Announcing the introduction of the LED Technology Pack

It’s been rumoured for some time but we’re delighted to announce officially that, as of today, an LED Technology Pack will also be an option on the T Spirit grade. This is being introduced in part because of the feedback we have received through this blog – so thank you, and please do keep feeding back your thoughts and opinions on Toyota’s products and services. We’ll make sure they get to the right people.


The LED Pack, priced at £895,  includes the following options:

  • LED Headlamps

  • Headlamp washers

  • Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror

  • Dusk Sensing Headlamps

  • Water repellent side window glass

If you have already ordered a new Prius, and wish to include the LED Pack in your order, then please do contact your Centre as quickly as possible. Your order will be cancelled and then resubmitted, and whilst it will take a little longer to get the car with LED lights delivered, your place in the queue will be honoured.



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  1. Are there plans to introduce automatic daytime running lights on the Prius as a standard feature, similar to on the Auris HSD?

    1. Hi Robert,

      There are plans to introduce daytime running lights inline with changes in legislation. As yet, a date has not been set for when they will be added but we will keep you updated once any information is available.


  2. Pre chilling the car using the A/C will not do fuel economy any good due to battery being drained and the solar panel isn’t powerful enough to keep it topped up, also you cant have the nicer larger alloys with that option. Whats wrong with a bit of wind in your hair unless your bald of course LOL The leather interior is a must, had it on our last Prius too. Now what about the brakes, not as sharp as the older model but I did find problems with the older model where it seemed to not brake on slippery surfaces like a wet man hole cover on a bend going downhill, not noticed it on the new one.

    1. David,

      These features are optional accessories for a reason, they don’t suit everybody. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with opening a window to let in some air but, if we take that angle further, why have electric windows when a manual winder will do? Why have a heater when you can just wear a thick jumper when it’s cold? Why have parking sensors when you can use your mirrors or jump out of your car for a look?

      The answer to these questions is…convenience. Sure, you can get back to a hot car and open all the windows for a few minutes before you get in. Or you can get in and sit on hot leather but, for some, the solar panel is a convenience feature that helps avoid this.

      Think of it as a technological solution to driving around the car park looking for a space in the shade. Some drivers put a big reflective mirror shade in their windscreen when parking to reduce the amount of heat that’s allowed to radiate into their car. This is a nice, easy, alternative to that which requires no power to run.

      Sure, there’s always a cost/benefit analysis when buying a car and the cost of this feature may outweigh the perceived benefits for some owners. For those with a south facing driveway or an office car park without any shade, however, it’s a nice little function.

      It’s clear we have nothing more than a difference of opinion here :O)

    2. The problem with the solar panel is that it only makes sense if it could be used to operate the air conditioning and top up the battery as well. This was what Toyota intended and the only reason it didn’t happen is that the equipment required generated interference with the radio! It’s nothing to do with the solar roof ‘not being powerful enough’.

      1. Hello again Tony,

        In fact, it is very much about power. Current levels of technology, along with the size of the solar roof, mean that the energy required to power an air conditioning compressor cannot be generated.

        Could you tell us where you heard that the solar charging equipment generated radio interference?

  3. If its hot you just open the windows for a while to cool the car down without aircon rather than paying for a sunroof with a solar panel. The car will be lighter, you haven’t had extra bits made so less impact on the enviroment, also how many hot days do we get here a year? It rains on average 150 days a year in the UK, G?od knows how many are cloudy 😉

    1. David,

      Sure you can get into a boiling car and then mess around with windows, turning the a/c off etc. if you like and get buffeted with wind noise as you drive down the road whilst sitting on a warm seat and holding a burning hot steering wheel.

      Alternatively, you can enable to solar roof and then it will kick in when you leave the car and maintain it at a temperature close to ambient; removing all that stored hear that normally takes ages to remove.

      Of course you also get the A/C button on the remote which lets you pre-chill the car before you even get in!

  4. Hi

    I have booked New TSpirit with Solar Roof. Just can some one confirm, whether this roof can be opened?


