How to use the Toyota Touch and Touch & Go multimedia systems

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go multimedia systems

The Toyota Touch multimedia system features a 6.1-inch touch screen and a rear-view camera. To this, Toyota Touch & Go adds full map satellite navigation, advanced Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free calling and music streaming, Google® Local Search, real-time traffic updates, safety camera warnings, text messaging and a host of other connected services. In short, it provides everything you need on the go.

We’ve produced a series of how-to videos, each of which guides you through a different feature of Toyota Touch and Touch & Go.

If you want help registering your Toyota Touch system, please visit our customer portal.

Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos:
How to pair your phone
How to make a call and access your phone book
How to play music via Bluetooth or a USB device
How to register your Touch & Go system
How to send and receive a text message
How to use sat-nav features
How to carry out an online search
How to send directions to your car

Touch and Go FAQs

Toyota Touch 2
Got a question about the new Toyota Touch 2 system – being rolled out across various Toyota models in 2014 – then take a look at our dedicated Touch 2 section by clicking the link below.

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  1. Hi, i have a toyota rav4 2013 and the bluetooth which was working now says no bluetooth device paired and when you go into bluetooth options it says bluetooth off and the rest of the menu is greyed out. problem remains when cars is stationary, has been turned off and after unpairing my phone. on a separate issue the car did display an image with tyre pressures, this also has stiopped working, i can no longer find it. help please

      1. Will I be able to receive emails via my iphone 7 on my brand new CHR Excel? The option will not work when I press it.
        Please advise.

        1. Hi Phill,
          Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately iPhones, don’t allow emails to be sent across. Thanks.

    1. Hi Khajee,
      Thank you for your comment. We’ve passed this on to our multimedia team and will be in contact once we have an answer for you.
      Many thanks.

      1. Hello, I’ve registered with “My Toyota” website and to complete and enable apps to be sent to my radio, the site needs the “device id”. Can’t find this and the radio I have is I think the X-Touch which is not on the “How to find your radios device id” section.

        I have a 2016 Aygo on a 66 plate and want to complete the registration on My Toyota. Any ideas???

        1. Hi Neil,
          Thank you for your comment. As you have an X-Touch, it cannot be registered on MyToyota and at the moment there are no apps for X-Touch. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi
    I’m facing a very strange problem with my navigation system.
    A message appears on the touch screen “Please insert map DVD” even the DVD is inserted !
    I cant get to know what the problem is..

  3. Hi. How can I restore the audio to factory settings? (My bluetooth has suddenly taken a break 🙁 ) I have a Yaris 2012 model

    1. Hi there,
      We’ve spoken with our technical team and they have advised if you need help further than just restoring your audio settings, you should visit your local dealer.
      There is a way to restore the audio back to factory settings however it would mean deleting other personal data also within the multimedia system.
      If you have a Touch and Go system,
      Select the Setup Button > Select General > Select Delete Personal Data > Select Delete (All personal data will be deleted).

      The following personal data can be deleted or returned to their default settings:
      – Phone book Data
      – Call History Data
      – Bluetooth Devices Data
      – Phone Sound Settings
      – Bluetooth Settings
      – Audio Settings

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hey

    I’ve bought a Yaris 2016 hatchback and can’t figure out how to turn off the multimedia system. There’s this button that says ‘PWR’ which I assume stands for power, yet clicking that brings up the current song, if I’m in car mode, but will return to audio select for audio node. Holding it down restarts the multimedia system.

    1. Hi Clarence,
      Please could you provide us with your registration number? Many thanks.

  5. Hi I have a RAV4 2016 (66) having problems with ipod connection through usb on any of my 3 ipods classic and 2 nano’s i am unable to change album and when trying to do so i get a communication error on touch 2 tried 2 different apple usb cables, my experience of playing music in the car has been very poor so far regardless of whether playing via bluetooth, via usb stick or ipod really disappointing if you’d just left an mp3 capable cd player in these vehicles it would have saved so much grief???

  6. Hi, I have just purchased a 2013 Yaris. It has a reversing camera, so assumed it would have Bluetooth. Nothing seems to work apart from the radio. I was trying to find my Device ID, but don’t even have a system information button. I thought all models comes with Bluetooth as standard?

    1. Hi Helen,
      Do you have your vehicle registration number or your VIN number? We will be able to look at the spec of your car with these details, we will not publish them 🙂

        1. Hi Helen,
          We’ve removed your registration number. We have sent this query to our technical team and will let you know when we hear back from them. Many thanks 🙂

        2. Hi Helen,
          After speaking with our technical team, we can advise that the Bluetooth function can be accessed through the Setup option on your system and then selecting the Bluetooth option.
          Another alternative is pressing the third button down, next to the multimedia screen on the right of your centre dashboard. Select the ‘YES’ option and pair your devices.
          We would have to advise contacting your local dealer if you still can’t connect after trying this.
          You can find your system information by heading to: Setup – General – System Information.
          Hope this helps! 🙂

        1. Hi Liz,
          Thanks for getting in touch. Please could you provide a reg or VIN number, so we can take this further. Many thanks.

  7. Hi, I have recently purchased a Yaris 2013 and have been using a USb to play music. Up until now it has been on random shuffle on all artist, today I went to play a specfic artist but now I can’t get it back to shuffle all songs. When I click all artists it flicks to all albums. How do I get the USB to shuffle all the song from all the artists and not just a specific one?

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for your post. The owners manual advises as follows: “Pressing (RDM) changes modes in the following order: Folder random  Disc random  Off” If you’re wanting further information we would advise checking the Owner’s Manual on the My Toyota portal for full details. We would recommend checking that when you are playing music, you have selected “RDM” to shuffle playback. Hope this helps!

    2. I have an auras with touch and go plus. the online search with google and tom-tom has stopped working, says service provider not available. i have logged into my toyota to renew licence as it says expired. e store lists as expired but to renew says to go to toolbox which as no option to renew licence for either service . i have renewed all the other licences i.e fuel, twitter, park and go etc and all work fine. i used the online search all the time. i have raised a complaint with toyota on 3/9/16 but as yet have no response. the initial instructions said you had to accept google etc terms and conditions on but this option is no longer available. e store has the search providers listed and you can click on them but it then says download from toolbox. tool box as i said has no option for this . Help Please

      1. Hi David,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Do you have a case number from our customer relations team so we can chase this up for you?

        1. hi case ref is 0618716 .. I keep chasing them but no response. everything worked fine until i renewed my subscriptions on 3/9. I have solved some of the issues i raised with them myself by deleting all the data on my usb stick, reloading toolbox again and taking a new fingerprint and downloading new data. This has not however, allowed google or tom-tom searches to work. I have another car with touch and go and my phone works fine in that with searches so its not a network issue. e store says my subscription to tom tom and google expired and to go to tool box to renew but as I said tool box does not have this option. The web site has recently been updated as you used to have to confirm registration for online services there on registration, not on toolbox, but this option has gone and is mainly about touch 2. my dealer has no idea and I am becoming quite annoyed . my car is still under warranty

          1. Hi David,
            Thanks for getting back to us. We have spoken to customer relations and someone will be in touch soon to assist you further! Many thanks.

          2. I have exactly the same problem, and no one will help, just going around in circles, a good car spoiled by poor service


          3. Head office sorted this out but now licence has expired and have the same issue. Cannot renew on toolbox and other sites shut down or ref you to mytoyota or toolbox . Help

  8. I’ve just bought a second hand 2014 Auris Hybrid with a Touch and Go system. I can pair my iPhone 6s plus with it for music and telephony but not internet.

    When I select “connect for internet” the screen says connecting for a minute or so then returns to the options screen withut connecting. (The connect for internet option is still there) sometimes i get a cannot connct message, but not always.

    I have tried with personal hotspot turned on and off on my iPhone but to no avail.

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your post. We can confirm that the personal hotspot needs to be on in order for our system to connect with your phone and after speaking with our technical team we would advise making sure your system is updated to the latest version. If this doesn’t help, visiting your local dealer should assist you further in making sure your issue is resolved. You can find your local dealer here: Hope this helps. Many thanks.

  9. Hi, I would like to know if it is (and if yes, how) possible do substitute the x-touch system with a traditional autoradio.

    1. Hi Rik,
      Thanks for your post. We would advise refraining from changing your x-touch system to an older, traditional, radio system as it will alter the vehicle specification. If you need any more advice or support, we would suggest contacting your local dealer so they can assist you further. You can find your nearest dealer here: Hope this helps. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thank you for you post. The update which will be available for your Yaris can be found through the My Toyota portal. This will provide you with specific information about the latest update for your multimedia system. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  10. Hi, I’ve a 2016 Hilux Invincible, which keeps crashing my ipod classic, using the usb port. It needs resetting, then works fine for a length of time ,only to crash again.
    Any advice?

    1. Hi Kev. Thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the delayed response. We recommend you pay your local Toyota dealer a visit, who can take a look at the system to see if everything is working as it should. We hope this helps.

  11. hi, I have recently purchased a 2013 yaris with touch and go. I can receive incoming calls but I am unable to receive or send text messages. the option announce incoming messages is greyed out. I have a htc desire c phone. what do I need to do to utilise the messaging system. thanks

    1. Hi Nicola,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that this function is not available. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

        1. Hi Nicola,
          Thank you for your post. We would advise visiting your local Toyota dealer who will be able to take a look at your cars system to see if an upgrade can be made available. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  12. Hi, I have a Rav 4 2012 with Touch &Go Plus and I like to know if there is a way to install a reverse camere on this multimedia unit.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Bogdan,
      Thank you for your post. We have passed this through our technical and accessory team and there is no accessory kit available to install a reversing camera. Hope this helps clarify and any other questions please let us know.

      1. Hi there I have a Hilux 2015 with tuch 2 sat nav but it can not find current location It thinks I’m somewhere in miles away
        Let me put a destination and I’m finds it But when I press calculate route it starts from somewhere Else

        1. Hi James,
          Thank you for your post. We have passed this to our technical department and will be in contact once we have an answer for you.
          Many thanks.

    2. Hi I have a 2015 Hilux with tuch 2 go
      That can not find my current location it thinks I’m some where else
      Can I reset it some how

  13. Hi, just got a new icon and the sat nav is showing the wrong speed limit, showing random numbers like 48 in a 40 and 90 in a 70, also how to I change km to yards? Thanks

    1. Hi Sophie
      Thank you for you post. We have run this past our technical team and they believe it is the cars settings. Just to clarify what model Toyota do you have?

  14. Hi,
    I have a 13 plate Yaris Hybrid. It’s an SRi model…
    Can anyone tell me why on the Setup Screen it shows Vehicle Settings, but when I go into it there is nothing there.
    What is the point of this menu when there is no sub-menu?
    There are sub-menus for all other things like Audio, Phone, Bluetooth, etc. but nothing for the Vehicle Settings…

    1. We’ve asked our technical team to look into this for you and will be back with an answer very soon. Thanks for raising it with us David.

    2. David, it would seem that your Yaris does not come with the certain functions which would otherwise be there. You are not missing anything that should be there. Apologies if it seemed confusing by offering a menu with no sub menu. Hope this helps.

  15. I have a 2014 Yaris with Touch &Go and am having problems with music on USB sticks. I have 120 tracks on a 1Gb Kingston stick copied from iTunes that works fine but my 8Gb Hama stick Touch&Go initially recognises only 255 tracks plays the first few ok and then hangs with a blank screen? Both sticks are FAT32 formatted I’ve tried a 2Gb Huke stick which has 153 tracks on it which the Touch & Go thinks contains 255 tracks? And also hangs after a couple of tracks. All tracks are MP3 and as far as I know bit rates are compatible with the manual. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Pete. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It can depend on a few things. Different USB sticks have different speed ratings, which is why one stick is working and the other is not. You could look into picking up another stick from the same brand? Alternatively, it could have something to do with the way the folders are organised. If you have sub folders off the root directory of the USB, it can confuse the system. To be sure, we recommend completely reformatting your disc and trying again. Hope this helps Pete.

  16. I have a USB hard drive loaded with 986 folders and about 9000 songs to connect to the car via the USB. How long will it take to scan and play my songs?

    1. Hello Shane
      Just seen this post and see that you are using USB. If you have any problems or do not have access to the manual please let us know.

  17. I have a 2013 Yaris and I recently purchased a new hard drive to play all my music in the car. I put somewhere in the region of 9000 songs on it, organised it into albums, and plugged it in. How long will the car take to scan all the files before I can play them? And will it do this each time the car starts? I’ve been unable to listen to any of my music so far.

    1. Hi Shane
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have advised that you cannot use a hard drive, it has to be a USB stick. There are also limits about playing music in terms of the file size. Full information about this and preferred format in which the music needs to be saved are contained in the vehicle handbook under audio operation. We would need a bit more information about which system you have in order to help you further on this. Let us know.

      1. Hi David

        Why does the car require a usb stick and not a hard drive? I feel this should have been made more clear in the manual as I purchased a hard drive specifically for this purpose. I checked the manual completely for file formats, usb formats and limits on folders and songs too.

        1. Hi Shane
          Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
          We did run this past our technical team, the reason is because the Touch & Go does not have the capacity to power a hard drive. We will pass your feedback to the marketing team for the future and sorry that you were unaware. From your post were you able to trace the information about formats? Let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

          1. Hi David

            I have my files ready for playing – the manual contained all the information required on files and folders necessary

          2. Hi Shane
            Thanks for confirming. If you have any other questions please let us know.

          3. I’ve bought a new flash stick and put on one album as a test and this worked fine. However, I put on a second album, and the car said there was no music on the stick. I plugged the stick back into my computer, and the folders had been corrupted and contained no music? How has this happened between the computer and the car? I’m getting very frustrated with the amount of problems this function is causing

          4. Hi Shane,

            That’s not good! We’ve spoken to our technical team who have informed us that the Toyota system isn’t capable of writing to the USB disc, so the problem is likely to have come from your computer. Did you use the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ button before removing your USB stick from the PC? Try reformatting the stick, pop the music on, and ensure the files are all copied over safely before you remove the USB stick.

            Hope this helps Shane!

          5. Hello

            I’m still having problems – I’m using a new flash stick and made sure everything is in the correct format. I put 10 albums on there as a trial run – and the car stereo is only reading 9 of those, and 1 of those 9 albums links to one of the other albums on there. I think my stereo needs to be looked at by someone professional – could someone at my local garage look into this?

          6. The stereo is also not reading the track names correctly from the ID tags. Some of the artist names also aren’t being read correctly.

          7. Hi Shane, sorry you’re still having problems. If you visit your local dealer they will be able to see the issue first hand and advise appropriately. Hopefully they can solve the problem for you. Please let us know how you get on. Thank you.

  18. Hi Everyone,

    Could you let me know why I can’t connect my car to the internet using my iPhone 6 Plus. We have a new Yaris Hybrid and Touch 2 system?

    I get connection failure.

    Any ideas?



    1. Hi Mitchel, sorry to hear you’re having problems with your iPhone and Touch 2 system. Could you please double check to see if your iPhones Personal Hotspot is turned on? Setting > Mobile> Personal Hotspot> On.

  19. Hi,

    I recently bought a second hand Yaris (12 plate) with the standard Touch system, and I am extremely confused by the USB stick function. I uploaded some music on it, but the filing system that was on the car was completely different to how I had uploaded it on my computer. On the car all the folders were in one place and I couldn’t seem to have multiple album folders per artist. So I deleted some of the files in order to start again but when I put it back in the car I could still see the folders – it’s as if the car is reading an ‘archive’ folder that is on the USB stick that I can’t see when it is on my computer! This time it has also duplicated some of the tracks if I have renamed them. I don’t understand!

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for getting in touch. We are running this past our technical team. In the meantime it may be worth checking the format you have used to download and save the songs against the recommendations in the owner handbook regarding playing music from a USB if this helps.

    2. Hi Becky, we’ve spoken to our technical department, they recommend deleting and reformatting the USB stick. On the USB stick there will be a “Thumbs.db” hidden folder that has the file structure and contents. This will still be on the stick. Delete it – reformat to FAT32 and start again. We hope this helps.

  20. I have a new Yaris Hybrid with touch2 on it. How do I turn down or off the sat nav voice. its really loud.

    1. Hi Mandy, thank you for taking the time to contact us. There are two ways you can change the sat nav gudience volume. 1) When the Navigation voice guide aids you with directions press the volume buttons on your steering wheel and this will adjust the sat nav voice volume. 2) Settings > General > Volume Controls there will then be an option for Voice Navigation. We hope this helps!

  21. Hi
    I have just purchased a 2012 Auris with the Touch & Go system. When I put in a CD (purchased rather than downloaded, and released within the last 2 years) it will no recognise any of the CD or track info. The same happens with music on my iPhone. How do I get it to recognise the info?

    1. Hi Vicki
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      We did double check this with our technical team who confirmed that the reason is because CD’s do not carry any track information. This is different of course if music is played through an iPod (with a lead) as you will see this information on screen.
      Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

  22. Hi there, I’ve just purchased a 2015 Yaris and spent hours downloading all my music onto a USB. When I put it in, it is only reading a small selection of the music. I’ve tried removing the stick and putting it back in but it still does not work. What is the problem please and how do I resolve it?

    1. Hi Liz
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query past our technical team. You will need to check the format of the music you have downloaded on the stick, it needs to be WMA or MP3 files. It also needs to meet BIT rates and sampling frequencies which can be found in the owners handbook. Let us know how you get on but if you have any other questions please let us know.

  23. Hi,

    I’ve recently purchased a 2015 yaris. I have the basic touch 2 multimedia system installed (without sat nav).

    Im unable to view text messages is this option available on my system, the phone I am using is Iphone 6.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Jo
      Thanks for your post.
      We did check with our technical team who have advised that you should first check the settings on your phone which says “show notifications”. You also need to make sure that the phone is connected via Bluetooth (and not a cable) to the system. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

      1. Hi David. Thank you for the response. The “show notifications ” button worked but I only receive text messages to the car when I’m in the car. I cannot see any historic messages sent or received, is this correct?

        Sorry next question. Am I able to view my email with the touch 2 with an iPhone 6? I’ve set up the online customer portal, I can see the email button but states “mobile device does not support access….”

        Thanks Jo

        1. Hi Jo
          Thanks for your reply and we have run this past our technical team.
          It is correct that you will only receive text messages to the car when you are in the car with your phone connected. With regard to your second question, this is also correct unfortunately, iPhones only have limited compatibility with SMS functions and email is not available.
          Let us know if you have any other questions.

  24. Hi I just bought a yaris and have tried to play music via my iPod using the usb port. the touch and go system shows there is an iPod connected but then won’t allow me to click on it or play anything from it – is there a reason why? Thanks.

    1. Hello Zoe
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team. They have advised that either the iPod hasn’t powered up yet or you need to press play on the iPod. Otherwise the other option would be to stop by your local Toyota dealer who could quickly check this out for you. Let us know how you get on.

  25. Hi. I have just bought a 2012 Yaris. I have paired my phone to take calls. I have three issues – the difference between the radio volume and call volume is too great. The incoming call is muffly sounding. I was told by someone I called that my volume was too low. How can I adjust these please? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kath
      Thanks for your post.
      You will need to press the settings button and then press General Settings. You will then have a button to adjust volume control for incoming and outgoing calls.
      Hope this helps but if you need any further help please let us know.

  26. Hi,
    Can you help me how can i change navigation voice from english to turkish. My System touch – go plus. And i saw turkish voice files in Update usb stick. But in navigation there is no option to change speaking voice.

    1. Hi Jack
      To change the language press the Setup button by the screen. Then touch General on the screen and you can then change the language from there.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for Quick reply.
        i think i couldnt tell what i mean. Touch&go doesnt have a turkish language option but navigation has turkish voice files.when you change language from general settings the navigation voice also changes. But there is no turkish option in the firmware. So i want to use the System in english Just want to change the navi voice to turkish. is it possible?

