2019 Toyota RAV4 reviews round-up

The fifth-generation of Toyota’s global best-selling SUV received its European launch last week in Barcelona, Spain. A significant number of national, regional and online UK motoring outlets were invited to the event and many of their road test reviews have now been published.

What were their first impressions of our new, all-hybrid RAV4? Below is a selection of excerpts from some of the road tests. To read their full online reports, click the emboldened links.

Toyota RAV4: Autocar

“That hybrid powertrain is usefully potent and more than capable of dispatching overtakes with little bother… Around town, it makes for smooth progress, particularly when running on electricity alone.”

Click here to read the full Autocar review

Toyota RAV4: Auto Express

“There’s much to like about the new Toyota RAV4 – an excellent chassis, decent practicality, impressive efficiency and strong BiK figures… As comfortable family transport, it should find plenty of customers, particularly among those choosing their next company car.

“We also tried a four-wheel drive edition on some pretty badly rutted and muddy terrain. It acquitted itself well – enough to persuade us that this RAV4 has more than enough ability off-road… There’s no discernible pay-off in on-road performance either.”

Click here to read the full Auto Express review

Toyota RAV4: CAR

“Producing a medium-sized SUV that’s somehow new and different from the rest may seem like an impossible task in today’s market, but Toyota has had a damn good go.

“There’s plenty to like about the RAV4, from its economical low CO2 hybrid powertrain to the impressive practicality, standard-fit safety kit and near-faultless reliability record.”

Click here to read the full CAR review

Toyota RAV4: Motoring Research

“The steering has a meaty directness and the car turns in keenly, gripping hard and cornering with composure, particularly if you chose the 4WD version. Double wishbone rear suspension, a lower centre of gravity and a 57% stiffer chassis all help here. Crucially, such relative dynamism doesn’t come at the expense of ride quality. Supple, measured damping smoothes-out all but the largest potholes and ruts.

“The new, fifth-generation RAV4 is faster, roomier, quieter, more efficient and better-equipped than the car it replaces… Its triple-whammy of bold styling, a satisfying drive and hybrid tech makes a compelling argument for choosing [one].”

Click here to read the full Motoring Research review

Toyota RAV4: MSN

“This new RAV4… [has] been the recipient of a serious rebirth, aimed at making it a true alternative to the most popular petrol and diesel SUVs in driving dynamics, interior ambience and cost of ownership.

“We tested the all-wheel drive RAV4 on a short off-road course, more challenging than anything most owners will put it through. It should be able to cope perfectly well with the occasional muddy lane or steep driveway. As for road handling… it’s up there with some of the best competitors. The RAV4 handles directly, without too much body roll. Decent grip levels and a late-acting ESP system actually make it quite fun in the corners.”

Click here to read the full MSN review

Toyota RAV4: Top Gear

“Its design is all about facets and creased octagons… No-one’s going to be scared by it, yet you’ll find interest and distinctiveness if you look.

“Actually it’s more of an SUV than a crossover… The black lower-body cladding and wheel arches are all part of SUV semiotics. A ‘Trail Mode’ button in the centre console activates a brake differential and different ESP strategy. It might just get you out of a slightly more challenging off-road hole than before.

“As a family wagon it is… appealing. It’s roomy, comfortable and nice to be in. And as a financial and fuel-saving choice it really does take some beating.”

Click here to read the full Top Gear review

Toyota RAV4: What Car?

“The RAV4’s trump card is the potential for exceedingly low running costs. Company car users will find the benefit-in-kind rates very enticing, with CO2 emissions as low as 102g/km – far better than anything in the class.

“Private buyers are looked after, too, with what are predicted to be gold standard resale values. And while overall fuel economy is unlikely to match the best diesels, we managed a respectable touring figure of around 48mpg; and if you live in the city, that’s where hybrids are notoriously frugal. More than ever, that’s why the new Toyota RAV4 shouldn’t be overlooked.”

Click here to read the full What Car? review

Learn more: Interview with the new RAV4’s chief engineer


Comments (109)

  1. LED bulbs. My new rav4 is fitted with full Led head lights rear brake lights. I am going to several European countries which by law requires you to carry the correct replacement bulb. I cannot find out any information on replacements LED bulb kits for the new Rav4.

