How To Use Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

How to use a tyre repair kit

A tyre repair kit is one of the most important pieces of emergency equipment you can carry in your car – offering a quick and safe-to-use alternative to a space-saving or full-sized spare tyre.

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It’s reckoned that on average, UK motorists suffer a puncture once every five years. Tyre repair kits reduce road-side risk by a factor of five and more than halve the time a car is immobilised (source: Tyre manufacturer Continental).

Using a Tyre Repair Kit can be quicker, easier and safer than jacking up your car to change wheels, which means you’ll spend less time in a potentially dangerous situation at the roadside.

The kits also reduce a car’s overall weight, and therefore improve fuel economy.

In this short video, we show you the simple steps you should follow to use a tyre repair kit correctly, and describe the situations in which you should use it.

Finally, it’s important to remember that  all new Toyotas come with 12 months free AA roadside cover. If you can’t use the Tyre Repair Kit, or don’t feel confident then contact the AA to arrange roadside recovery.

See also:
Toyota Touch & Go, Touch & Go+ and Toyota Touch Pro FAQs
How to use the Toyota Touch and Touch & Go multimedia systems
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By Dan Strong

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  1. I recently had my infrequent tyre blow out on my front passenger side whilst travelling in Devon out in the sticks down a minor B road when hitting a pothole at a low speed. Luckily my Toyota had a spare tyre, which we could easily fit. When I drove to the tyre replacement company they advised the tyre wall was so damaged it would not have reflated with a repair kit. The alternative with the repair kit on board would have been to sit around and wait for the AA to bring a spare tyre to fit, or get a truck down the B road to load the car on to. As a real service consideration Toyota should give the option to customers to make the decision to carry a spare, even if Toyota have to advise reduced fuel consumption figures. I’m purchasing the Corolla 1.8 Excel Hybrid which will not fit a spare tyre, though the Corolla 1.8 Design will. Why???

  2. Your article is very informative. It’s a welcome change from other supposed informational content. Your points are unique and original in my opinion. I agree with many of your points.

  3. Hi David

    Please pass this extract onto all Toyota Managers and Directors.

    The REAL reason car firms won’t give you a spare tyre: Manufacturers scrimp on installing extra wheels to cut costs
    •Firms save around £100 every time they don’t install a spare tyre in car
    •Instead customers are left to fend for themselves with ‘repair kits’
    •Drivers now resort to buying spare wheels too keep in their boots
    Fewer car manufacturers are installing spare tyres in vehicles, leaving customers no option but to phone for roadside help when they get a puncture.
    Almost half of new cars are sold without a spare wheel at all — they are equipped with a repair kit: basically some sealant and an air pump that you use to temporarily fix the tyre.

    The problem is that too often the instructions seem to be written in Double-Dutch, and the kits are also not capable of fixing anything other than a small puncture.
    The obvious knock-on effect of this development is that many motorists,are having to summon the help of roadside breakdown services such as the AA, rather than simply change their wheels themselves.
    The RAC says that last year 94,000 customers called the service after being left stranded without a spare wheel — a threefold rise from just 29,000 calls in 2010.

    Of course, while changing a wheel should take no more than ten to 15 minutes (if one is reasonably competent), waiting for a breakdown service can take hours.
    And that’s not including the time to get to a repair centre, replace the damaged wheel, and then get back on one’s way.

    So with all the inconvenience brought about from the lack of a spare wheel, why on earth are car manufacturers so insistent on killing them off?

    The answer, of course, is money.

    For manufacturers, not providing a spare wheel can easily save them around £100 per car.

    With mass-produced models, that means savings of tens of millions for these global giants.

    Naturally, car makers claim the reasons are nothing to do with cost-cutting, but they are doing it because they are supposedly so eager to save us money.

    Pull the other one. The common excuse wheeled out by these industrial behemoths is that the spare wheel decreases the miles per gallon you get from your car. True, but the amount is trifling, with some estimates placing the figure at an increase of just a fifth of a mile to a gallon.

    The kits only work with certain types of punctures. If you have a big cut, or have hit the sidewall of the tyre, then the kit won’t help.

    The other problem is that even if you have managed to get the sealant to work, the residue means the tyre can no longer be permanently repaired at a garage, so you have to buy a new one.
    Ultimately, it looks like there is little we as drivers can do, apart from vote with our feet, and buy cars from manufacturers who still have a wheel to spare.

    P.S can somebody tell me why I am unable to even order a spare wheel for my GT86!
    The first six months in Australia they had a full size spare, but they now get the gunk instead.

    1. HI David,
      Just had a puncture repaired on my 2015 Yaris. Why is there no instruction in the handbook on how to reset my Tyre Monitoring System. How is this done?

      1. Hi David,
        Thank you for your post. We would recommend visiting your local Toyota Dealer who will be able to reset this for you. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  4. Hi David
    Tyre and wheel section

    Tyre Repair kit, (theses are next to useless) standard

    Space Saver Spare Wheel Optional

    It does not state that you do not get a Jack and Wheel Brace!

    I have been in touch with Toyota Customer Services and requested a full kit F.O.C. and they can have the rubbish they supply AS STANDARD back IN EXCHANGE. It should be stated quite clearly that you do not get a jack and brace even when you supply the rubbish gunk.

    As to weight saving I think somebody has worked out that the extra would use 64p worth of petrol every thousand miles, so it is obviously down the bean counters at Toyota cost saving. This I can quite believe as you now charge £250 for white paint! it’s a total rip off. I or my family will never buy another Toyota until they re-instate the facility to at least Jack up the car and take the wheel off.

  5. Just changed our 2011 Yaris SR that came with a Space Saver Spare, Wheel Brace and a Jack, for a Yaris Sport that comes with A TYRE REPAIR KIT! NO WHEEL BRACE OR JACK but the Yaris broacher does not state the lack of wheel brace and jack so that you can just walk away from the sale. I have been driving for 51 years and have never owned a car without a Jack and Wheel Brace and spare Wheel and am not about to start now, I will try and return the Yaris as totally unsuitable along with the recently purchased GT86 that also comes without a Wheel Brace and Jack also not stated in all the info. I have purchased quite a few Toyota’s since 2001 but will now only buy if supplied with all the above.

    1. Hi Graham
      Thank you for your post.
      We are sorry to learn of your disappointment with the provision of the tyre repair kit and we now provide these on a number of our models. We do make sure that this information in all our vehicle brochures (in the wheels and tyres section) as well as on our website to make sure that potential customers are aware of this fact. For those owners however who would prefer the peace of mind of a spare wheel then we do offer space saver wheels as accessory items which can be purchased via the parts department at your local Toyota dealer.
      We say again how sorry we are to learn of your disappointment particularly in view of your support for the Toyota brand but if you do have any other questions please let us know.

  6. Ok sitting here with a 3 year told after my wife’s puncture kit failed to fix the tyre, who the hell sells someone a brand new car without a spare. Bunch of idiots! Cheers Toyota you suck ohh and so do your dealers who couldn’t be any less interested because they where closing in 10 minutes. I’m furious!

    1. Hello Adam
      Thanks for your post.
      We are sorry to learn of puncture and apologise for the inconvenience you have been caused.
      Tyre repair kits are supplied as standard in a number of our models and we will always make sure this is now listed in the specification of the car. For those owners who would prefer a spare wheel then we do offer a space saver option as an accessory item. This can be purchased through the parts department at your local Toyota dealer.
      Finally, we were sorry to read that you were unhappy with the service by your Toyota dealer, if you do let us know which dealer is involved then we will make them aware of your comments.

  7. Oh, and one more thing………..With a puncture repair kit you have to leave the car at the dealers. You can’t just drop the spare off. Crazy!

  8. My wife’s new Aygo X-pression (2500 miles) got a screw in the centre of the tyre tread (repairable) last week and I had the joy of using a puncture repair kit for the first time. OK, not a big drama, it worked, and was a lot cleaner than trying to change to a spare, or wrestle with wheel nuts. So, am I convinced? NO! We were only 3 miles from home, so cancelled our trip out and made arrangements to call in at our local dealers 3 hours later. Got to the dealers who took a big intake of breath when I told them I’d used the Toyota repair kit. They were most apologetic but said it will probably need a new tyre. I left it with them. Returned an hour later and they were on the 3rd patch! The casing of the tyre was too wet for the patch to stick. They tried a 4th time by heating the casing up to make the patch stick and this time it worked. Brilliant service! But i’m somewhat of a cynic, and wonder if their persistance had something to do with the fact that they could not get hold of a new tyre in my size??