        1. Hi Jack
          We have checked this further and did not see Turkish on the early version of Touch & Go which we checked. If you are located in Turkey then it would be worthwhile popping in to see your local Toyota dealer to check your system and whether any upgrades are available. To answer your other question though, if you set the system to a specific language then the whole system will convert to this. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

      2. Hi David,

        I think i couldt tell my problem well.
        As you know Touch & Go system hasnt a language option for Turkish. But in update files Navisync folder has turkish voice and language files which means navigation can speak turkish.
        When you change the system language from the general settings, navigation speech voice also changes. But as i said before system doesnt have an option for turkish. So i want to ask if any way to remain the system language in english and just change the navigation speech voice to turkish.

  27. I have just replaced my Auris hybrid which had touch, with another with touch 2 and go.
    Whereas the previous vehicle allowed me to browse music albums and tracks when connected on bluetooth, the T2 has the browse facility greyed out,
    I’d be grateful for advice

    1. Hello Geoff
      Thank you for your post and we apologise for the delay in replying to you.
      We have checked this with our technical team for you who have advised that this is due to a difference in the Bluetooth profile between the Touch screens (1 & 2) and with Go (1 & 2). Unfortunately, depending on the phone it isn’t always possible to “Browse” when “Go” is fitted.
      Hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. I recently bought rav 4 icon (2014) trying to use sat nav, I can find vehicle ID number but not recognised when trying to connect. Does this mean I don’t have Sat-Nav? Settings and system info do provide me with a number.

      1. Hello Pat
        Thanks for your post.
        Sorry to hear you are having a problem but if you do want to let us know exactly what you are trying to do (for example registering your car on the portal) then we will see what we can do to help.

  28. Purchased from new, a Prius Mark 3 (2012 updated version) TSprit which comes with Touch & Go Plus. Speech commands for the improved Sat Nav in this version generally work well but not so the Station requests for radio programmes where ‘Classic’ and ‘Radio 1’ seem to be the only names it understands (whatever is requested).

    I have determined that ‘BBC R 2’ will occasionally be understood (not ‘Radio 2’ or ‘BBC Radio 2”) albeit usually requiring many attempts. It seems to (perhaps understandably) require stations to be described in a particular way but I have been unable to find any information on this and am left with trying all sorts of permutations in the hope it might recognise one!

    Is there a list of UK radio station descriptions it understands, available please? I am not after obscure or local ones, just BBC stations would be a start!

    Whilst on the Audio; can it be commanded to play a CD? All attempts by me and the Dealer have failed to get it to respond so I am assuming this is not supported for some reason.

    I love the car; the Sat Nav updates have been a pain but the software link now at last seems to work. It would be great if the radio would respond to commands as well as the Sat Nav does (so it can’t be my speech).

    1. Hi David. Thanks for getting in touch. We’re really happy to hear that you love the Prius! Congratulations for making the jump. With regards to your query; you need to pronounce the radio station exactly as it appears on the media system screen for the voice command feature to work. Unfortunately it is not possible to command the car to play a CD but you can do it by pressing the buttons on the steering wheel. We hope this helps.

  29. Hi

    I have just received my new Avensis Icon Business Edition. In the brochure the reversing camera is shown with guides on the touch and go 2 system which is supposed to be in my car.

    how do I turn the guides on?

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with the Avensis product team and they have confirmed that we do not have grid lines on the Avensis reversing camera fitted with Touch 2. A generic image has been used in the brochure and this is incorrect. They will be requesting that this image is changed for the next print run and we apologise for any confusion caused.
      Thank you for contacting us about this and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  30. I recently bought an Auris and had a SatNav installed. I think it is a Touch and Go, but nobody told me! Map is EUL 20131028 software 2.9.4L. Is this the latest map? Is it Touch and Go?
    It will not recognise Ipod Touch 1 or two or Mini Ipad 1 and the USB port seems dead-it wont charge anything. Agent seems bewildered. Any help will be appreciated. The car is great but the SatNav is driving me nuts. I won’t tell you all my trials and tribulations.
    By the way, it is not only the O,o,0 which cause confusion on the system id. Look out for upper case I, lower case L and 1. You need eyes like a hawk.

    1. Hi Norman. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear about your frustration with the navigation system. If the system has navigation installed this is referred to as ‘Touch and Go’. You can view the latest available map version via the Downloads section of the T&G Toolbox. With regards to your device connectivity issue; we’re always very reluctant to offer any kind of online diagnosis or technical opinion without inspecting the car first hand. Our advice is, and always will be, to take it to the experts who are trained to offer the very best care, advice and repair. We suggest getting in touch with your local dealer and getting them to take a look for you. Hope this helps.

      1. Matt, I understand your reluctance to give an opinion without looking at the system so I will do as you say, but to be honest, the dealer whom I have visited once already seems less familiar with the system (and computers) than I am. He looks puzzled and asks me to return on another day so he can ring up an expert at the home base. They even asked me why I wanted to look up how to update the system and suggested I just leave it! The handbook says the Ipods I use are compatible and the USB should be live-at least.
        If I make no progress I will have to dump the system and buy something else- unless you have a better idea and know a dealer who really knows what they are talking about.

        1. Hello Norman
          Thanks for your reply.
          We are sorry to hear of your experience trying to get help from your Toyota dealer.
          If you would like us to contact them on your behalf let us know and we can arrange this through our customer relations teams.
          Ipods are compatible with the system (the only issue we are aware of involves the iPod Classic which seems to have different software) if you are experiencing problems though our technical team have recommended trying a different USB lead if you have access to one.

          1. David, Thank you very much for your offer. I will probably take you up on it, but I am going to leave all the problems for a week to let my blood pressure subside! Your latest response really has made me feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will come back to you in a few days so leave me on the system for the moment.

          2. Hi David, Thanks for everything. I am pleased to say that I don’t think I ‘ll now need your help. Encouraged by your words I took the car to a good service agent who knew about Touch and Go. They examined my system and found that the USB port had been connected to the wrong port on the system. That was a blunder on Toyota’s part. They reconnected it to the correct port and now it works.
            I have one or two comments if it helps. There are too many web pages listed under Toyota on the web . Most of them are, quite frankly, useless, out of date, and confusing. Get rid of all those videos which don’t say precisely what to do and are more like advertisements than anything else. Replace them with one private rubbish video which you can force ignorant operatives to watch as a punishment. Keep your own site. It is really valuable and you do answer questions. Thank god I stumbled across it. Replace the rubbish with clear, up to date, detailed instructions in good English. I have even contemplated writing a clear set of instructions myself! I hope I won’t need you again. Thanks again and Goodbye.

  31. I have a 2013 Yaris with touch & go, up until recently I could use the advance search option on the sat nave (via Google) the system is paired to an iPhone 4s. However on trying to search the other day I got the error message ‘unable to connect’ I have tried to set up the phone again via Settings for Internet without success – it tries but after about a minute it times out. The only change made has been to instal the iPhone operating system updates to version 8+ I have unpaired and re-paired the phone without success .bluetooth is on and the system recognises my phone as a paired device.

  32. I have a 2013 Yaris with Touch and Go sat Nav. The sat nav keeps taking me down country roads when there is a A road that will get me there quicker. I have tried Fast, Slow and Eco but the eco is even worse. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Julie
      Thanks for your post.
      There can sometimes be anomalies with the routes chosen and ultimately they will just pick a route from point A to point B. It is difficult for us to comment why this should be the case particularly if you choose the fast option and there is no difference in route in terms of mileage? Is the A road you are referring to relatively new for example? Another suggestion might be to stop by your local dealer who could perhaps try this on another car with Touch & Go. The last option could potentially be a satnav upgrade to your system and your dealer could take you through this and the cost involved.
      We do not know the specific details but hope this helps a bit and let us know how you get on or if you need any further help.

      1. I had the same issue with the routes offered in a 14 reg Rav 4. I had to use the satnav in my phone to get back to roads with exotic features like markings. It was great fun with a car sick pre-schooler as I’m sure you can imagine.

        This happened any time there was an awful option for the route, it wasn’t a one off thing.

        1. Hi Matt, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the RAV4 navigation system. Could you please provide us with a few more details so we can look into this further for you? Many thanks

          1. Hi Kerry,

            Thanks for the quick response.

            It was a hire car, so I don’t really have any other details I’m afraid. It just kept sending us down country lanes even on fastest mode when there were main roads available.

            The satnav on my phone got us back to main roads and kept us on them, so they were an option.

          2. Hi Matt, thanks for getting back to us. We’re sorry to hear you experienced difficulties while using the navigation system. Do let us know if this happens again while using a Toyota vehicle and we’ll send your query off to our technical department for you. Thanks again for getting in touch. Any questions let us know – we’re here to help!

          3. Hi Kerry, did you have any success in resolving the use of minor roads issue? We have the same and are always being taken off grid so no longer use the car sat Nav.

          4. Hi Tom,
            We have had advice from our technical department stating that one would need to log their issues with On you will be able to submit a change, Navteq (who supply our maps) will then drive the route and plan it for a future update. However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. If you do log your issue, once something is fixed/mapped you will get a notification which means it will be on an update soon. Hope this helps!

          5. If the instance was a one off I agree with your approach, it’s not. We paid extra for the Nav but can never trust it. Yorkshire moors we have had to open gates and drive down a track. Dartmoor we have had similar. Last week in Devon we were constantly being taken down lanes to save 0.5 of a mile when a A or B road was available. I believe as others have found on here that fastest route does not always mean fastest, it’s more of a shortest. Unnamed lanes are being rated at national speed limit (60mph) but should not be, other sat Navs , many free don’t do this and keep you on the main road. There is a bug in the version and Toyota should be offering a free upgrade as a recall. At this point, I will never trust a Toyota salesman or buy your sat nav again. Happy to communicate off forum if you really want to help. You would also find out why your directors have already replaced the car and therefore we are far from happy Toyota customers!

          6. Hi Tom,
            We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve had such problems. If you do want to speak off forum we would advise contacting customer relations via phone: 0344 701 6202 OR email form here: If you do get in contact someone in customer relations will be able to chat with you in more depth and detail. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  33. I have recently purchased a Toyota Avensis Estate on a 2010 plate, with in built sat nav. I have tried with no success to try to find out to operate Speed Camera notification either visually or audible. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Eric
      Thanks for you post.
      We double checked this with the technical team who have advised that we did not have the speed camera notification facility at that time. Sorry to disappoint but hope this helps clarify.

  34. I have a galaxy s5 and it’s paired Ok with the Toyota touch and go but when I use phone I can’t hear who I am calling but they can hear me why?

    1. Hello Kim
      Thanks for your post.
      We did run this past our technical team who were not sure on this one. They did suggest to try using another phone to see whether the phone or car is a problem. Otherwise you will need to stop by your local Toyota dealer for further help and advice.

  35. Hi, I have a Toyota Yaris (2013) and just wondered whether there’s any way of cancelling a route on the sat nav if you decide you no longer need it. I can’t find any way to switch it off once I’ve programmed a route! Many thanks

    1. Hello Mr Randall
      Thanks for your post.
      If you press the Options button on the satnav screen you will see a Stop Guidance heading which will stop the navigation if you press this.
      Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Lucy
      Thanks for your post.
      We have two systems Toyota Touch (just multimedia screen) and Toyota Touch & Go (this includes satnav). If the car was purchased new with Satnav then you would also have a version number which you can find under settings, system info. If no version is listed then it does not sound like satnav has been fitted to the car. The simplest solution would be to stop by your local Toyota dealer who could check this while you wait and if it is not installed then they can advise the cost involved to upgrade this for you.
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

      1. I have a similar problem. My 2012 invincible has touch and go, the Sat nav and phone has worked perfectly until the last couple of months. Sometimes it works fine but most of the time it suds system not installed and when this happen the phone does not work either. Any ideas?

  36. Can you please tell me how I delete the call history on my Yaris 2011. I have studied the manual and even my Toyota main dealer has tried with no success.

    1. Hello Alan
      Thanks for your post
      We have run this past our technical team. They have advised that you delete the history from the phone and then when it is connected to the car next it will delete from the audio. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

      1. Hello David. Ref cannot delete call history from my car. I have delete everything from my phone but it makes no difference to the cars call history. The call history in my car will not go. There is nothing in the Bluetooth manual on how to delete it and the Dealership does not even know. Surely it can all be DELETED somehow.

        1. Hi Alan. Please try completely deleting/forgetting the bluetooth pairing from the the car’s system and from the phone itself. Once you reconnect the via bluetooth the Touch and Go system should have reset to reflect your phone’s call history. Give that a go and let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  37. I have a Yaris built in sat nav which I love. However the telephone has frozen and just says ‘ trying to connect’ and I cannot get rid of it and this blocks me using the sat nav screen. Any ideas please?

    1. Hi Margaret
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have recommended that you go to the settings menu and delete the pairing. (settings – Bluetooth – paired devices – delete). Then try re-pairing the phone again.
      Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  38. I have the same problem as a user below.

    “On my Yaris Touch and Go system I have a call stuck on screen which will not go. I have disconnected blue tooth on both phone and system. I have removed contact from my address book and refreshed. I have also disconnected the battery all to no avail. It is stopping me from accepting calls from my steering wheel or accessing my phone book etc on the screen even though if I call or receive a call while stationery using my phone it comes through the blue tooth system. ”

    What do you suggest I can do

    1. Hello Alan
      Thanks for post and sorry for the delay in getting in touch.
      We have had to run this query past our tech team. They have suggested that if you have tried deleting the pairing from the phone and the Touch and go, try switching the phone off and on or resetting and then repairing and if this hasn’t worked then they do have to suggest that you take your car to year nearest Toyota dealer.

  39. Hi I’ve had my Toyota Yaris about 3 months and I love it, but I’m experiencing problems with the media system when playing my iPod. The system frequently switches itself off and when I turn it back on it loses the playlist and need to go through the browse again.

    I know someone else experiencing the same problem but before booking it in, I wondered if there was anything I could do myself which might rectify this issue. I bought a new cable to connect the iPod incase it was faulty but it’s still happening.

    1. Hi Stella, we are aware of some technical problems when using an iPod classic as the software is different in this version. Not sure if you are using this particular model, but if you are then unfortunately then this could account for the problems you are experiencing. Your Touch and Go unit should remember what it was playing last – unless the ipod has run out of battery/crashed, etc. Our technical team recommend updating the software on your iPod to see if this helps? Many thanks.

  40. I got my Toyota Auris Hybrid with Toyota Touch and Go, do you know if you have any issues with iOS8? When I do a call tt’s disconnecting the audio is being disconnected after 4 seconds, but the call will still be active on the phone. Anyone experiencing anything like this?

    1. Hi Davide
      Thanks for your post.
      We have passed this information to our technical team. We have received some similar feedback but cannot comment about the phone software. Was the phone being used on this system prior to the software upgrade and was it operating ok? We will keep you posted on any further comments from our technical team.

      1. Thanks!

        Actually the problem was solved by turing off and on my phone! Working without any problems!

        Thanks a lot!


  41. Help! On my Yaris Touch and Go system I have a call stuck on screen which will not go. I have disconnected blue tooth on both phone and system. I have removed contact from my address book and refreshed. I have also disconnected the battery all to no avail. It is stopping me from accepting calls from my steering wheel or accessing my phone book etc on the screen even though if I call or receive a call while stationery using my phone it comes through the blue tooth system. What do you suggest I can do?

    1. Hi Sally, sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with your Touch and Go system. We’ve sent your comments onto our technical department. We’ll get back to you asap!

      1. I have solved the problem by deleting the car from my phone Bluetooth, then turning off my phone. I then turned my phone back on and rediscovered it on the car system and connected.

  42. Suddenly the media playing via Bluetooth to my iPhone 4 iOS 8 is very very quiet. It is ok for phone calls. What am I doing wrong. I have a gt86.

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our tech team. They have advised, to try deleting the pairing from the phone and car and then repair them. They also mentioned that if this issue has occurred since the iPhone updated to iOS 8 it may also be worthwhile carrying out the latest phone update too. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  43. Cannot pair new mobile phone to vehicle’s Bluetooth.

    I have a Toyota Prius (bought March 2012) with built-in Touch and Go for satnav.

    I now cannot pair my new mobile phone Motorola Moto G. Did the obvious – find Bluetooth devices and got a list of other people’s phones but not mine.
    Bluetooth is set to “On” on the phone. Is there something I am not doing ?
    If I dont succeed should I take it into the dealer ?

  44. Just picked up new Yaris Sport with Toyota Touch 2 with Go fitted. Sat Nav cannot find current location in UK, it seems to be stuck in Germany? In settings for Current Location it does not show any Latitude, Longitude, Satellites or Altitude information as shown in the owners user guide book?

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the issue with the satnav on your Yaris Sport.
      We had a quick word with our tech team who advise that you will need to pop back to your local dealer so they can double check the setup for you. They suspect that it may be as simple as checking the antenna is properly connected.
      Please let us know how you get on though and hope this helps.

  45. 2013 Toyota Avensis with original Touch and Go system.

    Trying to connect an HTC Desire 310 and it pairs ok but does not connect automatically nor manually to either phone or music.

    Comes up with ‘Connection Failed’

    HTC S/W and Touch S/W have been upgraded to latest versions and still no success.

    The HTC works fine on the latest Touch 2 system.

    The Avensis Touch & Go system works fine with my old Blackberry and with my iPhone5

    Any idea how to get this to work with HTC Desire 310?


    1. Hello Avensis User
      Thanks for your post and we have run this past the technical team.
      They have advised that this phone is not on the compatibility list. We can ask our European office to test this phone for the future but this would explain why you are seeing this error message. Here is the link to check phone compatibility.
      Sorry for the disappointing reply but hope this helps clarify. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  46. Hi,
    few weeks ago i swapped my Avensis T27 T4 2010 for new model Excel and i have to say that car is, as usually with Toyotas, absolutelly brilliant piece of engeneering. Unfortunatelly new sat-nav system Touch and Go Plus is really big disapointment.
    First unpleasant surprice was when i started the engine up and wanted to make call and use sat nav. I was nearly outside my friends house and system was still loading maps and waiting for bluetooth. Then i was looking for my friends number in contact list, but from some reason my car decided to sort names by surnames and not first names like i use in my phone. Then i couldnt find speed call menu, which was so usefull in my old Avensis etc,
    I like new gadgets and love to play with new settings etc.but honestly, i would preffer to have back the old system which didnt keep my eyes of the road for so long 🙁

    1. Hello Marek
      Thanks for your post.
      Great to hear about your new Avensis and that you are pleased with your car. With regard to your concerns regarding the satnav operation, we have run these past our technical team for you. Firstly they have confirmed that the boot-up time will take slightly longer than the previous system you used. With regard to the phone book, the order can’t be changed unfortunately as this is due to the way the information is passed between the phone and the Touch & Go. However you can register up to 200 numbers which are accessed through the “Stored” tab in the contacts section. Information on this can be found in the owners manual under “Basic information before operation” then “Registering a entry”.
      Hope this helps clarify but let us know how you get on.

    1. Hi William. Thanks for your comment. Can you let us know the age of your current RAV4 and what system you currently have installed? Thanks

  47. Hi There

    I picked up my Hilux SR5 a coupla days ago.

    Now when I connect my ipod classic to it, the ipod seems to freeze after 5 songs, not to sure as to what is going on? Maybe someone could shed some light on the matter???

    1. Hi Sean
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      We did run this past our technical team who suspect that is down to a compatibility issue which only affects the iPod Classic as we have experienced this in the past. If you try another iPod (not a classic) and this works ok then it will be this issue which is causing this.
      Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  48. I have just taken delivery of new Yaris Excel. The speed camera warning ‘beep’ & voice speed limit warnings are both very loud – how can I turn the volume down for these items please?

