toyota for a good price, so it’s risking future sales and brand loyalty … not just for hiluxes but all the range of cars.

      1. Yes I know SHB hire well. Perhaps as all the new engines and auto boxes are made in Japan and they have limited supplies to start, and they are getting up to speed making the target of 70,000 a year, they have got to put a cap on who gets what first, and the UK dose not seem a priority for them at the moment until sales lift. SHB hire are the biggest buyers of the Hilux in the U.K. And I think Europe, For basic bog standard hire trucks. All commercials sales have been slow so not much demand for vans and work trucks. Thinking back I believe that the mk6 3.0l truck came out well after the 2.5l to mop up. So I think Toyota U.K. Sells a lot of base trucks to start and cheap to hire firms. and can they afford to risk not bringing in the 2.8l in the U.K… maybe they can…..or are they just holding back???? I can see a very big opportunity for a grey sole importer to fill the market from SA if they don’t. I’m holding back and gunna wait, as the wheels are not going to fall off my truck anytime soon. What did the car companies used to call the uk? (TRESURE ISLAND!) What you think Ella?

      2. In both Japanese and American business, customer service is considered paramount. Compared to many other cultures, the typical level of customer service in these two countries is rather high. However, in Japan there is a qualitative difference, a level of service that rises above. Perhaps the difference can best be described by comparing the commonly-used phrases about customer service in Japan and the U.S. In the U.S., “the customer is king.” Yet in Japan kyakusama wa kamisama – literally, “The customer is God.” The difficulty in saying no to a customer means that Japanese suppliers often bend over more than backwards to meet customer requests. This may include asking employees to work copious amounts of overtime, or skip vacations. Or it may involve filling orders that are not profitable, or doing special small projects for free. Some Japanese companies become so accustomed to suppliers who respond uncomplainingly to such requests that they begin to feel that it’s alright to behave in this manner. And many Japanese suppliers are so bent on pleasing customers that they do not consider whether the business they are getting is actually profitable or worthwhile.

    3. When the last model came out about 6 years ago Toyota launched with the 2.5d then a year or two later the 3litre diesel was introduced. My guess is that globally the new 2.8d is much more popular than the 2.4d. They have to send the 2.4d’s somewhere and unlucky for us it’s the UK. I’m going to wait for the 2.8d, It will arrive in the UK next year or the year after I’m positive. So really it boils down to buy now and get the 2.4d or wait for the 2.8d. No amount of pushing for the release date of the 2.8d will get us anywhere with Toyota or the dealers, they can’t give a date because if they did everyone would wait and sales would drop. They should have launched with both engines, if they had the 2.8d would have out sold the 2.4d easily and they would have sold more overall. I have driven the 2.4d and it’s a match for the 3litre almost but it only makes me want to wait for the 2.8d more as that will be considerably better than the 3litre.

      1. Hi guys,
        My posts were deleted from Toyota UK already two times.
        Please be informed, that Toyota delivers new Hilux in Turkey with 2.8 engine.

          1. Yes, it’s EURO 5. But I checked in our institutions and I was told, that it’s still permissible registration of new cars with EURO 5 certificate in EU.
            I intend to buy my next one (sixth) from there if in the next 3-4 months Toyota doesn’t supply this version here.

          2. I would check very carefully as Euro 6 became compulsory on 1st September 2016. Also the steering wheel on the Turkish one will be on the wrong side!!! Even with a 2.8 it is still no match for the new V6 Amarok. 177hp vs 224hp, 450 Nm vs 550 Nm

  41. That is the point exactly, but is more power the only thing , I’m happy with my 2.4 although if 2.8 was an optional engine guess what would be sitting on my drive!!
    The problem with Toyota GB is they have always had a great product that sold itself and as a result they never seemed to Make much effort or take risks with the more unusual models or needed to offer different spec models , so we never got the 75 series landcruiser , and we get a rebadged cheap and nasty throwaway Citroen van instead of the Hiace which has a really loyal following so people will now go to VW for a quality van with a low depreciation and reputation for long life , yep Toyota GB has given VW a chance to take a lot of sales..
    come on guys sell on premium product not pile it high sell cheap Toyota is a great product stop devaluing it in the U.K.

    1. Well said. I am test driving the Isuzu AT35 tomorrow, a £34k truck…come on Toyota get a decent engine in the hilux 2.8/3.0 or bigger.

        1. Dealers offering to chip to 200 BHP ish for £400 and honour warranty. If the 2.4 is offered with Toyota chip I would review. I’m sorry a 2.4 is just not acceptable.

          The point is there already is a 2.8 that is available elsewhere why has TGB not pushed to import it. Even more why can’t we have a Tundra? – a little big but would suit some of us.

