1.1 – Discover the Toyota production process

Would you like to know more about how Toyota builds the cars we drive? Join us as we follow workers at Toyota’s production facility at Burnaston, Derbyshire. Using pictures, videos and interviews with staff, we’ll visit each of the factory’s seven separate workshops to help you understand what makes Toyota a world leader in vehicle manufacturing.

1.2 – Welcome to Burnaston

The day shift commences at 7:30am. But before work begins why not join us on a brief video tour of Toyota’s Burnaston production facility.

1.3 – Toyota in the UK

Our factory in Burnaston, Derbyshire, has been building Toyotas since 1992.¬†During that time millions of¬†vehicles have come off the production line. So far, the factory has built 11 different cars, from the Carina E through to the Corolla, Auris and Avensis. In 1992 there were just six variants of the Carina E to accommodate. Now there are some 120 versions of the Auris and Avensis to build… and the number keeps growing all the time.