    Some suggested that you cannot replace the bulbs in the head lights, I cannot see this being right as do many nations require you to carry spare bulbs.
    Can someone advise me about the bulb situation there is nothing inn the owner hand book about replaced blind apart from indicators fog lights front and reversing lights.
    I cannot travel without a bulb kit to cover all my car bulbs it’s law.

  2. Well I got my new Rav4 Excel AWD on 28 November I known the wasvsatvatvtgecdeaker for over a month but that was the earliest date i could. On the day of collection it was pouring down with rain and the car was out side so I did not do an inspection .( mistake on my part) I did not inspect under the bonnet for a week and only then I did it to put screen wash into tge bottle . At this point i notice bits of black plastic on the header tank and what looked like abrasions marks in the polyeurothaon foam engine cover. .
    When I was passing the dealer next I called in to ask about as I was concerned that as the coolant system is pressurized abd i was nit sure if the bkack plastic nipple over the pressure was important to the system .
    The mechanics said it was rodent damage he lift the engine cover there was a small nest consisting if plant material consisting of sycamore seed ( the tree under which the dealer had my car parked for a month) staight away they said I hadvavrodent problem at home funny I said my Lexus hybrids never been touch it parked inn the garage with it and tgere no sign of rodents at my home plus my cat kill anything that moves .the mechanic then became sheepish and trued to remive tge nesting materials which I kept. Because there are no sycamore trees local to me but the dealer has plenty. They argued that thus woukd have been see no the Pdi but they refused to say what date DPI was done on my service book has no details or stamps in fact it was still factory sealed in plastic when I got the car..
    They dealer then went on to tell that Toyota where well aware that rodents where attracted to the soya based plastics used on the car say it smells like food to them.
    At no point did I ask them to replace or pay for the damage but went to grest length to say it was my fault that I had rodents at my house. They suggest I get traps put down and that I could buy an anti rodent spray for the engine bay and plastic and anti rodent tape..
    Any I got the vermin peopke they have Checked my property no sign of rodents after 2 week no bait has been taken no rodents caught and tgere been no more damage to the car since I first noticed about 24days ago.
    The vermin man looked at the nesting material and said it’s not local as there is non 8f the trees local
    I am not worried about the engine as it only cosmetic damage but you woukd think they would replace the plastic nipple out of good will afterall we Toyota products
    But you would think Toyota and Lexus would inform customers if this rodent issue and advise how to limit rodent damage. It’s poor show on Toyota.
    There little good will from the dealer . I have now been waiting two weeks plus for the part which I will pay for. But there behaviour of not telling the pdi date not completing the service book and wanting to dispose of the nesting and the reaction of the mechanic why I told him my other which has the same engine point to a car damaged at the dealer my home has no rodents.
    But people need to know they need the cars protecting as you coukd park up for your holiday and your car could be eaten.
    After going on the internet thus problem us wide spread on hybrids phev and electric car as manufactures turn to food based plastics and insulators in a bid to be greener.
    My ex colleges at university in the small mammal and rodent department confirmed that these plastics and plasts based on nuts and soya smell like food to rodents.
    The antifreeze in your coolant sweet and sugary to rodents
    So people need to be made aware so they can take action

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting back in touch. It’s incredibly unfortunate that this has happened and we are incredibly sorry to hear you have been experiencing this with your RAV4. We would like to investigate this further by putting you in touch with our customer relations team. We will email you directly to discuss this in more detail.


    1. If the SatNav has been updated to the latest firmware it’s possible by going to route where you will find a delete option. This was not on the stock firmware when I got my RAV4 in June and had to be updated by the dealer. There’s three different parts that are updated individually. Next time I’m in the car I’ll get the version’s I have.

  3. Hi, on previous cars I’ve connected a float charger to the battery if I have to leave the vehicle unattended in the garage for a couple of months. Essentially, to maintain the battery condition and also to ensure that any unintended voltage drop does not result in memory loss to the various computers. Can you please tell me if that would be prudent with my new RAV4 under similar circumstances? If the answer is yes, what would the most appropriate way to connect? I’ve been shown the positive connection post in the fuse box and the battery housing in the boot. Neither seems particularly easy so I’m wondering if the diagnostics port under the steering wheel may be more appropriate?