    1. Hi A Eley
      Thanks for your post.
      Speed camera prompts, navigation prompts and speed limits are controlled by the sat nav volume and there are two ways you can change this. The
      easiest (when a destination has been programmed) is to press the ear icon on the screen and the decrease the volume using the steering wheel controls. You can also adjust the volume via the settings menu of the system.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Terribly sorry, not too sure what’s happened to your original comment. Could you please re-send it to us and we’ll look into it ASAP!

  49. Hi there

    I have a Toyota auris hybrid tourer and my iPhone 5s won’t work through the USB dealer reckons it’s not supported can you confirm this is the case

    It’s just been upgraded to have the touch and go system installed

    1. Hi Gregor,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve double checked with our technical department and the iPhone 5s is compatible with your multi-media system. We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer to make sure no connections are lose with the ‘go’ element of ‘touch and go’. To find your local Toyota dealer visit 
      Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Gregor,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve double checked with our technical department and the iPhone 5s is compatible with your multi-media system. We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer to make sure no connections are loose with the ‘go’ element of touch and go. Hope this helps!

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  51. HI

    I have just bought a Toyota Hilux invinicble and wondered what I need to do in order to have SMS or email read to me from Apple 5s.

    Is this phone compatible ????


    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have confirmed iPhone does not allow the Toyota units to access the security protocols on the phone to read messages, however if “show notifications” is switched on under the bluetooth settings on the phone SMS messages will be displayed on the screen in the car. iPhone is not compatible for email.
      Hope this helps clarify and let us know if you have any other questions.

  52. Hi
    I have Toyota Prius + and I have upgraded to Toyota touch and go and now about eight months from the new every time i get in the car i have to manually connect my phone to system
    and the map was very old it is still in one under year and I got fed up with touch and go I have wasted nearly thousands pounds to upgrade
    I need to compliant about this product it is such waste of money can you help with complaint or i need to get refund


    1. Hi Raj
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the problems with connecting your phone.
      Our first recommendation would be for you to contact your local Toyota dealer so they can have a look at this for you. However if you do want contact us further then our customer relations team can be reached via the attached link. Hope this helps.

  53. Hi,

    I have a 2013 Auris with the touch screen. It worked perfectly with my iPhone 5 for music by Bluetooth and USB. However, I’ve just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I can’t select tracks/change artist etc by Bluetooth and it doesn’t work via USB. I’ve tried several different music apps with no luck. Am I doing something wrong?



    1. Hi Nick
      Really sorry for the delay in replying on this. Just checking with our tech team now for you.

    2. Hi Nick
      Thanks for your post and sorry again for the delay in replying. We did run this past our tech team who suspect this is down to phone compatibility which did change on some later Samsung models. We do provide a list of compatible phones via the and which also depends on the version of software fitted in your car. We can check this further if you can confirm your software for us?

      1. Hi David,

        In reply to my question from 8th August, I have a Toyota Auris with the Touch system (version 1 I assume?). I looked for a software number/version but can’t find one. Hope that helps?


        1. Hi Nick
          Thanks for your post.
          The following will help you find out which version you have in your car.
          – Press the ‘SETUP’ button you find next to this screen.
          – In the screen, touch ‘GENERAL’. ‘GENERAL SETTINGS’ opens.
          – Scroll down to ‘SYSTEM INFORMATION’, touch to open. The software version will appear.
          Let us know what you have and we can then advise you about upgrades.

          1. Thanks for your reply. There’s no option for system information in the setup > general > general settings screen. Hope that helps!!!

  54. Wye don’t my text messages come up on the touch screen they used to but stopped in settings it turned on but comes text no acceable

  55. Hi
    Just a query as to whether the touch and go system will read out text messages as i receive them from my iphone 5s

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this past our technical team who have advised that Touch and Go message read out is not compatible with Apple Software. This feature has never worked with Apple Products as the security protocols Apple use do not let the system read them.
      Sorry for negative response but hope this helps clarify.

  56. Hi David

    I posted a question about no lines on the reversing screen and you requested my local dealerships name (Lindops Queensferry). It appears to have disappeared from the comments page. Could be I am not using the blog in the right way.

    1. Hello Mark
      Really sorry about the delay on this one and we are in contact with the technical team at the moment. We will be able to advise regarding the reversing camera very shortly.
      Best wishes

        1. Hello Mark
          Thanks for your post and we do apologise for the delay.
          We are just double checking the response with our European office regarding the change in specification with the removal or the rear reversing lines. We will reply again as soon as possible.

  57. hi,
    I bought a Toyota Auris 2013 with Touch 2, I would like to know: 1.) if possible install the Extension Box of Go 2011 which has 5 connectors instead of 3, and 2) if I can update the maps from version 1.7 that its currently have installed.

    1. Hi Chema
      Thanks for your post and we have run this query past out technical team for you.
      Touch 2 and Touch & Go are not compatible systems so it is not possible to install the extension box and update the map.
      Sorry about that and hopes this helps clarify.

      1. Thank you very much for your clarification David,
        could finally confirm if the module TOYOTA 86100-YY050 EXTENSION BOX if it supports Touch 2?

  58. Hi there
    On my fortuner multipmedia I deleted by mistake my existing pairing with my iphone 5.
    Now, i would like to pair again but I cannot connect AGAIN the 2 same devices.
    Any idea how to pair the same phone (same ID number) with the bluetooth system?
    I am assuming that the multimedia recorded the ID number as deleted and now it ignores this phone

    (I tried all instructions from the book already. Doesn’t work)

    1. Hi Arnaud
      Thanks for your post.
      It will be difficult to provide a conclusive reply as the Fortuner is not a vehicle we sell here in the UK market. We did run this past our tech team and they do recommend that you contact the distributor for your country because the Bluetooth could be different to our market. They did suggest however, that you make sure the pairing is deleted from the phone and audio unit, reset the phone by switching fully off and back on again and try re-pairing.
      Hope this helps.

  59. Hi,

    Just want to know how do you stop your sat nav continuing directions without turning off the system. Often you are close to your destination and no longer want to hear the directions and just want to switch it off but still use the radio.

    No simple way to stop this?

    Touch & Go on 2012 Avensis Tourer – Rear Camera


    1. Hi Danny
      Just to let you know that this is with our tech team but we may not receive confirmation until Monday.

    2. Hi Danny
      Thanks for your patience on this and our tech team have advised the following. Select OPTIONS and then STOP GUIDANCE, then you can select MEDIA and listen to what you want. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions.

  60. Hello

    I’m from Israel, I just received finally my Auris Hybrid TS, and discovered that it has the Old Multimedia Touch version.
    I read that the new versions of the cars will support Touch2, i asked the Technical team in my country and get a really weird answer that it cannot be possible to upgrade or it will be very expensive to do it…

    It’s really frustrating that a car of such level doesn’t support this as a Standard feature. Toyota should make this upgrade as part of their service to the customer, or minimal cost to the customer.
    As a Toyota customer, at this point, I’m getting more convinced that Toyota knows how to make reliable cars, but Toyota completely fails to get the customer satisfied!.
    To your concern.

    1. Hello Ariel
      Thanks for your post.
      We recommend you contact the Toyota distributor in Israel as we do not know the correct specification of these cars here in the UK. If it helps they can be reached via the attached link.
      We can confirm though that Touch 2 is a new system and it is not possible to upgrade a system from Touch & Go to Touch 2.
      Hope this helps for now but Toyota Israel will be able to advise further.
      Thanks again for your post.

  61. Hi,

    2013 Yaris – Sat Nav constantly says I’m approx 1/4 mile from my actual location. Also, Bluetooth is slow and patchy to connect. My phone connects perfectly in my other car.

    1. Hi Peter
      Thanks for post and sorry for delay in replying on this.
      We have run your query past our Tech dept and while they have recommended you will need to take your car to your Toyota dealer for them to looking at the navigation issue, with regard to the phone they have suggested that you try deleting the pairing from your phone to the car and then repair to see if the connection improves.
      Hope this helps.

  62. hi just got a 2013 Auris touring sports with a touch 59020 unit in it, it has a satnav button but say’s it’s not installed. dealer are saying it will be £650 to upgrade it !!!! really why so much

    1. Hello Chris
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your recent purchase of an Auris Touring Sports.
      Sorry about your disappointment with the cost for the upgrade. There are additional connected service benefits and the convenience of having the system in-car based but we do take on board your comments. If you need to go through the system in greater detail or perhaps have a demonstration of this at your local dealer then we would be happy to help arrange this for you.

  63. My new year’s hybrid will not connect to the internet. Tried many different phones and will not work? Why?

    1. Hi Mike
      Going this run this past our tech team for you and let you know. First point to check is whether you have the ntethering facility with your mobile phone provider? We will reply again shortly.

  64. Hello
    i have corolla 2014 with touch2 and go but i need to upgrade to touch 2 with go plus and they told me it is not available for corolla at EU ! can any one please tell me why even they are the same size, the different only i need is voice recognition please help

    1. Hi Momtaz,
      Thanks for your message.
      Unfortunately the Corolla isn’t available to buy in the UK. We strongly recommend contacting your local Toyota customer relations department, as they’ll be able to help.
      Many thanks,

  65. Hello

    Still searching for issue for bleutooth problem acer liquid e2 and touch and go …

    What is the latest version for touch and go ? i have 2.8.4H , today found version 2.8.5H .

    I wait for the update , please confirm what is the latest version .

    In advance thanks !

  66. Hello

    Today buyed a new phone Acer liquid E2 , can’t connect to my new auris touring sports …

    With new Samsuns Galaxy S4 no problems …

    What can i do now ?

    1. Hi Dmitri,
      Thanks for your post.
      Unfortunately this phone has not been tested, so there is a possibility that it will not connect. Other Acer phones are compatible, so it may be worth checking with your phone supplier who will know if the connection capability is the same as their other models.
      Sorry we couldn’t be of further assistance.

      1. Searched yesterday about this phone and toyota …. Doesnt connect :((( im not the only one … Hope toyota or acer make update :(((

  67. Can you let me know how to delete text messages stored on touch and go 2 screen on avensis 2014 model?


    1. Hi Paul,
      Just as a quick update. Our technical team are currently looking into this for you and we will be back in touch as soon as we have a definitive answer.

      1. Hi Paul,
        Apologies for the delayed response.
        We have heard back from our technical team who have confirmed that unfortunately text messages cannot be deleted through the Touch & Go 2 system, texts can only be deleted through the phone.
        Hope this helps.

  68. Have a new Avensis which works great but would like some advice on using the telephone with ‘touch & go’ Bluetooth. My problem is that I can’t seem to get the manual keypad back on screen after a call is made, for instance when an automated business system requests the caller to press a number to be correctly directed or to use the keypad when listening to messages – press 3 to delete etc.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Touch & Go system.
      In order to display the manual keypad during a call, you simply need to select the “DMF tones” option whilst on the call.
      Hope this helps.

  69. We picked up our new Rav 4 last week and headed for France. The sat nav guided us to a French farmers farmyard some 200 Km from the location we had entered although it informed us we had arrived. As the farmer pointed out his Peugeot sat nav works fine. We tried another three locations close to the original but the nav kept telling us we were only a few kilometres away rather than the 200 we were. At this point I gave up and went back to the good old paper maps. It appears the system needs calibrating as she thinks she is miles away from where she really is. Our six previous cars have all had built in sat navs that have worked well on our trips abroad. We are here now for five weeks with a faulty nav, how can I recalabrate it?.

    1. Hi Edwin,
      Thanks for your post and apologies for the inconvenience caused.
      We have passed this by our technical team who have found it very difficult to diagnose the problem online. It does however sound as if there could be an update available, although this depends on which software your car is currently running. The best thing we can recommend would be to visit your local Dealer in France who will be happy to look into this for you. They can be found using this link:
      Hope this helps.

  70. dear thank you for your replay. yes sure that i had no any SDS card in TNS510. i know i have to buy it.dear how can i use my TNS 510 for FM radio,Music rectifying the problem saying ” program can not be read please consult the dealer” to enjoy my Hilux pick up till i order the card.

    1. Hi Mengistu,
      Unfortunately the SD card operates the whole system and it will not turn on until it is installed. As a result you will be unable to use the FM radio functionality until the SD card is replaced.
      Hope this helps.

  71. My ’63 plate Verso SatNav doesnt recognise RG5 as being Reading. It tries to send me to Rochester, Kent.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your post and we’re sorry to hear this.
      Would it be possible for you to check which map and software version you are running?
      Also, is the destination recognised as Reading but you are directed to Rochester? Or is Reading simply not found when searching RG5?
      Once we have these details we can pass them onto our technical team who can look into this for you.
      We look forward to hearing back from you.

  72. Here we go again on Holiday on Isle of Lewis and Harris , FIVE of the roads ( B Type according to OS ) I have been on are not coming up on the Sat Nav, and twice the system states unable to work as system not installed, does this means once you leave the main land of Scotland the system gives up navigating your to your required destination.
    Once again this system fitted to your cars, is NOT fit for purpose what a shame it, it ruins your company name as

  73. i have Toyota 2011 HIlux Pick UP. but i can’t use my TNS510. at first start up with battery connection the dispaly shows “program can not be read please consult the dealer”. when i go to the dealer they told me i have to have DVD to activate & inform me they can’t do it. would you any one please tell me what to do or give me the DVD to download. Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Hi Mengistu,
      Thanks for your post.
      We have passed this by our technical team and it sounds as if your SD card may be missing. This can be found in the front of the display unit and houses the map data. If an SD card is not present, we recommend contacting your local Dealer again who will be able to source and order the most up to date SD card through Toyota Parts.
      Hope this helps.

      1. yes sure there is no SDS card inside. but how can I use my TNS510 for FM, music and USB till I order the card . rectifying the error saying “Program can not be read please consult the dealer”. your fast response will enjoy me on my journey.

  74. I all
    I have a Toyota gts86 and cant figure out how to have the nav system stay bright during the day but whilst the headlights are on.

    – Frustrated Jay

  75. Hi,
    I have a 2012 (facelift) Avensis T-Spirit with T&G Plus currently running map EUH20130409.
    That is over a year old.
    a) when can we expect an update?
    b) aren’t there supposed to be 2 updates per year?

    1. Hi Scott,
      Thanks for your post.
      The date displayed in the update title is in reference to when our map provider uploaded the map pack, the update itself would have been released many months later (after programming etc.).
      The next Touch & Go+ update is expected in the coming months with another planned within a year of that date.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Tobi,
        I have recently upgraded to Euh20131022:
        a) Googling shows this as having shown up in other countries as early as March 2014, why so long to show up for the UK?
        b) these uploads take so long to download & especially to upgrade in the car ( over an hour, during which it must not be interrupted & the car must have the engine running all the time) largely due to the size of the mapping which covers a huge area. This is inconvenient & not very green.
        It would be better to allow people to download only those maps that they require (e.g. my car never goes outside the UK & Ireland).
        Also, presumably I have paid for extra mapping that I will never use.

        1. Hi Scott
          Thanks for your post.
          We appreciate your feedback and with regard to the first point we do test the software prior to the introduction meaning it is not introduced straight away which explains why there is the difference in dates. We take on board about the time taken to download the software and accept this is not ideal. A trickle charger could be used for example during the process but we will pass your comments back to our European HQ. Finally the mapping is supplied to us as a complete European package so we do accept that it will include countries that may not be used. This is more inline with market expectations but again we will pass back your comments. Hope this does help clarify but if you do have any other queries please let us know.

          1. actually you can’t use a trickle charger during the update, David. The head unit will shut down after ~30 minutes if the engine isn’t running to protect the battery. Result would quite possibly be one bricked unit …
            Any idea when the next update is due for T&G+? Getting very close to a full year since last update was released in the UK (must already be past that in parts of Europe – so much for 2 a year).

          2. Hi Scott
            Thanks for your post.
            We appreciate your feedback. The head unit will shut down if the starter button is set to ACC. However if fully on (with green ready light appearing) then the engine will cut in as and when necessary to maintain the battery charge. With regard to the update, we launched the latest map updates at the end of April. There will soon be the facility to download this from the customer portal or your local dealer will be able to do this for you. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions.
            Hope this helps.

          3. Sorry David, having to post against this again as there is no click to reply box aftert your reply to my last post.
            So you are telling me that if I have the car in ready mode rather than Acc the engine will start up of it’s own accord to protect the battery despite the fact that to do so manually I have to have the clutch depressed? What if the car is in gear (don’t fully trust the epb so tend to belt&braces things)?
            This is an Avensis not a Prius btw …

            Will be watching to see how long it takes you to get EUH20150217 (yes, out in Europe already) released to the UK.

          4. Hi Scott
            Thanks for your reply. Always happy to help with any questions you may have.
            You will need to ignore my last response as this related to a hybrid rather than the Avensis. Apologies must have got crossed wires on that one! The last satnav upgrade we launched in the UK was at the end of April (version 4.4.1.) this is the same as EUH20150217. We usually work on two upgrades a year if this helps.

  76. Hi there,

    I have bought a 2013 Hilux (what a fantastic pick up!) with the touch2 navigation system, only problem is that it goes quite slow, expecially when i have an usb plugged in, when I push buttons to change tracks or switch to navigation system it need one or two seconds to change, also the rear camera is affected of this… what could be the problem? Many thanks

    1. Hi Nino,
      Thanks for your post.
      If you could please give us a few more details as to your vehicle and which version of software your Touch system is running, we can then pass this by our technical team who may be able to help.

      1. Hi Nino,
        Further to our previous comment, our technical team have ran some tests on a Touch & Go 2 system and it seems that having connected a phone via bluetooth for calls, music and internet; pairing a USB and having the NAV running it does appear to slow the system a little, this will be due to huge demand on resource. You may find that by switching off unneeded features (e.g. bluetooth or disconnecting the USB) that the load on the processor is reduced and that the system speed increases.
        Do let us know if this is the case and if so we can report it to find a fix. If not, please still get in touch and we can recommend further action.
        Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

        1. Hi and thanks for your answers, I have made a test disconnecting all the features such as bluetooth and usb but the problem seems to persist, the software in my unit is the 3.3.0L

          1. Hi Nino,
            We’re sorry to hear this did not resolve your issue.
            As we’re sure you will appreciate, it is very difficult for us to diagnose this online. As a result, we recommend taking the vehicle to your local Dealer to investigate.
            If you would like to do this, please let us know by emailing: with your name, contact number, vehicle registration and location. We can then contact a local Dealer on your behalf and brief them via our technical team, the Dealer would then get in touch with you to arrange an appointment.
            Hope this helps.

  77. Hi,

    I have a 2012 Prius T Spirit with Touch and Go Plus and I want to update my outdated maps.

    I have gone to the Toyota Customer Portal but when I check what requirements I need to download the map it says “Software version 1.7.2 or higher installed on your Toyota Touch & Go”. My version is 1.7.1 H.

    Does this mean that I can’t update a 2 years old navigation system with a new map?



    1. Hi Mark,
      Firstly we recommend logging into the Customer Portal and checking whether a map update is required. The latest version for your Touch & Go + is: EUH20130409. If you could let us know which version you have and whether you still require an update, we can then recommend further action.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Tobi and thanks for taking the time to reply.

        It was the original 2012 map I had installed. I say “was” because despite the requirement tab on the update page saying I needed version 1.7.2 to upgrade I decided to give it a go and everything seemed to work ok. I now have version 1.8.4 and the latest map update so hopefully now the sat nav won’t get more lost than me anymore.

        Thanks again.