    1. Yes it can be opened just like any other electric sunroof. I didn’t order one on my TSpirit for a number of reasons.

      1. It was ugly when opened
      2. The additional cost
      3. The extra delay in delivery of the car
      4. For the one day of really hot weather we get in th UK each year, it hardly seemed worth it.
      5. It is not air conditioning, it only circulates ambiant air and does not cool the inside of the vehicle at all.
      6. The solar panel does not provide any charge to the batteries.

      All in all I felt it would be a bit of an expensive ‘white elephant’ but don’t let me put you off and I hope you enjoy the car, I do 🙂

      1. Hi Barry,

        I’d challenge you on point 5. A car parked has a lot of glass and, when parked in the sun, can get very hot inside – considerably warmer than the outside climatic temperature.

        The whole point of this solar panel is to allow the fan to continue to run and blow in the cool external air, reducing the temperatue difference between inside and outside. Sure, it won’t really make it any cooler than the outside temperature, but it will stop your car feeling like a greenhouse on your return.

        As your car will likely be several degrees cooler as a result, this is not only more comfortable but also leaves the main vehicle with less work to do on your return. This will result in lower use of the cars batteries and, ultimately, lower fuel consumption.

        1. Ben,

          The proper solar roofs (see Audi and, latterly, Skoda) operate the car’s full air conditioning system and really chill the interior in the summer. That would be worth paying more for (although note that Skoda charges £895 for it, not £1500!).

          I agree with Barry’s points. Toyota really should have found a way around the interference problem and then they could have used the roof to top up the battery, as originally intended. As it stands, it’s an extremely expensive option, which doesn’t actually do much.

  5. Hi Melissa
    I am sure that all the Prius are made in Japan and I am told that they are sent to England on Toyota ships.
    Which route do they take ? Japan, Pacific Panama Atlantic. or the other way. Suez Mediteranean Gibralter Bay of Biscay. Or is there another way Melissa purely interest.
    How long does it take them.

  6. Yes, I can confirm that Main beam lights are still halogen. Side and dipped beam are LED. This makes sense as you only rarely use main beam (especially around town).

    The light from the LEDs are brilliant white, with that kind of blue tinge and certainly illuminate better than standard halogens. I suppose it’s debatable whether it’s worth the extra cost or whether there is a great energy saving but, with the other bits in the LED pack, I’m glad I purchased it.

    The car drives great and having done mostly motorway driving over the holidays I was pleased that I am getting about 55mpg. It easily accommodates 5 adults with plenty of leg room in the back. Just love everything about the car except the very loud warning beeping in the car when reversing. Does anyone know whether the volume can be turned down?

    1. Barry,
      Could you tell me are headlight washers fitted to the LED pack models? (I could wait until I take delivery of my 2nd T-spirit on 25th, but I am just curious).
      Re reversing beep take it back into your sevice dept and get them to modify to 1 beep only. This is done by their plug-in computer, where all the customisable items listed in the handbook can be changed if wanted. It took less than two min. when I took mine in.

      1. Peter, Thanks for the information about the reversing beeps. The headlight washers are included as part of the LED pack. They are cunningly hidden and I had to get the wife to operate them so I could see how they work! They only work when the lights are on and they pop up from the bumper just below the headlamp units (well it amused me)!

        Re the LED lights themselves, I was wrong. The sidelights are not LED, only the dipped beam units are.
        Good luck with you new T-Spirit, I love mine.

        1. Why don’t Toyota use Xenon lights? The Xenons I have on my current car are superb, far better than any Halogen light. And they are far more efficient, too, so use less power. If I go for a Prius, I will certainly want the LED light package but it’s disappointing that they are only for dipped beam.

          1. Hi Tony,

            LED lights were chosen by Toyota in Japan as the technologically-advanced headlight option for Prius. These too are brighter, longer-lasting and more efficient than halogen lights – we hope you’ll enjoy these features if you buy a Prius.

  7. Andy, wow would love to see what they look like, what led do they use most ive seen is a 5w Luxeon Star but never in a car. Led pack wasn’t on the extras list when I ordered my T-spirit in mid August and was gutted it couldn’t be added and what you have said explains why it cant be added later I thought it was just side lights LOL.