      1. Hi,

        Many thanks indeed for your most prompt response. Is there any way I can convey the necessary vehicle details to you without putting them in the public domain? I’ll keep an eye on my email account if you can get in touch directly. Thanks again.

        1. Hi Keith,

          Thanks for getting in touch. We have seen your additional comment with these details and will keep it private. We will look into this query further for you and will be back in touch.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We currently have no new information regarding smartphone integration on other models in our UK range. As soon as we have updates, they will be shared across our blog and social channels.


    2. I have just ordered a Corolla Excel and have been told that it will have CarPlay, all leather seats and foot waving tailgate opening. However, I cannot get any written details anywhere, do any of you know anything about this?

      1. Hi Ian,

        Congratulations on your new car.

        Yes, Excel Corollas ordered from 1/11/19 will have Apple CarPlay and leather seats. Power tailgate with kick sensor is only available on the Touring Sport, not the Hatchback.

        The website will be updated on Monday with this information.


  4. Ordered my AWD Rav4 in April, was told expected delivery 15th August, nothing no information or explanation, just false dates every two weeks, two weeks ago was told the car is with the dealer and should be delivered to me by the end of that week. Phoned dealer they confirmed they have my car but its blocked by Toyota UK today still nothing. this its the worst experience i have ever had ordering a car. what is going on?

    1. Hi Steven,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about this and have emailed you in order to find out additional information. This will allow us to investigate this further by opening a customer relations case on your behalf.


    2. Hi you are not alone. Ordered our rav4 in April to be told we would have it in September to be told in April it would be 24th october to 8th November to be told yesterday that’s not for definite now!!! What is going on at toyota we keep being told by our dealership Toyota are telling them nothing… 3 weeks until we are meant to get it this time and it’s meant to be coming from Canada surely they would know for definite by now. They are treating customers appallingly.

      1. Hi Ashton,

        We are disappointed to hear this. Demand for RAV4 has far outstripped supply, hence the long waiting times for some models. We’d recommend contacting our customer relations team to discuss your experience further. You can do that by calling 0344 701 6202.


      2. I have had the same problem. Ordered my Rav4 FWD Dynamic back in April and I have been given a date for October to start with. Then I was told December and now I’m being told late January at the earliest. This is appalling service and I am not holding my breath. I am now considering cancelling my order as Toyota are falling short of acceptable customer service by along way. They let you order without warning you of the long delays on orders.

        1. Hi Paul,

          Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about this. We will email you directly in order to gain additional details so that we can open a customer relations case on your behalf.


        2. I’m in the same boat. Ordered in May for an October delivery. Was then told 7 November it would be at the dealership. Was told today it’s delayed until 23 December. Not good enough Toyota.

          1. Hi Darryl,

            Thanks for your message. We’re sorry to hear about this and have contacted you directly, if you would like to discuss this further with our customer relations team.


  5. What’s going on at toyota i ordered my Rav4 on 1/7419 to 5 month wait time now get E mail sayinh might be June 2020 or later, why are you to customer. I now will bevwituoutva car come November I you will not let me cancel then order even tho you Toyota have broken the delivery times ibwas told 5 to six months max not 11 or 12 months
    This is just not good enough. You expect me to loose money to cancel an order when you are making huge changes in delivery time you should allow me out because you Toyota should not besellihg things you cannot supply car a car in time scale scale promised. I feel miss lead by you and your dealer you need tomputva notice on linebtonsay you cannot deliver for 12 months customers need to be told the truth.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about this and for the inconvenience this may have caused. Regarding this, we have emailed you so we can find out more information and open a customer relations case on your behalf, in order for us to investigate this further with our team.



  6. Hi Toyota,
    In June I picked up my new RAV4, totally love the car, but not too happy with the “addition services” that I purchased at the time of collection. ie tyre / gap / smart etc.

