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Cookie setup

On this page we (Toyota (GB) PLC) explain what cookies are and how they are used on this blog. We then list each of the cookies that may be set from this blog.

A cookie is a very small text document that can be placed by a website on a computer and some mobile phones when that website is visited. There are two types of cookies: “session” cookies, which are erased when you leave the site, and “persistent” cookies, which exist for longer.

We use cookies to record when and how people arrive at our website, whether they have visited the site before and how they make use of the site. This feedback helps us improve our website and improve your experience. We also allow our selected third party agencies to set cookies for easier content sharing and targeted advertising.

Cookie settings

Choose from the different types of cookie setting you wish to allow. Please note that essential site cookies cannot be turned off. For more information about cookies and how they are used on this site, please click the “See Cookie Policy” link below.

Essential site cookies

Minimums required for the site to function correctly. This blog will only:

  • Remember page to page information essential for completing forms.
  • Remember cookie settings.

These cookies are always on.

Site support, improvements and analytics

Used to improve your browsing experience. This blog will also:

  • Make sure your logged in areas are secure.
  • Make sure the website looks consistent.
  • Capture website usage to further improve experience.


Social media and advertising

Allow Toyota and selected partners to tailor advertising relevant to you.

This website will also:

  • View YouTube content.
  • Share information to selected websites so advertising is more relevant to you.
  • Allow you to share pages with social networks like Facebook.


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Cookie policy

To read the full Toyota Cookie Policy, please click on the following link:

Read Cookie Policy

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