    I was told the replacement repair liquid would be £55.00! HOW MUCH? A tyre’s only £80.00.

    Come on Toyota. These kits might make the car lighter and more fuel efficient, but to my mind this is just a blatant money saving exercise. As far as I’m aware, several countries will not allow a car to be sold unless it has the same sized spare wheel as the running wheels. And £220.00 for a space saver kit when I’ve spent nearly £13K on a new car is an insult.

    Now i’ve had my rant, will the Aygo take a full size spare, as space saver tyres have been shown in a number of reviews to be dangerous?

    1. Hi Dean. Thanks for your comment and we’re really sorry to hear of your disappointment with the tyre repair kit. At Toyota we are constantly improving how we do things and this includes the reduction of waste. Compared to rough road countries like those in the south of Europe a puncture is a relatively rare occurrence for us here in the UK with the average driver only getting a flat tyre once every 44,000 miles or five years. It does appear then that carrying around a heavy spare wheel would mean a huge wastage of petrol over the lifetime of the vehicle. One must also consider that the AYGO is a very small car and all space must be maximised to make it as functional as possible. With regards to your question; we do not offer a full size spare wheel and in terms of whether you could fit one within the under floor space, unfortunately we do not have that information. We understand your comment about the price of a space saver kit but must point out that they are designed for temporary use to enable the vehicle to be driven to a place of repair. There is no maximum distance but due to the speed restriction, limited tread depth (only 3mm from new) and the fact that the tyre compound is often softer to simulate the traction capabilities of a wider tyre, the distance covered before repair should not be excessive.
      We will pass your comments regarding the additional cost of the kit on to the product department who will use it for consideration on future model planning. Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch with us and we hope you don’t have to experience a puncture again for a few years to come.

    2. Hello Dean. We’ve jut got a response from Toyota Europe regarding a full size spare wheel for the Aygo. Unfortunately a full size spare wheel will not fit in place of the space saver tyre. Thanks

    1. Hello Jay
      The parts department at your local Toyota centre will be able to help organise repalcement of the sealant for you. If you are unsure as to the location of your nearest centre then we do have a dealer locator on our website The compressor is reusable.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hello Gerald
      We do provide a space save spare wheel kit for the Toyota Aygo as an accessory item and this can be ordered via the parts department at your local Toyota dealer.
      We hope this helps but if you need any further help or information please let us know.

  9. After using the tyre repair kit this morning on my 2014 registered Yaris, (due to a self tapping screw causing the puncture), I found it of no use what so ever.
    Thankfully belonging to the RAC they completed a temporary repair in order to return home with a top safety speed of 50mph.
    I am now in the process of purchasing a spare tyre and wheel kit which to me after the experience this morning is a more reliable fix.


    George. T. Rawlinson.

  10. I specifically bought an Avensis tourer after checking that a full size 17 inch spare wheel would fit in the wheel well, I immediateley bought a full size toyota alloy and tyre which fits perfectly, sourced a longer hold down screw from a 2003 avensis mk2, sold the micky mouse space saver wheel on ebay.
    Last year I stopped in a Belguim motorway services on a sunday on my way from Italy to calais, some kind soul punctured a tyre sidewall with a sharp blade, I changed to the spare and caught the ferry on time. If I had a car with a tyre repair kit, it would have been a tow job, If I had a car with wheel well only big enough for space saver, where would I have put the full size spare wheel with the car fully loaded, maybe on a passengers lap, tow job again. and missed ferry and night in a hotel. If toyota does not have a car that can take a full size spare wheel when I buy my next car, then I will buy from a brand who does.

  11. I do like the comment made the it is an optional accessory available through your Toyota dealer.
    It would have been nice if the salesman had advised me that it was not standard with a new car, rather than leaving me frustrated one month later when I had a flat, with nothing more than a gunk kit (which did not work by the way)
    Now looking into purchasing a space saver, but not through my dealer as they are grossly over-priced (in my humble opinion!)

  12. Having taken the carpet out of the wheel well it is plain to see a welded bracket on the floor of the well to take a threaded rod and nuts to secure it— this would pass through the space saver wheel then the wheel would be secured as in any other vehicle with an oppropiately sized metal plate and large nut —- making it totally secure

  13. Can you tell me how the full size spare wheel is fitted inside
    the boot space to make it safer than a space saver wheel secured in the boot well provided

    Why have toyota created a spare wheel well that will not hold a spare wheel securely

    1. Hi Cliff
      Thanks for your post.
      The full size spare wheel is positioned on the boot floor in a bag and held securely in place with straps so that it does not move. This does therefore impact on boot space and may not meet everyone’s needs. The reason why a space saver wheel could not be used within the wheel well is only applicable on RAV4’s which were supplied with a tyre repair kit as standard. These cars do not have the necessary fixings in place from the factory to safely secure a space saver wheel in the wheel well. It is for this reason that the full size spare is supplied.
      Hope this helps clarify further but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  14. I have just bought a Verso S having traded in an Avensis What a pity I did not read these comments before I commited myself to buying No spare
    ,what a joke Yes I can buy a space saver at aproximately £150 I feel that this wheel should be included in with the car As yet I have not got a spare wheel and I am reluctant to take my car out on the motorway because I have nofaith in the gunk doing its job It would seem to me that Toyota do not take customer comments to heart,just we will look in to it If this attitude continuers Toyota are going to lose sales,I for one will not recommend friends to buy one and I will reconsider next time I buy a car

    1. Hello Robert
      Thanks for your post and for your feedback about tyre repair kits.
      Many of our cars have these fitted as standard and we do take on board your comments that these kits are not popular with everyone> This is why for those owners who would prefer the space saver spare wheel then we do offer these as an accessory option that can be purchased through your local Toyota dealer.
      Thanks again for your post and comments.

  15. If you are motoring in Europe what is the alternative to calling out the AA the organization that toyota cover your motoring with

    Having recently purchased a 2013 rav 4 in May I am now trying to purchase a space saver wheel —– the dealership will not sell me one

    1. Hi Cliff
      Thanks for your post.
      The AA can help advise with European cover however sorry to read of the difficulty you have experienced in trying to purchase the spare wheel for your RAV4. If you would like to contact us further about this and require further help then our customer relations team can be contacted via the attached link.
      We do offer a full size spare for this model however should make it clear that this fits in the boot area of the car. Please let us know if you require any further help.

  16. Your doing it in a garage. You big rufty tufty brave boy. Try it on the side of a B road in the middle of nowhere when it’s getting dark. And when it doesn’t work. Such fun (NOT) The next moron who tries to fob me off with that exceptionally stupid idea will have to deal with me throwing a serious tantrum. Please take your idea and put where sun does not shine

    1. Thanks for your post Caroline.
      We do understand the strength of feeling in relation to these kits. You do not mention which Toyota model you have but we do provide the accessory option of space saver spare wheels for those customers who would prefer this.

  17. I would never contemplate buying ANY car that did not have a full size spare wheel.

    I have been a Toyota owner for over 20 years and WE the customers have the final say
    on whether to buy their product or not.

    Even if I have to run my Corolla for the next 10 years, in which period I would normally
    buy a new car at least 3 times,
    I refuse to allow car makers to dictate that I should use a useless can of gunk or an
    equally useless space saver wheel and cause myself to spend many wasted hours sorting out
    a problem that could have been easily solved in 20 mins if a FULL size spare had been supplied.

    If everyone intending to purchase another car, made the issue a deal breaker , I sure some
    enterprising company would once again start fitting them as standard.

    YOU/ WE are the customer, YOU/WE have the power if only we have the backbone to stand up for ourselves.