  8. Led’s will not replace your headlight, Hid’s will. Led’s will be for side lights only. Do your front led’s turn on with the car all the time like the new Audi’s?

    1. Not so. Main (dipped) beam is definitely LED. High beam is halogen. Conventional (not LED) sidelights.

      On mine anyway… 8o)

  9. Picked up my new Prius T Spirit yesterday after a 4 month wait (but it was worth it). I had the optional LED pack fitted but I am concerned that the main beam headlamps are still halogen lamps. I asked the salesman but he had no idea and I cannot find a good description of exactly which lights should be converted to LED. Do the main beam headlamps remain as halogen?

  10. I ordered my Prius T-Spirit before LED lights were available – can anyone advise whether the aftermarket LED side and Headlight replacement bulbs are a sensible option?
    These items are easily available at modest costs with very low power consumption – which will help MPG – what is the snag ?

    PS – Prius is great on ice & snow – the electric pull off is so gently it helps to avoid wheels spinning due the “snatch” of conventional cars on pull away ….and the traction control is there to help also. Nice one Toyota!

    1. You will not notice any difference in the mpg. The LED lights are no great advantage in the Spring, Summer and Autumn.
      Why bother, the standard lights are adequate.
      And,yes, you are correct, The new Prius IS good in the snow

  11. I have had my Prius Spirit for three months and am happy with it.
    Question: my friend has a Honda and he has been able to get into the sat nav operating system to enable it to show the altitude at which the car is. Can this be done on the Prius sat nav?

  12. Hi Melissa,
    You have answered both of my questions very satisfactorily Thank you and thank you for your prompt reply.

  13. Mirrors fold back if you get out and push them back, im guessing the added weight of motors to do this is the reason its not been added like not having electric adjustable seats with memory, annoying as I share the car with the wife. Cd’s ripped onto HDD, maps loaded onto HDD.

    1. Hi again Parry,

      No, the wing mirrors aren’t electronic. In much earlier posts, Simon Francis and others mentioned that this may be a weight management issue. I’ll check this out, but when this was last discussed Toyota had no plans to offer these mirrors on the Prius, I’m afraid.

      1. If it is an effort to open the electrically operated window and pull the mirror back, then you could do with the exercise!!!

  14. I have just ordered a new ‘Spirit’.
    I see it has a 10 GB music HDD. How does that operate.
    Can you load it from one of your cds or do you download from the internet. Has it got any connection with the Navigation system.

    1. Hi Parry,

      You don’t download music from the internet onto the drive – you must import it from a CD. These can be recorded as they play. MP3 CDs (i.e. CDs of music you have downloaded online) can be played back but not loaded on. The reason why is that downloading material online could lead to the possible introduction of a virus or other malware into the system, which could affect various parts of the car’s system. (Attention those who have asked about the sat nav updates: I will write this elsewhere too but should you read this, I found out very recently that this is why sat nav data updates must now be done using a specific tool in the dealership.)

      That last point illustrates that yes, there is a link with the sat nav system. If you have a sat nav, it is this screen that you will use to find your way around the audio system. (The CD drive is behind the screen – it flips out when prompted.) They are also linked in that both audio and nav data are stored on the HDD – please see this post for details.

      I hope that answers your questions – let me know if you have any other queries.

  15. I ordered my T Spirit with leather interior on the 21st August, there was no mention of LED pack in my brochure (July issue) and when I asked my dealer of all available options LED pack was not on the list. My Prius should be here around the 11th November and now I am not happy I was not given the option and really want the LED pack. What can I do? Thanks.

    1. David, I ordered my Prius at the beginning of October, hoping to beat the VAT rise with a December delivery. I was told that the LED pack would add months to the delivery date so decided to do without. From what I’ve read, I don’t think this is available on the aftermarket. As there is so little information about the LED pack, and no reviews that I could find, maybe it’s not worth the extra money anyway! Be thankful about getting your Prius soon, I’m more worried about having to pay another £500 in VAT if mine arrives late.

