Behind the iQ film

We’re rather taken with the widescreen, computer-generated film that you see on the iQ homepage.

So we decided to find out a little more about it, where it’s set and what it means. We spoke to the team behind its production at German 3D-house RTT.

Its producer, Bea, explained that the whole process – from coming up with the concept through to the result you see here – took about three and a half months. Although parts of the film evoke Tokyo, it’s not set there – for a start, as Bea points out, cars don’t drive on the right in Japan.

We’re pretty sure they don’t drive on the roof of tunnels, either, so we were keen to know more about the film’s symbolism.

Bea explained that the promo is thematically divided into four chapters, other than the intro and outro. The first driving sequence, during which iQ dodges cubes and defies physics in the tunnel, represents its agility, while the interior sequence that follows has a social theme.

The next driving sequence illustrates the car’s economy – it ends with iQ encountering a cube and releasing an ‘energy wave’, prompting the city-centre appearance of trees and grass.

The final section represents “iQ as your Zen in a busy city”, as the car first dodges the ghostly lights of other traffic, then the raindrops, before returning to a cube at the end.

Sadly, we’ve drawn a blank on the music, but we’ll keep digging.

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  1. The music is indeed “Empty Streets” by Late Night Alumni but the particular version in the iQ video is the Seamus Haji and Paul Emmanuel Mix

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