  18. I have just taken ownership of a 14 Reg Yaris, its less than a few hours old and I’m loving it. Yes I was disappointed no spare wheel, not even space saver, I have only come one line as I didn’t have a jack or wheel wrench so just checking if it should have been included. Quite shocked at some of the comments. I love Toyota, been addicted to them for the past 6 years. Get a grip people Toyota still has an amazing record on reliability that every other manufacture is envious of!

    1. Sam,
      I hope you still love it if you get a puncture, miles from home, in pouring rain while trying to
      get a can of gunk into a flat tyre.
      You can call a breakdown service who might arrive quickly but then proceed to inform you
      that a can of gunk wont do the job or in the event of you having a space saver spare,
      inform you that it is only good for about 30 miles at 50 MPH and that the nearest type place is closed for the night.

      I know this is a bad scenario but punctures seldom happen at convenient times or places.

      Maybe if you waste several hours, miss appointments etc, and find that because you didn’t have a full size spare you have incurred a large bill for either a new tyre ( once the gunk is used
      most tyre repair outfits will refuse to repair them ) a new can of gunk (£50) or a new space saver wheel, you might not be so pleased with your new vehicle.

      If, as Toyota claim, removing the full size spare is to improve MPG and emission readings,
      why do they sell their care to anyone over 12 stone in weight ?

      Its just the manufacturers being cheapskates and maximising their profits at the expense of the car buying public.

  19. When I purchased my Yaris in March 2014 I was told on picking up the car that all new cars were forbidden by law to supply a spare wheel with jack etc as there’d been accidents or something. The salesman seemed surprised that my Yaris 2012 even had a spare wheel. Yet today when I found a puncture and went online on the toyota website and spoke to the online help I was told that my local dealer would be able to sell me a spare tyre kit.

    This blog seems to back up what I have now discovered… I was basically lied to by the dealer. I would always want to carry a spare wheel if given the option… to the point where I’d even say it would have been a deal breaker. I am so disappointed in the level of service I have received and doubt I’d buy from Toyota again.

    1. Hi Claire
      Thanks for your post and we are sorry to read the detail about information you were supplied when you bought your Yaris. Some of our vehicles are supplied with space saver spare wheels and some are supplied with tyre repair kits (such as the Yaris). Jacks are still supplied with vehicles that have space saver wheels. Our customer relations team would be happy to help if you would like to take this matter further with the dealer involved. To make things easier they can be reached via the attached link.
      Hope this has helped clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. Hi Claire
      Further to my previous post I have been advised that it is possible to purchase a space saver wheel for the Toyota Yaris and your local Toyota dealer will be able to order this for you.
      Hope this helps.

  20. And to continue this thread, both Kia and Hyundai offer full sized spare wheels in their SUV models and they have excellent MPG figures. So the ‘fuel economy’ argument just doesn’t hold up. Sorry Toyota – you’re missing lots of business…

  21. The last person to comment saying that it is really nice stuff must be a one off! Nowhere else have I seen any praise for this ‘muck’ you are supposed to repair your punctures with.

  22. Hello
    Yes, I have also carry this kit with me, Once I got flat tyre then I had to call some tow truck london service for our help. This is really very nice stuff, at least every one should carry tyre repair kit with them…….


  23. Was about to go a replace by 2011 Yaris T sprit but when some said no spare that’s me finished. As a 70year old I do not want the uncertainty of some foam. Plus all that I have read is bad news about these. Want my business then a spare wheel please

    1. Thanks for getting in touch.
      You’re quite correct in pointing out that we do supply tyre repair kits as standard on the Yaris, but we’d recommend speaking directly with your Toyota dealer if you’d prefer a spare wheel as they are available for most Toyota vehicles.
      Click on this link if you need to find your nearest dealer:
      We do understand that some customers prefer a spare wheel, and we do appreciate your feedback and will pass it on.
      Many thanks.

  24. Do not use repair kit it will cost you a replacement tyre which has happened to me in the past and I have made a previous comment on this site.
    I again had a puncture but decided that since I was close to home did not even try to use the kit but went to my local farm garage. Found the nail, removed it and repaired the tyre and checked all the others for the grand cost of £10 pounds.
    As I live in a farming area Toyota has now got a bad reputation due to problems with the repair kit and not suitable in these areas where a spare tyre is essential. The garage advised me that I should never have bought a car with a repair kit as they do not work and a new tyre would be required it I were to use it.
    Looking to change to car as soon as finances allow but will have to look out of the local area to sell it.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback. We’re sure you will have read the reasons we have for using tyre repair kits as standard in our cars: saving weight, space, improving fuel economy, keeping prices down, and so on.
      We’d always recommend that if you would prefer a spare wheel then you will be able to get one at your local Toyota dealer who will be happy to help. We do understand this would be more suitable for you if you live and work in an agriculatural area.
      We’re concerned to hear you believe that this has affected Toyota’s reputation in your area, but please understand that we are not alone in using TRKs in our cars – in fact, pretty much every car manufacturer does so for the reasons outlined above.
      If you think a spare tyre would be a better option for you then please do give your dealer a call and they’ll be able to help.
      Thanks, Toyota UK.

  25. I have posted before about the the disparity of this puncture repair outfit, Do they think how old people could cope with this foolish idea (I’m 75 and a woman) I have just bought a Honda Jazz
    and as part of the deal insisted that a spare wheel was included – they agreed at no charge!
    If everyone sticks to their guns sooner or later these car manufacturers will have to listen, after all we are the ones buying their cars and we should get the requirements we need especially at the prices they are charging for new cars.

  26. How long would it take for the AA to attend if you had a blowout in the Outer Hebrides, say Barra?
    Also would the tyre repair kit help if the tyre were shredded by, say, hitting an unseen brick in the middle of the road (happened to me a few years ago, saved by spare wheel!). I agree with all the other owners who have posted. I will not consider buying a car without some kind of spare wheel. Up until recently all cars had spares as part of standard equipment, no extra cost.The point about weight and emissions is a red herring, tyre repair kits are a cost-cutting measure using emission and space reduction as an excuse.I bought a spare wheel via the internet and put up with the space reduction. I did not feel comfortable driving my RAV4 before but am happier now!

  27. Just to add more weight to the very strong feelings Toyota users have about the inadequate and costly repair kit.
    I had a puncture outside my home, used the repair kit which simply proceeded to spew gunk onto my drive. My local Toyota agent couldn’t help me out so a relative proceeded to drive me to the nearest tyre repair centre which, as we all now know, wouldn’t repair the tyre due to me using the kit. £150 for a new tyre, over £200 lost in earnings and a piss poor letter from Toyota head office saying they were very sorry.
    I’m very sorry too. Sorry that I bought a Toyota without a spare wheel. Sorry that I wasn’t advised by the salesman that the repair kit sometimes doesn’t work and that your tyre will not be repaired if you do use the kit.
    I did buy a full size spare wheel and tyre off ebay for £150. So an expensive mistake that I won’t be repeating as I’ll be voting with my cash and shopping elsewhere.
    I’ve purchased Toyotas for over 35 years but this experience has certainly highlighted some serious flaws in Toyotas customer handling procedure and information at time of sale.

    1. Hi Al,
      Thanks for your post.
      We are sorry to hear this and for the inconvenience you may have experienced as a result. If you would like to follow this up further, we recommend contacting Customer Relations through this link: CR will be happy to investigate your case.
      Hope this helps.

  28. There is no substitute for a spare wheel, I don’t know anyone who would use the ” kit” other than in a life saving situation.

  29. The sad thing is that in Australia the 86 was released with a full size spare then it was replaced within 6 months with a “tyre repair kit”. Toyota Aus claimed they hadn’t noticed the spare wheel size when the pre-release planning team went to Japan to look at the 86. While they say the space taken by the spare was the reason for the change for the 86’s built for Australia, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be an issue for all geographies.

    After seeing the video and reading the Toyota Aus PR statement about the reason for the change, I smelled a rat. It talks about getting you going and the limitations, but doesn’t say about afterwards. Oddly enough, when googling about the follow up, I keep reading how tyre repair businesses won’t touch a tyre that has the goob in it, the cost of new cans of the goob, and hence the cost of a new tyre.

    If the size of the boot was a problem with a spare tyre, perhaps it’s a design problem with the car. I think it would be better to give customers a choice of the spare while or the tyre repair kit.