      1. Jon,
        Go back to your dealer and get him to guarntee the price before the increase in VAA
        I have just ordered my second T Spirit with delivery mid Jan. And they are keeping to
        Todays list price.

    2. Hi David,

      The LED Technology Pack was launched in early August, and so would not have been mentioned in the July brochure. The Pack should definitely have been on the options list as of the 21st, so sorry to hear about that. You could cancel and resubmit your order incorporating the Pack, but it’s obviously at a very late stage in the process, and Jon is right – there’s a time trade-off. As it states in the post, your place in the queue would be honoured but you would have to go right back to the start of the process, and then there’s the additional time it takes to add the Pack on.

      I do hope that’s helpful. To talk over your options further, do contact your dealer.

  16. I am on the point of ordering a T Spirit with LED Technology Pack. Can you confirm that the headlights can be adapted for driving on the continent?

    1. Hi Jon,

      I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you. I expect you have ordered your T Spirit by now, but just to confirm: Toyota does not manufacture conversion kits but the product team tells me you should be able to purchase one as an aftermarket accessory. I hope that helps!

  17. Great to hear that Toyota GB is listening to its customers and offering LED lights as in other markets, but please can we have them on the T4 as well as the T Spirit?

    In the same vein, please can we have the choice of bisque as well as the current choice of grey or grey for interior trim, as offered in the US?

    And please can you do something about the road noise for the UK’s coarse surfaces, such as fit the extra sound insulation from the Lexus HS250h, possibly as an option?

    1. Hi Martin,

      I’ve noted your feedback and will pass it on, but unfortunately such decisions are made at factory-level. There have been rumours about new leather colours being released before the end of the year; if an announcement is made, we’ll write about it here.

  18. I have had my T Spirit about a week and spent a lot of time reading the manual, but still unable to find any list of the voice commands, even the command list on the screen is missing a lot.
    I have found some that work like audio on/off CD and FM but what others are there?

  19. This is the second time I have read about the obtrusive road noise. The first was with the 15 inch wheels and now with the 17 inch wheels. Is this a general feature of the Prius? I do a fair amount of motorway driving and would like your comment on this from owners. I did not notice this in my test drive, but that was in the town at low speeds. I have just backed away from placing my order until I can get more information

  20. I have owned one of the first release T4s for over five weeks now and would make the following observations on what is undoubtedly still a techno miracle and extremely well finished for a mass market car. An indicated 71.5 mpg was certainly managed over a distance in the early period due to a controlled touch on the pedal with a new engine but about 64mpg is now proving more realistic over the current period of ownership. I have yet to see 8 bars on the traction battery level indicator with a fleeting seven being the best yet.

    The 17 inch wheels with better profile Micheline Primacy tyres were picked for the prospective better road holding and braking over the 15 inch on the T3. The road noise level though is quite obtrusive and negates benefits from the enhanced audio system. The computing of the mileage odometer for larger wheels appears to give a 3% higher figure than that from three other cars covering the identical frequently run and lengthy journey, including two other Toyotas I have owned.

    Who ever designed the ‘luggage cover’ which jams continuously should be sent back to F*** or F*** where they would feel more at home.

    I agree with the view that giving the UK inferior warranties to elsewhere is inexcusable and potentially very damaging for Toyota.


  21. whats the best way to waste 3 hours on a bank holiday afternoon and embarass a salesman? first read the price and sales brochure for the prius then go and try and order the car with 1) with duel air con or 2)T spirt with LED tec pack as standard as shown in sept price guide!! 3)dab radio is it fitted or is button on radio useless? 4) can i fit a tow bar ? 1) for protection in a rear shunt 2) to carry bikes on toyota bike rack if not how does putting them on roof affect mpg? poor saleman could not answer 3+4 nor could colleagues. are brochures proof read?

    1. Hi Steve. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      1. Yes, brochures are proof-read, but the odd mistake can creep in. Dual zone air con appearing in the features list was one such mistake, and was pointed out to us on this very blog. It’ll be changed the next time a brochure is printed. To confirm, each grade of Prius has single zone air con.

