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2019 Festival of Speed: six Toyota-tastic Goodwood moments

Tomorrow marks the opening of the 2019 Festival of Speed. It is an event that Toyota will be supporting this year with a host of attractions, not least the dynamic debut of the new GR Supra GT4 Concept up the famous hill climb.

Countless memories will be forged over the course of the 2019 Festival of Speed, which got us thinking about other unforgettable Toyota-tastic moments from years past. Here are six that stand out in our minds.

1. What an entrance!

Rod Millen’s first appearance at the Festival of Speed in 2002 set a phenomenally high bar in terms of performance. Behind the wheel of a Toyota Celica specially prepared for the Pikes Peak hill climb in the Rocky Mountains, the Kiwi not only set the fastest time of the year (47.40 seconds) but brought a new kind of turbocharged spectacle to the event.

2. Tacoma in the all-time top ten

Rod Millen’s awesome follow-up to the Celica (see above) was the Tacoma pick-up, once again originally prepared to tackle Pikes Peak. In its regular visits to the Festival of Speed it has been among the fastest and most dramatic machines up the hill. The best of these times was set in 2003, when its 45.08sec pass put it in Goodwood’s all-time top ten fastest, a position it still holds.

3. Allan McNish’s ‘untimed’ time

Modern Formula One cars may not be allowed to set official timed runs on the 1.16-mile hill climb but according to our unofficial stopwatches, Allan McNish’s blast in the Toyota TF102 in 2002 got pretty close to the official record of 41.60sec. Just listen to that V10 sing…

4. Battle of the Celicas

In 2011 two highly charged four-wheel drive Celica models using similar underpinnings – Johnny Milner’s sixth-generation and Adrian Smith’s seventh-generation – battled for the fastest time up the hill. Smith’s earlier time of 50.05sec was significantly faster than the competition (see video above)… until Milner’s orange car eclipsed it with a ballistic 48.07sec run that put everybody bar the single-seater drivers in the shade.

5. Toyota’s central display

Festival of Speed

For the 2007 Festival of Speed, renowned sculptor Gerry Judah created the central display in honour of Toyota’s 75th anniversary and our 50th anniversary of involvement in international motorsport. The sculpture was inspired by traditional Japanese torii gates, upon which hung five key models from various motorsport disciplines: a TS010 and GT-One Le Mans cars, a Toyota-powered Indycar, the TF107 Formula 1 car and a Celica GT-Four rally machine.

6. On-board and off-road

In 2013, off-road racing ace Giniel de Villiers won Goodwood’s Best Driver Award for his phenomenal skills in the Dakar Hilux through the event’s Forest Rally Stage. This onboard footage shows his skills to good effect as he threads the Hilux along the tight, tree-lined route.

We could include so many more great Goodwood memories, but we want to know what your favourite Toyota moments have been. Leave us a comment below! Additionally, let us know if you’re attending the 2019 Festival of Speed.

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