Auris Hybrid press launch: your questions answered (part 2)


Welcome to part two of our Auris Hybrid Q&A. If you missed part one yesterday, you can find the answers here. If you have any more questions, it’s not too late to ask – feel free to submit more questions below.


What is the service interval?

Auris Hybrid has an intermediate service after 10,000 miles or one year (whichever is the sooner), with a full service after a further 10,000 miles or one year. This is then repeated throughout the life of the car.


How does the cost of servicing Auris Hybrid compare to that of standard petrol vehicles?

Auris Hybrid and the Hybrid Synergy Drive system are designed to be reliable, durable and low-maintenance. The 1.8-litre VVT-i engine has a maintenance-free timing chain, an element-type oil filter, miniaturised spark plugs and no drive belts, all of which require little maintenance and so save you money.

In addition, short service times, low parts pricing and low labour costs mean that the service costs are the same as for a 1.0-litre Yaris.


So many ‘green’ cars seem overpriced – why is hybrid technology still so expensive when it is no longer new? Is Auris Hybrid worth the money?

Auris Hybrid delivers class-leading cost of ownership, with low service and maintenance costs, best-in-class residual values, plus the low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions you would expect from a Toyota hybrid.


How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

All Toyota passenger cars now come with a 5-year/100,000 mile warranty. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Auris Hybrid will benefit from an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty on its nickel metal hydride (hybrid) battery.


You say that the nickel metal hydride (hybrid) battery will last the lifetime of the car. What does this mean?

Toyota has a history of innovation and success in hybrid battery technology going back to 1997. Toyota is offering an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty on the hybrid battery, and is confident that it will last as long as the other components of the car.


If the hybrid battery has to be replaced out of warranty, what is the cost?

The price of a replacement battery has not yet been confirmed.


Does Auris Hybrid have multi-link rear suspension?

Auris Hybrid uses highly efficient torsion beam system with a separate spring and damper layout, giving a compact design that doesn’t intrude into the car’s loadspace.


What is the boot space capacity? Do the rear seats fold flat, and if so, what does this increase the capacity to?

The boot capacity of standard 2010 Auris is 354 litres, with the nickel hydride battery taking up 75 litres of space in Auris Hybrid’s boot. While we had access to the car in Barcelona we experimented with folding the rear seats down, and while they don’t sit absolutely horizontal, they’re certainly flat enough to load luggage on top of, for example. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official figure for the boot capacity with rear seats folded down, however you can find a picture of this in our Flickr gallery.


What is the box-like shape in the boot, and how much boot space does it take up?

This covers the 12v battery. There is no official statistic that tells us how much boot space it takes up, but having seen Auris Hybrid in the flesh, we can tell you that it’s not very much.


Will Auris Hybrid be affected by the same braking issues reported by some Prius owners earlier this year?

Customer concerns about Prius brake feel concerned the specific set-up of the ABS system. Toyota set out to recall all Prius built before 27 January 2010 so as to modify the ABS system and improve the brake feel. This was not a safety recall but a voluntary campaign.

All Prius produced since 27 January 2010 have had the ABS software update installed at the factory. All Auris Hybrids will be manufactured with the latest software update.


I drive regularly around town, on country lanes, motorways and everything in between! Is Auris Hybrid suitable for me?

Definitely – EV (Electric Vehicle) mode is ideal for town driving as you can drive emissions-free using electric power alone for up to 30mph, while the 1.8-litre VVT-i Atkinson cycle engine excels on motorways.

We did exactly this while in Barcelona for the Auris Hybrid press launch. We drove in ECO mode on motorways, winding mountain roads and congested city streets, and achieved 68.9mpg. And when we needed an extra boost, POWER mode gave us a 25% increase in throttle response, while still delivering over 60mpg.


If I drive carefully, using the brakes only lightly, will I benefit from the hybrid system?

Driving in EV mode – during which Auris Hybrid uses power from the electric motor only – is only possible while driving carefully at low speeds, so this driving style is perfectly suited to Auris Hybrid. After all, in EV mode no petrol is used and no CO2 emitted. Even when the engine is running, light acceleration and light braking will ensure you achieve great fuel economy.


How effective is the ‘B’ position of the gear lever at providing engine braking? Does it control speed on steep downhill descents?

Using ‘B’ for engine braking is certainly effective, and does control speed on downhill descents. However, factors such as slope gradient and road conditions will change the way you experience engine braking. Our advice is to book a test drive in early July and test it out for yourself.


Is there a foot rest to the right of the accelerator pedal so the right foot can rest close to the pedal when using cruise control?