  78. Just back up my multimedia system with twenty four POI individually installed, double check all systems only to found I have two entries/numbers per stored person on my phone book, I do I delete one of the number

    1. Hi Martin,
      Having passed this by our technical team, it sounds as if your phone may be displaying both SIM and phone contacts. If this is the case you simply need to update your mobile settings, re-sync your mobile and the duplicates should disappear.
      Hope this helps.

  79. Hi Tobi
    Thanks for reply and just to keep you up to date with the situation ..deleting and then moving all to sim and resending contacts worked but then trying to send a new contact was just the same got message saying it did not transfer…however working on this with one of the Toyota sales we discovered that if I wanted to add a single new contact if we put it on the sim and then on the screen touched connectivity then select “refresh phone book” it accepted the new entry.

    I hope this may help someome else who may have similar problems and many thanks for the help along the way.


  80. i buy Toyota 2011 hilux. i found problem of using my TNS 510 saying the error Program can not be read contact your dealer. can you please help me to rectify the problem and use my lovely car?

  81. Just got a lovely new hilux, I’ve set up an online account and am trying to grit on the ‘touch’ link.
    However it’s in Russian!! Anyway this can be changed?

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you’re facing a few language barriers.
      Carrying out the following steps will enable you to update your language settings:
      – Log in to the Customer Portal here:
      – Select ‘My Account’ (bottom row, second box in from the left).
      – Select the drop down tab (right of the human profile) and pick ‘United Kingdom’.
      – Select ‘Save’ (tick icon).
      – Close the webpage and now when you next log in the language will have updated.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for getting me into ‘English’ text version… I’m now getting ‘There has been an error in completing your request. Please try again later’ message that will not go!!!
        Any suggestions welcome:)

  82. I have a new Rav 4 with touch and go software version is 4.2.1L and my phone is HTC one some of my phone book contacts were transferred automatically when the phone was paired but wheb=n i try and add some that were not downloaded at the beginning it won’t accept them.
    Can you give any advise or reason for this

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your post.
      It is worth noting that there is a 200 contact limit, after this point no further phone contacts can be added. If this is not the cause of your problem, we recommend checking that all contacts are saved to the same location as those that were successfully paired before (e.g. phone or sim memory). The next step is to remove the bluetooth pairing between the HTC device and your RAV4. Finally, re-pair the bluetooth and re-sync the phonebook. This should resolve your issue.
      Hope this helps.

  83. Hi

    I purchased a brand new Auris hybrid 4 months ago and up until recently the DAB radio has worked well. However, over the past few weeks it has intermittently lost the DAB signal for extended periods. I have switched to FM to confirm there’s no issue with the sound and back to DAB where the stations are still displayed. switching the radio off and back on doesn’t help either. The only way I have succeeded is to actually switch the power off to the car completely when stood a traffic lights etc so I know it’s not a DAB signal problem. Any ideas?

  84. Further to David Crouch comments, the following is what I have found today I don’t know what version, I have on my car, as it was installed six months ago, after I bought, the car.

    I tried to do a complete journey, then I did single journeys, tried to send to car by wireless, then downloaded to my USB stick, still it keep saying updating but it didn’t after 45 minutes, as a point of interest I tried download / install the glass of water and weather app, still cannot find them on my sat nav system, I have just spent an hour manually installing all the journeys, which I did on the customer portal, also it does not let you find London Heathrow Terminals by numbers.

    I have been back to Snows Hedge End three times and still it does not do what it is advertised to do
    When will Toyota give us all system that works similar to their competitors, i.e Tom Tom, etc

  85. I have just tried to save a location from Google maps to my Customer Portal. I have done this a few times before without any problem. for some reason this time when Google transfers to the Customer Portal login page, my user name is already entered (normal), but when I enter my password and click on the sign in button the page freezes. Logging in normally without going through Google is no problem. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Dennis
      Thanks for your post.
      Our technical team are currently investigating this issue but in the meantime you can use the “Create trip” button at the bottom of the “My trips” section of your customer portal account. This is working OK and allows the use of Google or Tom Tom maps.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for that David. I did get it to work eventually. I was only able to use a point of interest as the end point to my trip, i.e. As close to my desired destination as I could get. I was then only able to save the trip if I added a further point of interest. There must be an easier way, but without any guidance or instructions it seems that I was just going round in circles. Saving from google maps one is able to pick a point on the map, a particular house for instance! and then save it as a destination. Please fix it soon!

  86. Tried to add holiday route to The RAV 4 in car sat nav through Customer portal so how come you get this message ?
    You have vehicle(s) with 1st Generation Touch&Go devices registered in your account. Trips with more than one POIs are not supported on these vehicles. Please send trips with only 1 POI to them.
    SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS for a system that will not let you ad a trip unless you do each stage individual what’s going on ?
    is this another thing Toyota does to frustrate its customers

  87. why does my customer portal let me load a route yet when you try and save it says error not compatible with touch and go, so tried to save to USB again error so how does one send routes to the sub standard SAT NAV with google who only lets one use classic maps

    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for your posts.
      Have run this past our technical team. It would be useful to know which version of Touch & Go you have but they suspect you are trying to send the whole journey (start to finish) or a journey with more than 1 POI. With the original Touch & Go it is only possible to send 1 destination or a POI, the route is then calculated by the navigation system. If you would like navigate a route with more than 1 POI/destination then you can send them to the car separately and create the trip in the car. The USB stick also needs to be 16 GB and formatted to FAT32.
      Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  88. Andy
    I have the same HTC phone from Tesco, and found that if the Contacts are on sim card or on phone only one of the systems work i.e. could be sim or phone storage may solve your problem BE CAREFULL if you do it quick if stores them twice

  89. Claudio,
    I agree with you 100 percent like you I have asked for a refund for a system that is not fit for purpose, and then ask for ONE HUNDRED & NINE POUNDS For an update when TOM TOM & Garmin do this for nothing ( Free of charge )and like you this will be my last Toyota , don’t waste your time contacting their customer services department, they don’t have any coat hangers in their cloakroom and don’t answer simple complaints about there sub standard goods

  90. Hi, just wondered if you could help with a minor problem, I have just bought a 2009 Prius T spirit (which I am very happy with). I have paired my HTC One phone (carrier is Tesco/02) OK with the bluetooth and it plays music and makes calls fine, but when I try to transfer the contacts it only does a few, seemingly at random. I have tried this several times, always with the same result and same few contacts transferred, so would be grateful if you could shed any light on the problem before I set about doing them all manually

    1. Hi Andy
      Thanks for your post.
      Checked with our tech team and while we are not 100% sure of HTC spec, they have recommended making sure that all the contacts are saved on the sim card and then try transferring this across. We think is should work but if not work then try saving to the phone. Let us know how you get on.

  91. Hello,

    We recently received our brand new Prius here in France with Touch & Go Plus option. I am now trying to add my car in the Customer Portal for Touch & Go and I am constantly getting the Device Id invalid error. I have verified it multiple times for any case or space errors but there is no mistake.
    How can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    1. Hello Puneet
      Thanks for your post.
      We have come across situations where the device id can be very sensitive to 0 and O when used as either numeral or letter. Do you have any of these in long id number?

      1. Hello David,

        Thanks for your quick reply. There are total 24 characters in the Device Id as I counted them. There is only one small letter o (like Oxford), and I anyway tried it by replacing that with the number 0. In addition, there are two @ characters and two _ (underscore) characters. Do you think I should be replacing these with something else?

        1. Hi Puneet
          Thanks for your reply.
          Just checked with technical and we would expect 26 characters in the id number. There has been issues where there have been two underscores together (it might look like one). You should not be changing the @ characters or underscores. Let us know how you get on and if still not working we can provide another solution.

          1. Hi David,

            Still no joy after replacing one underscore with two. And other than that I do not see how I can put 26 characters instead of 24 that I can clearly count. I tried by even adding two spaces at some places but still doesn’t work.
            In case it helps, the software version is 2.8.4H.

            Thanks again for all your help.

          2. Hi David,

            I finally figured it out. As it happens, I was counting 24 characters because in one of the boxes displaying 3 characters of the Device ID, it was hiding 2 because of the size of 5 characters was longer than that box size. And it was scrolling to the left to show the next 2 characters in the box. I noticed that now and was finally able to register the Device ID.

            However, as I understand with Touch & Go Plus the map updates are free for 3 years. Is it valid even in France? I ask because in the e-Boutique section of my Touch & Go Client Portal, it offers European map for 119 euros. And when I try to add the Online Search applications, it keeps throwing some undefined errors etc.

          3. Hi Puneet
            Thanks for letting us know and glad you have been able to register.
            Map upgrades are free on Touch & Go Plus for the first three years in the UK market however we are not sure if this is the same in France. If you purchased your Prius in France we would recommend double checking with the supplying dealer that this is the case and they will be able to organise the upgrades for you.

          4. Hi Puneet
            Further to our previous post, I have some further information for you.
            The online search download is for Touch 2 with Go, online search is loaded as standard on Touch and Go + which is probably the errors you mention are relating to. If you select a map update you will be requested to download the Touch & Go toolbox to your PC (this isn’t compatible with a MAC), and you can then manage map updates from there. Map care is standard for Touch & Go + across Europe.
            Hope this helps.

  92. Purchased our new Verso in March last year and opted to have the T&G navigation fitted when the salesman informed me that the maps were supplied by TomTom – what a waste of £600… The maps aren’t TomTom maps – and cannot use my TomTom subscription service to keep the maps up to date. I was led to believe that this WAS the case. I simply refuse to pay £109 for each update (2 a year). The Live Traffic is pathetic and does not work. I feel cheated. I notice that I can no longer use Google to send to car any more… So I’m left with integrated mapping that is now close to 2 years out of date… How silly to force your customers to have to purchase map updates on a premium product like T&G navigation (which face it is not cheap at £600). I’d understand if you made us pay a subscription service (like TomTom) – but £109 an update… get real.
    I’ve been an avid Toyota customer and fan for most of my adult life, but the way Toyota have gone about delivering T&G is sure to drive me (and others) away from the brand. I for one will be looking to see what your competitors have to offer when the time comes to replace my Verso…

    1. Hi Claudio
      Thanks for your post and we are sorry to read your comments regarding Touch & Go.
      We will bring these to the attention of the product team and we are sorry that this system would prevent you from looking at a Toyota in the future. If you do want to speak to us further about this then our customer relations team can be reached via the attached link.

      1. I totally agree with Claudio and tried complaining to Toyota with my previous Prius but no response. These updates should be free, or able to be included such as with Lifetime Map Updates which I have with Garmin.
        Ludicrous pricing as could purchase stand alone systems with Lifetime Map upgrades for less than this! What a retrograde step though to have to use such stand alone systems in preference to the supplied integrated system.
        I think this will be my last Toyota (I have owned every Prius version since first introduction in the UK i.e. my 4th a Plug and Go) as so let down with the Touch and Go software and other associated websites which are poorly designed and supported so of little use – when there is so much potential.

    2. Claudio,

      Many of those here are in a similar situation.

      An appropriate phrase is “Caveat Emptor”.

      If you look at the online Honest John “Ask HJ” Forum and then browse the topic of satnav updates you will find similar comments regarding cost of updating in the last few years from various owners of Honda/ Skoda/ BMW etc vehicles.
      In reply to a Toyota Owner who had apparently been quoted £154 for an update, HJ replied that “This is the cheap side of standard for manufacturers systems”.

      HJ also suggests that the best “aftermarket purchase” is from TomTom.

  93. Today I tried my In Car Toyota Sat Nav System which I have not used for over a month, to see if it worked improved, only to be a road that has been opened after the flooding for THREE WEEKS is still closed, no bad being, in fairness it did tell me the M1 was blocked by an accident only 75 miles, form where I was going, but missed the road closure on the M3, good job I had my back up cheap Garmin with me going to Heathrow to meet my wife, so I could divert to meet her on time, lets see what happens when I go back to Heathrow on April 3 maybe it will tell me the ferries in Scotland are delayed!!!!!

    1. Martin,
      When your busy life allows you to, you might like to compare the current reported traffic situations between your Garmin and the current online web reports from TomTom Live Traffic, from AA Traffic News and from RAC Traffic News.
      As far as I can see the web ones only partly agree – sometimes!

  94. I have a Blackberry 9810 which was successfully tethered to my Prius Touch and Go when O2 was my provider. However I have since changed to TalkTalk who advise tethering functionality is not possible with this phone as O/S 7 – although newer Blackberry phones using O/S 10.
    Could any other users, or Toyota, confirm this as I am considering upgrading to the Z10 but don’t want to go to the expense if I will still not be able to fully utilise the system.
    The phone function e.g. hands off, phone book etc. still works Bluetooth but not other facilities such as the weather app or sending destinations via the server (perhaps I will just have to use the USB instead).
    Also does anybody know the enabling APN etc. for TalkTalk i.e. equivalent to O2’s UserName: o2wap; Provider password (cannot remember it but am sure generic and was provided on here); APN:
    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Richard,
      I don’t have a Blackberry or talktalk, but I understand the APN = and the username and password both = wap (either that, or maybe = blank)

      1. Many thanks Dave W I will record the information for whenever I upgrade, so disappointed that TalkTalk and Blackberry O/S 7 does not provide the same functionality as when with o2. No fault of Toyota in this case, though tried connecting phone via car USB in hope but connecting this way is not provisioned, which would have been a work around.
        Kind regards.

    2. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post.
      Have checked this with our tech team and Blackberry are different to most other phones in that each network have their own protocols and lock out various features and functions. For example some companies can switch off data transfer, tethering etc as a group policy for all devices on their account. Your phone provider should be able to activate tethering as it is possible on Blackberry however it is not configurable by the end user and must be done by whichever phone company owns the account. This is down the policy of the phone company itself rather than the phone. Hope this helps.

  95. Is there going to be any update to make the iPhone 4s compatible with touch and go so it can read texts?

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post.
      You can amend so that texts appear on the screen (but they will not have audible read out).
      Go to your phone select settings
      Click on Bluetooth
      Choose the car Touch & Go and click on the i
      Choose show notifications.
      Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

  96. I have a 2014 GT86 (what a drive) and my T&G will not recognise my ipod classic (about 4 years old). The cable is fine and the ipod works perfectly. So any ideas?

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your post.
      There is a compatibility issue which occurred with the ipod video classic and we suspect this is why you have experienced this problem. You can double check this if you have access to another ipod for example. (The phone compatibility list will also confirm). The software was changed on later ipods and it was only that model which had an issue. Glad you like your GT86 and let us know how you get on.

  97. I’ve got a Yaris and have set up bluetooth and successfully paired it with my phone (Samsun Galaxy S4). However, in the phonebook the contacts display by surname order. Having been born in the second half of the 20th century, I would like to display them bu first name as they are in my other paired devices. Is there a way of doing this?

    1. Hi Rob
      Thanks for your post.
      Sadly this is not configurable as it will always be last name first (only way round it would be to reverse the names when saving them on your phone).

      1. Thanks for your reply. I suppose I’ll just have to live with it. So didn’t the late 20th Century happen to Toyota?!

        1. If you look around various on-line car forums for bluetooth problems, you will find this is not isolated to Toyota by any means.

          From an online BMW forum you might be interested to read the following:

          “The sort sequence for the telephone book depends on both the mobile device and the vehicle equipment. Some mobile devices do not distinguish between first names and last names: Both names are entered into one text field; in many mobile devices, a comma or semi-colon determines which part is interpreted as the first name or last name. This applies in particular to entries on the SIM card as well.

          Some mobile devices provide an option for setting the sort sequence – however, this may not necessarily be taken into account when the telephone book is transferred via the Bluetooth® connection. In current vehicles with the relevant equipment, it is possible to set the sorting sequence in the Control Display.

          You will find further information in the operating manual for your vehicle and at

  98. Hi David. Yes my phone is an iphone. Turning the notification on in Bluetooth setting worked a treat thanks. So with iPhones u cannot get e-mails on the screen at all? Is that right?

    1. Hi Luke
      Thanks for your reply.
      Yes that is the case, emails cannot appear on the screen. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  99. Hi I have a 2013 hilux with the newest spec head unit. I have install t-link and can use all of the features except display SMS and e-mails. I have tried setting it up with no luck. Is there an issue or certain way that this has to be done

    1. Hi Luke
      Thanks for your post.
      We need to know what phone you have and whether this is on the compatibility list?
      IPhone can read SMS if “show notifications” is on within the bluetooth settings on the iphone, but emails and text are not.
      Hope this helps.

  100. I purchased a SW4 2013 in Brazil. managed to get just about everything on the multimedia system to read in English, apart from the sat nav. it doesn’t give an option for English, only Portuguese.
    Is there any way to change the language to English ??

    1. Hi Kenny
      Thanks for your post.
      Not so easy for us to reply on this one as we do not have the technical specifications for cars in your market (we look after the UK only). Have you tried contacting the Toyota distributor in Brazil? They may be able to offer so further help and advice on this.

      1. Hi David
        The Toyota dealer in Brazil was my first port of call on this issue, however all they tried to do was sell me a new multimedia system at over $2000. All I need to know is if I changed the GPS memory card which is inserted at the bottom R’H corner of the unit with a memory card that has Brazil maps and the option of English language would that work ? or is the GPS language installed within the multi media unit itself ???

        1. Hi Kenny
          Thanks for your post. This is not a system our tech team recognise so it does make it harder to confirm. For the UK market the language is in the multimedia unit itself and map updates are downloaded via USB sticks into the car. Other option would be whether your local dealer would let you check this if they have a memory card from a later vehicle?
          Hope this helps.

  101. I have a touch and go system on my 2012 yaris.
    I am trying to register it so that I can update the maps but when I go on your web site and start the process it asks me for my country and gives me choices. unfortunately the UK is not one of the choices so what do you suggest I do?

    Geoff Fox

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear of the difficulty you are having with registering. Are you registering via our website (, clicking on Touch & Go at the bottom and then how to register your system?
      Let us know.

        1. Hi Geoff
          We have just checked and reached the following registration screen where is does show the UK.

          To get to this point we clicked on the box “Register & manage your Touch Multimedia system

          Once we got to the login screen we clicked on “Don’t have an account yet? Register here.
          This then took us through to the screen from the top link.
          Hope this helps but let us know how you get on.

          1. Thanks Dave
            It was a problem with internet explorer. Once I tried with Google chrome everything workedg

  102. Why have a customer help line when you as company don’t listen to your customers, just fob people off with standard relies

  103. Is there any chance of a Mac version of Touch and Go Toolbox ? The lack of Mac version is not sending a good customer service message to the large number of Toyota drivers worlwide who own Macs. For us, the only solution for updates is getting access to a third party PC or buying and installing Windows on the Mac – clumsy and/or costly options.

    1. Hi Tony
      Thanks for your post.
      We have brought this to the attention of the product team. Unfortunately there are no plans currently to include Mac but we do take on board your comments.

  104. Morning
    I have just purchased a 2014 Hilux (UK) and plug my ipod classic into it after aprox 20 minutes the touch and go unit in the vehicle shuts down, if i then use the ipod with the headphones it stops frequently, a reset clears this problem, also a restore fixes it until I plug in the ipod again, is this a problem with the touch and go or with the ipod?

    1. Hi Alain
      Thanks for your post.
      We have run this query past our technical team but it is not always easy to diagnose online.
      Their recommendation would be for you to take this to your nearest dealer, but from what you have described they suspect this could be an issue with the ipod. This is because you mention it cuts out even when you use the ipod on headphones. If you have an ipod video classic then we were aware of a software issue with this specific model but if not then we would recommend contacting your local dealer for confirmation.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi David
        I think that may be the problem, I have a ipod classic late 2009, if this is the version you are calling the video classic, I will pop into my local dealer to confirm.
        Will this issus be getting looked into and a fix issued?

