All new Yaris vs Gadget Guy UK TV advert video exclusive

You’ve seen the car, watched the preview, now see the full advert that’s airing on UK television tonight! That’s right, ‘All new Yaris vs Gadget Guy’ will hit your screens at 19.15 on ITV1. Don’t worry if you miss it, just switch over to Channel 5’s The Gadget Show in time for its second showing at 20.56.

Of course, you could just click on the video below and watch it anytime you like. Press play for  Yaris ‘on demand’ or join us on our official Facebook page to discover more… The smart money’s on Yaris.

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  1. What is the name of the actor with the glasses, im trying to find my dad and it looks exactly like him please help?

    1. Hi Jay, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Unfortunately we’re unable to share this information due to data protection. We wish you all the best.

  2. Why so evasive? Rodney P has publicly stated that it’s him on the “Monster Truck” Yaris ad and the rapped on the “Gadget Guy” ad sounds a lot like Paul Barman. The junk food themed ad I’m less sure about but it sounds a bit like Audio Two. Any chance of a confirm or deny on this? Probably not as I can’t find this info anywhere. Happy to congratulate yourselves on your “cutting edge” advertising, but desperate to prevent the people whose talents you’ve co-opted from advancing their own careers on the back of it?

    1. Hi Jessica

      Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you’ve enjoyed the Yaris commercials, the characters and our resident DJs in the advert are called Gadget and Slick. I hope that helps!

  3. Ironic that Toyota is known for offering lots of lights bells, wistles and gadgets.

    But I think they are worried girls will get minicabs instead.

    And quite frankly the guy could do with a customer and the girl be a bit more social rather than being introverted and playing with ‘her’ gadgets on her own.

    Most people seem to miss the whole Croydon minicab driver experince that it was written about
    Love Kendals

    1. Hi there,

      We have tried to disguise the identity of the cars in the all new Yaris vs Gadget Guy and Yaris vs Monster Truck TV adverts as we don’t want to compare our cars to those of other brands. Sorry we can’t help further!

  4. Seriously, I just randomly saw this advert and I NEED that song in my life! It sounds HUGE! Please give the artist(s) the chance to release this or turn this into a full length track if it isn’t already. Music should not, nor any other art for that matter be caged up or restricted, whatever the original reason for its conception.

  5. Dear Toyota. As a life-long customer, I find myself deeply disapponted with your “Gangsta” adverts. It’s clear that either I was mistaken in thinking Toyota is my kind of brand, or Toyota doesn’t know its customers.

    I find it incredibly offensive that I am, in Toyota’s eyes, grouped with that kind of person.

    I agree with GGrant in the post above. Not only do your adverts put me off, they make me NOT want to buy a Toyota ever again.

    What a pathetic attempt to be hip and align yourselves with a bunch of cultural misfits!

    1. I’m sorry but who are the social misfits? I am a 21 year old student who loves this advert (Well done producers). Anyway, since watching this advert, I have done the research and I have added the car to the list of cars that I would happily own.
      If you are calling me a social misfit, then you are banding me with the rioters and other lowlives my age. That offends me deeply.
      The advert rocks, and has really appealed to your target audience. Well done Toyota.

  6. Where can I find the song but only instrumental? From 30 minutes on that’s a very nice rap beat. I want to freestyle on it.

    1. Hi Big C,

      The track was created especially for the advert. We currently don’t have an instrumental version available, but you never know what might happen in the future…

  7. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your great comments about our All New Yaris vs Gadget Guy ad. The track is called ‘Gadget Master’ and was recorded exclusively for Toyota by the team at SIREN. Who knows it could be in the charts one day…

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