Geneva motor show: 2010 RAV4 goes live

With the world premiere of the full-hybrid Aurid HSD and the first European showing of the FT-86 Sports Concept both taking place at this year’s Geneva motor show, you would be forgiven for thinking Toyota had more than enough to unveil to the world’s press. Think again. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 2010 RAV4…


Complete with a restyled, more aerodynamic front-end, the new RAV4 offers a full range of Toyota Optimal Drive powertrains for the very first time in the UK. This means that buyers will have the option of 2.0-litre Valvematic petrol and 2.2-litre D-4D and D-CAT diesel engines. A six-speed manual gearbox will also be available, as well as Toyota’s Mutridrive S and six-speed automatic transmissions. CO2 emissions start from just 150 g/km.


Toyota hasn’t just focused on the technical spec. Every passenger will feel the benefit of the new leather and Alcantara interior, ensuring that Europe’s original recreational compact SUV comes with an added touch of luxury in 2010 and beyond.

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  1. I have heard that after 4000 miles the suspension adjusts or whatever and you get better mileage like 35.4+ so keep driving while the petrol is kinda cheap 🙂

  2. Purchased new RAV4 2.2D manual on 4th November to replace a Subaru Legacy Diesel(same CO2 and theoretical combined mpg as RAV4). Do the same 80 mile commute at the same speed every day – Subaru averaged 49.2 over 67000 miles, so far RAV 4 under 40 mpg – hope it improves with a few miles on it or it will be back to a Subaru.
    Had a real fright when I hit a long puddle at about 50 mph, vehicle lurched violently left right, left right, I think motorcyclists call it a “tank Slapper”, must have been the electronics shoving all the torque through whichever wheel had contact – Subaru with mechanical four wheel drive never had this problem – not sure this purchase was a wise one.

  3. Hi, We are currently looking at purchasing a Rav4 around 07/57 reg. We like the look of the XT-R without a spare wheel on the back. If we were to remove the plastic storage under the boot floor, would this give enough room to store a full size spare?

  4. Hi I have a Toyota Rav4 and I have driven it more than 300 miles on the motor way for 3 times and the mpg that i am getting is 33 on the motorway. This does not sound correct for some reason can anyone help and tell me the correct mpg that it is supose to be on the motorway and in the city much appreciated.

    1. I have an XTR automatics and I done 900 miles so far best on motorway was 32.3. I usually do not get any better than 31.7

  5. I’ve now done nearly 6000 miles and monitor consumption at every fill-up. I have had a few returns of just less than 40mpg but this was in holiday traffic and short journeys.

    Last few showing 40.8 and 41.02, again with a mix of driving conditions.( I don’t think I’d ever get near 45!)

    I’m very concerned with the softness and gauge of the metal bodywork. My passenger door now has three noticeable dents, presumably through people opening their doors onto mine. I’m consiering fitting the black side protectors. My previous car, a Jaguar ‘X’ type was like a tank compared to this model RAV .

  6. Hi All

    New RAV4 (XT-R 2.2 D4D) in March 2010. Currently getting 45mpg+ which includes a lot of long journeys (mix of A-roads and motorways which I think is pretty good and certainly better than a CR-V diesel I once had. Bluetooth, contrary to other reports I’ve seen on the web is excellent – I’ve used a Nokia 6303 and now a BlackBerry 8310 – call receipients comment on the high clarity/quality. Only thing I can’t get either phone to do is transfer the entire address book. The only downside so far is that the paintwork (Astral Black) seems incredibly ‘soft’ and the number of stone chips is quite alarming – don’t know if this is just where I’ve been or if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. Overall, however, very pleased with the vehicle.

    1. Simon – thanks for the mpg; I’m on 38.8mpg and 8,800 miles at the moment – will raise on first service which is due soon.

      re: paintwork – also have black and so far seems OK, no scratches from overgrown branches/thorns that occasionally brush past car on drive and only 1 noticeable chip at the moment.

      Bluetooth on the iPhone connects quickly and has great call quality – would have been great to use bluetooth for audio like podcasts etc. rather than aux cable. Gave up on transferring address book though.

    2. We purchased our 2.2 D4D “Black” Rav last November-handling performance and ride is fantastic. We were concerned about fuel consumption at first,(not achieving the advertised 20% improvement) However the car has now done about 8000 miles, and on a steady motorway run at 70mpg shows about 46mpg on the computer display after zero’ing. So appears to be getting there very slowly.(will report again in another few thousand miles) We had some stone chips on the bonnet after a few weeks,- would go for a metalic finish next time. Don’t like the offset rear wiper-appears to have been made for a left hand drive car!

  7. some country’s will get a spare at the back and others wont ( it will hang underneath like the fortuner and Hilux).

    If the model in your country currently have a spare on the back it will most probably get one with New generation. Also see the new Prado as an example of this as some countries have a spare mounted at the rear and others dont.

  8. The lack of spare wheel on the new RAV really does concern me.I will be changing my car next year and would love to replace my current RAV with a new one.Will Toyota supply a spare wheel if requested – it would be nice to know the tyre/puncture proceedure in any event.

    1. Hi got my rav4 18 dec 2010 (1600 miles) told punture repair system ok got punture today repair kit was no use called toyota assistance explained problem aa would be 1hr 20 infact 1hr 40 said toyota repair only good for thorns his gunk also failed temp repair insert plug worked taken to tyre repair shop 4 proper repair 4 1/2 hr from punture to back on road mother’s day from hell now looking for space saver spare would advise Call a tyre firm not Toyota

  9. Hi
    I have had a RAV4(2004 model) for the last 4 years and went to inquire about a brand new model, which was just within my budget, only to discover that a new face lift model had just been released and the price has risen by approx £2.5k??
    The Toyota name has been tainted with recent call backs and I would have thought they would be trying to encourage customers rather than put them off with price increases ??
    Can you advise why there has been an increase in price when the basic car has not changed ?
    I am now thinking about purchasing the Hyundai Santa Fe as i can get a lot more for my money !!