        1. I’ve seen various reports of similar Ipod problems in non-Toyota forums.
          Its possible that it’s a USB cable problem – a disconnection while playing a MP3 file via the USB could upset the Ipod so it would need a reset.
          Also, the use of a USB hub to connect the Ipod to the vehicle USB connector is another possible cause of similar problems.

        2. Hello Alain
          Thank you for your reply.
          Not good news we are afraid, we did not develop a software upgrade for this version. The reason was because while upgrading might cause this model to work it could also affect other versions and stop them from working. As the Touch unit cannot work out what type of ipod is connected, the software is set to work on the most number of ipods possible – only the video classic and shuffles experience a problem.
          Sorry about this but hope this helps clarify.

          1. Hi David
            Thanks for the further information, I was going to try a differnent cable however it probalby will not work going by your post. It looks like I will have to borrow the wifes pink ipod nano :-(), I will have to put all the music I want onto a usb stick and use that then.


          2. Thanks for reply Alain.
            Sorry to read about the possible use of the pink ipod. We would have moved heaven and earth to help you try and avoid this, however we fear we have been defeated by software. Nevertheless it is worth trying just so you can confirm this is the issue and the music on the USB could be a solution. Give us a shout if you have any other queries.

    1. Hi Pete
      Thanks for your post.
      Does not sound normal for the satnav to stop talking mid route. We would recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer to help check this for you or re enter the destination details again to see if this makes a difference.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Pete,
      If your satnav voice stopped when actually in Central London, it could be due to temporary loss of satellite signals caused by line-of-sight obstruction between you and the satellites, owing to the numerous tall buildings in London.

      GPS satnav needs simultaneous reception of at least three GPS satellite signals at any one time, to identify your current position. For the majority of urban geographical outdoor locations, rather more than three are being received at any one time, but in cities there can be signal path blockage for some of the satellites.

  105. Hi David, what is the latest update for Europe map? I have an Avensis and also for Italy the latest update available seems to be EUH20130409 (April 2013), so close to one year old.
    do you know if there is a more recent update? thanks!

    1. Hi Licinio
      Thanks for your post.
      There are generally two map upgrades per year. We would recommend you log on to you can register your car and purchase and download the lastest version.
      Let us know how you get on.

  106. Hi I have a 2010 Toyota Hilux which has just come up with a portable device error on the audio system. I can still get radio coverage but cannot load any CD’s. Do you know how I can fix this as I cannot work it out??

    1. Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your post and we have run this query past our technical team. It is not always straightforward to identify a fault online and in this case they have recommended taking your Hilux to your nearest Toyota dealer. If you are unsure regarding the location then we do have a dealer locater on our website,

  107. I was wandering if anyone could help me, I am having issues with my Toyota Yaris and the USB/ audio function. I have purchased a 64GB USB (FAT 32) drive to put all my music on. I transferred all the music to the USB pen and plugged it into the USB socket. After taking a while to read it it finally kicked into life, however the of the 300 folders (albums) on there it only registered around 40 folders (A – C alphabetically). When I remove the USB to check it on the PC all the album folders are still there (300) but they are all empty.

    Does anybody know how I can resolve this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Many thanks for your post on the blog. May we suggest that you try transferring the data (music) from your PC to the stick, removing the stick from the PC and then rechecking that the data is still on the stick. We’ve seen on similar query as this and the fault was with the USB stick. You could also check user reviews of the USB stick online.
      We do hope this helps. Please do come back to us if it doesn’t.
      Wishing you a good weekend.

  108. I have the Touch and Go+ version 2.8.4H with map EUH20130409. I was told that there should be an update twice a year but i only get and update once a year.

    Can you explain this to me?

    1. Hi Marcel
      Thanks for your post.
      We are not sure if this is different your market but for the UK, Touch & Go + updates are released at the same time as normal T&G, so 2 per year. Map care covers 3 years, so a maximum of 6 updates are included in that period. This is different to Touch Pro which has one update per year and map care isn’t available with this system (all updates are chargeable). We would recommend double checking this with the Toyota distributor in Holland.
      Hope this helps.

  109. I have a problem with touch system in Auris Touring Sport Hybrid.

    Caller name is not recognized and displayed (only calling number is displayed) in following situations (mostly):

    a) if I’m in local network and have my contact in phonebook is stored in international format
    b) contact has more phone numbers (only first one is displayed)
    c) I’m in foreign network and number in phonebook is stored id local format.

    I tried to solve this problem with my dealer (PPC Slovakia), they forwared it to Toyota Czech Republic and they are not very helpfull.
    My phone is Google Nexus Prime (reference Android 4.3 system),

    1. Hello Michal
      Thanks for your post.
      You do really need to talk to Toyota in the Czech Republic, they will manage issues that arise in their country. However we did run your post past out technical team who suspect that the issues may be due to a combination of Bluetooth compatibility with the phone (they noticed your phone model was not on the compatibility list) and the numbers being received in a format that isn’t stored in the phone book. We do recommend contacting your distributor though to help address this further.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Phone book is transfered correctly, I can place call from touch system for any number.

        My phone is supported (Google Nexus Prime = Samsung Galaxy Nexus), just the firmware version is slightly different (I have 4.2.1 and Toyota lists versions 4.0.1, 4.1, 4.2.2).

        My car is now in dealer service (they contacted me yesterday).

          1. Hi David,

            They did not solve the problem. They just (again) confirmed this issue and said, that they also have this problem with also with others toyota cars and also touch and go systems. Problem was reported back to Czech Toyota. This SW issue seems to be spread across most(maybe all) toyota cars and is not limited to phone type or phone carrier. I talked to 3 toyota servicemans, friends with different toyota cars and everyone confirmed, that name of the caller is not displayed for everyone.

            Issues “a” and “c” might not be present in the countries, where cell phone operators send incoming phone number only in international format.

            I found workaround for issues “a” and “c”. There is an android application (prefixer), that is able to change number of incoming call. I did not installed, since it asks for permissions, that I don’t want to allow, but if I will not find cleaner solution, I will probably write similar application myself.

            FYI: phones usually match phone numbers to phonebook names by matching last X numbers of phone number. Toyota probably set this number too high or, they require full match.

  110. David Crouch says:
    February 11, 2014 at 14:50
    Hi Alexander
    Thanks for your post and we have checked this further with our technical team. Unfortunately, Touch & Go Plus doesn’t have a wifi client, so it cannot connect to the car hotspot.
    Hope this helps clarify.

    Well thanks David,

    A Wifi client would not make any sense would it as the router is hard-wired to the car. The real problem is that nowadays cars have internet connection, possible Wifi but no internal IP addressing nor the correct UTP cabling. That is somewhat ambivalent. I would suggest that the on-board info systems get UTP/RJ-45 connections equivalent to LAN networking standards. In that way the infotainment, navigation and Internet connections can correctly be identified, coupled and used.

  111. I have just bought a new Auris Hybrid Excel with the Sat Nav option. I was very disappointed to find that it is not possible to skip to the next folder using the steering wheel controls (or any other, for that matter) when listening to music in USB mode. According to the touch screen manual this is possible on the version without navigation but not when navigation is installed. Strangely it is enabled when listening to a CD with folders of mp3 files. The lack of this is very frustrating and somewhat dangerous as it is necessary to divert attention from the road when changing folders. Is there any possibility that this facility will be included in a future release of the software?

    1. Hello Charles
      Thanks for your post and we have checked this further with the Technical team.
      It is unfortunately the case that the steering wheel buttons cannot be used when listening to music in USB mode and you do have to use the arrows on the touch screen. There are currently no plans to upgrade the software to incorporate this feature at the present time but we have passed on your comments to the product team for future review.

    2. Charles
      Not fully clear when you use the term “folder” if you mean next track in an album, or the next album on your MP3.
      My Avensis Touch and Go permits the steering wheel selection buttons to move through the range of tracks in the currently selected album, but cannot move to another album with these controls.
      However if I initially select the music from the “Songs list”, I can select through the full range of all tracks stored on the USB, irrespective of their Album names. But these are then in an alphabetical sequence, so in this mode the albums are not necessarily grouped together. But I think I could arrange this to be the case by changing the track USB MP3 names in each album to all start with the name of that album.
      Incidentally I use some free software to set up the information in the USB MP3 tags, allowing me to choose the MP3 track playing sequence (I set these up on my home PC not in the car, in case you’re wondering).

  112. Finally the answer I was expecting, after Snows best endeavour’s, the Toyotas Sat Nav does not give traffic warning, and when the do come via all warnings, they are for areas 26 miles from home when BBC local radio & RAC Traffic Apps inform you a road blocked by flooding, 1.5 miles from home, oh yes so does Garmin, lets hope all the adverse comments on this site help Toyota, get there act together and remember their customers, do want a decent Sat Nav system not the sub standard one fitted to their cars, so lets all hope that we can comment on the fact the Toyota system is up and running, and give us all confident in using, and not having to buy cheaper units to get the right results

  113. Well Dave your reference to Harman and their website is quite interesting, oviously they are quite proud of their involvement in the development of satellite navigation which is why the front page of their website boasts of their achievements with; Receivers, 3D Blu-Ray, Loudspeakers, Headphones and Wireless but strangely enough no mention of Sat Nav. I wonder what genius at Toyota came across the Harman website and thought, “Here’s the perfect company to partner with to design our new navigation system” and totally ignore the market leaders? Could it of possibly been because they were the cheapest option. The simply fact is (and I have tested this myself with a Toyota loan car equipped with Touch and Go), Systems from, Garmin and Tom Tom consistently perform the Toyota offering and this fact has been echoed by many people on this forum. Try as you might to defend Toyota, this is a fact and something which I’m going to try and get the motoring press to confirm with a head to head test. I don’t think it fair that people who are not aware of this forum should be in the dark when making their car buying decisions.

    1. David,

      You’re obviously not convinced about HARMAN – so try reading the stuff in this news release here. Its a long web reference so it’ll probably wrap round

      As for Garmin and Tom Tom, I have several car satnavs and hand held GPS units made by these manufacturers and agree they do work very well and give a different User Interface Experience to the Touch and Go.
      But I’ve yet to find that any of these “outperforms” each other.

      And since you don’t actually have any actual experience of the Touch and Go, I suggest that your own comments are somewhat biassed towards the criticisms made by others, some of which are entirely valid eg the expense of map updating, but the wording of the criticisms about the TMC traffic issues is strangely similar with those made by someone who recently purchased a Garmin 3598 LMT-D unit – this is not a bottom of the range unit, it includes “FREE Lifetime Digital Traffic alerts” and sells for about £270 from Amazon.
      The owner of this Garmin writes:
      “Digital traffic. Accident closed the A68 6 Feb 2014 for 3+ hours. No record of that anywhere on Garmin!”

      You can read this and other disgruntled user comments at the Amazon UK website, for various Garmin and Tom Tom products- read the review one star sections.

  114. I guess the motor industry is like everything else where every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Skoda, Lada, Kia and Hyundai have shed their reputation as being producers of inferior automobiles and their place is rapidly being replaced by Toyota who seem intent on alienating their customer base and destroying their hard earned reputation.

    Toyota either needs to increase their R&D budget when it comes to in car technology or simply licence technology from companies who know what they’re doing. Simply sticking a TFT screen on a dashboard in order to fool their customers into believing Toyota is keeping up with the competition is simply not good enough.

    1. David,

      I’d say that your criticisms of Toyota, with respect to their inability to satisfy you in regard to navigation technology, should be aimed elsewhere – have a look at the following, gleaned from the web:

      “HARMAN pioneered the art of in-dash automotive navigation nearly two decades ago, introducing turn-by-turn route guidance via voice commands and detailed graphics. Our GPS satellite navigation systems have long kept drivers aware of their precise real-time location” – HARMAN web site

      13 Sept 2011 – HARMAN Press release :
      “In cooperation with the leading automaker Toyota, Harman has developed the Toyota Touch & Go and Toyota Touch & Go Plus multimedia systems”

      6 March 2012 – HARMAN Press release
      “A perfect match: new Porsche Boxster relies on infotainment system of HARMAN …It combines navigation with multimedia capabilities and provides seamless connectivity to corresponding smartphones.” – 6 March 2012

      And the actual mapping software appears to be provided by NAVTEK who are now collaborating with NOKIA under the new name of “HERE “

  115. Thank you David Lloyd,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head we are testers for Toyota, and my Garmin System which includes free map updates for life and Traffic warning system is ONE HUNDRED PER CENT better than the in car system and 550 00 pounds cheaper than Toyotas TMC system

  116. Actually I am a Toyota owner, I bought an ex-demo Yaris 1.3 TR with the Touch system installed and can only be grateful that I didn’t pay the £750 Hodgson Toyota an Gateshead wanted to upgrade to Touch and Go.The touch system has enough problems on its own without the addition of a satnav which, according to these posts, is far inferior to systems costing hundreds of pound less.

  117. The processor used within the Touch and Go system shouldn’t be blamed for the sub standard performance of the unit. I’m pretty sure, if programmed properly even a Z80 processor from an obsolete Sinclair Spectrum could have outperformed Toyota’s mediocre attempt. I think the money saving aspect of this unit can be blamed on the monkey’s employed to program the Jacinto 5 and the obvious totally lack of quality assurance performed on the product prior to launch. Obviously current owners of the Touch and Go system are the primary (unpaid) testers of the system and the feedback you’re all giving to Toyota within the confines of this forum is giving them valuable information to insure the next generation of this unit performs as it should. Unfortunately all you customers have not only tested the system for Toyota you’ve also laid out a lot of money too buy it it the first place. I’m pretty sure that if any of you, despite being ripped off by Toyota, ever decide to part exchange your cars, Toyota dealers will take into account the sub standard Touch and Go systems in your vehicles and adjust your cars value accordingly so in fact you’ve not only performed Toyota’s QA but will have also paid for the system twice!! If you’re wise of course you’ll sell the car to someone outside the Toyota network who is not aware of the truth but then of course you’ll be adopting the same morale standards as Toyota.

    1. Your posting rather suggests that you are not currently a Toyota owner, so what are your own experiences of using the current Touch and Go?

  118. There seems to be a vein of opinion expressed in this blog that the Touch and Go is “old, cheap technology”.

    This seems to be based on the processor that runs the “Touch and Go” having been reported as a “Jacinto 5” and according to an earlier correspondent this is obsolete having been replaced by the “Jacinto 6″.

    Picking up on this theme, other correspondence in this blog includes phrases such as ” If you read this blog further back you will see that the technology used is very old by today’s standard”.

    Well chaps, if you actually read the press release of Jan 7th 2013, issued by the manufacturer of these processors (Texas instruments), they state the following in a section titled “Availability” :

    “The DRA74x “Jacinto 6″ processor will sample in mid-2013 and is expected to be available for production by the second half of 2014. As with other OMAP processors, the DRA74x is intended for high-volume automotive manufacturers and is not available through distributors.”

    So there are no current production vehicles with the “Jacinto 6” processor and cannot be until some time (years?) after mid 2014.

    The bottom line is that the Jacinto 5 processor we have in our Touch and Go units is not outdated or obsolete, it is in fact the latest available technology.

  119. For people having a problem with MP3 files playing in the wrong order, the following might be helpful.
    It seems that some MP3 players provide a play sequence based on the alphabetical order of the MP3 file titles, embedded as a tag into each file (this is not necessarily the the same file name appearing in a computer file listing), other players use a track number embedded into the file, while others rely on the precise time stamp embedded into the file.
    For the Touch and Go, I have found that the desired MP3 play sequence can be arranged or changed by preceding the track title, embedded as a tag into each MP3 file, with a number – these embedded tags can be edited with various free software packages – I have one by the name of “ID3 MP3 tag editor”.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I used to mess around with ID-tag editors at the end of the previous century and find it remarkable that even nowadaysToyota expects its customers to increase their basic User Experience by downloading software and editing the ID-tags, not to mention the fact this has to be done over and over again as your add new music to your connected device or USB-stick.


      (Who is quite fed up with always having to listen to “A quick one, while he’s away” by the Who (yep, the first one from an alphabetical PoV)

      1. Can’t see what you’re driving at – perhaps you would like some telepathic means of MP3 file ordering :>)

  120. Having read the e mails below I think Toyota has a major problem with their so called Touch 7 Go Sat Nav, which is not the standard we expect from Toyota , problem is you have a good reputation for high standard’s and reliability but have now lost the plot, with this sub standard accessory, the Sat Nav system is your White Elephant ,and should not be sold in the current form as cheaper and better systems are available as per “Which” report attached below:-

    Sat navs: Sat nav live traffic`

    Most sat navs these days have features beyond just taking you from A to B. One of the most useful is live traffic information sent directly and automatically to your sat nav device. This ‘alerts’ the sat nav of heavy traffic on your route ahead.

    At the very least the sat nav will warn you of this, often giving more details of the delay and calculating a new estimated time of arrival for you.

    If you are lucky however and one exists, the sat nav will also find a new route around this traffic delay. It will ask you if you’d like to accept this new, faster route, or stick to the original one.

    This live traffic information is available on most dedicated sat navs. It’s also available on some mobile phone sat nav appsas an optional add-on.

    Here, we take at a closer look at the two main live traffic systems.


    TMC – Traffic Management Channel – is available on many cheaper dedicated sat navs. A TMC equipped sat nav picks up information from local radio stations via an antenna that is built-in or bought separately.

    Usually only major roads, such as motorways and A-roads, are covered, while the information is sent and received every 15 minutes. If the congestion hot spot is a daily occurrence (as opposed to a tailback behind an accident), it may not be flagged.

    Information can sometimes be delayed by poor weather conditions.

    TMC is by no means a perfect solution to avoiding traffic, although it is a free service on most devices and it can sometimes help, especially if you are driving out of town.

    Live internet traffic

    Newer traffic avoidance systems are live internet services offered by brands such as TomTom (HD Traffic) and Garmin (3D Traffic Live) on their mid-range and high-end sat navs. Increasingly sat nav apps on mobile phones are offering live internet traffic too.

    Live internet traffic uses a built-in SIM card (inside the sat nav or mobile phone) to receive traffic information. This information is picked up by the sat nav every two minutes, giving you a better chance to avoid jams than with TMC.

    The information is first of all collected centrally from a variety of data sources – these multiple sources are used to increase accuracy. It is therefore plotted to calculate traffic flow speeds, and therefore where traffic jams exist.

    Thanks to the mobile internet being able to carry more data than the radio signal that TMC uses, richer information covering B-roads as well as A-roads and motorways is sent to the sat nav. TomTom HD Traffic covers minor roads as well.

    Although not a foolproof way of avoiding jams, live internet traffic is a superior system to TMC. For example, on one regular and well-known in-town test route we tried, it detected traffic ahead twice, re-routed and sent us off the main road and in to some small, unknown side streets, before guiding us back onto the main road further along, saving us time overall.

    One problem of this system however can be a lack of mobile internet signal slowing down updates to more than every two minutes – but this is more of an issue in remote areas where the mobile internet signal tends to be weaker.

    Live internet traffic systems tend to be offered free for one year as part of a bundle of live services, but after that you’ll have to pay to extend the service. On mobile phones it is usually an optional paid-for add-on that you can buy at any time.

    As the above concludes the TMC is a slow and cheap system which is not worth the price paid for to Toyota.
    I am now waiting for My local Toyota showroom to have my car back again to see if the can get the basics working, but I am not holding my breath.

    I therefore feel that if the system installed on my car is not working probably,
    I will be requesting a full refund, as the Garmin system I had to buy recently, to give me presences of mind, while l driving ,which gave me directions around accident’s and floods where the Toyota’s system failed.

    In conclusion as a loyal customer who has always, had a great respect for the high standards you company had , now seems you’ve got too big for your boots, and most people in customer relations don’t have any coat hangers !!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hi Martin
      Thank you for such a detailed post in relation to this matter. We are sorry to read your comments about the Touch & Go in your car. We are pleased that you are in contact with your dealer though so they can check out the system for you.
      Let us know how you get on.

