First images of Toyota’s brand new model: Verso-S mini-MPV

This year’s Paris motor show, taking place from 2-17 October, will host the world premiere of the Verso-S, an all-new Toyota that will launch in the UK early next year.

Toyota Verso-S

Verso-S is a mini-MPV designed to complement the Yaris in the compact car sector. The last time Toyota offered a model in this segment was the Yaris Verso in 2005. Five years on, the new Verso-S is a thoroughly modern car that manages to be small yet spacious and smart.

Verso-S benefits from having the shortest overall length of any mini-MPV in Europe – less than four metres – and its practical, flexible interior design ensures a maximum feeling of space, comfort and quality.

Toyota Verso-S

Now you’ve seen the first shots of the new Verso-S, let us know your impressions of the next addition to the Toyota range.

Breaking news: Small cars are big news at this year’s Paris show, as Toyota will also be announcing upgrades for iQ and Aygo. We’ll have to wait until later this month to reveal more, but we can tell you the enhancements include a new interior trim for the iQ and a new multimedia system for Aygo. With Toyota also celebrating 10 years of full hybrid technology at the show, make sure you check back to the blog nearer to the event for all the news from the Toyota stand.

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  1. We have 2 Toyota’s at the present time, a Yaris and a Verso both T-Spirits and D4D and love them both, but it’s time to down size the Verso so the Verso-S looks good to us. But you only list the petrol engine so will you be including the D4D engine in this new Verso S as we both cover quite a lot of miles per year and find the mpg of the D4D perfect for our needs.


  2. Hi
    looks a great little car

    I will be ordering one ASAP
    Will the UK T- Spirt with Sat Nav have climate or manual A/C?

    Is there a sunblind on the inside of the huge fixed sunroof?


    1. Hi Jerry,

      We can’t wait to see the Verso-S on the road.

      In answer to your questions, the T Spirit grade comes with manual A/C and there is a fully opaque, electric retractable sunshade for the panoramic roof. The sunshade will match the rest of the interior of the car.

      Don’t forget to let us know when your car arrives and how you get on with it.

  3. Looking at the packaging of the IQ,could the Verso S contain seven seats within its compact body-perhaps that is what the S signifies !

  4. I’ve driven the existing Yaris Verso since it came out and am extreemly happy with it. If this model has the chairs folding under the floor…put me down for one..I could have sold mine 10 times over with the interest people have shown due to the capacity.
    Roll on 2011

    1. I echo Fiona’s comment, in that I have been trying to find a used Yaris Verso automatic for my sister, with zero joy.

      Why on Earth do Toyota and other manufacturers kill such successful, beautifully thought out models which would sell steadily, year in and year out? Managers trying to justify bonuses, I suppose.

      I’m still looking because I don’t want to wait until 2011 when VAT shoots up to 20% and, regardless of that, the new Verso-S may have a similar layout to the Yaris Verso, but it is ugly in comparison.

  5. Doesn’t look like anything new to me.

    Looks like a Yaris crossed with a CMax and some sort of Nissan. Hope it will sell well as I like Toyotas, but fear it won’t unless they do something radical with it such as a hybrid version, though how they’ll fit the HSD into a car that size makes me wonder.

  6. MPVs are used for distance as well as town driving so have to offer comfort and refinement. Citroen, Peugeot and Renault have realised this. The new Golf Plus is much more refined. Has Toyota got the message?

  7. So thats the Mini MPV covered
    But with Wife, Three Kids, Mother in Law, and the dog. And then the luggage, even if its a picnic, it wont fit.

    Can we have the Alphard please? Hybrid would suit me 🙂

      1. Standard Verso What Car Review
        For- There’s has lots of space in the front two rows of seats and a big boot in five-seat mode. All versions are decent to drive and have lots of safety kit

        Against – The Verso isn’t as roomy or as clever as some MPV rivals, and refinement isn’t great – there’s too much wind and road noise.

        The ISN’T as ROOMY puts me off.

        When the Baby fills its nappy, I want to be a few metres away, which I would be in an Alphard 🙂

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