#GoFunYourSelfie winners drive the new Toyota Aygo

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Last weekend, we took the winners of our GoFunYourSelfie Facebook competition to Rotterdam to be the first to test drive the exciting all-new Toyota Aygo ahead of its UK launch on July 1st.

Our winners Amit Chudasama, Hollie Maides and Suzanne Heath showed their fun side with the winning pictures they posted to the Toyota UK Facebook page (Suzanne could not travel, so her son Dexter Green and his girlfriend Amy Bradley came along in her place).

Amit owns an iQ and was joined by his colleague Stacey Powell, while Aygo driver Hollie came with her mum Emma.

As well as tours of some of Rotterdam’s amazing new buildings and architecture, eating out at FG Food Labs, one of the city’s top experimental restaurants and staying in the hip Nhow hotel, they drove the new Aygo on a variety of roads in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, including motorways and busy city-centre streets. Here’s what they thought of the car.

Aygo Amit

Amit showed that there’s an Aygo to match your style with his red and white shirt. He said: “I really like the looks of it and have been looking forward to driving it. It’s really nice – it’s small and easy to drive but actually surprisingly spacious inside. We drove on the motorway and sometimes small cars feel a bit exposed but it feels really solid and stable.

“I really like Toyota and I think the new Aygo is a great car. The personalisation options are really cool – the X on the front is different to every other small car, and I like that you can update the car if you’ve had it for a while. That gives it a real personality of its own.”

Aygo x-cite Stacey

Stacey Powell, Amit’s guest, said: “I think it’s great. It looks  modern and I really like the orange colour because it really stands out – it’s bright and totally different. In fact, all of colours are really nice and it’s clever that you can make different combinations with the changeable parts.”

Aygo Dexter

Dexter Green told us he found the Aygo more impressive than he’d expected. “It’s delightful to be honest,” he said. “It’s a small car and quite cheap to buy so wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is – it actually sounds quite sporty.

“It’s a lot of fun and I think the designers have hit the nail on the head. It’s a lot more futuristic-looking than everything else around. It was interesting to find out that they used Japanese influences like Astro Boy and the Manga comics, you can see that coming through in the details.

“It’s really nice inside and I’m quite tall but I found it had plenty of space for me. I like the idea of changing the colours but I’m not sure Amy would let me be in charge of choosing if I was buying one as I’d probably want green and purple or something horrible!”

Aygo Dexter Amy 2

Amy added: “I think it looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is. It actually feels quite big and comfortable inside; you don’t feel like it’s a small car at all.

“I’d pick the x-pression model in white with the black X and the red details. It’s just really cool and would stand out from everything else because of the three colours. I think it’s really nice looking and like the options you have to make it your own.”


Hollie Maides drives a 2006 Aygo – it’s her first car. She told us: “I like that my Aygo is easy to drive but this is just as simple. The new one is quite similar to mine because it’s small and really easy to drive, but it’s more fun and better-looking. I’d definitely have one for my next car.

“It just looks more modern and it’s a new style that I haven’t really seen before on other cars. I love the reversing camera and the screen, I’d really love to have them. It’s nice that you can get those kind of features in a small car now, I wouldn’t have expected it to have them. Actually, the whole interior is much more up to date – it feels really nice to use all the gadgets.”

Aygo Hollie Emma

Hollie’s mum Emma added: “I really like Hollie’s Aygo, it’s quite a cute car but it’s interesting to see this new one as it does look different. I like the idea that it’s got quite a lot of gadgets and it’s safe and cheap to run. It doesn’t feel slow either and it’s nice to drive. I don’t drive on motorways much in the UK but I felt fine with this, it feels really safe and secure.”

The new Toyota Aygo goes on sale in the UK on Tuesday, July 1st 2014. Find out more about the car here.

You can also see our Aygo hub page to see all you need to know about the new Aygo. You can also find out what the experts think about the car in our Aygo reviews round-up.

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By Will McManus

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