    Recently I had a tyre blow out, not having a spare tyre, I called the Toyota assistants. I had to wait 2 &1/2 hours for a tow vehicle , it was a Friday evening so they took the car to my home then collected from my home 3 hours after the arranged time on Saturday afternoon to take the car to Listers. We had to order the tyre, as none in stock. The car was finally ready for collection on Monday evening 72 hr after the blowout and no car for the weekend. Listers did a great job of liaising with me, but I still had to pay £199 for a new tyre whilst awaiting for the claim approval which I bought through Listers.

    I have asked Toyota if I could purchase a spare tyre kit for my RAV4, so that at least I could change the tyre and quicken up the whole process, (as a single women with children this was a long and painful experience) but Toyota have come back and said that there is no spare tyre accessories for the Rav 4. Why can I not bye a spare from Toyota ???

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Congratulations on your new car, and thanks for choosing Toyota.

      We’re really sorry to hear that you experienced a puncture, and for the time it took to get it replaced. If you’d like to make a complaint about this, we’d be happy to put you in touch with our customer relations team.

      Regarding a spare wheel – unfortunately only certain RAV4 models are available with a spare wheel; the rest have a tyre repair kit. We don’t have a spare wheel accessory available for the RAV4 at this time, but we’ve passed your feedback to our product team. Thanks.

    2. That’s so wrong because the rav4 comes fitted with a space saver spare wheel as standard. Go to your local deal get them to order you the space saver fitted in the boot of there demonstrator car and a hack and wheel brace they will be listed as separate items in the parts system . There my not be a lot but you will bevabke to order the different bits to make up a kit. I had to do this on Peugeot 3008 .
      In this day and age when break down companies are advising that they cannot meet the current demand of call outs because manufactures are choosing not to fit spare or emergency wheels in cars. It’s crazy
      I will never have a car without ever again I was left stranded up a hill with 3 passengers in the countryside at 430 pm on a Sunday afternoon.no way to get home, took the break down 4 hour to come out there universal spare would not fit as it was awd car.so had to wait for a flat bed truck which could not take the passengers because he only had insurance 3 people plus driver. So it look 8 hours inn the Sunday.
      He comes back Monday morning to find could not get get a tyre till Tuesday. I am disabled so car is my life line. After that I have never had a car without.even if it’s meant looking boot space

  7. I just bought my new rav4 that I have had for about five weeks, I notice some bird droppings on the bonnet that that appeared about an hour after washing the car, I washed the droppings off within the hour when I noticed that they have left permanent marks on the paint, I tried a little light polishing, this did not remove the marks, surely being a new car this should not happen. I had a word with a friends son whom is in the bodywork repair business, he thinks it is a fault with the car lacquer, has anyone else had this problem, my brother also has a rav4 and his is always getting cover in seagulls droppings and has never had this problem.

      1. I already did and they were not very helpful, after spending £38.000 on a new rav4 if this is what Toyota call main dealer after sales service, this will be the last Toyota that I will purchase from Toyota. I was about to change my partners car to a new Toyota, I will now purchase another brand of car. Very poor service from a main Toyota dealer. Never never again…

        1. Hi Brian,

          Thanks for getting back in touch. We’re sorry to hear about your experience and have emailed you regarding opening a customer relations case on your behalf, to help investigate this further.


        2. I had same problem. It’s very bad after sale services. I have to call 7 times 7 days in a row to update my RAV4 order. Very very bad services, one you put deposits you are trapped.

          1. Hi there,

            Thanks for getting in touch and we are extremely sorry to hear about your experience. in order for us to investigate this further, we have emailed you regarding opening a customer relations case on your behalf.


  8. The Car is great, the SatNav & Media console is atrocious.

    Taking my RAV4 in to check Radio & SatNav

    DAB Radio Reception
    I have found that on many days radio reception has been such that:
    • I have not found a single station in the past two months where it has not dropped the signal
    ◦ Signal drops even when the vehicle is parked
    ◦ On an eight mile route to/from work the signal is interrupted 20+ times for 10 seconds to a couple of minutes
    ◦ On a drive to and from North Wales (~ 250miles each way) I experienced the same poor reception after changing to the local stations on the journey
    ◦ On the day I took the car in for somebody to see the problems it couldn’t tune into any stations when parked at the Toyota dealers car park. On a short ride ~ 10mile she signal dropped on all stations and also dropped when stopped at roundabout
    ◦ Occasionally there are days where the station doesn’t drop often, but these are exceptions and not too often
    • In the two months I’ve had the car I’ve not been happy with the reception ever.