    After reading the comments here and on other sites, I’d never buy a car that has a tyre repair kit instead of a spare. It makes the car totally unsuitable for driving outside the city limits.

  30. My wife and I had a puncture in our Toyota Prius last Friday whilst on our way to a crucial hospital appointment. The recovery company said they would not use the foam inflation system but would send out a recovery vehicle to transport us to the nearest tyre company. What if this was after 6pm and no tyre repair or replacement company was open? What if the tyre had a split in it that rendered the foam useless? After my experience, I will never ever buy a Toyota again that hasn’t got a spare wheel, yet I was a devoted Toyota fan for over 30 years!
    Why are spare tyres not available in this country? Does anyone know where I can get one? From all the comments I have read here and elsewhere I see I am not alone. When I contacted Customer Services at Toyota Headquarters I was treated with distain and disinterest by Claire, their representative, who certainly needs to go on a course for customer management and care.

    1. Bob
      Thank you for your post and we were very sorry to read of your experience with a puncture and apologise for the inconvenience caused. We do understand your comments regarding the tyre repair kit and will pass this back to the product team for Prius. In view of your comments though we have been in touch with our customer relations team about this and they will be in touch with you again. The current generation Toyota Prius has a space saver wheel as standard, unless you order the model with the solar panel roof as this derivative comes with a tyre repair kit because of space.

  31. I have just purchased a nearly new Toyota Aygo. It has a spare wheel. I would not have bought it otherwise. Potential Toyota buyers need to make this a condition of purchase or walk away from the sale. Toyota will soon get the message. AA and RAC could do more to make this known to the motoring public. Zero tolerance! NO SPARE, NO SALE.
    The Aygo was for my daughter. I’m looking to replace my ’54 Yaris with a new Yaris but won’t buy unless a spare wheel is part of the deal. Toyota are making too much negative publicity for themselves with this issue, which can’t be doing their reputation any good. I’m told a spacesaver wheel costs about £120. This is peanuts on a £14,000 car. WAKE UP TOYOTA. DON’T WAIT TILL YOUR SALES SLUMP BEFORE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  32. having purchased a toyota yaris two years ago through motability have enquired about another yaris for 2015 i am very disappointed to learn they do not come with a spare wheel so therefore i will be looking for another make of car elsewhere

  33. I had a puncture in Toyota IQ, glue just ran down the road. Took 5 hours to get back on the road, lost a days business. Do Toyota make a space saver wheel for the IQ????.

    1. Hello Andy
      Thanks for your post.
      We were very sorry to hear about your puncture. We have checked this with our accessory team but unfortunately we do not have any current plans to introduce a space save wheel for the iQ.

  34. You say you are listening but quite frankly I am not convinced you are. The very least you could do, and almost immediately, is to offer a space saver wheel as an alternative, free of charge. Such a gesture would at least redeem Toyota to some degree, and restore a little faith with your customers, some of whom have remained loyal over many years. Unfortunately judging the experiences of customers on your blog I feel you are in real danger of creating a backlash on almost epidemic proportions. My space saver was an expensive alternative but I felt I had to pay it if only for peace of mind.

    1. Hello Alan
      Thank you for your post.
      We do understand the concern which some owners have about tyre repair kits. Providing a space saver wheel is an alternative option for those owners who wish to have this peace of mind by purchasing one for their car. We are sorry that we cannot provide these free of charge though.

  35. Very annoyed to discover puncture would not be repaired by Kwikfit after using the repair kit on my 4 month old Yaris. It did not properly seal a simple puncture by a small screw nail. New tyre cost 80 pounds plus 50 for new bottle of fluid! Absolute rip off! A spare wheel and tyre would have been cheaper. Come on Toyota and listen to your customers. Please supply spare wheels. If not I will be shopping elsewhere.

    1. Thank you for your post George and your comments regarding the tyre repair kit. We do understand these kits cause dissatisfaction with owners. We do regularly review our product specification and have brought this matter to the attention of the product team. While we do not currently have plans to change the Yaris specification, your views on this issue are appreciated.

  36. Stumbled across this tread while googling tyre repairers.
    Came back to wife’s new car in car park yesterday evening to find one of the tyres totally flat.
    Administered the gunge and inflated the tyre to get family home.
    Fortunately it worked for us and is still OK this morning but came home on back roads as didn’t fancy 50mph on the motorway.
    However now ringing round and finding that despite this being a nail right in the middle of the tread and the tyre not been driven on flat, no one will entertain a £25 repair due to the gunge being in the tyre and we are needing a replacement at nearly £200!!!!!!
    Last month my wife punctured a different tyre beyond what the gunge could handle so had to be recovered to a tyre dealer – that cost her several hours as well as another tyre!
    Nearly £400 on tyres since Christmas is a real shock to the family budget especially as we could repair this on except for the gunge!

    Seriously thinking about buying a spare wheel & tyre to shove in the boot.

  37. Time and time again these repair kits have only proved satisfactory where there is a neat pin prick of a hole, which would only result in a slow deflation any how, any immediate and catastrophic deflation is well beyond a repair kit.
    Further there are a number of reports that, where the inflation kit has been successful, some tyre companies declare the tyre a write off because the contamination by the sealant gunk, so that now costs you a new tyre into the bargain.
    As for the weight issue, what complete and utter nonsense, Toyota will be telling us next that their cars are only suitable for light weight people.
    I am seriously in the market for a new car and the leader currently is a Toyota, but make no mistake if there is no option of a spare I will go elsewhere, if at least a space saver is available I would expect to negotiate for the dealer to provide it free of charge or lose the sale.
    All this talk of giving customers choice in this respect is the sort of drivel you get from back pedalling politicians, not from one of the worlds leading car manafacturers.
    The ability to get back on the road quickly, safely and with a degree of confidence should be paramount and not the subject of cost cutting and contrived safety statistics.
    I am surprised frankly that the EU have’t banned them, one lives in hope.
    Toyota, have the guts to stand up to a discredited practice and put spares in all your cars I think it will prove to be a mareketing triumph

    1. Hello Tony
      Thanks for your post which highlights the concerns we have received over the provision of tyre repair kits (TRK’s).
      We have not got it right every time and do acknowledge that some owners do not wish to have these kits in their car. The specification for the 2014 RAV4 was changed to space saver wheels as a result of feedback we received. The other option is to give the owner a choice so we offer space saver wheels as accessory items on some of our models to meet this demand. We do still supply TRK’s on some of our smaller models though. If a particular model is of interest do let us know and we can update you with the latest specification.
      Thank you again for your comments.

  38. Unfortunately Toyota the silence from you has been almost deafening in regard to the spare wheel. You have caused yourselves untold damage on this issue and should abandon this ludicrous idea as soon as possible. I had to purchase a space saving wheel for my new Auris and to be perfectly honest I have not noticed a massive negative impact on performance, despite Toyota’s warnings. Toyota could go a good way to redeem the situation by offering the space saver free of charge, and in the grand scheme of things the negative impact on Toyota could be far greater than the cost of a few space saver wheels.
    I too have had no contact from Toyota on this matter, despite expressing my views several times on this page, and I find that pretty poor customer relations.

    1. Hello Alan
      Thank you for your post.
      Sorry if you feel that we have not responded and we are aware of the strong feeling which tyre repair kits can cause for owners. This is why we provide the option of a space saver wheel on certain models to allow owners to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to purchase one for their car. As this is an owner decision we therefore charge for the space save wheel and can only apologise for your disappointment with this decision. However we hope this has helped clarify our position for you.

  39. Toyota BEWARE! You continue at your peril not supplying a spare wheel with your vehicles. I see that more and more of you customers state that they will not be buying Toyota again if a spare wheel is not supplied. I voted with my cash and bought a VW, spare wheel supplied as standard, they started this silly idea of not supplying the wheels, they soon found out to their cost when people started not to buy!

    Tyre repair kits are RUBBISH, RUBBISH, RUBBISH ! Please listen to your customers before it’s too late, once lost you will never get them back!

    1. Understood Mr Dowell. Thank you for your post. We do understand there is a great strength of feeling in relation to the supply of these kits.