  10. After 4 RAV’s we have decided to exchange for a new Nissan ONLY because of the tyre puncture policy of the RAV and Toyota. We have had three punctures in the last year and in each case heve had to call out the RAC as I cannot understand the puncture repair procedure and as there is no spare wheel. Why does the RAV not have a spare wheel as other makes have?

    1. Hi Tina,

      I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment. Please contact Customer Relations – they’re best placed to handle your concerns over the puncture repair procedure. You can reach them on 01737 367 600. Many thanks.

  11. Hi,

    Anyone got any further info on when the changes/improvements from the facelifted version are going to be made public?
    Was going to sign on dotted line for a CR-V auto diesel but would be extremely interested to see if I need to hold off or not.


  12. Bought a new RAV4 a couple of weeks ago and am now disappointed that customers like me were not told about new warranty/service deal. I am not surprised Toyota are losing their good reputation when they treat customers like this. Have tried to get questions about the bluetooth system answered by Toyota but the phones always seem to be down and e-mails etc are ignored. Poor poor poor!!!!!

    1. Hi Robert,

      The ‘Your Choice. Our Promise.’ offer was only announced to Toyota Centres on 25 March, so your Centre may not have been aware of the offer at the time you purchased your RAV4. However, you may still be eligible for the offer. Please contact the Centre you bought from directly – they will be happy to discuss this with you.

      As for your questions about Bluetooth, is there anything I can do to help?

      1. Thanks for your reply. Iunderstand there is a list from Toyota of compatible phones for the RAV4 bluetooth system.Can you point me in the direction of said list. My Nokia only partly works in that you cannot transfer the phonebook by phone only manually.This means that when there is an incoming call you are unable to identify who is calling. I have also paired up my wifes phone (same phone model) but when it comes to input the phonebook manually you get a message saying “too similar” which means that for almost all the numbers on the phone you cannot transfer to the car system because they are the same as on my phone. How do you overcome this problem without inventing some sort of code to give to the numbers.

          1. Hi again
            Thanks for your reply. I have now received a response from Customer relations at Toyota but to be able to get in touch with someone at the technical department you have to use a PREMIUM RATE phone line. Surely after spending around £25000 on a new car technical advice should be available at no extra cost. This is Mr Scrooge on a grand scale. Returning to my Nokia phone – there is no problem with the phone as it works fully with other models of cars and I have also tried work colleagues phones on my RAV all with the same result. These include Samsung Nokia and i phones. I feel cheated that I have purchased a supposedly fully bluetoothed car only to find it is only part operational

  13. Ordered a RAV in March. Wish I had known about new/facelift model coming later this year. Wondered why there was a very limited colour choice… said they did not know any reason for limited choice!!!! Makes you think….

  14. New RAV turning up Tuesday, personally I prefer the look of the existing one over this and I know a lot of people do….. no doubt the new one will be more expensive and for what? A slightly different nose, an extra engine choice I believe?
    Very happy with my choice and don’t feel I’m missing out on anything here really! The existing one is still a great looking car!

  15. Im confused. The Uk website is still calling the current Rav4 ‘new’ after its update only 12 months ago, when the optimal drive engines etc where fitted and the bumpers/lights/dash were updated. So apart from another set of new bumpers/lights/dash – what is actually new about the 2010 model? Should I bother waiting until June?

  16. We love our three door RAV4 but it’s getting a bit old in the tooth and we would like to change it. Why is there no three door version in the new range ? Surely we are not the only ones with this view ?

    1. Hi again David,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

      I spoke to the RAV4 specialist for you. He told me that, essentially, the RAV4 has ‘evolved’ into a five-door vehicle over time – there are now no three-door versions.

      Sorry about this, but we hope that with the full range of engines now on offer, you’ll find a new RAV4 to suit you.

  17. In these financially hard times, I would dearly like to know why TOYOTA don’t release the FORTUNER in the UK and Europe. It would surely boost sales to have this amazing vehicle on the market here for those who want something bigger than the RAV and smaller than the LANDCRUISER.

    1. Hi John,

      I can tell you that the new RAV4 will be available from June. All the information we have at this time is detailed in the post above, but we’ll be sure to post any more we receive. Watch this space.

  18. When is the newly styled RAV available in the UK; just ordered one today and wanting to know if worth waiting a little while longer!

      1. Hi Melissa,

        Picked up new RAV on Saturday – as a measure of goodwill would Toyota UK upgrade me to new version in June!?

      2. …hoping that I will be able to trade in RAV4 picked up on Saturday with new one as soon as it comes out – hoping that Toyota UK will work with dealer to make this happen!

        1. Slightly concerned that my new RAV (3,000 miles in 6 weeks) is returning a lot less mpg than my previous one; previous averaged 43mpg; new one down to 37mpg…

          Anybody else have similar experiences?

          One of the main reasons for upgrading was the better fuel economy but it seems to have gone about 5mpg the wrong way…

          1. I bought mine in 2nd week of April (2.2 d XTR)

            I’ve filled up only twice, once at 450 miles, and again at 921 miles which gave averages of 42.59 and 43.55 respectively, although I have been driving fairly ‘quietly’ (which is out of character!) and does include two 180 mile round trips on country roads, and the rest fairly local with a mix of traffic conditions

            Due to fill-up again, i’ll post next mpg.

          2. Currently at 8,000 miles and just under 38mpg – not right surely…

            Waiting for first service to raise as no official response from Toyota here.

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