      2. In the price guide, the LED Technology Pack is a factory-fit option listed under ‘Standard equipment and factory options’ with its correct price of £895. You should have been able to order this with no problem.

      3. DAB radio does not come as standard. I take it you are referring to page 41 of brochure? This is not a picture of the system that comes with a T Spirit. For further detail, please see here.

      4. The Prius can’t be fitted with a tow bar due to its lightweight drivetrain, but a roof rack is available and a bike carrier can be fitted to this. I will check the accessory lists tomorrow and provide you with the two part numbers. As with any car, adding a rack, bike carrier and bike will affect both weight and aerodynamics and so will lower your mpg, but Toyota haven’t run an official test so we don’t have a figure for you.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Hi Steve,

        My apologies, it’s just been called to my attention that the LED Tech Pack is indeed listed as a standard option on the T Spirit. However, this has been corrected for the October price list which is due to come out very soon.

    2. Hi Steve,

      Sorry for the delay; we’ve been having some trouble with the internal system, but I’ve finally managed to get hold of a part number for the roof rack and a roof-mounted cycle rack:

      Roof rack: PZ403-G0612-GA

      Cycle rack: PZ4AP-FR530-00.

      You should be able to order these through your dealer.

  22. The more I read of the ‘reduced. warranty on the “battery” the more I’m inclined to re think my order for the Prius.If Toyota can give a warranty of 100k on export cars to Australia and the like why not to UK models. The various body swerve answers about UK models is not acceptable and I can see the issue being highly detrimental to purchasing confidence in the UK. How about an honest answer Toyota , if not forthcoming I think your about to lose a long standing Toyota driver.
    A response would be appreciated.

    Hunter F

  23. I’m surprised that the steering wheel buttons for turning the aircon and front window clearing fan on/off have been replaced by trip and display. It seems that buttons used consistently when driving have been replaced with ones which once you get your preferred set up would rarely be used. I’ve always regarded the different displays types previously shown on the touch screen as gimmicks.
    What is the logic for the change?

    1. Hi again Terry,

      Huge apologies for the big delay in getting back to you. To answer your question, this was just a design change, and the decision was made by Toyota in Japan. Toyota GB doesn’t know of any specific reason as to why the decision was made. Sorry I can’t be more informative than that!

      Do you own a Prius? If so, how are you getting on with it now?

  24. I leave my car for three months every year travelling abroad.My concern is the battery after such a long period not being used, is there anything you can suggest I can do.

  25. I have damaged the underside of my 2nd generation Prius parking on rough ground at my work (repair cost valued at £100).

    If I had a third generation Prius, would the ground clearance be an inch higher with 17″ wheels rather than the 15″ ones?

  26. I have now had my Mark III Prius for three weeks after having driven a Mark II since April. Whilst the Mark III has resolved most of my criticisms of the older model there is one aspect that I find most disappointing. The claimed fuel consumption of 70+ mpg appears to be realistic but this seems to be achieved by more agressive use of the traction battery than on the old model. This means that I usually arrive home with only 3 bars out of 8 on the battery charge display. This is insufficient to enable me to use EV mode to move my car in and out of the garage (an error message is displayed) or even to start a journey without disturbing the neighbours as I have been able to with the Mark II. I don’t like running the petrol engine for short periods just to move the car at home as this leaves condensation in the cold exhaust system.
    In pre-Prius days I used to put my car into neutral and push it in or out of the garage when needed but I can see no way of doing this with a Prius.
    Has anybody else found this problem with the new model?

    1. The extra drain on the high voltage battery that you’ve highlighted will, I expect, wear the high voltage battery out quicker.

      So, this is perhaps why Toyota now can only warrant the battery for 5 years instead of 8 years.

      The low state of charge that you mention on arriving home is disappointing, since as you say, a quiet start up in the morning is no longer possible. I currently have a 2nd gen Prius and get my 3rd gen one next month, I’ll be keeping an eye on this battery low state of charge matter that you mention when I get my new 3rd gen Prius – currently I usually arrive home with 6 blue or 7 green bars indication of battery charge on my 2nd gen Prius.

