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Frankfurt motor show: Prius Plug-in trial to start next year

The prospect of a rechargeable “plug-in” Prius has been one of the hottest topics on this blog and we know there will be many readers out there delighted to hear that Toyota is to launch a worldwide trial of just such a vehicle next year.

Frankfurt motor show: more news on Auris HSD

We’ve picked up on some exciting tweets from the Toyota team at Frankfurt, passing on more news about the new Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive and Toyota’s hybrid power ambitions for the near future.

Frankfurt motor show: debut for new hybrids

It’s press day today at the Frankfurt motor show. The show is a major motor industry showcase for the cars we’ll be seeing in showrooms in the months and years ahead, and for some futuristic designs that are unlikely to make it further than the exhibition stands as well.

The media’s response to new Prius

It’s six months since the new Prius was launched to the media, so we thought now would be a good time to gather together the opinions of some of our leading motoring journalists.

New Prius gets full marks for safety

Taking a brand new Prius and driving it head on into a block of aluminium doesn’t sound like a bright idea, but just such a smash has helped show that Toyota’s new full hybrid is among the safest cars on the road today.

Prius: the wheels of choice for today’s green cabbies

Streets busy with Prius taxis were among our abiding memories of Stockholm and the media launch of the new Toyota Prius, the uptake of hybrid power among cab operators in the Swedish capital encouraged by a local incentive scheme. Although there are no such perks for cab companies in the UK, more businesses are recognising […]

The day iQ Revolution came to London

In May 2009, Jemca Toyota hit the streets of London with a convoy of new Toyota iQs. Jemca wanted to show Londoners why the iQ, which can seat 4 people yet is less than 3 metres long, was an obvious choice for urban motorists.

New Prius on sale tomorrow. Plus, first glimpse of the UK TV advert.

Ok, so you all know that the car is already here. Many of you have been to test the car out, either at Mira or Longcross.¬† Some have even placed orders (and will shortly be taking delivery of the first few cars to arrive from Japan). But, officially, tomorrow is our first ‘on sale’ day.

Prius Life Cycle Video

Ever wondered how a Prius is made? Would you like more information about the emissions from the car during its lifetime? Or even how we recycle? This video contains information on every stage of the life of a Prius – from design, through production, driving through to recycling. hosts Toyota Prius Q/A for the week

The Ethical Living Blog on the Guardian’s website is hosting a week-long question and answer session with the Prius team at Toyota. We’ll be taking any questions you may have related to Green Motoring, anything from the solar-powered air-conditioning through to Toyota’s future plans for electric cars – and indeed the future of motoring itself. […]