  40. Bought a brand new auris hybrid two weeks before Christmas. Following a puncture tonight I was appalled to find my self stranded as a lone female traveller with no spare. The pump and gloop solution was no use in this situation. I stupidly limped home on it rather than be stranded or wait hours for recovery (alone in the dark). Having paid a premium for this car, the cost of replacing the tyres and the sealant after every incident is outrageous, that this so called “emergency repair” may not even solve the problem is nigh on fraudulent.

    From being my dream car under a month ago, I now truly regret this purchase and will never feel safe travelling alone without a spare tyre.

    1. Mrs Hughes
      Thanks you for your post and we were very sorry to learn of your experience with a puncture. We do take on board your comments about the tyre repair kit. If you talk to your supplying dealer then they can discuss the option regarding a space saver spare wheel for your car. We should make you aware though that this does have a negative impact on the load capacity as it fits in the lower boot area.

  41. Last comment on this matter from me.

    Finally heard from customer relations which just said sorry I had trouble with a puncture and again looking into the matter for the future. So advice to anyone thinking of buying these cars think again.
    Maybe Jeremy Clarkson should do a bit of research on this problem, would make an interesting programme. Could also include live demonstration of the use of such kits in different locations and conditions. Could be fascinating viewing to see the reality of such kits in use by the general public. Always looks easy when they are demonstrated by the experts in a garage, all lovely and dry. Not on a windy hillside, with pouring rain and muddy roads as an example. Miles from the nearest garage so how long will the repair last? Even worse getting it wrong and not being able to pump it up with help. Therefore, reduced to being transported to the nearest garage who will sell you a brand new tyre….great! Ah! That is if I can get a mobile signal of course to call the wonderful mobile patrols. Get the picture……..
    I on the other hand would love to replacace my car and will be more careful with my choice in the future already doing research in case I win the lottery.
    H. Davies

  42. i had a punture last friday night it was dark wet and i used this so called repair kit whichh did not seal so i had to call out break down service as luck would have it i could phone for help.
    I for one will not purchase a car without a spare wheel in the future.

  43. You still appear not to be listening, these repair kits are a total nightmare and not suitable for the conditions on British roads. My wife was terrified of having a puncture, the possibility of being stranded, or struggling to use this kit horrified her. If Toyota honestly believe this is the future, they are totally wrong. The future for Toyota will be that customers will just walk away. Other companies with similar kits should also take notice. If the kit was the optional extra and not the spare, I guarantee no one would want the kit. This is total lunacy. You never get a puncture in the perfectly clinical conditions as shown in your demo, off the record many of your technicians tend to agree with our comments.

  44. What a load of rubbish. Just to save motor manufacturers a few bob we can be left stranded and liable for expensive recovery costs. Bring back spare wheels!!

  45. I wholeheartedly agree with all comments regarding these RUBBISH puncture repair kits.
    I have another gripe, I recently enquired about the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid T-Spirit, the price started out at £17500, within minutes it had gone up to £19000, due to such ‘Luxury’ items as car mats which lets face it surely for a top of the range car should be fitted as standard.
    It really does’nt pay to buy ‘Brand New’ as there are a lot of nearly new cars on the circuit which have got all these extras provided.
    A very disgruntled customer.

  46. Sorry to say it Toyota, but you are still not listening in regard to the spare wheel. The emergency inflation kits are nothing but a useless expensive disaster. I had to purchase a space saver wheel from RRG (Denton), and I only hope the damn thing fits the wheel, they assured me it will. I am still annoyed at the amount I had to pay.
    I am also amazed that not one person from Toyota has made any effort to contact with me, it seems that we owners are just a darn nuisance banging on about a spare wheel. Listen to your customers, or they’ll just vote with their feet and never to return.

    1. Hi Alan
      Thanks for your post and we are sorry for your disappointment with the tyre repair kit in your vehicle. For some owners the provision of a spare wheel in their vehicle is an essential piece of equipment and we need to be able to respond to these requests. We also accept that the timeframe for these changes to take place also causes frustration. This is why we offer space saver wheels as an accessory item on certain models so that the owner can choose.

  47. All we get from Toyota is that “We are looking into this matter”!!!! No action, only a lot of drivel! Toyota owners, do as I did, vote with your money, I now have a VW which has a space saver as standard! Will never buy Toyota again, they do not listen or care about their customers!

  48. Just had a puncture in Toyota iq, gunk worked but nearly died at the cost of a new tyre and another bottle of gunk. tyre cost £98 and the gunk is going to cost between £60/£80 all in all a very expensive puncture. this was not explained before car was sold to us.

    1. Hi David
      Thanks for your post and we were very sorry to learn of your puncture and apologise for the inconvenience caused.
      We will pass your details to our customer relations team to ensure your feedback is properly recorded. We will ask them to contact you directly via your email address.
      Best wishes

  49. I had a puncture on a quiet country road in the late afternoon. The puncture kit was not useable as the tyre had completely deflated and a large nail was embedded in the wheel. I usually drive alone but on this occasion I had a passenger who was happy to change my tyre..alas I do not have one. A friendly farmer arrived and offered to change my tyre too…again had to explain about glue and pump. Both men were shocked at the lack of a spare wheel and said they would never buy a car without one. They also expressed that a woman should not be in this situation especially in these country locations and advised me to buy a spare.
    Wonderful RAC man arrived and used his own pump and followed me with flashing lights to the garage to make sure I arrived safely and kept an eye on my tyre in case it deflated on route. He said that he has regular call outs for punctures especially ones with no spare tyre….
    On arrival at the garage I got the same response…no spare? Now getting late so no chance of getting a new tyre till the morning. So now no transport and miles from home. Begged a lift from local in the village and arrived home 4 hours later than planned. Missed my evening out but at least safe at home. Now wondering how to retrieve my car in the morning. it would take me an hour to walk to the garage, or I could try hitchhiking! No public transport nearby and one of the reasons I bought the Rav was because I thought a study car would be perfect for rural locations, especially in winter. This car is certainly not suitable for women especially in the countryside and I am hoping that Toyota will look at supplying a small spare which can get people home and to a garage.
    Where do I get one of these and how much are they? I am guessing not within my budget. Have just put two new tyres on the front and now another one on the back….

    1. Dear H Davies
      Thank you for your post and we were very sorry to read of your experience resulting from a puncture in your RAV4 and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.
      I do take on board your point about tyre repair kits. We have been made aware of this and will be changing the specification of the RAV4 in the future. However due to the difference in manufacture between vehicles fitted with a space saver spare wheel and a tyre repair kit, it means a space saver wheel would not properly fit under the floor of a vehicle which has a tyre repair kit in place. Also, vehicles using the tyre repair kit would not have the necessary fixing from manufacture to safely secure the sapce saver wheel.
      That said, our Accessories Division are looking at how we can provide a solution to those owners who have a TRK but would like a spare wheel. We should have news soon and we will need to keep you posted on this. If you would like to discuss this further I can arrange for your details to be passed to our customer relations team to contact you directly.
      Best wishes

      1. Dear David,

        Thank you for your reply to my comments on the lack of a spare tyre. Sadly no one contacted me from Toyota which other customers have also experienced.
        I need a spare tyre and after my experience no longer feel safe on my own especially in remote areas as there maybe no mobile signal next time. Scary prospect for a women to find herself in shame Toyota has not thought of this problem.
        Really unhappy with my purchase and feel that I should now seriously look at changing my car making it an expensive mistake.
        H. Davies

        1. Hello Hilary
          Our apologies for the delay on this and we can confirm the details have been passed to our CR today for you.
          Best wishes

      2. Accessories Division. It should not be an optional extra but part and parcel of every car along with a jack and wheel nut spanner.

        Will not fit yo say- poor design or penny pinching.
        Increases fuel consumption- by what percentage? It must be decimals of 1%.

        A lot of manufacturers are supplying the TRK so they can rip off the customer even more.
        Other things they are adding that you do not need are: Blue tooth connections for a phone, Sat Navs, Electric handbrakes ( the motoring organisations have a lot of call outs for these, in fact the AA suggest to their mechanics to put their vans in gear to stop them moving after the discs have cooled off), Parking Assist, Rear view cameras, Automatic twin zone a/c, Emergency braking assist, Traction control ( though this is by EC rules) but if you drive correctly you do not need it.