          1. Does having your engine chipped up affect in any other way as it as a post to hurting the engine all wearing the engine out quicker and is it right that Toyota are offering this at the garages

          2. Hi there I spoke to my dealer and in their case they said Toyota are not offering a chipped upgrade for this particular vehicle being the mark 8

    2. In 8 years I’ve had 2 3litre manual hiluxs covering 120k + miles in each of them, recently test drove new hiluxs in automatic form and I think it was grand (maybe the auto makes the difference). I reckon for those talking of the V6 VW they may find a 2.8 land cruiser for similar money, I know with nfu discount a manual invincible hilux for approx £22.5k vs spending 10k more for the VW which I’d choose and that’s before depreciation. Most rangers I see are 2.2 litres and anyone with the 3.2 may be happy with the power but not the real world mpg of 15-18mpg

  42. Finners is right, we had hi lux with I think 2.4. no turbos they had no power too. But bit by bit turbos went on and engines got bigger stronger and better its called progress. 40 years ago we had 2 grey fergies 20hp and two ford majors 54hp I think. Now its 2 220hp and 1 330hp Fendts, Progess. Our big Cats in1980 126hp now 400hp Progress . The wife got a mbgt or something like that for her 18th 74hp I think now its a Carrea 4s 400hp Progress Toyota GB offer no progress with the hi lux just a big step back. I and many forward looking people wont take that backwards step. So after 32 years to progress with our pickups its over to VW.

  43. What happened to the blog from lunch time today from Pete. Don’t Toyota like hearing the truth.

    1. Hi Matt,
      The comment had not yet been approved. All comments go through an approval process before they go live. We appreciate any feedback from our customers. Many thanks.

    2. Pete could not be more right! Ella is there any actual proof that these comments are going anywhere? How about a written statement from someone at Toyota acknowledging the hundreds of people who are angry at the deployment of the pathetic 2.4? I feel this forum is a waste of time and these comments go completely unnoticed at Toyota HQ, please prove me wrong? Who can we speak to to make these voices louder? We want these complaints to be heard by people who can make decisions changes, not social media managers. (No offence). Burns my balls that I’m standing here with money in hand, trying to purchase a 2.8 hilux but you can’t sell it to me. Madness.

      1. Hi James,
        Thank you so much for your feedback, at this moment in time we have no information regarding another engine for the Hilux. We have an internal process whereby all comments regarding products/multi-media are logged and sent to relevant departments.

    3. I have the new Toyota hi Lux when I put it in reverse the reversing sensors just continuously sounds please can you help me

      1. Hi Dave,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve seen your other comment and would advise what you are already planning on doing. Your local dealer should be able to solve this issue for you.

          1. Hi Dave, The smaller engine is 2.393cc and the bigger is 2.755cc
            The bore and stroke is 92.0 x 90.0 for the 2.4
            The bore and stroke is 92.0 x 103.6 for the 2.8
            Max power for the 2.4 is 110 @ 3400 rpm
            Max power for the 2.8 is 130 @ 3400 rpm
            Max torque, nm@ r-per min 2.4 is 400@ 1600-2000 rpm
            Max torque, 2.8 is 400@ 1400-2600 rpm
            The 2.8 has a longer stroke and will be slower reving and the torque has a wider band range between 1400-2600 rpm so better power range for driving and towing. A lot of other stuff will be updated for the bigger engine….. I guess bigger turbo, etc…. I had both the old 2.5 D4D and the 3.0 l D4D, and I can honestly say it was like driving a completely different truck, in the 3 L you got power at almost any rev’s… it was 360 nm @ 1400-3400 rpm so it’s full power between 1400 and 3400 revs. It’s not as simple as a chip.
            Regards Martin.

          2. No the 2.8 is a longer stroke Version of the 2.4 , longer stroke can give more torque at lower revs and can also be more fuel efficient ,

  44. For the first time in 32 years there will be no Hi lux in our yard. Come the new year 3 new V6 Amaroks will replace our 3.0.D4Ds that have been faultless. TOYOTA GB DONT LISTEN TO YOUR MARKETING AND PR DEPARMENT. Talk to farmers civil engineering firms builders, men with mud on them who use the pick ups as tools. People who I mix with. To a man they the are disappointed with the gutless 2.4. It might be ok for the school run and hairdressers with all the bling on them. The 2.4. is the same engine as the 2.8. it just has a long stroke and some guts. Or is this just a marketing ploy, ie sell the deliberately crippled 2.4 and when everyone is sick of not getting up hills without thrashing the life out of the little mill ride to the rescue with the 2.8. (but it will only be available covered in bling with a huge price premium)

    1. Hi Pete,
      Thank you for all your feedback. We do pass this on to our team and at this moment, there is no information regarding a 2.8 engine. Many thanks.

    2. Only the higher spec got the 3ltr engine in the previous model , most people who bought a Hilux for work had a 2.5 Which was fine for normal work and I’ve towed well over the rated capacity with my previous one
      This new 2.4 is more powerful and fuel efficient than the 2.5 . And it wasn’t long ago allJapanese pickups were less than 100bhp now we have 150!!!
      The problem with anything bigger than 2.5ltr is the import duties on commercials are 20% On vehicles from outside the EU
      10% if less than 2.5 !!
      So you can see why the 2.4 was chosen for our market, hopefully a post brexit trade deal will make all sorts of extra choices possible !!!