No, there is no foot rest of this type, however there is a foot rest (for the left foot) to the left of the clutch. [Correction: it is to the left of the brake pedal. Auris Hybrid has no clutch.]


Will Auris Hybrid be available on Motability?

Yes, however pricing has not yet been confirmed.


Have cabin noise intrusion and in-cabin rattles been improved over previous generation Auris?

Yes – the manufacturing of Auris Hybrid involved EV (Electric Vehicle) testing, during which previously unknown noises were discovered. These enhancements help improve levels of noise and vibration of both hybrid and non-hybrid Auris models.

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  1. Hi there, just wonder should I change timing chain? On the clock 129k mls already,no any noise… Thanks

  2. Hi, the service cost for my auris hybrid 2013 last year was £340, not as cheap as yaris, as i have had many of those. Plus, I priced up a replacement hybrid battery for my auris at £927. But i was told by a toyota engineer that Toyota don’t let you know that even though they give you an 8 year warranty, Toyota will replace the battery if it fails outside, as every year i get a hybrid certificate to say it passed all tests, so to fail after being tested every year would warrant the battery for another year.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Honestly, failures are so rare with these systems. We do not have a policy of replacing them for free though, but as ever, we look at things on a case by case basis.

      We have replacement hybrid battery costs on our website. The price quoted for the Auris Hybrid is £1,213.03, so you’ve done well to get it priced up for less. You can see that page here:

      With an annual hybrid health check at a Toyota centre, the system can be covered by a warranty for 15 years.


  3. I have a problem with my Toyota auris hybrid 2014
    After driving for 30 miles the engine does not cut off at all even when I’m stationary or driving 10mph the engine carries on running and I can’t get no more than 40 miles to the gallon can you please help me?

    1. Have you had the battery cooling fan filter cleaned. As this filter gets clogged up and stops the battery from working. I had this problem and cleaning the filter sorted it within minutes.

  4. Hello, Is it possible to adjust position of pedals in Auris II Hybrid reg63?
    Vin number : SB1MS3JE00E038729

    1. Hi Luke. Toyota does not advise adjusting the position of the pedals, and cannot perform this adjustment for you. Thanks.

  5. I have bought Toyota Auris excel TSS hybrid VVT-ICVT and my registration number is MK66FOU but when I put it on comparison site for insurance I get the description Toyota Auris Hybrid excel TSS HSD. It is for the reason of HSD I am finding it hard to get the insurance. Can you explain the difference or both description are same. An early reply will be appreciated as my renewal is coming very near.

    Prem Gambhir

  6. If you press the “P” button during driving, nothing happens except a “peep”-Sound and the hybrid switches to “N”. The same when you move the stick to “R” during driving.

    When you press the accelerate-pedal at the same time with the brake-pedal, the Hybrid slows down.

  7. A question around driving the Hybrid cars – I note the Park button is prominent on the dash, what happens if -by mistake- it is pressed while moving along at say 40mph?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your question.

      A Reject Function is programmed into the Hybrid Synergy Drive systems in both the Prius and Auris HSD that is designed to prevent any incidents such as the one you have described and also prevent damage to your transmission.

      If you happened to shift into P (Park) whilst driving, the Reject Function would kick in, a small buzzer sound would be emitted and the car would shift into N (Neutral).

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hi,
    I hope I also may ask a question although I come from Germany.
    I ordered my Auris Hybrid on March 23rd. I’ve heard now, that my car will be available in the middle of August. That’s one month before the launch in Germany.
    May I hope to get the car already in August or is it possible that Toyota stops delivery the car for german customers until September?

  9. Is there a way to preset the Eco-mode as a standard mode when driving the Auris hybrid or do you always have to manually switch it on?

  10. Extract taken from ‘Auris Hybrid press launch: your questions answered (part 2)’ see above…

    “Is there a foot rest to the right of the accelerator pedal so the right foot can rest close to the pedal when using cruise control?
    No, there is no foot rest of this type, however there is a foot rest (for the left foot) to the left of the clutch”.

    Ooops. The CVT automatic transmission fitted to the new Auris Hybrid doesn’t have a clutch! Maybe that should read “to the left of the brake pedal”.

  11. Will the new Auris hybrid have a handbook written in English? My Yaris book contains a lot of Americanisms and even has a paper insert converting US gallons to Imperial gallons. The car is very good, but not translating the book properly seems to be a penny-pinching insult to the British customers.

  12. Have Toyota acknowledged the relatively poor reliability of the current Auris, e.g. brakes, steering (see “Which?” car buying guide 2009) and have the problems causing this been solved in the new Auris?