        Yet they will fit an analogue radio knowing full well it will be of no use in a year or two time.
        If you want cruise control you have to buy the next model up with all the above rubbish gimmicks on, yet use cruise control on motorways will help improve consumption and lower CO2 emmissions.

        I am looking to change my car this year, but it is depressing to see how we are being ripped off and yet the motor manufacturers cannot sell their cars and have thousands stockpiled around Britain, some in very salty atmospheres.

        1. Hi David,
          Thanks for getting in touch.
          We do understand your concern, and we do take customer feedback very seriously. As you mention below, along with most other manufacturers the decision to supply a Tyre Replacement Kit (TRK) is now an industry wide solution. We take note that a repair kit may not be the desired standard option for each and every customer. With this in mind, space saver tyres are now available for most models if required, we would recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer:
          Thanks for getting in touch.

  50. Still not had a reply to my email from Toyota.
    Forgot to add that with a tyre repair kit you don’t even get a jack or a wheelbrace to allow you to take the punctured tyre off.
    Toyota are going down in my estimation very quickly appears once they have sold the car they loose interest in you as a customer.

    1. Dear Mr Smith
      Sorry that you have not received a reply from us and thank you for your posts regarding this. We have spoken to our customer relations team this afternoon and ask that they make contact with you as soon as possible.
      Sorry again for the delay on this.

  51. E-mailed Toyota at start of September re no spare in my new Rav 4 despite them stating in their blog that all new Rav4 post July would have one.
    Colleague who bought one same day got space saver tyre
    Phoned them looking for a reply more or less told tough you don’t get one you get repair kit,asked them to put this in writing, still waiting.
    As said in previous posts repair kits are fine for straightforward punctures but even then it costs you a new tyre whereas a puncture could be repaired at less cost than a new tyre.
    Have Toyota taken shares in the tyre companies?
    How do you fix a sidewall failure with a repair kit and how do you get mobile when the tyre centres are closed and you can’t get a new tyre.
    Very disappointed with Toyotas response.

  52. Colin, I agree. Never mind, at least you know that Toyota are working hard to resolve the space saver situation. My backside.

  53. Having suffered an unrepairable blow-out caused by a rock on a minor road, I would never even consider buying a car that didn’t have a spare wheel as standard. As far as I’m concerned, the inconvenience and high replacement cost completely rule out a tyre repair kit as an option.

  54. Cheers guys, I will be in touch with them makes me wonder why they gave me what I have if there is a correct size available

    1. Mr Fulton, forgot to say that mine was purchased from RRG (Denton), Greater Manchester. Still annoyed that Toyota regard this as an optional extra and then charge you an arm and a leg for it.
      When will they wake-up and realise that literally no-one wants these kits.

  55. Alan Royson, ref space saver new Auris.
    Does the space saver you have, fit in the well neatly, the space saver I was issued with causes the cover to wobble its a terrible fit, is it a Toyota issue or did you buy it elsewhere,
    TOYOTA if there is a special wheel can I have an exchange please. My Dealer is Fish Bros Swindon

    1. Mr Fulton, yes my wheel does fit in the well, the only thing is that the threaded nut for securing it could do with a washer underneath. It does fit though, I just hope that if I need to use it goes on correctly. The bits and pieces you have left, such as the wrench etc do require a bit of juggling around to make it tidy inside the well..

  56. Alan Royson, ref space saver new Auris.
    Does the space saver you have, fit in the well neatly, the space saver I was issued with causes the cover to wobble its a terrible fit,
    TOYOTA if there is a special wheel can I have an exchange please. My Dealer is Fish Bros Swindon

    1. Hi John,
      We’d recommend speaking with them directly on the issue as they’ll be able to help first hand. Here’s their contact telephone number: 01793 421909. Do hope this helps, many thanks.

  57. I have submitted many worthwhile comments in relation to the TRK issue in these pages only to find they have been delete,and none have been abusive..

    All you get from this lot is a frustrating patronising reply telling what is so obvious any way.It is sheer nonsense that Temp spare is not available.The real reason is that cars without them were tested that way in order to boast of emmisions and a false MPG reading.High time the EU directive was scrapped or a proper test was made to establish the truth.In normal driving conditions vehicles fall short of claimed MPG figures by as much as 22% and not all Toyotas.

  58. In view of all the voices of indignation that you have received in regard to the repair kits, why do you not listen to your customers, forget the kits and the weight issues and give everyone a space-saving wheel. I have just recently taken delivery of my space-saving wheel which does fit into the well of my New Auris. Unfortunately I was not happy at the amount I had spend in order to make me, and especially my wife, more comfortable about driving the car.
    Please listen, a flat tyre is not just as simple as filling the tyre with liquid, there are usually a whole lot of other issues that go along with getting a tyre fixed and replaced immediately.

  59. Do not buy this as it is enormously expensive from Toyota try Halfords or anybody but Toyota. I have just been told that a new bottle of gunk is £120 plus vat and my new tyre has already cost me £125 plus ….this is beyond a joke.

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      Sorry to hear of your concern with the cost of the tyre replacement kit. We will look into this further and find out more information for you.
      Many thanks.

    2. Hi Ian
      Further to my previous post could we have a bit more detail? The kit can be ordered with various components so registration number or exact model and age of your car could help us pinpoint this.
      Thank you.

  60. Richard, So you have examined the tyre and it is not repairable. So what do you do then? Call the AA who will eventually get a truck out to take the car to a garage which will be closed or doesn’t the correct size in stock. How much time have you wasted when you could have fitted a spare. Forget the extra weight, I have a life to live and all i want to do is buy a spare for my new Rav 4 which I can’t do. The dealer has the rim but no tyre. HELP

  61. Pete does not say the type of vehicle,but confirm on the Rav 4 2wd with 17inch wheels ,a circular space has been cut out to house the temp spare hub underneath the cover.

    This is easily done with a jig saw providing it is not cut too deep and would enable the cover to fit perfectly flat.

    All this year adverse comments have been made about this and other issues concerning Toyota,and feel they all could have been avoided with sheer common sense,by Toyota GB.The temp spare issue is and will in the future be an acceptable part when buying a new vehicle Toyota or not.

  62. That’s a Bodge, and you still have a problem, as the wheel you remove does not fit in the well, if you have a boot full of luggage you’re stuffed, the whole concept is flawed, no pun intended,
    there should be ample room for a full size wheel to be stowed even if it has a space saver wheel, listening to various stories about Toyota dealers not being able to honour flat tyres why not have an agreement with the AA to have a local tyre dealer they do business with to fix tyres free

    1. Where the wheel is catching the cover you could cut out a shallow area which will be in the Middle to prevent the whobble.Or cut small spacer from some type of sponge material and stick it neatly onto the cover.Even though this will be then slightly higher than intended it will eventually find its own level so as not to rattle or annoy you further.

      Anorthe way is to deflate the tyre a little then use the compressore to obtain the 50pSI required before using it.

  63. Hi. It’s 2 am, I’m just home after getting a puncture at 11.30pm three miles from home.

    I think a nail entered the tread and then came out again. The near side front tyre deflated fairly quickly. I couldn’t see a hole on initial examination so I was optimistic that the electric pump and canister of sealant would do the job, but in fact it didn’t work at all. The sealant gushed out through a 2mm diameter hole which was near the centre of the tread. I jacked the car up, engaged neutral, rotated the wheel so the hole was at the bottom and more sealant dripped through, waited ten minutes and then tried inflating it again but only succeeded in producing another gush of sealant.

    My year’s Toyota rescue expired last week, so I called the RAC who did not send out a repair man but simply dispatched a recovery truck straight away to deliver the car and me home. Tomorrow I shall have to jack it up, remove the wheel and take it to a tyre fitter for a replacement tyre.

    When buying the car I had expressed my misgivings about not having a spare wheel, but the salesman reassured me that the sealant is excellent and works for 90% of punctures. The RAC lady says sealant is rubbish and it never works. The RAC is dismayed at the number of times it has to recover vehicles when previously a quick wheel change would have sufficed.