      1. I’m sorry that’s not completely true ! My story is I bought a new 3 L automatic with standard trim in 2007 ,I decided after four years to trade it in at my local Toyota dealer for another new one and was told TGB only import the invincible 3 L automatic now so I didn’t buy one because I didn’t need leather satnav climate control etc i’m a builder who pulls diggers around so they lost the sale , it’s now done 105,000 and I’m after a new truck , just driven the 2.4 today omg it’s gutless midrange so once again TGB going to lose out on the sale again, must be more people like me out there ,just get a bigger engine out there sort it out TGB

    3. As Pete says above, it is disappointing (but not surprising) that Toyota hasn’t brought in a more powerful engine. I currently have a 3.0 Invincible (chipped) and am wondering what to replace it with. This is my 5th Hilux (beginning with the old non-turbo 2.4D) so you could say I have some brand loyalty, but there is nothing appealing on the horizon from Mr T. I thought I might import a 70 series with the V8 diesel, now they are coming up 10 years old (so emissions regs don’t apply) but it seems the new V6 Amarok has even more power – 224 hp vs 205 hp and 550 Nm vs 430Nm, so a change of badge would be easier. As for reliability, my current Hilux had to go straight back to the dealer with a mis-fitted turbo gasket within 5 minutes of delivery and had a new steering rack at 2 years, so maybe the time has come to jump ship….

  45. With diesel bans in major cities imminent and problems with diesels on short runs
    When will Toyota GB be reintroducing a petrol engine into the Hilux range???
    I would like to consider one for my next
    Hilux ???

    1. Hi Finners, thanks for your interest. We have no information on a petrol engine in the Hilux range at this time.

    2. I’ve been looking at getting a petrol version 4.0 litre V6 in from New Zealand. Ideal for Lpg conversation. They also drive much better than the diesel.

      1. No worries, Lee. We’re not aware of any plans to offer any lpg converted vehicles from the factory, but as before, these conversions can be done by reputable aftermarket suppliers.

        1. Kathleen- Lpg can only be fitted to petrol engines so as Toyota will not be offering a petrol engine in UK then the only option is to import a truck. 2.7ltr petrol available in South Africa. 4.0ltr petrol in New Zealand. Please please Toyota give us a choice as well!

    3. 2.7 ltr petrol rhd available in South Africa. 4.0 ltr petrol rhd in New Zealand and Oz. Come on Toyota – let’s see a petrol model in UK as well!

  46. I have just been left utterly speechless by my local dealer who has just informed me that the reversing sensors on my new Hilux InvincibleX do not turn automatically when a trailer is hitched up.
    Not only that, but there is no way to manually turn them off either! So every time I reverse with a trailer, I am deafened by the loud screeching warning buzzer for the entire time I am in reverse gear – also meaning that I cannot hear the directions from the person at the rear of the truck either!

    The option I have just been offered is for the dealer to cut a new switch into the wiring.
    Surely Toyota can do better than that!

    It cannot be right for a vehicle that is designed to be a workhorse and will likely spend a lot of its time with a trailer attached to have this sort of design fault.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience at one of our Toyota Centres. Have you reported your case to our customer relations team?

      1. I am still waiting to hear what the dealership is proposing to do (with this and a number of other similar items). There was a long list of items for them to attend to, but when they returned my car they didn’t give me any paperwork at all. I am currently very unimpressed with the service I am receiving, which is a real shame as it is my first ever experience of Toyota.

          1. I have raised my concerns with various members of the dealership and am awaiting their reply.
            I am not sure what/who you mean by your customer relations team?

          2. I have a serious complaint too, although my complaint is one shared by every other person on this thread. Would TGB give me an educated, genuine response if I asked why they are not releasing the 2.8GD in the UK if I were to contact them using that link? Sorry Ella, but your response of “we currently don’t have any info on this” just isn’t cutting it anymore. Please don’t dismiss this as a joke, I’m deadly serious, I’m extremely annoyed with Toyota UK over not being able to buy a proper Hilux in this country. Like many others on here, I am a loyal Toyota and Hilux fan, I do not want a Ranger or Amarok, but it seems that’s the route I’ll have to go if I can’t get a definitive answer as to why TGB is only selling the Hilux with that tiny and pathetic excuse for a top spec engine.


          3. Hi Paul,
            Thanks for getting in touch. We really value your opinion and we urge anyone with a serious complaint to contact our customer relations team. We do provide our customers with as much information as we can on anything regarding our model specification and we’re sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied.

      2. Hi Ella
        What has happened to the post from Jim in regads to the problems with his Hilux from Chesterfield ?
        Thanks J Kay

          1. Hi James,
            Jim’s comments are still accessible on the blog. They were addressed in August and may just be some pages back. Is there anything in particular we can help you with regarding his query? Many thanks.

        1. Hi John,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised looking at the Parking Sensors’ owner’s manual. These owner’s manuals are available online and can be found on the following site: http://www.toyota-tech.eu/.
          If you hover the cursor over “OWNER” and click on “Accessory Owner’s manual” you can then select the vehicle (Hilux 2015/04 FMC Gen3) and the type of accessory you are interested in.
          Hope this helps! Many thanks.

