First glimpse of new Toyota sports car concept

Toyota concept

Toyota concept


Would you like to ‘drive’ a brand-new Toyota sports car concept?

Gran Turismo 6, the latest version of the world’s best driving simulator game, launched worldwide last week. As well as including a TRD 86 Racing version of the GT86, Toyota committed to develop an exciting new sports car concept for the game that owners will be able to put through its paces.

Available as free downloadable content early in 2014, the collaboration between Toyota and developer Polyphony Digital forms part of the ambitious Vision Gran Turismo programme. Its purpose is to reward the franchise’s loyal fan-base with a unique window into the future of automotive design and celebrate 15 years of GT gaming history.

This is the only image available at the moment but any talk of Toyota and new sports cars always leads to speculation on the introduction of a spiritual successor to the Supra.

We never comment on speculation but it’s clear that there are familiar proportions in the shape of the silhouette…

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  1. – RWD
    – a 3,000cc Boxer engine with D-4S injection system
    – coupé
    – perfectly balanced
    – good handling
    – NOT the result of a BMW-TOYOTA joint venture: I don’t want to see the car sold as a BMW too.

  2. I sure would LOVE to Buy and Drive a New Toyota Super Car; (Supra type).
    4 Cylinder with Super Charger or Turbo Option
    6 Speed Manual Trans if not a 7 speed(Overdrive)
    And all of the usual Toyota quality and detail built in.
    I really think it’s Long overdue and would surely buy one right away. I have a Scion FR-S now; but wouldn’t hesitate to give the Scion to my Daughter and purchase one of the New Toyota Sports cars

  3. I would like

    1/ stretched 86 platform
    2/ 4 cylinders with intergrated turbo
    3/ rwd with hybrids R for efficientcy, and instant torque
    4/ battery pack, which helps weight distribution
    5/ selectable suspension drive modes
    6/ price 35-45k
    7/ no need to compete with any other cars. Supra on your own

  4. Toyota should keep away from BMW engines, I really don’t want any BMW engine in a Toyota sportscar. If the Lexus SC is the one to go against the NSX, the Supra should rather go against the Porsche 911/Cayman. I would prefer something lighter than more powerful.

    The Supra I would like should
    – have only 2 seats,
    – be light (CF cost-reduction thanks to BMW co-developed platform?)
    – be compact (<4.400 mm L, ~1.900 mm W, <1.250 mm H)
    – have short overhangs
    – have a mid-front mounted NA H/R (9.000 RPM) engine, with ITB's, dry sump, based on Toyota's 2.5l V6 and making ~300 PS
    – sending its power to the rear wheels
    – via a transaxle mounted dual-clutch gearbox
    – mated to a rear mounted (racing)hybrid-system.
    – be priced about € 50-60K (far less than anything equivalent or even inferior from Germany, Italy or United-Kingdom)
    – and looks modern and sharp, something that stand out from the mass (like Toyota FT-HS Concept or Lexus LF-NX Concept).

    I guess it won't happen. Actually there is no car that is like what I'm looking for: compact & light but powerfull, has a pure racing engine in small size (<3L), has its engine behind the front axle and its gearbox at the rear axle or is not "out-of-this-world" for me in terms of price and power and needs (Ferrari F12). But anyway, I welcome any Supra successor.

  5. I hope the new Toyota flagship sports car will actually use the Supra name. I was very disappointed when Toyota USA chose to call the Toyota 86 a Scion FR-S. I wish they had used the Celica name instead. The Supra name alone will sale. As for the car itself, I would like to see NA I6 or hybrid as a base $40k model. An I6 turbo or V8 for the RC-F at $50k would be nice. I don’t mind a hybrid model but along as Toyota offers a non-hybrid model as well.