    1. Hi there,

      Toyota has a philosophy of continuous improvement (kaizen) that is applied in all areas, including quality and manufacturing. 2010 Auris and Auris Hybrid have benefitted from this process (as have all Toyota cars) with brakes and steering being just two areas of improvement.

  13. Hi, just wanted to ask some question, I am deaf and registered disabled, but do not have mobility but do i get a discount for this?
    If i wish to buy T-spirit car, does that include everything such sat nav and so on… for £20,000 something like that? is that correct? any additional cost that i have to pay for?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I will check this out with the fleet team and get back to you as soon as I can.

      Thanks for your patience.

    2. Hi again Steve,

      Apologies once again for the delay in getting back to you.

      I have spoken to a Fleet Manager about this. As I’m sure you are aware, you are eligible for Motability if you receive the Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance. Unfortunately, if you do not qualify for Motability there is no alternative disability discount we are able to offer you. However, you can review Toyota’s latest offers here.

      The Prius T Spirit includes features such as 17″ alloy wheels, sat nav, Bluetooth, Intelligent Park Assist and cruise control as standard, with prices starting from £22,960 OTR. For a full list of features and options, the best thing would be to consult a dealer – here’s how to locate your nearest Toyota Centre.

      I hope that’s helpful. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any more questions.

  14. I have received the broucher and price list for the new Auris HSD but can you please tell me when the “configure” option on the web site will be available.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Barry,

      Many thanks for this question, and my apologies for the late response.

      The ‘configure’ option will go live on 1 July, in conjunction with the launch of the car. Not long to wait now!

      Thanks for your interest, and keep checking back for all the latest Auris Hybrid news.

      1. Where did you get this information from? My Auris Hybrid, like my petrol version before it, has a space-saver spare wheel.

        1. Hi John,
          The Tyre Repair Kit was introduced on the new Auris Hybrid from December 2012. The previous generations had a temporary spare wheel also referred to as a space saver, excluding the SR grade which had a Tyre Repair Kit.
          Our apologies for the miscommunication here and thank you for raising this with us.
          Kind regards.

    1. Dave,I imagine it is the same as the Prius. ‘P’ activates the gearbox parking brake. I only use this when I have parked and intend to leave the vehicle. The Prius has a foot-operated parking brake which is for use when temporarily stopped. I don’t know if the Auris has the same type of parking brake or a handbrake.

      1. Hi Dave, hi Barry,

        Barry is correct: the P button activates the parking lock, which locks the transmission. This is automatically activated when you shut off the ignition.

        Both Prius and Auris Hybrid have parking brakes – however, this takes the form of a foot brake in Prius, and a hand brake in Auris Hybrid (as visible in this picture of the test car we drove at the Barcelona press launch).

  15. Another question…
    Will there be an option for a sunroof on the Auris hybrid? If so, how much will it cost?

  16. A couple more questions:
    Will there be an option for full leather seats?
    What is in the “luxury pack” referred to in the May price list?

    1. Hi John,

      There won’t be an option for full leather seats, however leather and Alcantara seat trim comes as standard on the T Spirit grade. It looks and feels great, we can tell you.
      As for the Luxury Pack, Auris Hybrid was subject to a grading revision which resulted in the Luxury Pack becoming the T Spirit. You won’t miss out on any features of the Luxury Pack – it’s all there as standard on the T Spirit.

      I hope that’s clarified things – please get back to me if not.

      1. This explains to some extent that a Sat Nav option is only available when luxury pack is selected. It means to me Sat Nav optiononly avaialble to T Spirit model.
        On the Sat Nav option. Could I ask the countries available and whether full post code search is standard? Are maps come on CDs and whether update is freely avaialble?
        Another important question is what is the delivery time if one order’s now. WOuld there be any extra benefit as a loyal Toyota customer to order pre-launch?

    2. My aurus as cloth seats…I wanted to replace with leather…Toyota would not oblige. I got them done in Stockport Manchester excellent wear over 7 years (taxi).

  17. A couple of winter questions for you …

    In winter when windscreen is frozen and I want warm air to the windscreen before setting off, will the engine start automatically (at standstill) when I request hot air?

    With smart entry, will engine stop and doors lock if I go back into house while windscreen is defrosting?


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your questions. To answer them: yes, if you request hot air then your engine will start automatically. Your engine will carry on running if you go back into the house, however please note that you can only do this if you have a driveway or if the car is parked on private land. We checked it out, and it’s a criminal offence (and contrary to the Highway Code) to leave a vehicle unattended on a public road with the engine running and the handbrake off.

      I hope that helps. Thanks, and be safe!

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