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Great result for Prius in latest JD Power survey

Toyota clearly doesn’t doubt the superb reliability of its Prius – selling the current model with a 60,000-mile warranty. There’s even less doubt about its Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain which comes with an eight-year warranty, but it’s nice to hear other people say it.

À-la-mode – Prius’ driving modes match the moment

One of the features of new Prius we are keen to put to the test is its choice of three driving modes. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to the car’s transmission set-up, the driver can choose from three additional modes that tailor performance to suit the driving conditions

Plastic fantastic – new Prius gets plant-sourced parts

We’ve always considered a plant and a hard piece of plastic to be pretty much at the opposite ends of the environmental scale. After all, one is a natural, living thing and the other is a man-made product that uses up oil when it’s made and can be tricky to recycle.

Toyota’s hybrid heritage

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about what a hybrid car is, and about the other types of fuel-saving technology manufacturers are using. But while hybrid power is popularly considered to be a “new” technology – perhaps only catching the public imagination since the worldwide launch of second-generation Prius back in 2004 – in […]

Prius – a first experience

Last week, I lined up alongside other contributors to take my first turn behind the wheel of our blue Prius. I was immediately struck by the car’s interior volume; not only could I get all the family pets in on a vets run, it turned out that I still had room for all the children.

Stress-free cruising in the city with Prius

Earlier this week Tamsin blogged about our family day out in the Prius. She mentioned that I found the cruise control a real benefit in the city. This may have seemed a bit surprising, so I thought I’d explain why it worked for me at 30 mph. I’m a reformed speed freak. Just not a very […]