    SatNav Accuracy, quirky keyboard & random behaviour
    System forgets / resets settings
    • Set direction to show forward direction, behaviour changes part way through journey and starts showing the map in a North heading so the SatNav starts showing the route heading down, left or right rather than always up in the direction heading (as set). This also happens after the heading is set after setting destination
    • Zoom set to near, on route it changes the setting after I’ve set the zoom, why?
    • On entering a postcode it’s not possible to enter letters and numbers from the same keyboard, requiring selection of keyboard 3 times to enter a single postcode.
    • Can’t update map or application
    • I never had any issues with DAB radio in my Suzuki Vitara

    SatNav accuracy
    The pointer on the screen bears no resemblance to where the car actually is, examples;
    • SatNav indicates speed camera in 40yards, when in fact I’m by the speed camera, out by 40 yards. SatNav says reached Speed Camera after passing by ~ 40yards
    • SatNav indicated to turn off bypass in 400 yards, the road signs indicate a junction in 100 yards (assume it must be next one), so 200 – 300 yards past the junction the SatNav says turn left – I’ve passed the junction. The next junction is 500 yards and obviously not the right one
    • EVERY turn is indicated AFTER the junction, difficult with multiple junctions
    • On entering a roundabout the SatNav says approaching a roundabout in 50m when actually on the roundabout.
    • SatNav jumps to correct itself when left or right turns made which would put the pointer in a field. Obviously knows there’s an accuracy issue and constantly adjusting itself based on assumption I’m following the road. I’m guessing if I went in the field it would be happy and show me on the road.

    Compared to my phone the SatNav is ~ 40m out, see photo’s of Rav4 SatNav and GPS position on my phone:

    Car parked on my drive, SatNav shows car ~ 15m left on road

    It appears as if the Toyota satnav resolution is 1 decimal digit whereas my phone (and all I’ve ever used) are to 3 decimal places. This probably explains the inaccuracy due to resolution. No software what so ever can ever compensate for the poor resolution of the GPS chipset.

    I’m guessing the 150yd & 176yd on the Toyota are it’s accuracy estimate because that’s about how wrong the pointer on the SatNav was!

    What is the accuracy of GPS?
    The United States government currently claims 4 meter RMS (7.8 meter 95% Confidence Interval) horizontal accuracy for civilian (SPS) GPS. Vertical accuracy is worse. Mind you, that’s the minimum. Some devices/locations reliably (95% of the time or better) can get 3 meter accuracy.
    • I never had any issues with accuracy of SatNav in my Suzuki Vitara or any low cost SatNav or mobile phone app or google, Waze, OpenStreetMaps, etc…
    SatNav usability
    • The SatNav isn’t as easy to use or as accurate as a cheap £50 SatNav or the free SatNav’s available on < £100 mobile phones where I have access to World Wide maps which are updated daily.
    • Having to change the key 3 times to enter a simple postcode is not good

    Touch & Go Multimedia System
    System forgets/resets chosen settings:
    • Internet account & password lost, cannot access Toyota site for map & application updates
    • MyApps shows none available, what's it for?

    The only use of the SatNav screen is a good place to mount a suction base to hold my phone.

    When will Toyota FIX/upgrade the SatNav to be competitive with a £50 free standing SatNav?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing. We are keen to help resolve this for you and have emailed you to request further details so we can progress this with our customer relations team.


  9. I purchased brand new Rav 4 new shape.after 4 weeks i opened the passenger side door and closed it back and boot lid glass smashed itself with pressure.car was parked on my drive way for 2 days and it was rainy day so i don’t see heat as a pressure cause .Toyota customer services refused to cover this under warranty but assumed it could be a minor chip etc which i don’t believe at all.However I believe the that toyota will have more cases soon

    1. Hi Jamal,

      Thanks for getting in touch, we’re very sorry to hear about this issue. We would recommend having it looked at by your local Toyota Centre to try and establish what happened. If the issue is seen as a mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect, it will be covered under the warranty.

