Double top for Toyota as new Corolla and RAV4 excel in Euro NCAP

The new Toyota Corolla and RAV4 have both secured a top five-star rating in Euro NCAP’s independent safety testing programme.

Toyota Corolla safety and RAV4 safety was put to the test and both performed strongly across the board in the protection given to adult and child occupants as well as “vulnerable road users”, such as pedestrians and cyclists. Euro NCAP’s tests also recognised the effectiveness of the Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems, fitted as standard to all UK models.

The scores achieved in each test category are shown below.

Adult Occupant Child Occupant Vulnerable Road Users Safety Assist
Corolla 95% 84% 86% 77%
RAV4 93% 87% 85% 77%

The crash test results also demonstrate the designed-in strength of the Toyota New Global Architecture platforms on which the models are built, helping maintain the integrity of the cabin in the event of a collision. The robust structures are reinforced in critical areas and make strategic use of high-strength steels to absorb and channel impact forces away from the cabin.

The second generation Toyota Safety Sense package includes a Pre-Collision System which can detect pedestrians and cyclists in the vehicle’s path. The system scored maximum points in Euro NCAP’s testing at city speeds, with collisions being avoided at all test speeds. At highway speeds, collisions were avoided when approaching a slower vehicle. When coming up behind a stationary or slowing car, impacts were avoided in most cases, and mitigated in others.

The system’s pedestrian and cyclist recognition function also performed well, with collisions being avoided in all tests, in day and night conditions.

Other Toyota Safety Sense features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with steering control, Automatic High Beam and Road Sign Assist.

The impeccable results of the Toyota Corolla safety and RAV4 safety tests demonstrate the success of Toyota’s commitment to safety, which sits at the heart of its mission to make ever-better cars. Toyota ensures that the benefits of advanced safety technologies are not limited to high-end, high-specification models, but made available across the board, maximising their potential to make driving safer.

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  1. My Toyota dealer oakmere motors have worked tgere sucks off for me the last week, Toyota UK a week ago cane back with a delivery date if my Rav4 of June 2020 I put my order in 1 July 2019, anyway tge dealer has now cone back to me say car will be ready for delivery around 25 Nov 19 give it take a week. So tgsnknyiubti the sales person Matthew at Oakmere he dud not settle in that lead time he pushed it and got Toyota to find the car and I thank him .

  2. Hi

    I have a new Rav4 been delivered next week and requested the long life body protection option at £245.06. I was somewhat surprised that my dealer Inchape in Sandhurst have stated ‘they do not supply or endorse Toyota paint protection’ they did offer GardX at £650! I will happily share the email with Toyota UK.

    Why can I not get an official Toyota option at a Toyota dealers rather than what appears to be an in house Inchape option at an inflated price.

    Toyota can you fix this? Can someone please email me a response as I am currently out of the country.



    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear about this and are keen to help resolve this issue for you. We have emailed you asking for further details so we can open a customer relations case on your behalf.


  3. Extremely mega disappointed by this news that frankly I find incredible, particularly as Toyota are advertising it heavily on another new model. Those of us who have ordered the new RAV4 are being seriously short changed by this ridiculous decision to omit Apple Car Play and Android Auto.
    Yesterday I received an email from Toyota promoting MyT app integration with the New rav4 I checked it oot in the Google Play Store and saw it gets a 2.2 score. Oh dear?
    Come on Toyota get your act together and promise a free retro upgrade now.

    1. Hi Melvin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Both Apple Car Play and Android Auto are under development at the moment, however unfortunately we don’t have any further information to reveal at this time. Please keep an eye on our blogs and social channels for the latest on this.


  4. Can anyone please tell me if the new RAV4 will have Apple Car-play installed by the time I get mine in October 2019? I am surprised that the news I’ve seen is NOT at present in the UK…. especially when the new RAV4 is described as ‘no compromise’ and ‘no half measures’.

    1. Hi Giles,

      Apple CarPlay will not be present in your vehicle when it arrives in October. We are currently looking at smartphone integration and how it can be implemented into the Toyota range. Thanks.

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