    2. Personally I think there’s too much electronic junk on most modern vehicles ,
      My pet peeve is the head lights and the lack of an off position just auto or side/head , and so the head lights are constantly on in anything less than bright sunlight, oh and yes the trailer plugged in should cut off the sensors, I would guess they are some crappy aftermarket retrofit that isn’t properly integrated into the OE wiring ,like the alarm TGB had fitted to the previous Hilux so if the doors weren’t closed it would still arm and go off all the time!!!

      1. The truck was delivered with all of this sensors/tow bar etc all factory fitted.

        I have now been told that there is a switch missing, which should have been factory fitted also. It has to make you wonder what else they forgot to fit when they were building the truck?!

  47. hi all, been following this site for a while now and notice a lot of negative talk towards the new hilux, and leaving me wondering if I should give it a go or stick with my 3lt until the wheels fall off
    yes the 3lt was a massive improvement in power and performance over the smaller engines
    and I too thought ahh, a 2.4, however if you read the brochure from cover to cover you will find a whole load of improvements and add ons,
    I did the L200 warrior a couple of times before going to the invincible, but back then all the nice stuff leather sat nav etc was at extra £££, hicking the price the all new X is complete with everything included, that’s the main reason for such a sharp increase,
    lead in time is quite long, about 8 weeks, but hey ho, not complaining 2 much, done nearly a extra 10k miles since it was seen by the dealer and did the paperwork
    I have bitten the bullet and my new X is due into the dealership on Tuesday, so so looking forward to getting it now
    so I will post again after I have time to settle into it

    love Toyota love hilux, bullet proof, and very very reliable

    my new 2.4 has big boot to fill !! and I too hope im not disappointed

    1. dear all
      received my new 2.4 last week and she drives like a dream
      my opinion, it knocks spots of the old 3lt, it is well refined now, stronger, quieter and smoother, returning over 500miles to the tank

      to the critics, get yourself behind the wheel and take one a spin, just make sure you have enough to cover the deposit, because you will want to place a order

      1. I have the new 2.4 I find it great I love the colour and the way it drives I have a slight problem with the reversing bleepers bleeping all the time when I I am in reverse but I find the Toyota dealer on the Isle of Wight Great to deal with and have no problems with them and I have no doubt when I report this problem to them tomorrow that they will sort it

        1. Hi Dave,
          Thanks for all your positive feedback. It’s great to hear that your dealer provides a good service. We hope the issue gets resolved.

  48. Still waiting on a 2.8 from toyota and full towing capacity… why toyota is dragging there feet VW Amrok v6 diesel is looking a good deal with zero interest deals… Toyota your loosing so many loyal customers due to your games. Such a shame.

    1. I think someone higher up needs to decide
      Wether the Hilux is an important model for for Toyota GB ,and if the answer is yes , then they need to get their heads round the idea that there are a lot of people who buy a pick up because they WANT one not because they need one , people would pay a premium for the bigger engine and higher spec!!! They won’t do the brand loyalty thing for long if you
      Don’t bring in a replacement for the 3.0 they will be heading for ford and VW the comments on here make this crystal clear

    2. Here are a couple of strange things; 1) the 2.8 is described as “the global engine” (paultan.org Toyota Malaysia). Is Europe no longer part of the globe?
      2) We were told by Toyota that the gutless 2.4 is a result of EU regulations. VW now has a 3 litre Euro 6 engine. Last time I looked, Germany was still in Europe.
      Perhaps someone at Toyota should buy an atlas.
      Toyota should think hard about this as VW and Ford are offering very tempting deals now.

      1. The v6 amarok is born out of the 2 litre being unable to deliver enough power with latest eu emissions regs.

        Toyota need to get a big diesel sorted and get it in dealership asap

        1. Took my 2014 Hilux in this week for MOT and shock absorber replacement under warranty….Spoke with the new vehicles salesman who confirmed TOYOTA UK WILL NOT BE LAUNCHING A 2.8 in the UK.

          I said that was very disappointing. He confirmed it was a decision to reduce the overall emissions of new vehicles.

          Very odd when Ford have released a high output 3.2 tdi Ranger, VW have a V6 tdi Amarok and Mercedes are releasing the X Class Pickup (Navara in a merc skin) with a V6 TDi (350 engine).

          A petrol hybrid might work. Going to wait until late 2017 and then see what’s about, Want another Lux but need decent powerplant

          1. Hi Robert,
            At this moment in time we have no plans to introduce the 2.8 engine as the performance and economy of the 2.4 unit is sufficient for our market needs. We hope this helps.

  49. Who is it that filters out the bad comments on the 2.4. why do they have to hide what people who have used them think of the weak little engine

    1. Hi Pete,
      Thanks for your post. Most comments that are feedback about the 2.4 engine are posted and responded to. If they contain abusive language or external links they may not be published. We do not try and hide people’s opinions and we’re sorry if this has happened to one of your own posts? Many thanks 🙂

  50. I will soon post film on u tube of our 3.0L D4Ds Hi lux pulling 3-4 ton pipes off the beach ( ours are for work not show ) and the new 2.4 failing to get any off right next to them. same loads same beach same drivers. just not enough power ! Look at Liverpool 2 a new day dawns

  51. As for most other loyal 3.0 D4D Hilux drivers, the 2.4 is a disappointment for the UK.

    After having waited almost a year compared to Oz and Thailand to at last have The new Hilux released, I was utterly disappointed by the decision to not release the 2.8 for the UK. In my mind that is already a compromise from the 3.0 even with improved efficiencies.