    2. Personally, I’d rather have the free TMC scheme than have to pay annually for Tom Tom live services subscription which currently costs over 50 pounds every year.

  121. any news?, reading all the way down this blog it seems the system is pretty useless, i cant find any information how to set the file structure so it will stop random playing, if i create a folder with ten chapters of an audio book in it why does it not play them sequentially as every other mp3 device does. Bought this model in the vain hope it would be worth the extra cost, seems like a waste of money. AND the map updates are a scam, i bought a garmin navi with lifetime updates for 110 pounds, 109 pounds for an out of date update once a year is a con. very dissapointed in toyota’s approach. Certainly will not recommend buying this expensive piece of audio to anyone.

      1. Hi Chris
        We have received confirmation that the details have been referred to the dealer and you will be hearing from them with regard to a booking.
        Hope this helps.

  122. I have recently purchased a new Yaris with touch and go, when I stream music from my Spotify account on my Samsung galaxy s4 using the Bluetooth connection the display does not touch and go display does not give artist details, album name and track. However when I use my son’s Sony Experia all these details are displayed.

    Is there away to resolve this issue?



    1. Hello Steve
      Thanks for your post.
      Have run this past the tech team who have suggested you could try deleting and re-pairing the Samsung phone which may help, but they suspect this is due to a difference with the Bluetooth profile of the two phones.
      Hope this helps.

  123. Watched the vids, read the manual / guide….but when I tried:

    Where can the Device ID be found?
    The Device ID can be found in the navigation system by pressing the ‘Set up’ button, then selecting ‘General’ > ‘System Information’ the Device ID is then displayed.

    I can get, into the navigation system by pressing the ‘Set up’ button, then selecting ‘General’ > but am not seeing the ‘System Information’ displayed, neither is there a ‘scroll /page, function available just ,OK.

    1. Hi Colmac
      Thanks for your post.
      Can we just double check that you have satellite navigation fitted to your car? The device ID will only show for those vehicles with Nav, if it is just Toyota Touch then this will not be there.
      Hope this helps.

        1. Hi Padraig
          Thanks for your post.
          There will be no device ID if Nav is not fitted. If it is fitted then go to Settings followed by General and then System info. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

  124. Only just discovered this customer portal however I have concerns over the terms and conditions. Why do I have to agree to send my data in order to register? I only want to update to the latest software. Yet it seems to do so I have no option but to send all of my driving information to you and TomTom, I feel that information should be private to me. So therefore I can’t update the satnav!

    1. Thanks for your post Gavin.
      We appreciate your feedback regarding the portal and we understand your comments. The reason is because TomTom needs your permission to collect and use your information. If you do not give your permission, no information is sent to TomTom, but you won’t be able to use TomTom services, because TomTom needs to know your location to be able to return the information and search results relevant to where you are. All the T&C’s and data protection are detailed under terms and conditions.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  125. Hi there,

    Another question: I have the Toyota Internet Router installed in my Auris Touring Sports. The car is fitted with the Touch and Go Plus. When it is trying to connect to the Internet it is using the Bluetooth tethering, which seems rather unlogic as you have the router up and running. Any suggestions on that?



    1. Hi Alexander
      Thanks for your post and we have checked this further with our technical team. Unfortunately, Touch & Go Plus doesn’t have a wifi client, so it cannot connect to the car hotspot.
      Hope this helps clarify.

  126. I have put a usb stick in the socket with audio books saved on it. How can I stop it from starting as soon as i start the car, surely there is some way i can select play rather than it simply starting by itself.

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked with our tech team who have two possible suggestions for the USB defaulting to playing. The first (and most likely) is the speed of the USB stick. If it has a slow read rate it can cause the system to default to USB. The second would depend on which software version you have. (Check whether you have version 1.7.9 and let us know).
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Chris
        Thanks for confirming this.
        Am double checking for any further info with our tech team, but just to let you know we may not get a reply till Monday.

  127. Hello, I just took delivery of a RAV4. I play music from my iPhone 5 via the USB – but it keeps coming up with “connection error occurred” and switches off the media. What’s causing this? I am using a genuine Apple cable to connect the phone. I also have the latest software version on the phone. Thank you.

    1. Hi Derek
      Thanks for your post.
      We need to know a few more details to help confirm this for you such as vehicle info (a chassis or VIN number) and which version of Touch & Go you have, eg Touch & Go or Touch & Go +.
      Let us know and we will see what we can do.

      1. Hi David

        It’s a Toyota Touch system. Device ID 13TFDAEU-DA04. Software version 01017E. Vehicle VIN is JTMDCREVX0D036322. Many thanks in advance for your help.


        1. Hello Derek
          Thank you for this information. You may have a digit wrong on the VIN number as we did not recognise it on our system. Are you able to try connecting another similar device with a different lead to your car to see if this works? Let us know how you get on or whether this is possible. It may be that your RAV4 has to go back to the Toyota dealer but we will try this first.

  128. rubbish website, broken links, links that dont work, very dissapointed. trying to find map updates just seems to go round in circles.

    where exactly is the toolbox download that is mentioned?, another dead end!

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your posts, and we have run these past our technical team. Firstly, with regard to the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, this will only work with Touch & Go + so this will depend on the specification of your vehicle and which unit you have fitted. Because of the options available we have to build all Avensis with this button in place to take this into account.
      Turning to the customer portal, there has been an update that has meant the link to download the “Toolbox” has changed slightly. If you select the e-store, pick one of the applications (one of the free ones might be easier) and then click on buy now you will be offered the option to download the “Toolbox”. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any problems.

  129. Have a new Avensis with Touch’n’Go. First day the GPS seems ok. But second day going to work was ok, but when leaving for home the position seemed correct initially, but the it seemed the GPS had my driving direction all messed up. As I drove, the GPS location indicated got farther and farther away from my real position. When I got home, which is about 10 km southwest from my work (as the crow flies), the GPS indicated my position 10 km southeast of my work! Is there any kind of reset that might fix it, or do I have to go back to the dealer for service?

    1. Hello Hans
      Thanks for your post.
      We are going to need to some further vehicle details to help you here such as chassis number but before we ask is your vehicle based in the UK? The reason being is that we only hold vehicle specification for the UK market.

      1. Hi David, no, I’m in Sweden, only ask here because there doesn’t seem to be any similar site in the Swedish MyToyota. Anyway, strange, yesterday when I starte the car at work, positioin was OK, but as I started driving the GPS position Went the opposite direction, so after a while I turned it off. But halfway home I checked again, and now position was correct! Since then, and all day today, it seems to have worked fine. Except once when I started the car, and pressed MAP I only got a black screen. Had to shut off Engine, start again, then it worked. Maybe something wrong with this device. If it continues, I’ll Contact my dealer

          1. An update on this problem. The GPS kept on showing the wrong location from time to time. I talked to the dealer, who swapped some part, I think they called it a “data box”. And it took aabout a week until I saw exactly the same error, the GPS losing its postion, and still trying to guide me along road several km’s away.
            But now I Think I have isolated the error: It’s when I’m using the GPS to guide me, and I come to a a newly constructed road, which is not on the map yet. So I see on the map that my position is “out in the woods”, there is no road on the map where my car is. It’s now it starts. When I get back to a road which is on the map, the GPS is lost, it Thinks I’m somewhere else, and heading in another direction. Note that this has happened in at least two different new roads. If I turn of the GPS guidance, and just show the map, after a while it corrects itself, and shows mi in the correct spot. But if I continue the guidance it just keeps being wrong.
            So it seems to me this must be a logic error in the guidance software. Not sure if there’s any point in returning it to the dealer for Another service, if this is a sofware issue… Do you have your own engineering team developing this, or is it bought from a 3rd party?

          2. Hi Hans
            Thanks for your reply.
            The issue regarding newly constructed roads will occur but this can be addressed by future map upgrades. The system should correct itself though when you reach roads that are recognised on the system and it should identify its location. We can only suggest that re-entering the destination would be a solution if for some reason this does not take place. You could have your dealer check which map is in your car and whether there is an upgrade to this which should stop this from occurring.
            Hope this helps.

          3. As I’ve used GPS’s from Mio, Navigon, Garmin and TomTom, I can say I’m pretty familiar with them. Of course no GPS can know about all new roads. But as you say, as soon as you’re back on a road which is on the map, they all correct themselves quickly. As opposed from Toyota’s GPS, which will not correct itself. So it’s not a matter of new or old maps, it’s the software that’s misbehaving. And today it didn’t even help to switch off the guidance, it was still miles off track for another half hour until I stopped and parked for an hour. When I came back to the car, it was still in the wrong position, but corrected itself after 100 meters.
            I’ll get back to the dealer and report this, but it would be interesting to hear more about this from someone at Engineering who really knows this GPS

  130. I have a 2011 model yaris 1.0 t spirit with the tomtom built in nav unit, the tomtom refuses to charge when I dock into the dash unit, but funnily enough it charges when I use a usb adapter. please help as its doing my head in..

    1. Hi Jay
      Thanks for your post and we have run your query past our technical team.
      Unfortunately this was not an issue they were aware of and it might be the case that you will need to stop by your local Toyota dealer for them to have a look at this for you. They have suggested that you could try resetting the unit by pressing the button on the bottom of the screen part (be aware you may loose your stored data), but if this does not work then you will need to take to your dealer.

  131. Just arrived back after a trip From Winchester to to Kingsbridge via Bristol
    Using both Toyota and Garmin Sat Navs .
    To be honest Toyota Touch & Go Sat Nav is about as Good as a Chocolate Fire Guard
    as using the Garmin I was able to divert round a major accident on the M5 , floods near Plymouth and that the A38 was closed to Traffic trying join the A 303 due to flooding
    Not ONE of these warnings where received by TOYOTAS System .
    So as stared previously it is a total was of money and not fit for purpose for assisting drivers

  132. Hi,
    Tried using Touch and Go to load a destination via Google Maps but there is no option for Toyota. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello Nigel
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this here and it does come up on our PC’s. Have you tried a different browser?

  133. I can’t install the Toolbox on my PC running Windows 8.1, I can’t find any specifications about what Windows version is upported?

    1. Hi Hans
      Thanks for your post.
      The Toolbox can be used on Windows 8 so we do not believe that version 8.1 is a problem. Have you tried to hold the “Ctrl” button when you click on the download link in the customer portal? This will disable the pop up blocker temporarily which may help. You could also try using Google chrome as your internet browser, but let us know how you get on with this.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Sorry, I was a bit unprecise. I could download the file ok, and start installing. But after a while I got the message “cannot be installed on this Windows versio” or something similar. But today when I tried again, it worked just fine… No idea what happened, but thanks anyway 🙂

  134. can you use the touch and go for pop up email and text alerts ? or does it have to be the touch and go plus ? the instruction manual doesn’t verify this.

    1. Hi Christine
      Thanks for your post.
      Text messages are available as long as your phone is compatible. (You can check this on the customer portal) and email is only available on Touch & Go +.
      Hope this helps.

  135. Re: Martin,

    sorry to say but dont hold out any hope at all. I went thro the same route before Christmas and although my dealer was very patient and altered my sat nav settings to ideal there was’t any difference at all. I still have the same issues.

    My dealer is coming around to my house with another Auris and we are going to program the same route into both cars to see if there is a difference in my sat nav. I’ll keep this blog posted on the results.

    I agree with you it is a waste of hard earned money and Toyota should compensate purchasers for being sold an system they knew was inferior.

    ps the Dealers are much better at customer relations than Toyota GB

  136. Having read rhe comments below I would agree that the Toyota In car Touch & Go Navigation system is not fit for purpose and is a waste of money at SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS,
    I have owned both Tom Tom and Garmin, they both are far more user friendly down load work, and give you traffice warning of delays, Toyota need to get thier act together.
    I have arranged a visit to my dealer on Monday 20th January, see if they can install the latest updates, and show me how to use it without spending lots of time for the system to work, eg TMC to give me a warning of blocked road which in the last couple of weeks flooded road caused major detours which my partners Garmin informed her of blocked roads
    SO TOYOTA GET IT TOGETHER of give us all a refund for goods not fit for purpose

    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry that you are unhappy with Touch & Go. You mention about seeing your local dealer on 20 January however we would recommend that you contact our customer relations team regarding this. They can be reached via the attached link and can make a proper record of your concern.
      Hope this helps.

  137. Re: Chris Carroll

    I can sympathise with you Chris. My new Auris behaves in a very similar way. Only today I did a regualar journey from Charmouth to home a distance of 16 miles or so , a journey I do approx 4 times a week and invariably I get a different route on the sat nav for each trip. Ive mentioned this to Toyota who gave a very condescending reply saying I shouldn’t do local comparisons on the satnav it isnt fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My local dealer says the sat nav is working to spec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But if the spec is rubbish youll only get rubbish out

    I have written an earlier blog about this satnav stating it is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and events since that time have conviced me even more so.

    I borrowed a Garmin num 2595 satnav for comparison and the Garmin wins hands down, there is no comparison whatsoever at all. It gives me the correct route mentioned above every time.
    The Garmin is one I can trust to take me from a to b via the fast route; after 3 months of the Touch and Go I CANNOT TRUST IT. I bought it as a £600 option but to me is a complete waste of money.

    If you read this blog further back you will see that the technology used is very old by todays standard.


    Because TOYOTA have taken my money under false pretences I would like them to fund my purchase of a sat nav that works i.e Garmin

  138. I have owned a Plug-in Prius for a couple of months and I am having some problems with the navigation arrangement in Touch and Go Plus.

    I did a map update through the Portal a few days ago and now have Software version 2.8.4aH with map ID EUH 20130409.

    In the last few days I have several times tried to set the following as a destination address

    4 Sunbeam Rd, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 7BY.

    This address is some six miles from my home and I have tried setting it from my home and from a number of other location near by.

    Each time, the device accepts the address and calculates a route that goes close to Havering and involves a round trip of more than 50 miles. It has done this on seven or eight occasions so it is not just a one off glitch.

    Apart from this single obvious error, I am concerned that the device may produce other similar errors in circumstances where I am less knowledgeable about the geography of a location and may therefore get into significant difficulty.

    Can you try to replicate the fault I have described and tell me whether it is a one-off and whether there is anything I can do to correct it.


  139. Hi,

    What for format do i need ti use my usb stick for music ? NTFS or FAT32 ?

    I have an auris touring sports 2013 with touch and go plus .

      1. Thanx David for reply !

        I did fat32 did some music on it , played half of the first song , after i got an error that the usb stick can’t be readed … Went back to my pc : usb stick must be formated … otherwise cant’ open it …

        Formated, did again music on it => oke …

        Thanks !

  140. I have a friend that has a 2009 yaris and had no problems with her old phone when using Bluetooth for calls. Now she has an iPhone 5 and I can connect it no problem but as soon as she gets a call the whole system freezes and she has to turn the car off and back on to get the radio back. Can you help please?

  141. Hi David Crouch,

    Ref Tough & GO rx/sending text messages, I have checked the MAP ID and it is EUL20130409, I have a HTC One running Android 4.3.
    I have also noticed that sometimes it wont read the sent messages, It just display no messages?. It appears to be “hit and miss” with the text system?.
    Hope you can help


  142. I’ ve got a Toyota rav4 2005 5 door, this car has a sat nav in it, but it does not have a map disc in it, so now I can’t listen to music or the radio on the go, can anyone help me?

    1. Hi Mridul
      Thanks for your post.
      Have checked this with technical but we cannot explain why this should be the case. We would recommend that you get in touch with your nearest Toyota dealer to check your car for you. You can use the dealer locater on if you are not sure where they are located.
      Hope this helps.

  143. Hey my name is Marco and my stepdad Toyota is 1986 Runner 5 speed Manuel won’t drive foward or reverse it will turn on but not move what can be the problem??

    1. Hi Marco,
      This is very difficult to diagnose online as sounds like you’ll need first hand advice. As such, we recommend speaking with your nearest Toyota Dealer as they’ll be able to help and discuss a best course of action. Please find yours here: Many thanks and we very much hope that the problem is sorted soon.
      Kind regards.

  144. My USB is not forwarding to the next song when playing in my 2014 Toyota Carola radio. it was working great then simply stopped as I press the next or track button the same song repeats. I can only change or forward songs by the select button not the forward button. Is there something I may have did that blocks the tracks from forwarding?

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your post.
      We suspect that you are not in the UK as we no longer sell the Corolla in our market. We would recommend that you contact the distributor for your country if you are outside the UK as they will have the full tech specs and details for your model.
      Hope this helps.

  145. I have an Avensis and would like to know if the system can searched to recall the last journey even if the sat nav was not used to get there.

    So in essence can the system even when not used in guidance mode record where I have been and then this information recalled?

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your post.
      You cannot recall the last journey if satnav was not used. Not sure how old your Avensis is but some systems did have a route trace facility which would trace the journey you have undertaken.
      Hope this helps.

  146. Hi Toyota,
    I have just got a GT86 with Touch and Go, my question relates to receiving and sending txt messages, I can receive txts but unable to send/reply. I only use this function once stationary, it appears to send, doesn’t give any error messages but the text never arrives, im using an Android 4.3 phone.
    many thanks

    1. Hi Nick
      Thanks for your post. We will check your phone but we might need to know which version of Touch & Go you have.
      In order to do this you can follow these instructions:
      1, Press the setup hard button.
      2, Touch General on the screen.
      3, Scroll to the bottom.
      4, Select System information.
      The date in the map ID isn’t the release date, it is assigned to the map data during the development process. For Guidance the latest versions launched to our network, versions EUL20130409 (Touch & Go) and EUH20130409 (Touch & Go+) were released to centres on 26th August 2013.
      Hope this helps.

      1. I have the same problem as Nick, can recieve txt msg but not send/reply.
        I have EUH20130409 (Touch & Go+) and mobile is Samsung Galaxy S4 ver. 4.3

      2. Hi David Crouch,

        Ref Tough & GO rx/sending text messages, I have checked the MAP ID and it is EUL20130409, I have a HTC One running Android 4.3.
        I have also noticed that sometimes it wont read the sent messages, It just display no messages?. It appears to be “hit and miss” with the text system?.
        Hope you can help


        1. Hi @ David Crouch: can you please update me on the status of my original post (24/12/13), According to your phone compatibility list my phone is compatible with the touch & go system, my android version is 4.3 which could be the issue. Will there be a software update to the T&G system to ensure it is fully compatible with the new versions of Android?

          1. Hi Nick
            Thanks for your post.
            We do apologise for the delay on this and have checked this further with our technical dept. We have checked the compatibility list and phones with the same Android version vary with SMS compatibility. Have you tried deleting the pairing out of the phone and the Touch & Go and repairing this? Let us know how you get on with this. Bluetooth, it is a RF signal like wi-fi, remote controls etc so it is open to external interference which could cause intermittent operation. No news yet regarding T&G updates to be compatible with new versions of Android but re-checking this for you.

            I’m not sure what else we can suggest.

  147. Hi Toyota,

    Just a quick check. Is it true I can’t browse folders on my USB with the Touch and Go plus? If so is it possible to change it myself or am I at the mercy/goodwill of Toyota to change in the next firmware update? It’s just so much quicker to search for that one song.



    1. Hi Peter
      Thanks for your post.
      Have quickly run this past our technical team. They are not completely understanding your query as they want to check why would you want to search for a folder when you can search for the artist and title? Tracks are ordered by artist, album and title using the properties stored in the track information. If you want to link music into a “playlist” then you can change the track information using a media player on your computer.
      Hope this helps but let us know.