  6. – Badged as Toyota Supra
    – $30-40k
    – Weight 3,000 pounds
    – RWD obviously
    – Boxer Motor Turbo, V6 NA, and V6 Turbo options.
    – GT86 platform
    – weight ratio balanced
    – Quality interior with Push to Start and Digital Climate Control
    – Easy to work under the hood
    – 300+ hp / 300+ tq

  7. I would like to see a BMW/Toyota joint effort with an inline-6 engine. One affordable model (30-40k USD) with a naturally aspirated I6 engine and one turbo I6 model (40-50k USD). Affordability is key though. There’s no point in making another car for the ultra-rich like the Nissan GTR and Porsche 911’s, as 98% of the population cannot afford it so it’d be nothing but a tease.

    The engine and aerodynamics should be tuned by the TMG team that designed the F1 and Le Mans cars for more performance and prestige. The engine note should be tuned by Yamaha like the LFA for F1-esque sounds. Make it look very similar to the last Mk4 Supra (curvy, aerodynamic, sporty). Transmission options should include a manual and dual clutch. The chassis should just be steel but with aluminum hood, roof, trunk, and aluminum or plastic front fenders. Use aluminum in areas of unsprung weight such as suspension arms/links, knuckles, and dampers. Use Brembo aluminum fixed calipers with two-piece discs and forged BBS wheels (Washi Beam Japan). Use double wishbone and/or multi-link based front and rear suspension (instead of MacPherson strut).

    Also, do not make it too wide or too long (around 1800mm wide and 2600mm wheelbase). Big cars tend to spoil the fun on the road and add weight. But having 2 small folding seats in the rear would help justify practicality for many. 225/45/18 is a good tire size to base it on and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are recommended. Same size tires front and rear would be nice for easier rotations, affordability, and playfulness (at least for the non-turbo model). Make sure the steering wheel has enough feedback and the handling is very predictable with a smooth and responsive power band without electronic traction and stability controls interfering too much. A limited slip differential should be standard. Also, make electronic systems programmable/customizable by driver in head unit. The Lexus LFA based digital display gauge would be an attractive choice.

    The car should essentially be a bigger brother to the GT86 and more of a competitor to the Nissan 370Z (for the non-turbo) and the base Cayman & Corvette (for the turbo model). If you get the styling, engine sounds, and performance/fun factor right at a low enough price, it could be a legendary and very successful car. Let me know if you’d like me to help design one for you. 😉

  8. I thinking a new Supra will underpin the new Lexus RC350/RC-F. Same way the the MK4 Supra and SC300 shared platforms. Have a base NA V6 model and than a V6 turbo or V8 as a high performance flagship trim.

  9. Toyota does not need to go after the NSX or GT-R. Those cars will be $100k + cars. Besides Lexus has the upcoming LF-LC that will compete with those two. A new Supra should have the C7 Crovette insight. For the love of God please do not make the MK5 Supra a hybird!!! Take the 86/FR-S platform and streched it and modified it to handle more power. Than drop in BMW’s straight six and price it at $45k and Toyota will have a Corvette killer 😉

  10. Toyota really does need a new Supra. Honda is working on their new hybrid NSX. Nissan has said the next R36 GT-R will be a hybrid as well. Your move Toyota.

  11. As long as the concept turns into a real v6-hybrid Supra we’ve all lusting after! It’s long overdue (but would be worth the wait!)

    1. Hi Andrew
      Thanks for your post.
      No news on a Supra replacement at this stage unfortunately but good to hear of your interest. We will be sure to post the very latest news on our Blog though so stay tuned.

      1. Pretty sure I read somewhere that there will be a “Supra” (or something to that effect) released sometime in 2015, but not in the UK market. Apparently it will be a collaboration effort with BMW, which I know Toyota are currently working with on new Diesel engines and BMW hybrid systems. Probably just speculation at this stage but I thought it seemed appropriate to add it to this blog.

        1. Hi Jason
          Thanks for your reply.
          There has been a lot of media speculation regarding a new Supra but officially we have made no announcement regarding a replacement car. With regard to our collaboration with BMW, they will be supplying us with diesel engines the first of which is in our Verso model. We will also be working with them on next generation lithium ion batteries and the joint development of a fuel cell system. Finally we are working together to develop a joint platform concept for a mid sized sports car as well as lightweight materials. Again no news at this stage but stay tuned to our Blog.
          Hope this helps answer but let us know if you have any other questions.

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