    So I test drove the 2.4 today and love the new interior, the feel and shape of the Hilux, quiet as well.
    Put your foot down and nothing happens! The torque may be there but too much of a lag before anything kicks in.
    I have been loyal to Toyota for over 10 years and this may just see me go Ranger way, as I am sure so will 98% of all 3.0 drivers!

    Come on Toyota group, we are a small sector of the market but probably the most loyal, you stand to lose this loyalty, can you really afford such bad press?

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for all your feedback. Our customer’s opinions are valued here at Toyota and we will pass this onto our team. Many thanks!

      1. yes I agree with Dennis, Hopefully we bigger is here soon before i buy a
        New landrover once its out !
        Amrok with new bigger engine !
        love Toyota but disapponitted with performance 2.4 hilux engine

    2. Hi Dennis,

      I also test drove the new 2.4d and apart from the engine was very impressed, the price has increased but then so has the spec. I was itching to order one but didn’t, I will wait for the 2.8d for a while but if it doesn’t arrive go for a Amarok 3.0d V6 instead.

      Shame though because I have owned Hilux’s since 1994

      For utilitarian purposes I imagine the 2.4d will be fine but not for my needs i’m afraid. The benefits and features of the new Hilux seem to be canceled out by an under powered engine.

      The dealers are saying the 2.8d won’t come to the UK, this may turn out to be untrue doing nothing for the reputation of Toyota and their dealers.

      Multiple choice question for you Ella, is the 2.8d coming to the UK?

      a) No
      b) Yes
      c) Not sure

      1. Hi Ian,
        Unfortunately, we have no information regarding the 2.8 coming to the UK! Sorry we can’t be of any help with this, we would suggest keeping an eye on our social channels for any further announcements regarding this. Hope this helps 🙂

  52. Like so many others… want the 2.8 Cummins engine… just make the 2.8 an option on all trim levels – that way people can order the truck that they want – including a low spec extra Cab with the big engine for people that want to tow big loads without the need for a mountain of equipment they don’t need or want… just build what your Customer wants – it’s the “Toyota Way”, after all…!?

    1. cummins engine !!!! I think you’re mixed up With Nissan that goes in the big pick up they make for the US market,the Toyota GD 2.4 is a short stroke version of the 2.8 that other Hilux markets get currently Once sales drop off we will be having it too if the marketing department follow what they did with the old model which if people remember stated off with the 2.5 ,

      1. Yep – I read that the engine used is a re-badged 4 Cyl Cummins unit – which is no bad thing if you’ve ever experienced the torque on a Dodge RAM… (admittedly a slightly larger unit!)

        1. No it’s Not re badged cummins , it is Toyota’s newly developed global diesel , The 2.8 is just the longer stroke version of the engine we get it the UK spec Hilux , so as a owner of a 2.4 it’s a good engine and does much better on fuel than the 3 liters and the old 2.5 I’m getting a consistent 35mpg in mixed motorway and other road driving my previous 2.5 was doing about 30 , Still agree others not bringing the 2.8 at launch was a very big mistake all the other trucks have better power and torque , for me Toyota build and engineering is the most important thing not the HP figures!!! It is a good truck all things considered

          1. Ahhh – you live and learn – I thought I’d read it was a Cummins unit someplace… maybe I’m wrong. I manage to get 42 MPG overall out of old 2.5 HL2 – if the new 2.8 did that or better, I’d be happy…

    2. Just booked a test drive in the Isuzu AT35 ArticTruck double cab. 2.5 twin turbo with dealer offering to chip to 195 BHP/370 ft/lb.

      Come on Toyota UK bring out the South African spec Hilux Legend 45 edition here with a dealer chip ….please……

      1. Be interested to here how you get on with the AT35 – how it drives. I like the fact that you sit up higher in it… I note that the latest model Hilux isn’t as tall as the old / current one…

  53. After 5 double cabs (Hilux) , this will likely be the last. The 2014 MY I have, 3.0 D4D is a massive step down in performance from the Invincible 200 I had before, particularly the lack of performance Diff.

    I can stomach the drop in power from the 200 to the std 3.0 D4D I have now, But a 2.4D? – No thanks, to get 150 BHP the pressure on the Turbos been upped and is lacking driveabilty.

    Poor show Toyota, the new model looks more aggressive but has had its guts ripped out.

    I was hoping you would be bringing out a D4D V8 diesel or even a Tundra with RHD conversion.

    I’m prepared to pay good money for a good performance Truck as my Hilux is specced up to max inside and out inc all the interior extras.

    I think a rethink by Toyota required as once Truck drivers find something good elsewhere they will stay with the new preferred brand.