  148. Hi, I own an Auris with Touch&Go, just registered last week, and unfortunately it is not working with my Ipod nano 2nd gen. When plugged in the usb port, the device is not recognised by the system, which does not allow to select it in the source menu. The USB port seems to work properly, I’ve tried playing music form a USB stick and it worked just fine. I’ve also tried connecting the Ipod with two different cables, both apple original and working perfectly with other devices, with no success.

    Do you know if there is any known incompatibility with the nano 2G model, and if there is any plan to fix it?

    1. Hi Max
      Thanks for your post.
      Having checked this, the 2nd generation iPod is not listed as compatible in the owners manual so there must be a compatibility issue of some kind. It may be worth checking whether your iPod is on the latest software version.
      Hope this helps.

  149. I have a plug in prius and had anticipated an excellent product from the IT support. The Sat Nav functioned reasonably well initially, but was obviously out of date: much of central Birmingham did not exist!
    However, it is a more insistent glitch that troubles me: it constantly over reports accidents closing motor ways. I have travelled on the roads which are not closed.
    I therefore decided that I should install a new version. I asked for this to happen at the 20,000 mile service, but the service agents said that they could not do this. I therefore followed the on line instructions, only to find as mentioned previously that the toolbox does not work on a Mac. Furthermore, neither of the standard usb memory sticks that I use worked in the car!
    How do I resolve this? It clearly is not fit for purpose and consequently I should be able to have it mended by you, or have my money back.

    1. Hello,
      The service centre will be able to update your system. The traffic report function relies on information transmitted by external suppliers and like radio station traffic reports can’t always be 100% up to date. If you are trying to carry out a map update you will need a minimum of an 8GB USB stick formatted to FAT 32. For USB audio, the stick needs to be formatted to FAT 32 and the media on the stick needs to be in the compatible formats listed in their owners manual.
      We hope this helps, Merry Christmas.

  150. I have just fitted a satnav unit to my touch and go in my yaris from a donor vehicle. All works fine but my current geo location (inside a bodyshop in Manchester) is not showing correct. It is still showing the geo location where the unit was removed from the donor vehicle (in london). Am I right in thinking that once I take the car out of the bodyshop and start driving it, it will adjust by itself once the gps signals get to it?? Or will I have to take it to toyota for a reset??

    1. Hello,
      Driving this vehicle should reset the position, assuming there are no other issues. It may take about 20 mins driving to reset.
      We do hope this helps, many thanks.

  151. A free upgrade when the new system comes out? I think you’re living in cloud cuckoo land – These extortionists even charge you for (trying) to fix the bugs in the existing system. I’m not sure why all the dissatisfied customers don’t launch a class action against these scoundrels. I’m sure once this travesty is escalated outside the confines of this blog the Toyota big wigs will soon have a change of heart.

    1. David,
      If you’re having an issue with your system, you are always best placed to directly contact Toyota to discuss. If you’d like to further your comments may we ask that you do so with our Customer Relations team as they are in a position to assist you and investigate your comments further. Please find their contact details here:
      Many thanks.

  152. So do I Lawrence . We have been beta test guinneapigs . I upgraded to + more fool me as was told it would resolve my complaints . Mine does more or less work but should be so much better

  153. I have a question about playing USB mp3 music. The system allows for searching an artist or album, but if you want to go from there to the next album of that particular artist, you have to perform a search again! You just can’t skip to the next album from there? Ridiculous!

    I’m very familiar with operating this kind of media systems and I’m dead sure it’s not my clumsyness.

    1. Hello Alexander,
      The system will play the music in that folder for that album. If you wish to play the music from all of an artist’s albums, save all the MP3 files in the same folder. We hope this may help solve the playback issues.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  154. Thanks for the processor information (Jacinto 5) regarding my Touch & Go+.

    The following facts about my T&G+ are that Toyota must have started using the Jacinto 5 processor after Jan 2013 as Audi was the first to use it – announced Dec 11, 2012:

    FACT: January 10, 2013. The latest DRA74x (“Jacinto 6”) processor increased CPU performance up to five times and graphics (GPU) performance close to seven times as compared to the previous “Jacinto 5” offering.

    I now understand why my T&G+ is so slow – it uses outdated technology – shame on you Toyota!!!

    Selling cheap outdated technology at £1000 a pop without being transparent to the customer is not playing the game – it’s what I call ripping the customer off. When the new system comes out I want a free upgrade.

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      If you’d like to take the matter further, with regards to the new system, please get in touch with the Customer Relations team who’ll be able to help you out. Here are their contact details:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  155. Why can I not get texts on my Toyota touch and go….
    I have just had a Yaris Trend and my screen says messages not available

      1. Great everyone checked messages compatibility – it’s just none of popular phones are compatibile! I guess if you buy 5 year old technology, you should use 5 year old phone with it?

  156. It is interesting to read about other owners problems/dissatisfaction over the Touch and Go satnav.

    Ive now had my Auris Excel with the added expensive option of Touch and Go for 3 months now and am convinced the satnav is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

    I could list numerous examples where it has failed to provide the best route.It’s best to say that it appears to have an aversion to going on main roads preferring the narrowest of grassy track lanes. I have even discovered local lanes in my area that I didn’t know existed.

    My supplying dealer was not interested in my concerns preferring to ignore me.

    Raising my concerns with Toyota UK fared no better. I given a case number and advised a Case Manager would be assigned to my case and would contact me within 3 days. THAT WAS 4 WEEKS AGO; I’m still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I regularly travel a particular route that uses 2 main roads, the quickest route to my destination. To test out my so called satnav I had 3 friends put in the same destination into their satnavs—-Garmin, Honda and NIssan. Needless to say all 3 took the same route as I have been doing for many years, Touch and Go failed miserably ignoring the main roads.

    Through this blog I discover Toyota are aware of this satnav problem and are replacing it with Touch 2 next YEAR. Hence

    o Why did Toyota allow customers to spend over £600 on a system not fit for purpose

    o for the sake of customer relations etc Toyota UK should upgrade those customers who have been badly let down by Toyota and this very costly option or at the very least compensate them.

    Why did Toyota spoil this first class car with a third rate satnav

    I came to Toyota after 30 years of driving Nissans, based on this experience maybe that was a mistake

    1. Hello Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry that you have not heard from our CR team. We have referred your post and email to them so they can contact you directly.

  157. My wife and I both have successfully paired Bluetooth on our Touch and Go on our Yaris hybrid. However, it appears that only one phone can be paired at a time and this necessitates the need to re-connect each time we change driver. Is this correct, and if so is there no way to have both phones permanently connected?



    1. Hello Martin
      This is the correct specification of Bluetooth, it can only support one phone at a time.
      Hope this helps

  158. I have just taken delivery of my fourth new Prius Spirit.

    this one and the last one have serious problems with the satnav system

    the car location keeps being lost, sometimes by several miles from the true location.

    once even couldn’t keep track of the car position whilst driving along a motorway.

    not really good enough – Tomtom can do it, why can’t Toyota?

    1. Hello Derek
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the problem with your satnav.
      We would recommend that you contact our customer relations team who can help investigate this matter further for you. They can be reached via the attached link or we can pass on your details for you if this helps. Please let us know.
      Best wishes

  159. Just to add my concerns and problems with this system. New Yaris from end of Sept 2013. Poor FM radio receptions constant clicks and distortions as it seems to struggle to hang on to the signal. True for main stations like Radio 4 and ClassicFM and not just an area issue we’ve done a few trips from Bucks to Manchester and likewise to Sheffield. Have a VW Polo which has done the same trips and maintains a near perfect signal – with an as supplied radio.
    The nav side is proving next to useless on the T&G. As Wayne describes below predicted arrival timings way out (random hour often added). Loads of spurious traffic alerts and suggested diverts. Last trip to Sheffield we ignored the lot and right to do so as none of it existed!
    We now have photographic evidence of the discrepansies. Set up our old portable Garmin on our last trip North and it held rock steady on arrival time – the T& G was way off and we’ve the pictures to prove it.
    Raised this in our written questionaire response on the car soon after we brought it. Didn’t get any comment back.
    Raised it with our local dealer over a week ago – nothing back. About to go and see them to discuss this further.
    Checked the online update and it says our system is up to date – is it?
    This is our first Toyota and if these problems has no soon solution it will be our last and we will look to sell this car immediately and take the hit. We bought it for the quality support on these trips North and it is clearly failing.
    I wouldn’t recommend you buy this add on there is a lot wrong with it – so far proving to us an expensive mistake.

    1. Hello Derek
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the problem with your satnav.
      We would recommend that you contact our customer relations team who can help investigate this matter further for you. They can be reached via the attached link or we can pass on your details for you if this helps. Please let us know.
      Best wishes

  160. Oh and Wayne , you could never transfer your chip to touch, to have nav a separate box needs fitting to touch unit , it’s an add on.

    Cheers David

  161. I have now finally got my system working well apart from a problem with email where since last update the body of the message is often missing except last line.

    Toyota have failed with the costumer service of this product badly. On two levels both of which are inexcusable. First the dealers and sales departments have very little technical knowledge of the system and seem unwilling to work it out, secondly there is no online help system except this blog.

    It is not rocket science for dealers to set the system up explain what it does and does not do with each variant I.e go, touch and go and plus and assist with technical issues.

    Dealers should know which iPods work and do not. I was initially told that poor quality leads we’re causing my. Issue with the iPod , I was using a genuine iPod lead and purchased a pro line hi if lead at some cost, the problem was that gone iPod Classic was incompatable. I was told by dealer all blue tooth phones worked with the system again not true, no phone does everything on the system, my blackberry does all but Calander .

    The toolbox program is hard to locate , and does not work on Apple systems so I had to obtain and old PC.

    Memory sticks can be temperamental , I now use a class 10 which works well.

    Toolbox program error messages are misleading .

    I was also told more apps would be available but as I reads the system is phasing out I assume this was another piece of misinformation.

    It is not rocket science to write an instruction book that is truthful and accurate and train dealerships it a matter of focus and organisation, I wonder if the toyota directors are even aware of the customer problems, who ever came upx with they concept of the system was definitely on the correct track but went down the wrong avenue by getting harmen a stero company to design the unit for them.

    The system would,have been better driven by a tablet computer like iPod mini , linked to. A dab and tuner and amp plus hard drive or solid state drive, then incar system would be a truly wonder product.

    These systems would in effect need to be an iPad mini, radio, dab linked to an amp.

    Harmen could have do the amp and speakers and let an expert computer co do the multimedia.

    Well those are my thoughts plus I feel that having purchased a 20k car I have been used as a beta tester which is not on.


  162. Hi I have the TMC option on for the go aspect. It has offered an alternative route if congestion or an accident and often taking me miles off track and only to find my route has been clear ahead. Most times I have ignored it and it has been right to do so. Therefore i feel it’s needs to be more accurate as I don’t feel it’s updating as if should??

    Often there will be warning triangles on the route with either slow traffic or collisions when it is inaccurate?? And no evidence of anything.

    Also I have noticed Sometimes the destination times will keep changing and quite radically by 35-40 minutes and seem to appear to adjust right at the last minute entering closer to the destination placed in.

    I was wondering if you could give an answer to these please?

    I unfortunately have to agree with some previous correspondences re Toyotas attempt at customer services I have had many issues ,
    Even brought to the attention To the CEO in the past. They take a long time trying to sort rather that just sorting out some issues. The dealership I use have often had frustrations within the Toyota UK organisation too and often Toyota throw it back to the dealership to deal with .

    I agree to have to pay for updates I feel is excessive and the car cost enough so feel that this should be a complimentary upgrade. As I understand the software and map updates have to be done together?

    Im now on my third Toyota and still had problems. The dealership couldn’t add my sat nav chip to the touch unit as the reversing camera wouldn’t work and the sat nav chip couldn’t be used so they had to take my old unit out and put it in my new car. So I didn’t have the new style software layout and an older head unit. (Again Toyota made aware and nothing done),

    The dealer did update the software as agreed even though it wasn’t done initially but this can be slow in upgrading and entering the Destinations. As this was upgraded literally a few weeks later a new in one out!

    I have not attempted in using the online programme as it’s so complicated and it’s caused me so much frustration.

    I feel it’s a competitive market, keeping things simple is important I feel. Toyota has last my sister to hyundai ( she was messed about too) and 2 of my colleagues found out about my experience and too went onto hyundai and skoda and because they heard about my experience.

    I feel this will be my last Toyota, it’s a shame as I had a honda for 10 years customer service was exceptional and paid for things outside warranty because they have faith in their products and if they don’t get it right they want to put it right.

    Toyota claims there is always a better way? Yes there is please listen to your customers and their best interests please.

    I’m not hear to be unkind Just honest. would ask if you can help on all the above would appreciate it thank you.

    1. Hi Wayne
      Thank you for your post.
      We are sorry to read of your dissatisfaction with the operation of your Touch & Go and we do appreciate the time you have taken to post regarding your experience of using the system. To answer the points you have raised, TMC rerouting journey times are calculated using the most up to date traffic information that is available to the Touch & Go unit, however like the traffic reports on the radio this can’t always be 100% up-to-date as the situation changes. The destination times will also change according to the feedback received at the unit however we do acknowledge the the excessive time you have experienced. The map and software updates are upgraded together and there is no specific reason why this is the case other than convenience if a car is at the dealer for this to be undertaken.
      It would be a shame to lose you as a customer as a result of this and this certainly conveys your strength of feeling in relation to this subject. We can only look to help improve this feature for the future.

  163. So here’s my twopence: I think the problem is that Toyota is primarily a car manufacturer (a very good one at that) that has no roots in software development or distribution, much unlike a dedicated software development company such as TomTom or the like. Companies like those have a department that is dedicated to software support with issue management tooling that enables customers to register issues, follow their status, supply addition information or close a ticket when satisfied. After all, when you sell software to customers, high quality support is very important because it means you take your customers seriously. So how does Toyota score as a software manufacturer? With all due respect, David, but not very well at all. Instead of dedicated customer support, they use a general T&G blog for discussing all sorts of software issues (a blog is probably the most unsuitable tool for issue management). All this wouldn’t be so bad if T&G Nav was free, but quite on the contrary, it is much more expensive than its competitors (TT, Garmin, Google) which is OK, but when something is very expensive, customers have a right to expect very good service too. And this where Toyota clearly fails.

    So a few suggestions for improvement:

    Customers that have questions with regards to T&G should receive an answer within a few days instead of being ignored by their dealerships/distributors.
    Customers who come up with improvements or who report bugs should be cherished.
    Non-Windows users should also be able to update their T&G software.
    Customers should receive automatic notifications when bugs in T&G have been resolved.
    (this list is not complete 😉

    1. Hi Wopke
      We do appreciate your comments and ideas about how we can help improve the service we provide to Toyota owners. The Blog is there to help create conversation and help with enquiries and questions we receive from Toyota owners, the majority of which we can resolve and answer.
      We also accept that with longer term issues this may not be the best medium to undertake correspondence so we have a customer relations team who are set up to handle on-going concerns for owners. They can also be contacted via our Blog.
      The suggestions you make for improvement are valid and and need further thought by ourselves, however as you rightly state it would require a system outside of our Blog to implement this. We cannot confirm whether these changes are likely to be introduced or any idea of timings if they are, however this technology will move forward and such feedback can help shape that change.
      Thank you for your post and for taking the time to write to us with your feedback.

  164. Answer Posted : David Crouch says:

    November 22, 2013 at 16:35

    Hi Lawrence
    Thanks for your post.
    We list the spec for T&G in the owners handbook.
    Hope this helps.
    The ‘Design Spec’ is not in the owners handbook!

    What processor underpins the T&G+ System??

    I must say, I find these wrong ‘off the cuff’ responses to questions quite irritating.

    When these questions require further probing, it makes me believe that the right answer is embarrassing to Toyota. Of course you will come back with some further irritating response, about the openness and transparency of the information provided. So, simplistically – PLEASE TELL ME WHAT PROCESSOR UNDERPINS THE TOUCH &GO+.

    Sorry if this sounds irritating to you – but I am only trying to get to the bottom of the what I have spent a lot of money on, with which I have stupidly entrusted to Toyota’s reputation a lot more than I should have.


    1. Hi Lawrence
      Thanks for your post and sorry about my reply.
      I will check this further for you and reply again shortly.

    2. Hi Lawrence
      Just a quick note to say that this is not forgotten and we are still progressing. Will post a reply as soon as a response is received.

    3. Lawrence
      Just to reassure you, we have not forgotten. Such information needs to come from our European HQ and I should know very shortly.
      Best wishes

    4. Hi Lawrence
      Thanks for your patience while we researched this for you. We had to check this information with our European office.
      The processor we use in Touch & Go is a Texas Instruments Jacinto 5 Processor.
      Hope this helps.

  165. Hi Dave
    Regarding the new hardware/software I find it very frustrating considering I have only had my new car for 1 month. Maybe someone could have made me aware of this at the dealership. Will the new hardware be available in existing cars? (ie can the old system be replaced with the new one similar to a touch and go plus upgrade).

    1. Hi Gary
      Toyota Touch & Go will continue to be sold on Toyota models throughout next year. Timings are still being finalised and it could be many months before we see this appearing on other models. The new system is not compatible with the old one though.
      Hope this helps.

  166. The processor that underpins T&G+ must be out of the Ark. Please let me know where I can find the design spec. I really want to see the what I’ve paid for.

  167. Hi Dave…just read your nicely worded response to Gordon’s post. Your comment on the feedback from this forum is being used in the development of the new T&G system to be installed in new cars in 2014…what!!!. Experience tells me that this could be a new hardware and software platform and not compatible with previous systems. To reinstate the ‘feel good factor’ and take the ‘heat’ out of some of the comments on this forum. Existing customers need urgent upgrades on the most annoying problems, Bluetooth auto-start audio stream is one of them. I understand that the developers don’t want to committee to an update schedule, I predict more negative responses unless we get some positive news.
    Thanks Geoff

    1. Hi Geoff
      Thanks for your post.
      Touch and Go will be updated and it will be a different system in terms of hardware and software. It will appear firstly on the revised Toyota Land Cruiser on sale at the end of this year but will then roll out in different models in 2014. It will be called Toyota Touch 2. We are continuing to work with our technical team regarding issues raised on Touch & Go operation and system upgrades.
      Thanks again

  168. I cannot download the ‘touch and go toolbox’

    I am registered but when I select the download from the portal I just get a ‘bing’ from the computer and nothing else.

    Where do I go from here?

    1. Hi Ian
      Thanks for your post.
      We have had a quick word with technical who suspect that your computer pop up blocker may be preventing the file from downloading. You can try holding control when you select the download or could try another internet browser such as Google chrome or Firefox.
      Hope this helps.

  169. Hi
    It appears Gordon is correct regarding the customer service. I received an initial reply stating my phone would link the phone book addresses to the navigation system (as per the web-site it was compatible). I followed the instructions given to re-pair etc. but had the same outcome. I e-mailed back to let them know and received a quick response this time stating my phone was in-fact not compatible and I would have to manually enter them or use the portal to send them to the car or to a usb device. Considering I upgraded to the plus at £400.00 I feel a little let down. I have to say the dealer knew very little about the system and said he didn’t use many of the features as there were more than he required, I wonder if he really knew of the problems! This is my first Toyota and I really like the car itself but feel the extra expense for the touch and go plus was a waste of money and I should have stayed with my Tomtom.

  170. I have had my Toyota yaris for one year now. 61plate. My samsung galaxy s3 phone was working perfectly for phone calls via touch and go system. Last week I upgraded the phone to android 4.1.2 and now the phone will not connect to the car. It has done twice but then when I went to use the phone again, the connection had been lost. I have tried deleting the pairing on both devices and starting again from scratch. This worked for I
    One phone call then no longer worked. Please can anyone help. Thanks

    1. Hi Lisa
      Thanks for your post.
      We have had a quick word with our technical team. they have advised that some mobile phone companies can sometimes change their software versions which can make them incompatible with our systems. This phone is not on the compatibility list so it may not work. The suggestions is to update the software to the latest version (supplied with a map update) which may rectify this issue, however we would suggest liaising with your local dealer firstly on this incase this does not work before you go ahead and purchase.
      Hope this helps.