      If you are unhappy with the response from our customer relations team please feel free to seek additional advice via this link: https://www.themotorombudsman.org/


  10. Suggestion for Toyota, is 2019 …..

    Three important things for the drivers RAV4 not available on the UK market, they are not even available as an option but available in other models around the world.

    1. Apple Carplay
    2. Wi-Fi charger
    3. Digital rear view mirror


      1. WHY OH WHY OH WHY ARE RAV 4s being sold in the UK with no spare wheel, no space saver wheel and no space saver wheel available to purchase from any Toyota dealer. If you get a damaged sidewall or blow out you need full recovery – its utter madness and incompetent

        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for getting in touch. The 2019 RAV4 comes with a spare wheel, however if you choose the panoramic roof option on the Excel and Dynamic grades, a tyre repair kit replaces the spare wheel.

  11. Why is it that Apple CarPlay is available on the RAV4 in some markets, but not the UK? I appreciate you plan to add it ‘sometime’ but it seems strange that it’s not there in the first place if it’s already on versions of the car worldwide.

    Also, why is the digital rear view mirror not on the UK models? It seems like a great innovation.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Although we can’t comment on other markets, we can confirm that Apple Carplay is currently being worked on for the UK market. Thank you for this feedback regarding the digital rear view mirror, we will pass it on to our Product Team. You can see full specification of the new RAV4 here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/rav4/specs-and-accessories


      1. I’m aware of the spec… I’ve bought one and waiting for it to arrive! Also not asking you to comment on other markets, but why the UK market isn’t getting these features at launch. It, to some extent, feels like the UK is getting a raw deal. I see you’re now charging for solid white paint, which was free several months ago!

        1. Hi James

          How long you have to wait for your car if you do not mind to tell me please.
          When I ordered mine, I been told that I have to wait 2 months but after week time was extended to 8 months ?


  12. Hello

    Hmmm wait or cancel … I do not know what I will do?!!!!!!!.

    I ordered a new RAV4 in May for August delivery, I was informed that could be extra one/two months delay or can come early depending of situation. Yesterday I been told it will be in February 2020. Is it a final date ? No one know ……
    I can understand one or two months delay but 4-5 months is a lot.

    Looking forward…..

    1. Is it right that customer have to order a new car 8-9 months earlier.

    2. What will happened when I will find a different car in next 7-8 months just before delivery, can I change my mind?
    If one site can changing delivery date, Do I also have the option to cancel my order at any time without any consequences.

    3. What will happen to the deposit, at the moment the deposit works in favor of the dealer / Toyota.

    4. If we will decide to wait these 8 months, can we expect from dealer/Toyota any extras due to delay e.g Floormats or anything ?

    1. Hi Maciej,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are extremely sorry to hear about this and the inconvenience it has caused you. We would advise for you to contact our Customer Relations Team with this information, as they are in the best position to assist you further. You can find their contact details via the following link:



  13. Ordered a new RAV4 in March for June delivery, now been told it will be in October. No help from Toyota as now I will not have a car for 3 months. Poor customer service and I wish I would now have ordered the GLC.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear that you feel this way and that you are experiencing this very inconvenient situation. We are experiencing extremely high demand on our vehicles at the moment and are trying to ensure that everyone gets their vehicles delivered. Please feel free to to contact our customer relations team if you would like to:


      We are sorry again about this delay. Thanks.

  14. Hi Just a quick question re my RAV4 Hybrid AWD – if I move the gear lever back to Drive, it can also move to the right where there’s a S + and – sign.
    What’s this for please, as I can’t see anything about it in the manual?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The ‘S’ on the leaver stands for sequential. When the shift lever is moved to the sequential shift position, engine braking force is increased and, because engine rpm is kept higher than when the transmission is in the standard D lever
      position, throttle response is sharper.

      We hope this helps.

  15. Can you please advise which of the two tow bar options are better suited to a tow hook mounted cycle carrier. Horizontal or vertical? I still need the ability to tow a 500kg trailer.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      As we do not offer a Toyota genuine tow hook mounted cycle carrier, unfortunately we cannot advise on compatibility. However, we can inform you of the tow bar manufacturer to help you make an informed choice:

      Tow bar manufacturer: Brink
      Tow bar: Detachable Horizontal
      RAV4 model: 2018/11 FMC

      Thanks, we hope this helps.

