Toyota RAV4 restoration: part 3

The thorough restoration of our first-generation Toyota RAV4 reaches its conclusion with major bodyshop surgery, new panels and fresh two-tone paintwork.

Toyota RAV4 restoration: part 2

Our restoration of a first-generation Toyota RAV4 suddenly becomes more extensive as we find damage lurking behind the optional wheel arch extensions.

Toyota RAV4 restoration: part 1

Car restoration: we decided to buy and restore an early example of the first-generation Toyota RAV4 for the TGB heritage fleet.

Toyota hybrid SUV size guide

Toyota will soon have four distinct models in its hybrid SUV line-up. Understanding their dimensions is the first step in determining which will be the best fit for you.

History of The Toyota RAV4

History of the Toyota RAV4

The history of the niche-defining Toyota RAV4, from its arrival as the world’s first crossover SUV to its fifth-generation guise as the ultimate, all-hybrid go-anywhere, do-anything family vehicle.