      1. The low battery status need not be too worrying! One of the best ways to keep a battery in good condition is to “cycle it” i.e. charge and discharge regularly. This prevents the negative plate from wearing too quickley. However it is always a good feeling to know that the battery is in a good state of health. It is a comfort feeling.

    2. Simple, drive it a little bit harder, add some much needed
      spark to the battery and still have enough power to coast
      onto your drive and garage. Simples.

    3. Are you travelling on Power or Economy setting. It may be prudent to switch to Power on the 2 miles,or so, from home

      1. I haven’t noticed much diference between normal and ECO mode so have ceased using ECO. PWR certainly makes the car much livelier. Using PWR for a whole 25 mile journey did get me home with 4 bars charge which allowed me to move the car out of the garage and back in again once in EV mode. But it didn’t work next time I tried it! Thanks for the suggestion however.

  27. It is an indisputable fact that the reduction in the warranty of the electrics from 8 to 5 years will reduce car values when it comes to disposing a 3/5 year old car.

    If the 8 warranty has been restored in Australia the same should apply in the UK.

  28. I’ve seen a question about the Hybrid Synergy Drive (including battery) warranty, but not an answer.

    2nd gen Prius = 8 years / 100,000 miles.

    3rd gen *UK* Prius = 5 years / 60,000 miles.

    In some other countries the 8 (or even 10 year) battery warranty is being retained, so why a warranty reduction in the UK ? If the battery really does last “the life of the car” why can’t at least this be warranted for 10 years/ 100,000 miles ?

    1. Hi David,

      Please see this reply below. The warranty reduction applies in the UK because the warranty data and survey results pertain to UK customers driving UK cars only; the reduction is not meant to imply a drop in the reliability of the technology. I hope this answers your questions.

      1. If the reliabilty is not in question, why alter the warranty?
        Can you confirm that the batteries are covered for the life time of the car, it is only the Hybrid drive components that are limited to 5 years/60000 miles?

        1. I have found the the extended warranty does NOT apply to the batteries but can be applied to the other electrical components associate with the electric drive

  29. Hi Melissa,

    I’ve ordered my T-Spirit on the 1st Aug and come to know about the LED as an option now. Is it too late to get back to my Toyota Dealer to include the package in the building of my car because they were aiming to deliver in Sept. Also, as you say, will that favour my rank in the queue. I don’t mind waiting until OCT.

  30. Why reduce the warranty period to 60,000miles / 5 years from the original 100,000 miles / 8 years for the battiers and electric drive units? These cannot be covered by an extended warranty.
    My 08 plate Spirit will have 18 months warranty left when a 95 plate is out of warranty

    1. Hi Eric,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. The warranty has been shortened – that is to say, brought back within a more normal range – as the hybrid technology has proven itself reliable: Prius has the lowest warranty claim level of any Toyota model currently on sale, and has also won the JD Power customer satisfaction survey the last two years in a row. As the car is now more mainstream and the technology has been refined, there is no need to underwrite it with a longer warranty.

      You stated that the hybrid components “cannot be covered by an extended warranty” – can you tell me the source of this information? I’ll check this out too.

      1. The source of the warranty info is in the PRIUs brochure-in the small print.
        If the goods are as good as you say, then there should be no problem with the warranty that was given with the Mk2 version. TOYOTA put your money where your mouth is!!!

        1. Yes, if the sales literature states that the battery will last the life of the car, then it should be warranted at least 10 years / 100,000 miles as it is in some other countries.

          I appreciate that the other hybrid components are very very costly items that Toyota has now decided that it can not afford to provide more than 5 years warranty on, instead owners of cars at 5 years old will have to insure against the crippling costs of hybrid component repair / replacement by taking out an extended warranty.

          We really don’t know how well the hybrid system parts willlast as the oldest generation 2 Prius are less than 6 years old at present.

  31. Hi Melissa,
    The MK3 is wonderfull, but, as I change my car more often than is the norm, can you tell me if the DAB radio upgrade can be moved from one car to the next?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Huge apologies for only just getting back to you – I missed this question previously.

