Hilux How To: Using Rear Differential Lock

To get you out of the toughest spots, all models of the new Toyota Hilux are equipped with Rear Differential Lock. If you’re on a slippery surface and one of Hilux’s rear wheels is spinning, Rear Differential Lock assists the low-ratio L4 mode to give you the extra traction and control needed to keep moving.

Discover how to use Rear Differential Lock in our short film, or read on below for more details.


Rear Differential Lock can only be activated when Hilux is in low-ratio L4 mode – for instructions on how to activate L4 mode, see this post.

To engage Rear Differential Lock, make sure that Hilux is travelling less than 5mph and that the wheels are not spinning.

Push the switch to activate Rear Differential Lock, and gently press the accelerator. If possible, drive with the steering wheel turned. The dashboard indicator light will flash and stay on when the system is locked.

Rear Differential Lock

As soon as you regain traction, disable Rear Differential Lock by pressing the switch again and continue on your way.

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    1. Because diff lock is beneficial only when you need absolute traction and torque when your vehicle is stuck in the mud. If you can go more than 5 mph then you’re not stuck. Also if you use diff lock when going more than 5 mph, you will have hard time controlling your vehicle because it tends to go in straight line. You also risk the chance of breaking expensive drivetrain components.

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