Frankfurt motor show: more news on Auris HSD


We’ve picked up on some exciting tweets from the Toyota team at Frankfurt, passing on more news about the new Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive and Toyota’s hybrid power ambitions for the near future.

Speaking at the show, Guillaume Gerondeau, Toyota Motor Europe’s director of product planning, said that customers for the new full hybrid Auris will not be seeking the same high level of technology as those who buy Prius, but will still want the kind of smooth relaxed drive that hybrid power provides.

He added that Toyota expects the car to have CO2 levels below 100g/km, but not lower than the 89g/km achieved by new Prius.

We have already learned about Toyota’s plan to have a hybrid version available in all its European models by 2020, but Gerondeau said that 10 Toyota hybrids will be on sale here within the next five years. This is very exciting stuff so we’ll let you know as soon as we hear what these hybrids might be.

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  1. I can understand brian l’s and Peter G’s disappointment with their rattly gen 3s. My brand new gen2 rattled so much I nearly traded it for an Avensis within the first few weeks. But hang in there…I went after the rattles and discovered they all came from the underfloor tray and the trim around it. I got rid of most of them with some felt, though the design of the boot floor panel means it’s free to move over harsh bumps. With a fully packed boot the rattles vanish. Five years and 60K later, the car has been totally reliable, looks as good as new, and feels tighter than many newer cars I’ve driven. My feeling is that the underlying build quality of the Prius is exceptional, as is the quality of its drivetrain, but some poor trim design, possibly the result of a quest for lightness, has made the car susceptible to rattles in certain places.

  2. I’m now two weeks into driving my TSpirit and am very impressed with its performance in town and on the motorway. An It’s an extremely comfortable and relaxing car to drive. The only gripes I have are that I can’t turn off the reversing beep (what is the point of that inside the car – I know it’s in reverse) and a creak/rattle under the dashboard when going over bumps.

    1. Hi again Richard,

      The reverse beep can’t be turn off fully, but you can stop it from beeping continuously. If you take your T Spirit back to a Toyota Centre, you should be able to get it adjusted. This came up on the blog before – for more, see here.

      As for the rattle, your first port of call should be the dealer you purchased your Prius from – have you consulted them?

    2. Hi,
      owner of a GENIII Prius here 6000km (Belgium)…
      I have a rattle from the area of the speaker nearby the windshield at the passenger side.
      I have a rattle from the area at the bottom of the speedometer (when i place my hand on it, it stops, but not a safe solution)
      I have a high pitched ticking sometimes from the drivers side door (this when the car is outside for a day when it’s cold) think it’s the lock because when i open the windshield and i close the door, and i pull/push the door i hear the ticking in the doorlock area from the outside.

      All these noises togheter make it a sad experience and the rest of the positive points of the car can’t make it good for me.

      Conclusion: baddest toyota quality experience in 15 years of driving several GOOD toyotas (Corolla/Avensis/Rav4)

      Hope my dealer will get some solutions soon because otherwise i’m sure i will trade it for something less rattling…

      1. Hi there,

        Sorry to hear about your rattles. We’re collating feedback on rattles as a number of Prius drivers seem to have experienced them, so thanks for your detailed comments. However, as you are based in Belgium and this blog is associated with Toyota GB only, I will pass your query to someone at Toyota Motor Europe to check out too. Do you object to being contacted by email? (Your email address is visible to me as a moderator.)

  3. @Eric Warriss
    All I can say is you must have very low expectations. I am not a Gen III owner but I was ready to buy one, but that all changed after my test drive (as already mentioned in an earlier post). My Audi A3 is a mass produced car, but it does NOT have a single rattle or creak, so if Audi can do it, why can’t Toyota? The HSD side of the car is truly amazing, but the build quality is not.

  4. In the 1940s there was a radio show called ITMA,
    One character was called MONA LOT.
    I think that she must be reborn as Mk3 Prius owners.
    The car is NOT a bespoke item, it is mass produced to a better than avearge standard.
    Appreciate the car for what it is.
    I find that I do not want to arrive at my destination, because I will then have to get out of the car.

    1. In reply to Eric Warriss – I would dearly love to be able to say that I don’t want to arrive at my destination, but the truth is I can’t wait to get there so I can get away from the rattles. Many of the features of the car are truly wonderful, but mine (and I may be unfortunate, but judging from other’s comments I am not alone) rattles more like a £200 ten year old banger than a £20000 new car.

  5. Sorry to hear of your problems Brian l, it seems forums are full of people with rattling & creaking Gen III’s. I think the car was rushed out to take sales away from the awful Honda Insight. I cannot understand why with all the road testing Toyota must have done that they can release a car to the public with such poor build quality. I could accept the low rent dash materials if it didn’t rattle or creak, but the combination of both is totally unacceptable IMHO.

    I have to disagree about your comments on the gear selector though. Every automatic I have ever driven has been forward for Reverse (and park)and back for Drive (and lower gears)

    Best of luck getting your rattles sorted.

  6. As a G3 Prius owner I hope the hybrid Auris will be better thought out than the Prius.

    Overall I’m bitterly disappointed with my new Prius – it’s a rattlebucket (mainly from the back end), not helped by the cheapskate tonneau cover (a proper parcels shelf might help make some of the rattles less audible). The reversing camera doesn’t cover the whole width of the vehicle and the rear extremities also aren’t visible in the rear view mirrors, so reversing is a nightmare.

    The gear selector is also a problem – as it’s “drive by wire” why can’t we have a gear selector that you push to the front when you want to go forward and to the back when you want to reverse. The opposite arrangement on the Prius is illogical and can cause errors (I have already slightly damaged a wheel and irreparably damaged a tyre as a result of this illogicality).

    A potentially good car severely let down by poor attention to detail.

  7. I agree with the comment from Pete G about the quality of the new Prius. The fact that the demonstrator I drove at my dealer rattled like an old tea trolley is the reason I put my cheque book away – VERY dissapointing!

  8. “customers for the new full hybrid Auris will not be seeking the same high level of technology as those who buy Prius, but will still want the kind of smooth relaxed drive that hybrid power provides.
    He added that Toyota expects the car to have CO2 levels below 100g/km, but not lower than the 89g/km achieved by new Prius”

    These few words demonstrate clearly, Toyota’s marketing department has no insight whatsoever in to the views and expectations of its new customer base.

    Pete (new Toyota customer, Prius T-Spirit, blown away by it’s technology but sickened by quality, customer relations and marketing issues that would upset the buyer of a base model Aygo)

  9. the prius is fantastic, shoud have electric retractable wing mirrors and parking sensors as standard, im waiting to view the auris

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