    1. Hello Sergejs,

      The Dynamic grade does not feature a heated steering wheel or heated windscreen wipers.


  16. I currently have the 2.2 diesel invincible Rav 4, thinking of moving to the excel and. What is the towing comparison please.

    1. Hi Bob,

      If you could please provide a registration or VIN number for your current RAV4, we will be able to assist you further with a comparison of the towing capacity.


        1. Good morning,

          Thanks for getting in touch. The Dynamic grade doesn’t have these features, however does have auto folding heated mirrors and front heated seats. The Excel grade features a heated steering wheel and windscreen wiper de-icer.

          We hope this helps.

  17. Hi, one of the options on the website is ‘long life body protector’; my local dealer had not heard of it and it was not an option when ordering a car. Is this a factory version of the Super Guard / Guardex that they try to sell as a dealer option.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The long life body protector aims to add a further layer of protection to the paint and provide a barrier to the effects of sunlight etc. This is not a factory option, rather a dealer application. Could you please let us know your local dealership and we can look into this further for you.


      1. Thanks, it was Inchcape in Sandhurst; I was offered Guardex at £625 but they were unaware of the body protector

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The rating is 21% or 22% depending on specification. Which grade are you interested in?

  18. There is still no full brochure for the rav4 not even one to download. Why is this? Surely with specific versions of the car being in production the factory know what goes into what so it should be easily possible to publish a proper brochure.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have spoken with the team and this will be available from the beginning of April – there will be a downloadable pdf that will contain specification, equipment, prices etc.


        1. Any news on an update to the live brochure download so it doesn’t link to the old model? I like to keep PDF versions of brochures for my cars.

          1. Hi Paul,

            Thanks for getting in touch. This is something that the relevant team are currently working on and will be fixed as soon as possible.


  19. Hi, I ordered an Excel model through my local dealer 3 weeks ago but have yet to get a delivery date. My dealer isn’t able to get more information. Do you have any insight on timelines? Thanks

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to hear that you’ve ordered the new RAV4. Customer deliveries are due to start from April. However, for a specific timeline, we can only advise for you to liaise with your centre again at a later date.


  20. I was seriously thinking of downsizing my 2016 Lexus RX450h to a new fully loaded RAV4 Excel especially as only the Toyota has a 5 year warranty and keeps the road tax at lower rate being a fraction under £40k but the absence of Apple Car Play is serious failure and unforgivable misjudgement by Toyota.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Apple Car Play will be coming to our vehicles however at this time we cannot provide any more information. We would recommend regularly checking our website and social channels for further updates.


        1. At this time, we can’t provide any more information. However, thank you for your interest and please keep an eye on our blogs and social channels for further updates. Thank you.

      1. Hi I ordered my RAV4 Excel FWD yesterday. If, if Apple Car Play will be available with RAV4 do I will able to update my media system or I should cancel order and wait for when option will be available 🙁

        1. Hi Maciej,

          Thanks for getting in touch, it’s fantastic to hear that you’ve ordered a RAV4!

          In regards to Apple CarPlay, this is something that we are currently working on. However, we have no specific timelines yet to announce. Please keep an eye on our blogs and social channels for the latest news.


  21. A further question is around the seats – the Design does seem to be down graded with manual seat adjustments and only cloth seats ..the equivalent of the Design is now the Excel …or have I missread the info so far??

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The Excel is a higher grade to the Icon and Design grades. The excel has leather seats as standard with power sliding driver’s seat and power lumbar support. The Design grade has fabric seats as standard.

      We hope this helps.


  22. Hi- I note in the All New RAV4 web site info , under safety features the term “Full- Range Adaptive Cruise control” has been used …does this mean the car will select cruise control at lower speeds e.g 20mph or lower.

    1. Hi Richard,

      The Full Range Adaptive Cruise control can be set at any speed range. However, once the car has reached a halt it will require the driver to press the accelerator pedal to turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control again.