      Answering your question is difficult, partly because I don’t think the process has ever been carried out before. The system is specific to Prius, so to be in with a chance of transferring the DAB radio, you’d have to be transferring it to another Prius. The process is technically possible, but the decision would have to be made by your Centre, and it would be likely to carry a cost.

      I hope that helps, and I’m glad you’re getting on so well with your Prius!

      1. Hi Melissa,
        Thank you for getting back to me, I will ask my dealer if they know, because of the change of dealership in July they were not up to speed on Toyota then but I think they are now. They were able to change the annoying beep when in reverse to just 1 beep. I have just ordered my replacement for delivery 2nd Feb. I am so delighted with my T-spirit, fast coming up to 10k and each mile has been pure luxury.

      1. Hi again,
        There is a technical issue with the website which we are in the process of fixing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Rest assured, you can order the LED Pack on the T Spirit.

  32. you get the 15″ lloys with solar roof on the t spirit due to a weight change as the solar roof is heavier than normal.thus to keep in line with taxes and emitions carefuly calculated.but look at the picture with the guarduian comment and it quitr clearly shows a white prius with solar roof AND 17″ alloys-CONFUSED!

  33. Why has the warranty on the new Prius batteries,electric drive system been reduced from 100,000 miles / 8 years to 60,000 / 5 years?
    My 08 plate Spirit will still be in warranty 18 months after a new Prius warranty has expired

    1. The 3rd gen Prius was advertised to have no price increase and at the same time be a better and much improved car.

      I guess we’re paying for this by a reduced “free” warranty of 5 years/60k miles instead of 8 years/100k miles.

      Mitsubishi are soon introducing an electric car and they will warrant their battery for 100k miles.

      1. You might want to corroborate this elsewhere but I believe that the HV battery on a new Prius has a lifetime warranty, it’s the hybrid subsystem which is subject to the reduced warranty now in place.

        Basically the previous 8 year / 100k miles was a sweetener to tempt people who were wary of the whole Hybrid concept. Now it’s more accepted they don’t need to sweeten the pill quite so much.

        1. Can’t find anything stating that the batteries are warrantied to last the life of the car.

          However, Toyota sales / promotional literature state that the batteries “should” last the life of the car.

          So, 5 years is the life of the car as this is how long the batreries are warrantied.

  34. I cannot understand why that the 15″ wheels are standard on the T3 Prius mk3 but only available on the T-Spirit Prius Mk 3 if you take the solar roof.

    If you do not purchase the solar roof you have to have the 17″ wheels, which have a larger turning circle, make your co2 higher and lower your mpg.

    Which is not how the car was promoted at the Longcross demonstration

    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. In response, there is simply more demand in the UK for 17″ wheels. You’re right, there is an increase in emissions and a reduction in mpg if you take the 17″, but these are relatively small:

      CO2 emissions:
      15″ = 89g/km
      17″ = 92g/km

      Fuel consumption:
      15″ = 72.4mpg
      17″ = 70.6 mpg

      As for the solar roof, this is a weight management issue. The roof weighs 25kg, and with the addition of the 17″ wheels the car starts to get significantly heavier, which has its own implications for fuel efficiency.
      It’s worth noting that some of the options available as standard on the T Spirit are available as options on the T3, so it’s possible to configure a high-spec car but keep the 15″ wheels.

      1. Hi, can you clarify what the options from a higher-spec vehicle that can be added to the T3 are? I am in the process of ordering one as a replacement company vehicle. Sadly my budget doesn’t quite stretch to the T4 which has a couple of features on it I’d like, namely cruise control and bluetooth. Are these available as options on the T3?

        1. Hi David,

          Huge apologies for the delay in getting back to you – I expect you’ve ordered your Prius by now! Nevertheless, I’m happy to answer your questions:

          Yes, a Bluetooth kit is available as an accessory on the T3. The part number is PZ409-00292-D0 (and the manual, sold separately, is PZ420-T0290-EN). Together they cost £229.93 inc. VAT but not fitting. Unfortunately I don’t think cruise control can be added.