    In 38 years of driving this is the first time I’ve needed recovery (three breakdowns all fixed at the road side, and several flat tyres all changed by myself is my previous tally).

    Lesson learned. I need a spare wheel.

    Question: Is the well at the back of the boot space where the charger lead lives big enough to hold a small space saver? I notice it has a curved bottom and wonder if it is used for that purpose in countries where a spare is mandatory? If not where else would you store a spare? What size wheel is needed? Will my friendly Toyota dealer be able to get one?

    Thanks for any advice


    1. Dear Pete,
      We’re sorry to hear about your troubles last night. We have passed your comments on to the team and will work with them to get some answers for you. In the meantime, may we wish you a good weekend. Over the weekend, you’d be most welcome to liaise with your Toyota Dealer as they’ll also be able to offer some advice on the matter. We’ll be back in touch in due course.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

      1. Thanks Oliwer

        I phoned Hills Toyota, Letchworth. They were unable to send a recovery truck or a mechanic out today, and don’t have any other “arrangement” for fixing punctures other than you take your own wheel off, leaving the car standing on its jack. Deliver the wheel to them, and they fit a replacement tyre and then you take the wheel home and re fit it yourself.

        The tyre could not be repaired so I had to buy a new one for £94. To add three insults to injury, the cost of a replacement bottle of gunk is £54 plus vat. They don’t keep the replacement gunk in stock and will have to order it, so, If I should get a puncture that is amenable to a gunk repair I shall be stranded again. They refuse to sell me a space saver spare as a spare wheel is not a listed part for a plug in Prius. They can’t accept the liability of selling me a part that is not for my car. I pushed them really hard on this but they wouldn’t budge. I got as far as saying “if I came in anonymously and asked you for a new space saver spare for my T-Spirit, how much would it cost?”

        They replied that it would cost £154, and they do in fact have one in stock, but they still can’t sell it to me because they know I’m really buying it for a plug in.

        I then became very annoyed and spoke to the sales manager about trading the car in on the basis that I’m not willing to continue dealing with a company that thinks it is ok to mess me around in this manner and turn any future punctures from a 20 minute wheel change in to a half a night followed by half a day off work ordeal. His best offer was £19,000. I cannot afford to take such a loss on a twelve month old vehicle. He did however see my point about needing a reliable vehicle and that tyres on toyotas are no more resistant to nails than tyres on any other vehicle. He agreed to ask Toyota if it would be ok to sell me a space saver spare to keep in the boot, and get back to me. I’m waiting to hear from him.

        Next questions: Where can I get a new bottle of gunk delivered overnight and preferably a bit cheaper than 60 quid?

        Please may i buy a toyota space saver? I promise faithfully that I shall not hold the vendor responsible for the fact that it clutters up my boot space.

        All the best


    2. Hi Pete,
      A bad experience for you even so the avg puncture only happens once every 5 yrs.Should it have been a nail then you must have taken it out prior to the attempted repair,even a hole that size providing no damage to the tyre wall is repairable as a temp measure.Toyota will not admit that the temp spare was omitted within Europe to qualify for weight and emission issues when the car was tested.The reason ewhy the Toyota dealer will play no part in supplying a temp spare.You can get the same wheel and tyre from a Honda dealer.

      Indeed the gunk from Toyota is a rip off when similar stuff can be got from either Halfords for £9.99 or at ASDA for just £4 but 2 cans may be needed.The gunk is made by the highly trusted Holts and agreed does have a slightly different consistency The Toyota prcice could never be justified.Using the Toyota stuff you will find that the actual fastener only fits the compressor supplied forcing people to buy that product.The Holts sealant does exactly the same job but it is an aerosol which simply attaches to the tyre valve and then inflated by a compressor.The one Toyota supplied would then require a simple rubber tube to connect to the compressor.better stil Halfords sell a compressor for £32.

      As to your Toyota membership you are at fault for renewing it on its expiry,always handy to have Pete.I estimate the price of your car subject to cond and mileage for a straight sale to a dealer at £20,,000 for them to attempt a further sale of £22,995.Always remembering the VAT loss suffered.It is not clear as to whether you have the tools to change a wheel which if bought will cost a further £85 or so.

      I do agree that a temp repair in theory does work but in practice is suspect as useless.As we move on with new cars at least one third now have the temp repair ad in future that will rise..It is vitally Important that the replacement tyre you intend to fit is the sane spec and make as the one it replaces being on the same axle and as well to now have the front wheels put on the rear subject to the wear factor.

      The car you have is not having such good reviews as to its nuisance value with the constant chargin needed.I now own the ultimate Hybryd which is the new Lexus 300H with a 2.5 ltr engine and a new and improved transmission,which with all the useful bits fitted and at £39105 comes very clo9se to the prius with full spec but a much much better experience.Living well with the BMW 3 series it was made for no kidding.Toyota have lost their way this year with upsetting too many people with not coming clean on the temp spare issue which is sad.

      Finally I have to be honest with you on the issues you have mentioned,and please at any time you may seek my further advices.But ay don’t allow this incident to put you off one of the greatest car makers……Regards Paul

      1. Thanks Paul. The car does actually come with a jack and wheel brace, which is one consolation. I was at least able to jack the car up to rotate the wheel and move the puncture to the lowest position in the hope of getting some gunk in the hole. I didn’t remove a nail. A few hundred yards before the deflation I noticed a clicking sound and thought I had a pebble stuck in the tread. I was about to stop and investigate when the clicking stopped and the tyre deflated. I think I picked up a nail that punctured the tyre and then came out by itself.

        Once every five years or so- I reckon once every couple of years for me. I’m a doctor in General Practice, so in the course of my work I spend a lot of time cruising the meanest streets in the area, parking in filthy gutters and turning round at the ends of debris strewn cul de sacs. Regardless, the spare wheel issue turns any Toyota from a car that almost never leaves you stranded at the road side in to one that will predictably leave you stranded at the road side every two or five years.

        I now have a large can of Holts gunk to tide me over the weekend. The empty Toyota gunk container is still on the compressor, so a least I can use it as a compressor (stupid design, different from the above video, the tube that connects to the tyre valve is part of the gunk can, so you can’t use the handy little electric compressor by itself).

        I’m waiting with interest to see if Oliwer managed to come back with an “official” answer from Toyota. Incidentally I’m well aware of the dangers of a spare wheel flying around the car’s cabin in an accident. I would plan to install a suitable bracket so that the wheel can be bolted in place to the side of the boot space or wherever it fits best.


        1. Hi Pete,
          I think you will find that The supplied compressor can be used by keeping the empty Toyota can attached to it.As air will pass through just the same.

          As an aerosol the Holts can will emit an air pressure of around 10 PSI not enough quite to run the car more than say 1 ml.The Prius was made generally for the North American market with mods to satisfy BS standards.The reason it lacks the finess of its British counterparts,It is an expensive car and I have said the Lexus Is 300H offers a better option.Either way and for your own Security and items as a Doctor you carry in the vehicle it is vital you sort out these problems as soon as you can.From memory the Prius will house a spare with a simple bolt that enters a thread in the floor,Their is little chance with this bolt not been in will it move far.

          It is vital that you renew the excellent Toyota cover as soon as you can.

          1. Further as a Doctor Toyota MUST make this a special case and satisfy all the issues you have had.It is hoped that Oliwer and the party take special note of this.

          2. Paul, we have family membership of the RAC, and I felt that paying to renew the Toyota service would be a needless duplication. They did recover the car and take it home. Are you suggesting that the Toyota rescue service, which is actually the AA, would have done anything more?

            I have absolutely no wish to be a “special case”. Lots of other people also have very good reasons for not wanting to be stranded at the road side.


          3. Hi Pete,

            You never said that you had family membership of the RAC.Sorry for the interference and best of luck with your problems.

          4. In reply to Paul’s posting below, which has no reply button on my screen- no need to apologise, Paul, your comments were interesting and helpful. My wish not to be a special case is simply because, if its only me, Toyota can’t really be expected to change their spare wheel policy. I believe that my frustrations are common to the majority of Toyota owners, and that being the case, they might be persuaded to change things.