    Very Disappointed


    1. I do hope Toyota designers read these posts. I think it is significant that some people are find it necessary to chip a new Hilux to take the performance up to that of a Ford Ranger or are going the whole hog by switching to the Ranger. I think it is very sad that Toyota are spoiling a very good vehicle with a downgraded engine. I will be sell my Hilux at 12 months old and replace it with a new Ranger. Sorry Toyota!

      1. Hi Frank Totally agree with you.

        It is quite interesting that in Europe Toyota still offers a Landcruiser with a D4D V8 4.5 diesel, but in UK we get offered just the 2.8 D4D (in the Landcruiser), the very engine that is available in other countries hilux but not in UK.

        So there we have a D4D V8 Diesel that could be shoe horned into a hilux and would make us all happy and see sales go through roof.

        Note the Amarok is getting a 3litre V6 Diesel @ 230BHP next month with a beefier performance model to follow, the Amarok will have a 0-60 of 7.5 secs with 400 ft/lbs, quite a performance Ute and one I would happily use as my Directors Company Car (im an engineer on site).

        Come on Toyota, smell the coffee.

        Please….Cheers Rob

      2. I will do the same next year with my fourth HIlux (all was 3.0 and the highest level) and will go to Navara or Amarok.
        Sorry Toyota, you will loose many old clients !!!

    2. I’ve had four 3.0L Hilux’s over the years, I use mine for work (forestry) and I need that 3.0L engine! Toyota, if your listening, please sort this out, you are jeopardising YEARS of customer loyalty here. I don’t want to drive a ranger, navara, amarok or L200 but if I’m left with no choice….

  54. Chipped my New Model Hilux 2.4D4D Invincible Auto to 200bhp and 480Nm and now it drives better than the 3.0D4D. When will we be able to order 3.5 Tonne Towing Double Cabs

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your post. Single cab and Extra cab derivatives will have 3.5t towing capacity from October production (deliveries from later November). Hope this helps!

    1. Hi JM. We apologise for any inconvenience but we do not hold information for individual deliveries. You will need to contact your local dealer for the latest information. Thank you.

  55. I have owned 3ltr Isuzu rodeos for many years but switched to Toyota Hilux 3ltr because the new Isuzu D-Max only had a 2.5ltr engine. I am sorry to see that Toyota is making the same mistake as Isuzu which leaves the Ford Ranger as the only pickup with an engine powerful enough to satisfy so many of its customers. I tow a 1.8 tonne vintage caravan on long distance touring where every bit of 170 bhp and 2.8 tonne towing capacity is needed. 150 bhp is not enough and I fail to see where your 3.5t towing limit comes from. How can you justify this figure which is a 25% increase in towing capabilty using a 25% less powerful engine?

  56. Like everyone else I’m waiting for the 2.8 engine to be released my dealer surgested it’s in the pipe line and told me to hang on, so is there any truth to that?

    Also my main question, I was really looking forward to ordering a 2.8 extra cab in top trim level, how come you can only get extra cab in poverty spec “active” with bumpers not painted etc, can you confirm if they are going to add more to the extra cab range as I came away extremely disappointed and like others waited on the basis of everything I seen in every country, feel like we have been stitched up. I know most people go for double cab, but some of use actually use are trucks for work, space in back matters doesn’t mean I can’t rock about with leather and some a nice spec..

    Sort this out please Toyota otherwise you going to loose allot of loyal customers.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your post. Toyota UK have not released any formal statement suggesting that there will be a 2.8 engine. Many thanks for your feedback!

        1. Hi Richard,
          Unfortunately, we do not offer extra cab on any other grades, other than Active. Our product team have passed on your feedback. Is there any more information you’d like on the new Hilux? Many thanks.

    2. To be fair as the owner of a New shape extra cab , yes the 2.8 would be nice and make the Hilux a class leader instead of an “also ran” however the 2.4 isn’t bad I doubt it would that far behind old shape 3 litre in a race ,however it’s a very competitive market place and going for the smaller engine is hurting sales so the 2.8 won’t be far of and I would guess people would pay a premium for it so it would make sense to hang on for a bit , I also think Toyota GB should make a difintive statement as to when or if it’s going to be an option so people can make a informed choice as there would be a lot of ill feeling if the dealers say no chance of the better engine then it comes out after people have bought the little engined Hilux
      And yes there should be at least an”icon” grade extra cab for us working folks ,!! we deserve some of what the townie double cab people get!!!

      1. What a sensible comment, I’ve been saying this for years, Toyota should also bring in the landcruiser pick up with the v8 in, to the UK, I wouldn’t hesitate on hesitate on buying one.