          The best thing is to speak to your dealer as the list of all possible options is quite long. (This still applies if you have already ordered your Prius – many of these accessories can be fitted by your dealer after delivery.) The main things are probably sat nav and parking sensors.

          I hope that’s useful. Get in touch again if you have any queries, and I’ll endeavour to get back to you more quickly!

          1. Hello Melissa

            Thank you for the reply – you are correct that I have now ordered the car, in fact I have taken delivery this week! So will have to live without those options for now. The dealer I spoke to promised to get back with a list of options, but never did before my deadline to order. Maybe for future reference this information could be made more accessible to prospective purchasers?

  35. hi,
    is the solar panel a viable upgrade when you sacrifce 17″ for 15″ alloys due to tax etc?this was my one dissapointment when ordering-chose to keep my shiny 17″!!!!!!!

  36. Sorry to hear that the adaptive cruise option is not being considered for the UK market. Can you say why this is?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Sorry that you didn’t get my previous reply. The Prius does not have daytime running lights and Toyota has no plans to introduce them.

  37. Hi Melissa

    I had a word with my dealer – he tells me that none will be available until October & that he’d expect mine to be delayed until “the end of the year”. Mine’s currently due for delivery on 1st Sept & I can’t wait that long. Maybe next time…


    1. Hi Andy,
      I’m sorry about this. I’m sure you won’t be alone in your frustration. October sounds like a long time to me; I suppose it means that if someone orders a Prius with the LED Pack today it won’t be ready until October. I’ll check it out.

    1. Hi Tony,
      As I said to Andy above, unfortunately there isn’t – it can’t be retrofitted. Sorry about this. Do give your dealer feedback on this, and in the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your new Prius.

  38. Prices for optional equipment seem to be high. On this note, has anyone got delivery of a car with solar panel? I cannot decide if I should spend £1450 for it or not….

    1. Hi Elia,
      Compared to, say, the £340 Style Pack, the LED Pack is pretty high spec with a longer fitting time, which is of course going to be reflected in the price.

  39. Hi Melissa

    I asked my local dealer about the LED Technology Pack on Monday (having spotted your post on the blog over the weekend) and they had no idea that the pack had been launched – presumably they’ll know about it now?

    Also, how much longer is “a little longer”? My T-Spirit is scheduled for delivery on 1/10/09… I REALLY don’t want to delay the delivery, but I’d REALLY like the LED’s now I know I can have them!

    Andy (a different one)

    PS Please tell me you’re not going to launch adaptive cruise as an option later!

    1. Hi Andy,

      This was not the fault of your dealer – the information was released to the dealers as it was released to us, so yes, they should know about the pack now.

      In terms of the time lag, the delivery time you have been given will already have taken into account any other customisations you have requested, so theoretically it shouldn’t take much longer to add the pack – depending on how far along the manufacturing process is at this moment in time. This is impossible for me to say, so I recommend you contact your dealer again without delay so as to have the best chance of being able to include the pack in your order. Your dealer will know whether inclusion of the pack is possible, and should be able to give you an indication of how much a longer your order will take.

      As for the adaptive cruise control – don’t worry, Toyota has no plans to incorporate it for the time being.

  40. Melissa, for those of us already with cars (or with them already delivered to our dealer) is there an option to have the pack retro-fitted?

    Will the LED headlamps and Electrochromatic Rear View Mirror ever be a dealer fitted accessory?


    1. Hi Andy,

      I’m sorry to say that there is no way to have the pack retrofitted. This means that if you already have your Prius, or if it’s been delivered, there is no way of adding the pack to your car. I know that lots of you have seen and heard about the pack and were keen to add it to your T Spirits, but were told that it would not be available any time soon, and therefore I understand that yesterday’s release must be hugely frustrating for those who already have their cars. If you or anyone reading is in this position, I strongly encourage you to speak to your dealers about it, as they are the ones best positioned to talk about ordering options and alterations.

      As the pack is so new in the UK, Toyota has no plans to release any components of it as dealer-fit options. Indeed, for at least some of the components it may be impossible to do so owing to the manufacturing processes involved. We’ll keep you up to date with any announcements Toyota make on this.

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