All new Yaris video: Maximising quality

How many car parts do you think were reviewed when Toyota sat down to start building new Yaris? 10? 50? 200? In fact, Toyota reviewed the design of no less than 700 parts, which resulted in 900 quality improvements.

Following on from our Yaris design video, Mark Adams, Vice-President Toyota Purchasing Europe, describes how Toyota has ensured maximum overall quality throughout the entire Yaris production process in this, the next film in our new Yaris video series.

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  1. Shame the Yaris no longer has an interior light in the centre like the previous shape making it difficult strapping in children into rear child seats.
    Also lost all the useful storage cubbies

    1. Hi Rabia,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. As far as we are aware the newer Yaris models still have the interior light in the centre. Thanks.

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