  57. Test drove a new 3.2 ranger today – will now become an ex hilux owner after having 3 – can’t wait any longer for Toyota to bring the 2.8 engine into the UK or to sort out the 3.5 ton towing limit on the double cab – pity as my 3 hilux’s have been brilliant ! Toyota:0 – Ford:1

    1. Hi Noel,
      We’re very sorry to hear this! Any feedback customers give us gets fed back to our team. Many thanks.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your post. All usual road speed limits will apply to Hilux, however due to current DFT regulations models that carry a kerb weight over 2,040 kg (the higher spec models tend to apply here) will be subject to a 10 mph reduction on single carriage and dual carriageway (so 50 and 60mph respectively). At the moment Hilux models range from 1,975 to 2,165 kg kerb weight depending on specification. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  58. Hi just had a test drive in the new hilux and was told the uk would only get the 2.4 so decided not to bother if they had said a 2.8 was to follow I would have been happy to wait but as usual a quick sale is more important

    1. Hi David,
      At this moment in time we have not released anything stating a 2.8 will be launched into the UK market. At this moment in time the only Hilux to be launched will be the 2.4. This is not to say that a 2.8 isn’t available in other European markets. Hope this helps!

      1. If toyota don’t release the 2.8 they will lose out to to the ranger and other pickups in my opinion but what do I know

  59. I am wonderig If anyone can clear up the towing issue for me. I am waiting for it to be 3.5 tonne towing. I was originally under the impression that it is released at 3.2 tonne, but if you buy it early, you will be able to get it upgraded tot 3.5 tonne after homologation ( whatever that means) but I have recently been informed that if you buy now at 3.2 you are stuck with it at that towing weight for life. I have been putting off buying until the hilux came out, but we desperately need a vehicle and it seems that we won’t be able to get 3.5 tonne until into 2017 at earliest.

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for your post. From October 2016 factory production, Single cab and Extra cab derivatives will have 3.5t towing capacity. If you have a specific customer requirement for 3.5tonnes on Single Cab or Extra Cab contact Network Support to ensure a late vehicle from October production is allocated. For Double Cab, we are going through UK approval to apply for 3.5 tonnes. We will be able to confirm later in the year if this has been approved. For vehicles manufactured before October production, towing capacity cannot retrospectively be increased to 3.5 tonnes. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

      1. Hi ella,

        I see this comment was a while back, is the 3.5t now available to order for double cab?
        And also has there been any change to the availability of a 2.8 engine?
        Many thanks

        1. Hi Stephen,
          Thanks for your interest. There has been no change to the availability of a 2.8 engine! The 3.5t has also not been released yet. We would suggest keeping an eye on our social channels to see if there are any developments in the future. Many thanks!

  60. Can anyone clear the towing issue up with me. It is currently 3.2 tonne on the invincible, I am led to believe this is going to be 3.5 tonnes. My question is if one is bought at 3.2 tonnes, will you be able to increase this vehicle to 3.5 tonnes after purchase once the others become 3.5 tonne. Isuzu did allow this, but I have heard this might not be possible with the hi lux

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for your post. From October 2016 factory production, Single cab and Extra cab derivatives will have 3.5t towing capacity. If you have a specific customer requirement for 3.5tonnes on Single Cab or Extra Cab contact Network Support to ensure a late vehicle from October production is allocated. For Double Cab, we are going through UK approval to apply for 3.5 tonnes. We will be able to confirm later in the year if this has been approved. For vehicles manufactured before October production, towing capacity cannot retrospectively be increased to 3.5 tonnes. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

    1. Hi Dave,
      We only provide the figure from the official test. We would suggest reading journalist’s reviews for more information. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your query.

      The 2016 Hilux Measurements (mm):
      Single Cab: L= 2315 W= 1575 H= 480
      Extra Cab: L= 1810 W= 1540 H= 480
      Double Cab: L= 1525 W= 1540 H= 480
      The Current Hilux Measurements (mm):
      Single Cab: L= 2340 W= 1520 H= 450
      Extra Cab: L= 1830 W= 1515 H= 450
      Double Cab: L= 1545 W= 1515 H= 450

      Hope this helps! Many thanks.

      1. Thanks for the info but I was looking for the “between the wheel arches measurements” so it does not help!

        1. Hi Peter,
          Sorry we got the wrong measurements for you. We would recommend speaking with your dealer who will be able to give you the exact measurements. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for your question. The new Hilux has a robust leaf spring and twin shock absorber rear suspension system which has been extensively revised to provide off-road articulation capabilities and SUV-like ride comfort and handling stability. More info can be found here: po.st/n1JdVj Thanks.

  61. I can’t see the logic behind only launching the 2.4d engine. I’ve had 8 hilux’s over the years and most of those that I see on the road are the 3.0d version, I think most current and new owners will wait for the 2.8d engine. Looking forward to it though!

    1. Hi Ian,
      I agree 100%.
      I find it difficult to understand why the rest of the world is offered a wider choice of configurations and a launch date so far in advance of the UK market. I for one am fed up with waiting for the launch and now only to be told that the 2.8lt engine will be another wait. I am at a loss to understand why Toyota treats the UK market with such distain.
      Ex-Toyota customer

  62. I’m hoping it’s under 2040 kg otherwise it won’t be classed as a dual purpose vehicle and would be subject to lower speed limits ,
    I also hope it won’t have that hateful stop start feature so many things have now..

    1. Hi Finners,
      Thank you for your post. Keep an eye on our blog for all the latest news and features. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Rick,
      Thank you for your post. At present we do not have a release date, but keep an eye on our blog for more information. Many thanks.