            I’ve been thinking further about this through the day, and trying to be constructive, I do actually agree with the assertion that spare wheels add weight, steal space and reduce fuel economy. An alternative is required, but the alternative so far offered is not adequate as it leaves a driver with a logistical nightmare when they get a puncture.

            Bmw’s solution of run flat tyres has some merit, although I’m fully aware they have drawbacks too. The other option might be to use the money saved from not supplying spare wheels to equip the Toyota assist fleet with a supply of spare wheels that can be lent to people. Half a dozen or so space savers in different diameters and bolt patterns should cover the present model range. Provided there were enough wheels and vans for a wheel to be delivered to the roadside quickly, this would be acceptable. The driver would then continue his journey, get his own wheel fixed, and return the loan wheel to his local Toyota dealer within a week.

            If it is true that punctures occur once every five years, and that nine out of ten punctures can be fixed with gunk as the salesman told me, this service would only get used once every fifty vehicle years. So the costs would be minimal, wouldn’t they, Toyota???

            All the best


          5. Hi Pete,
            I’ve read your comments with interest this morning and fully understand the position you’re in and how you feel about the situation.
            As you know, we do not recommend having a space saver in the car and the stance is that anything your Dealer does is at their own risk. That said, we would like to try and help. We’ve been working alongside the Customer Relations team internally here on the matter of space saver wheels and as such, they will be best placed to assist you further. They will be able to take the time to investigate your comments with your Dealer and try to find a solution. Although we simply can’t guarantee a solution now, they are, again, best placed to assist. Please find their contact details here: We will, of course, pass your comments on to the team and ensure that they pick up from where we’ve left off, but will leave it to them to further.
            Many thanks and kind regards, Oliwer.

    3. Forget the trying to fix a puncture. Far better is to get a Spacer Saver wheel. You can’t buy these new, however Subaru Imprezza ones fit, though it is important to get exactly the right one (No slots).

      The circumference of standard tyre fitted to this wheel is slightly under size. If you wish to match the original wheel size. This is possible by buying a different tyre:-

      To hold the space saver wheel down in the boot you need an Aygo Space saver clamp. This is the correct length and thread. Details on the forum.

  64. I was informed that the space-saver wheel for my New Auris would be available in July, it is now well into August and still no wheel. I was sold this vehicle on the proviso that the wheel was imminent. I am now feeling that I was sold my vehicle on a false promise.

    When will I get my wheel?

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for your message.
      We’re sorry to hear this, we advise contacting your local Toyota Dealer as they’ll have an update on this for you. The space saver option for Auris is still available to order, our notes show that availability in our logistics centre started on the 1st August with a delivery lead time of 8-10 days, please contact your Dealer to see when yours will be arriving.
      Hope this helps!

  65. Toyota now agree what I put to them 3 months ago that the spare and tools were omitted to save weight therefore cutting down on emmisions and save fuel.rather strange that 4wd cars have the spare fitted.The New Rav I have is a 2wd with 17 wheels and can assure all the kit is entirely different to that used in the Video by the man with 2 diff names.

    Are Toyota now saying the wheel and tools will be availableFOC or will they be in violation on the prev gov test without it form your own opinions and I will form mine.Or will I have to spend in excess of a further £170 on a vehicle that was grossly overpriced against the competition.As probably the most frequent buyer of new Toyotas in the North I intend to pursue the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

  66. Tyre Repair Kits are USELESS !!! I have been in the motor trade some 40 years, 19 of them in the RAC and I am convinced these kits should be banned. Trying to repair on a motorway, 0300 hrs pouring with rain and freezing cold, it is down right dangerous. Furthermore, when you get your wheel to your garage or tyre centre for a repair you are almost always required to have a new tyre, sometimes a new wheel and facing very high repair bills.

    As for calling out the AA, RAC etc, you first of all have the waiting time before they arrive, anything up to an hour if you are lucky, then in 80% they find the repair kit is not suitable so a further delay is involved while they arrange recovery to a local tyre dealer, garage etc plus all the additional costs involved.

    The excuse the manufactures use of the weight saving is not really correct, a minute weight and fuel saving is involved but the costs involved in sorting out the results of the use of a tyre repair kit far outweigh their argument.

    My advice, buy a car with a spare wheel or at least a “Space Saver” you will not regret it should the worse happen. If your new car has no spare wheel DO NOT BUY IT !!!! Car manufactures will then get the message when they start loosing sales!

    1. Dear Mr Dowell,
      Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Along with most other manufacturers the decision to supply a Tyre Replacement Kit (TRK) as a solution are best highlighted in this short video. Apologies if you’ve already seen it but we feel it covers the points you raise:
      All that said, we take note that a repair kit may not be the desired standard option for each and every customer. With this in mind, space saver tyres are now available for most models if required.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

      1. Now Toyota are back peddling on all they said prior to and after launch of the RAV.In spite of this you now have a legal obligation to supply a spare and tools at no cost to owners of 2wd vehicles with 17 wheels.

        But don’t try and patronise me anymore I am one of the straight and honest owners who have for many years being changing models twice every year.The Rav cost me just short of 28K and at you perel will underestimate me……..A very annoyed long time faithful Toyota user.

  67. Re Pauls comment – May 22nd. How long would it take to locate the puncture and then decide if you could use the TRK, I agree you have to take the car into a garage if you have a puncture
    having put the dummy wheel on which takes roughly 15/20 minutes, How the hell do you find where your puncture is if it happens at night-time!!!

  68. I tow a caravan and often tow several hundred miles. I will not buy a car that does not have the option of a full size spare.

  69. Re TRK, I’m pleased to see that for some reason the Toyota Yaris has got a spare dummy wheel.
    If they can do this with this model why not all the range!
    Beats me.

  70. This is absolute rubbish. There is no excuse for selling any car which doesn’t have at least a space-saver fitted as standard. The Auris Hybrid is now beyond consideration because it has no spare. If, in a couple of years, there isn’t a Prius with a spare to replace my current one then I’ll be switching to a car like the Skoda which at least offers a full-size/space-saver wheel/tyre as an option. How any manufacturer can look its customers in the eye when offering a car which by design threatens its user with hours or even days stuck in the wilds is beyond me. I’ve been a Toyota customer for over 20 years but won’t be for long if this attitude persists.

  71. You must clean on this issue and say that a tyre repair on a road wheel is not acceptable.That Toyota did not supply a temp spare or tools because of emissions ad MPG tests.Although from July a Temp spare (without mention of tools) will be supplied as a no cost option.Will you confirm or deny that owners with existing New Rav 4s will also get this facility in July with tools..

    I am about to rder the top of the range Rav costing more than £32000 and will totally depend on your assurances as mentioned.Otherwise it will be a Honda CRV at lesser cost a descision I will make this coming week.

    Thank You


  72. this becomes useless when the damage is to the wall of tyre!!! the wheel was hit off a kerb resulting in a flat, the kit supplied couldn’t cope with damage, therefore left high and dry unable to get car to garage to get replacement tyre!

  73. Have just watched video regarding the PRK and had a good laugh. Come on Toyota this is just not on .
    He had to drive the car into the ‘Workshop’ to do the repair. If you are out in the countryside or on a Motorway how far can you safely drive on a flat tyre before you completely ruin the wheel.
    He goes onto say that removing the spare wheel is saving on fuel and efficiency – this is ludicrous, the ‘dummy’ spare wheel is in no way heavier than the normal wheel and I find this a poor excuse for changing to the PRK solution.
    Once again I reiterate I shall be buying my next car from either Volkswagon or Skoda.
    Shame because I am really taken with the new Yaris.
    A disappointed ex customer.
    Mrs. T. Holdway

    1. It can only be assumed that for the purpose of filming a workshop was used.A temp repair kit is exactly the same as having a temp spare wheel.In that its purpose is to transport the Car to the nearest Tyre centre and have a new tyre fitted.The cost of a Premium tyre For the Rav would be around £200.

      But surely this would apply to all makes of cars other than those fitted with a full size spare wheel.I do agree that Toyota have not clean on these issues and putting a strain on future buyers.On testing at lengh the Rav it could be said that it is a clone of the Lexus RX and in many areas better.

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