  23. Oh Toyota what have you done. Just been to look at the Rav4 Dynamic, car looks brilliant but where is the memory function on the drivers seat. Yes I know it is available on the Excel as are heated steering wheel, heated washers etc but this is supposed to be the premium car of the range. Such a pity.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for these comments. We are sorry to hear that you feel this way and will pass the feedback on to our Product Team.


      1. Any news about wireless charge for a smartphone, I believe all car has this options now, I was disappointed when I didn’t find this option on New Rav4 and digital rear view mirror all countries has this option but not UK. Any explanation why UK missed this options?

        1. Hi there,

          Wireless charging is not available on UK specification RAV4. We will pass this feedback on to our Product Team.


    2. Actually the dynamic is not the premium of the range the excel is. The dynamic has more sports type features which push the price up. As I understand it the seats in the dynamic have synthetic materials trimmed with leather rather than the full leather of the excel.

      1. I cant believe i didn’t know this!! mine is due next week and as a company car couldve chosen any version and just assumed the Dynamic was the top version! Loads more better features and options on the Excel! Doh.Lesson learnt!

  24. I am amused that car testers compare with diesel models although most potential purchasers, like me, are probably selling diesels to buy something more environmentally acceptable. Why too do testers always want 7 seats? A nonsense for most people and I bet rarely used – you just use fuel carrying the damn things around. Bad news about the sat nav system though and I don’t understand why directions don’t come up on next to the speedo as it does in VW. Pity too that the rear mirror camera is so dumbed down for the UK market – if you want a ‘top twenty’ spot Toyota you need to ensure UK doesn’t get poorer specs than elsewhere. Handsome car though, can’t wait to test drive a 4×4 version

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We value all the feedback we receive on our vehicles and appreciate you taking the time to make your comments. We will ensure that your feedback is passed on to our Product Team.


      1. Disappointing consideration the cost of the Dynamic version. Feels like we are been short changed; available in mainland Europe and the US but not the UK. What odds will I get that it will be a new feature on the 2020 version.

  25. On the 4WD models, does the rear electric motor provide greater regenerative braking than the front drive model, and therefore aid mpg and CO2?

    1. Hi Pete,

      The purpose of the rear electric motor is not to provide greater regenerative braking, but to aid performance. The RAV4’s AWD Integrated Management (AIM) automatically adjusts different vehicle systems – steering assist, brake and throttle control, shift pattern and drive torque distribution – according to the drive mode selected, in order to gain better on-road performance. You can see more here:https://blog.toyota.co.uk/explore-the-new-2019-toyota-rav4-hybrid-powertrains-and-performance.


      1. Thank you for that. I realised the primary purpose is for traction, I just wondered if as a by-product it produced additional regenerating during deceleration and braking.

        The article in the link does once refer to the rear motor as a “motor/generator”, which hints at but doesn’t categorically indicate it does help charge the HV battery.

        However, I now understand that even the Excel model doesn’t have a Head Up Display, and having used one for the last 7 years and 100,000 miles, it has become something I never want to be without and therefore rules out the Rav4 Hybrid for me.

        For what it’s worth, I also am disappointed that by now it doesn’t come with Carplay and Android Auto, but that alone wouldn’t have stopped me considering the Rav4.

  26. What this roundup understandably omits from nearly all of the reviews is that they are all critical of the dated infotainment system and lack of support for CarPlay and/or Android Auto.

    As I’ve said in response to other posts, I really like the car but Toyota’s inattentive and, dare I say it, uncaring approach to the infotainment system means that I won’t be buying a RAV4 this year.

    Perhaps if Toyota make an effort for a change on their infotainment package for next year’s model, I’ll reevaluate. Until then, I’m sorry to say that it’s a ‘no’ from me.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thank you for these comments, we are sorry to hear that you feel this way.

      We appreciate that there has been some negative feedback on our blogs and social channels regarding the issues that you mention, and we always pass this on to our Product Team in order to make future improvements.


      1. Hi Toyota

        I’ve scoured the RAV4 user guide but can’t find any info regarding the fuel reserve that seems to be indicated on the gauge.

        Can you confirm that there is actually a reserve and, if so, what the capacity is please?


        1. Hi there,

          Thanks for getting in touch. When the low fuel level warning light is displayed, this will typically mean that the remaining fuel is approximately 8.3 litres or less.

          Hope this helps.

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