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our product team and they have advised that the double cab’s will have 3-point seat belts on each rear seat. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  63. What warranty will there be? Heard it is likely still to be 3 years or 60,000 miles which is well behind competition?

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your post. We have no news at present, however more details and specifications will be released later this year. Keep an eye on our blog for more news on Hilux. Many thanks.

  64. I cannot understand why the Aussi, NZ and South African markets got the new 2.8 engined version from launch but its rumoured the UK will have to wait till 2017

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we have no news regarding additional powertrains for the UK market. Although the 2.4 is slightly down on horsepower, torque and fuel economy have both been improved. It has an even tougher chassis, enhanced 4×4 capability, practicality and functionality, better safety features and an even more appealing cost of ownership. Please stay tuned to the blog and our social networking channels for the latest news. Hope this helps a little further and if you have any more questions please let us know.

    2. I agree Dave , given that the hilux tends to have high residual values compared to other pickups in this sector I would fear the 2.4 may suffer heavier depreciation. Realistically these vehicles in the used market are bought for towing and/or heavy work on farms etc where mpg and co2 emissions will be not that crucial.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thank you for your post. We have checked with our product team and 2016 Hilux will come with a reversing camera. More specifications and details will be released throughout the year so stay tuned to our blog for the latest news and features. Many thanks.

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your post. We have checked this with our product team, and the 2016 Hilux will be supplied with standard tyres. However if you were wanting ot change these to All Terrain tyres your local Toyota Dealer will be able to help with this. Many thanks.

  65. Any idea when it will be available to purchase in UK??
    Third Hilux we will have had in Three years IF it is available very soon

    1. Good morning. Thanks for your message and for your interest in the new Hilux. We have no specific release date at this time, but we expect an announcement very shortly. We appreciate that purchasing a vehicle is often time sensitive, and we apologise that we cannot give you more concrete information at this time. Please stay tuned to the blog and our social networking channels for an imminent announcement. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lee. Thanks for your comment. Although horsepower is down, torque is well up over the last model, at 400 Nm. New Hilux also has class-leading fuel efficiency and can tow 3.5 tonnes. We’d love for you to try one!

      1. Hi Matt,
        There is a 2.8 engine model in Thailand – will we be getting this in UK?
        Swaying towards the more powerful new Navara at present – seems a shame – had three Hilux’s in a row.
        Thanks, Lee

        1. Hi Lee. Thanks for your loyalty and continued support. Unfortunately, we have no news regarding additional powertrains for the UK market. Although the 2.4 is slightly down on horsepower, torque and fuel economy have both been improved. It has an even tougher chassis, enhanced 4×4 capability, practicality and functionality, better safety features and an even more appealing cost of ownership. We’d strongly suggest that you take a test drive before ruling it out.

          1. Safety features include the rear reversing sensors that don’t work and the forward camera system that will need a fix.

      2. It struggles with 3.5 Ton, believe me, we tow every day and had one from the dealer last week and it was flat as a pancake!!! Our 2015 3 L uses les to the gallon pulling the same weight, the new one was reving it’s butt off, and with that softer suspension it’s not as stable!!! I should know I have had 17 hilux trucks… Toyota need to stop pulling the wool over customers eyes… very disappointed.. especially as I will now have to look at the competition

        1. Hi Totally agree with Lee new Hilux is anemic especially with heavier loads towing, don’t care what toyota uk say about torque being higher it cannot tow worth a f### compared to the old 3 L. My new model Hilux is for sale if anyone wants it not sure if it will be the Nissan or the ford that i change it for but it is my 5th Hilux in a row and before the new model I wouldn’t have bought anything else
          Poor offering Toyota

          1. The quoted higher torque is a figure that is relevant for a few hundred RPM, the 3 litre has high torque across the full rev range. The comparisons TGB make on performance are vs the old 2.5 not the 3.0.

            TGB have had enough owners (not prospective owners) tell them they want a bigger diesel or a V6/V8 petrol.

            There are enough emission compliant engines in the Toyota range that would be more than adequate.

            Id personally like a Tundra V8 if it was available in RHD. Interestingly the Yanks would like a Tundra with a diesel (Cummins) V8 engine and despite there being a market Toyota has not provided in each model revision.

            We all know diesels days are limited however until the viable alternative is here the customer should be put first.

            Come on TGB make it easy for me to order another new Hilux

          2. Well said, I have now tried the wildtrack, build quality not good, but can pull the weight, and very noisy!! The rest are garbage, Amarok is not bad.. looking at importing a 2.8 hilux now

          3. Just get a 3.0l Hilux and have it remapped. Mine does 216hp and 465Nm now. I don’t think we will ever see the 2.8 here….:-(

        2. There is a cure search internet for Steinbauer you get 480nm of torque and 177bhp and never less than 32mpg so you a nice new vehicle and it’s leaps more powerful and better fuel than the old hilux and loaded in the tub the wildtrak struggles to keep up with it and Steinbauer have a uk rep

    1. Hi Heidfirst. Thanks for your comment. Top speed for new Hilux is indicated in mph/kph. Top speed is 105 mph / 170 kph!

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