  171. Hi

    I first commented on the site some time ago with regard to the Touch and Go system on my wife’s 2011 Toyota Yaris T-Spirit (multi-drive), bought new in December 2011 and have monitored the site ever since.

    The Touch and Go initially failed to pair with either my wife’s phone or my phone (eventually sorted with the help of the dealership). It then failed with a frozen screen – sorted eventually with a software update, I experienced the ‘joys’ of the convoluted software update process; I’m reasonably computer savvy and found it quite tortuous. Soon after purchasing the car, we discovered that the mapping installed was significantly older than the date of purchase/delivery of the car, when we raised this with Toyota we were told (I paraphrase) ‘that’s tough but nothing we can do about it, suggest you update the map but you will have to pay for it’. It was then we discovered that the mapping updates cost something around £110 (twice per year)! After much to’g and fro’g and arguing, it was agreed after all that we could have a map update free of charge ‘as a good will gesture’.

    I have nothing but good to say about the servicing team at my local Toyota dealership, they couldn’t have been more supportive.

    I think also that the customer service team running this site genuinely try to be helpful and do what must largely be a thankless task in trying to stem the tide of complaints about Touch and Go; they must be as fed up as most of us are. The number of complaints and issues raised appears to be increasing, but it can only be a very small percentage of the real number of dissatisfied customers; not all will be aware of the site or perhaps have the will to raise their issues on here. Perhaps they raise these issues direct with their dealership.

    I wonder when Toyota as a company will listen to and take meaningful action on these complaints rather than simply having the site’s team issue platitudes; ‘the technical team have note of this’, ‘we feed this information into the central development team’ ‘the complaints are taken seriously by Toyota’ (really!).

    Taking all of the above into account and the frustration this has caused, my wife has elected to trade in her Yaris and purchased a Nissan. We’re disappointed and dismayed about having to take this action but enough is enough. My wife, myself and my daughter have all been Toyota enthusiasts over the years and have probably purchased around 8 or 9 new Toyota cars from 2nd & 3rd generation Prius, Yaris’s, RAV4 to IQ. I moved from Toyota to Honda in March of this year and my daughter has also now moved from Toyota to Nissan. Toyota has therefore lost our business and I very much doubt that we will return. All of this because of a lack of customer service and a couldn’t care less attitude from Toyota management. I have to also say that the current Toyota models are particularly uninspiring internally.

    Good luck to those who are still experiencing the ‘joys’ of Touch and Go and it’s convoluted processes as well as its very expensive map updates; I suspect that Toyota will only really listen when customers began to vote with their feet (or should I say their cars) by selling up and moving brands.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Gordon
      Thanks for taking the time to post. This is such a situation where we have to say it’s our loss. We’re genuinely sorry we’ve not been able to help or provide support to you, or it appears other members of your family.
      At the risk of repeating ourselves, as a matter of course, customers’ comments about our products and services are fed back through appropriate channels as a primary driver of change and development. While this process is robust, well-meaning and genuine, in some cases we are not able to commit to or deliver appropriate developments in line with customer expectations. Feedback such as you have given us has been used to develop the new Touch and Go system which will be rolled out into new models from 2014.
      While this does little to address your concerns or experience, we were keen not to leave your post unanswered and appreciate your frank feedback to us. We hope in time we will be able to welcome you back. If you have any questions about our cars or services please do get in touch.
      Thanks again

  172. Hi David
    Thanks for the info. I have now found the apps. The only other small problem is the touch and go will not read the addresses off my phone I get a message stating it can not resolve the address. I am currently putting them in manually as a favourite.
    Love the system and the car though.

  173. I have just bought a brand new Avensis, registered October 2013. I have been having some difficulty with the Touch and Go system in general, but I took your advice given to another correspondent and checked the system details on my car. You suggested that the latest version was EUL20130409 v2.8. Mine is EUL20121019 v2.7.4L, which is clearly very old especially in a new car. Is there any way to update this system without any cost to myself. When I plug my memory stick into my computer and check I am told that the system is up to date.

    1. Hi Dennis
      Thanks for your post.
      We would recommend contacting your supplying dealer here as they are able to to carry out updates to the system for you. Let us know how you get on.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi David
        I have just had my Avensis to my dealer for an update to my Touch and Go System and maps. The cost of this has very kindly been bourne by the dealership. In my view this is quite wrong. When I bought a Garmin system some years ago it came with an immediate free update of the maps and system. I cannot see why, when spending in excess of £20,000 on a new car, Toyota cannot see there way to ensure that the maps are up to date and more than a year old as mine was. After reading some of the comments from other Toyota owners, I can see that this is causing a fair amount of ill will.

  174. Thanks for tying to help. However, I have learned that Toyota UK do not have the influence or wherewithal to provide customers with promises. By that, I mean when I have talked to Toyota UK they say they feedback customer comments but have no I/P to the decision makers. In technical terms this ‘open loop’ system has no teeth to make things happen. It’s fine for information dissemination, and I suppose if that’s all you want – great. Even so, what happened to the dealership concept to handle information queries!

    1. Hello Lawrence
      Thanks for your post.
      We understand your point and being honest there are some areas in which we can influence future specification changes and others where we cannot. To give you a bit of background we hold regular high profile meetings designed to represent and act upon customer feedback. These sessions raise specific issues which we receive from owners to address such comments. In other words we have a reporting process in place and we have of course discussed Touch & Go operation. In some cases this information can only be used to influence or amend new generation product which can be several years away and therefore will have the feeling of no immediate action. The fact though you have taken time to tell us your experience is appreciated because without them we would be unable to improve systems. Finally, you are correct that our dealer network are there to help and handle customer enquiries and are able to manage the vast majority of these. In the event of more detailed technical information being required then they have access to and the support of our own technical team. Hope this helps explain a bit more.
      Best wishes.

  175. Hi, I have an avensis with a 2.8.4 and an Iphone 5s. However the two will not link up on bluetooth – do you have any recommended approaches to this? Do I need to upgrade the firmware?


  176. Hi!

    Again tanks for a nice system.

    I would like to comment on MP3 autostart playing from USB memory stick. It does not autostart when I use another USB memory stick. I now use a sandisk 16 GB, before I used a 32 GB no brand stick. I hope this can help you out tracking down the source of reason for the autostart on some sticks.

    In the future it would have been nice if you could connect a WIFI USB dongle and get updates directly to the system, without the use of USB memory stick, when in range of you home WIFI network, just a thought 🙂

    Best regards


    1. Hi Fredrik
      Thanks for your post and for your comments regarding the USB stick.
      Will send your feedback about WIFI and the updates back to the product team for future product reviews.
      Thanks again.

  177. No response to my comment of 27 Oct:

    “Dear David,

    What planet are the Technical Team on? The FAQs are absolutely no help to my query!

    I certainly would have expected my “New Trip” to be instantly available once it is “Saved” but it is not. I have tried logging in and out several times to no avail as it just does not appear until many, many hours later e.g. up to 24 hours as mentioned. Absolutely no use as cannot be sent to my car until it is listed.

    As mentioned by Lawrence Tucker the Touch & Go is very disappointing in its functionality and should be much better from such a company as Toyota. I recently drove an Audi car and its similar system was far superior. There is so much potential available from a properly working system.”

    Also as mentioned by Ondrej Sramek when my Blackberry 9810 is connected via Bluetooth it also annoyingly automatically starts playing audio thus have the distraction of needing to select FM radio.

    Is there anything being progressed in Development to correct the numerous foregoing shortcoming as reported?

    1. Hello Richard
      Sorry for delay on this and just checking with technical now regarding further advice on this.

    2. Hello Richard
      Further to my recent post our technical team have been trying to replicate this. Can you advise whether the long period is between you selecting the destination on Google maps and it appearing on the portal or is it once it’s sent from the portal to the car?

      The issue with the Blackberry is unfortunately a compatibility issue with this phone (it doesn’t happen with all phones) and a solution is being worked on by our engineers. I am sorry that this response cannot be more positive and I do not have any further details at this stage regarding a timeframe.

  178. Hi Just got a new Auris Hybrid with Touch & go plus. Great car and love the multimedia system so far. One thing I can’t find is the apps that I have purchased and how to get them on screen.

    1. Hi Gary
      Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      You do need to register your car and visit the website
      From there you need to download the “Touch and Go Toolbox” onto your PC. Then you need to insert a blank FAT32 formatted USB stick into the computer and download the content using the toolbox. Select the apps to put onto the USB and install apps from USB onto your car.
      Let us know how you get on with this.
      Hope this helps

    2. Hope you got on ok with this Gary.
      I have since received confirmation that the Applications are accessed by pressing the telephone/world button twice, and this scrolls between the telephone and connected services menus.
      Hope this helps.

  179. I recently bought a Yaris TR with the Touch System installed I can honestly say this is the worst media system I have ever encountered in any car I have owned. My only saving grace is that I never took up my dealers offer of upgrading to Touch and Go for a mere £750! Instead I installed a Garmin unit for less than £100 with life time updates of maps and system and not the rip off that Toyota charges. I also mounted the unit below the Touch screen where it looks really good and is located nest to power outlet so no dangling wires. Seems to me Toyota should offer their customers the option of having their system uninstalled and offer them a refund as, from my point of view, they’re unfit for purpose.

    1. Hi I can appreciate it if you do not like the touch basic system but as an entry level unit it is far better than most comparable spec cars. The touch plays music and radio.

      I cannot see how you can complain about the go part of the system when you don’t have it, I agree it is pricey but not when compared to other manufacturers prices. The map updates should be much cheaper.

      I have the plus system and when set up correctly works very well especially local search etc. I have had issues with the system but they are caused by poor instruction and dealer understanding, at least toyota allow the customer to install updates etc without costly dealer visits.

      I would agree the sales , dealer support and instructions could be clearer, however you are dealing in effect with a computer and updating those is often not straight forward and requires some technical ability. Toyota should have a system like Apple Genius in dealer where you can go for expert help if you are not technically minded.

      1. Firstly I don’t know what cars you’ve driven to say the Touch system is, ” far better than most comparable spec cars”. The systems I have used in the past played music from my i-phone via Bluetooth in the order they were stored by itunes on my phone and not in totally random order. Of course maybe that’s because I have a black Iphone not a white one or some other ludicrous reason Toyota will give you why it doesn’t work properly as in the case of flash drives being the wrong make, size or format. As far as I’m concerned it’s rubbish and even the phone systems hangs every 4 or 5 calls necessitating a reboot.

        As for the satnav, my opinion of it is based on the feedback given on this site. Charging for system updates by insisting you buy new maps to get them is disgusting particularly on a system which seems to be so full of bugs. I can’t believe Toyota Japan are responsible for this charade and assume it’s Toyota UK who are tarnishing the hard earned reputation of their oriental counterparts.

  180. Hi David,

    You said …”In the meantime we will be running your comments past our product team responsible for Touch & Go”.

    When you receive their feedback regarding my comments of the Touch and Go Plus. Will you publish them on this blog – you didn’t say with what purpose you were gaining their feedback. I do not just want to have my say. I want action!

    1. Hi Lawrence
      We do feedback comments that we receive regarding the Tough & Go operation so that we can learn and improve systems in the future. With regard to your concerns our customer relations team can help discuss any specific concerns and they can be reached via the attached link.
      Hope this helps

  181. Hi I have just bought 2007 toyota aygo automatic 38000 miles on lovely car but it seems to struggle at picking up speed when I drive. I have to really push down on gas at times to get the right speed. As I have had no problems with other automatics I have drove with 1.0 engine.

    1. Hello Miriam
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear about your car and we would recommend getting in touch with your local dealer for them to check this out for you. If you click on this link it will help find your nearest one.
      Hope this helps.

  182. Hi
    could anyone please tell me how to set Toyota Touch and Go such that when my phone (Blackberry Q10) connects via bluetooth for calls it DOES NOT also automatically connect for music, hijack the audio and start streaming music from my phone when I am listening to radio? I was unable to figure out how to do that.
    Of course I figured in Setup/Bluetooth/Paired devices I can disconnect phone for music manually, but Touch and Go does not remember this setting and next time I turn on the car it connects for music again…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated…


    1. Hello Ondrej
      Thanks for your post.
      This is due to a compatibility issue with the phone and there isn’t currently a way to stop it defaulting to Bluetooth audio. We are however working on a countermeasure with our European office but no news at this stage unfortunately.

    1. Hello John
      Thanks for the post. The latest versions are as follows,
      EUL20130409 with software version 2.8.4L For Touch & Go
      EUH20130409 with software version 2.8.4H For Touch & Go +
      If you could like to check which version you have you can follow the following instructions:
      1, Press the setup hard button.
      2, Touch General on the screen.
      3, Scroll to the bottom.
      4, Select System information.
      The date in the map ID isn’t the release date, it is assigned to the map data during the development process. For Guidance the latest versions launched to our network, versions EUL20130409 (Touch & Go) and EUH20130409 (Touch & Go+) were released to centres on 26th August 2013.
      Hope this helps.

  183. have a 2011 hilux D4D, and my audio systen goes ON and OFF continuously…. willl work for 5min or so and then shut off??? has any one ex[ierenced these type off issues

    1. Hello Simon
      Thanks for your post.
      Have quickly run this past our technical team who cannot recall any similar experiences and have recommended taking your vehicle to your nearest Toyota dealer for them to have a look at this for you. This link will help with location.

  184. Dear David,

    What planet are the Technical Team on? The FAQs are absolutely no help to my query!

    I certainly would have expected my “New Trip” to be instantly available once it is “Saved” but it is not. I have tried logging in and out several times to no avail as it just does not appear until many, many hours later e.g. up to 24 hours as mentioned. Absolutely no use as cannot be sent to my car until it is listed.

    As mentioned by Lawrence Tucker the Touch & Go is very disappointing in its functionality and should be much better from such a company as Toyota. I recently drove an Audi car and its similar system was far superior. There is so much potential available from a properly working system.

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post and sorry that the FAQs have not helped.
      We can put you in touch with our customer relations team if it helps in terms of taking this matter further? They would work with your local dealer to help get this matter resolved. I have attached a link for the contact page but let us know.

  185. I have a 2011 Toyota AvensisTR2 est. (no owners hand book) What system, Toyota Touch or Touch and Go does my vehicle use?

    1. Hello James
      To help identify your system, Toyota Touch is just a multimedia system whereas Touch & Go adds full map navigation, Bluetooth (and other features) to this. Toyota Touch & Go Plus adds more features including the voice recognition function. It is possible to upgrade your system (depending what you have) so we would recommend taking your car yo your local Toyota dealer who would be able to confirm the specification for you and advise you of your options.
      Hope this helps.

  186. The more I look at my new Touch and Go Plus the more I’m disappointed. The system is not totally integrated – the sat-nav, radio, and other features are independent products boxed together and do not inter-operate with each other fully. The voice recognition system is does not function properly for at least 5 minutes – if your lucky and then it is flaky. The integration of this system is a joke – shame on Toyota.

    My dealership has very little product knowledge of the Touch and Go Plus system. They look to me like ungifted amateurs when I have asked about the system performance. The User documentation is practically non-existent. They were unable to carryout any comparative tests so that we could look at my systems performance against another – very disappointed with the hassle received.

    Toyota what has happened to your credibility for high-class electronic equipment specifications.

    1. Hi Lawrence
      Thanks for your post and feedback on Touch & Go.
      We are sorry to learn of your disappointment and would be happy to help you regarding any specific questions you may have regarding the system operation if you want to send them through to us. We can also put you in touch with a member of our customer service team if you wanted to speak to someone directly about this. In the meantime we will be running your comments past our product team responsible for Touch & Go.

  187. Why does it take so long to add a trip via Touch and Go Customer Portal?

    I have recently, at different times, added and saved an intended destination but it takes around 24 hours before added to the list and therefore available to send to the car – by which time both trips had been completed!

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post.
      Have just run your query past our technical team. The trip should be available straight as they have just tried this on their own account. They have recommended double checking the FAQ section on the customer portal which is accessed via the question mark in the top right of the screen. Please let us know how you get on as happy to help further.

  188. Hello!

    We just bought a brand new Toyota Yaris 2013 and though it has a Toyota Touch system, I’m not sure if it has maps and all the other functions standard. Do I need to pay separately for them or are those included with every new car? I can’t check, since our car is not yet delivered :-).


    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your post.
      Good to hear about your new Yaris. Just to clarify Toyota Touch does not include sat nav, you need to have Toyota Touch & Go for this. If you talk to your dealer they will be able to discuss upgrading the system for you.
      Hope this helps.

  189. Good day

    Can somebody tell me how to install maps info on my car radio, 2012 mo0del Yaris with factory build in radio with no maps.

    Please giv me info about websites or info. I try everything

    Thanks Kobus

  190. David, On Sept 16th you asked for more info for a fault I was experiencing, but as yet there has been no response, could you gee up you tech dept?

    September 16, 2013 at 11:01

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the follow up which is appreciated. This is a problem I have had since day 1 of my 13 reg Prius T-Spirit, whenever the USB stick is plugged in then on initial start of the car on 8 out of 10 occasions the unit will play music off the USB, it matters not what stick is plugged in I have tried so many! I have deselected the USB when turning the vehicle off but it makes no difference!

    Connected to the unit is a blackberry 9900 via bluetooth, but again this makes no difference if the phone is not in the vehicle.

    The unit is slow to boot and offer all features which I take as normal, for instance voice recogintion will not work until the unit has been switched on for at least 30 secs.

    I was hoping the recent update would have solved, but unfortunately not

    1. Hi Mark
      Sorry for delay on this.
      We have two possible reasons for this issue, one is the speed of the USB stick you are using and the other was that one particular software version defaulted to USB. Can you let us know what software version of Touch & Go you have and what type of stick (make and model) you are using?
      Any problems with this though let me know.

      1. 2.8.4H software version, Stick is FAT32 INTERGRAL 8gb, but the same fault happens on all sticks, some more than others, but I haven’t found one that is ok, even after formatting etc.

        1. Hello Mark
          Just been speaking with the technical team who have been replicating your query in a couple of our cars (with your software version) this morning using two different USB sticks, a Maxell 8GB and Verbatim 32GB. They were able to operate these without any issues. Their recommendation is to check that your music is in folders on your stick and to use a good quality USB. If this does not work then you may need to take your car and USB to a Toyota centre so they reproduce this and can then also check if the issue occurs on another model fitted with Touch & Go.
          Hope this helps for now.

  191. Comment on USB Music playback.
    The best way to group and control the order in which your music is played is by creating playlists. If you have not created playlists before your will need to read the help files on your chosen computer, this is a pain. My previous car displayed and played music by folder, and once it played all the music in that folder it started to play the next folder.
    I have to admit I find the logic of the T&G system frustrating, but when I read the write up’s by the Auto Magazines they class the T&G as one of the best in car systems…the others must be really bad then.

  192. have made more disck space which has solved error on space with map upgrade however reaches 100% working last file downloaded and tool box freezes any suggestions .

  193. HI there.
    I have a 2013 Yaris Trend with Toyota Touch and everything works fine apart from when I play music from my iphone 5 only once has the ‘Browse’ option appeared which allows you to choose albums or artistes. The rest of the time this select ‘button’ is not there. I tried my phone in another Yaris ,same year and model and it was the same. My question is,should there be a ‘browse’ option and if not why did it show that one time?

    Alan Jones

    1. Hello Alan
      Thanks for post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      After liaison with our technical team we have been advised that this is due to a compatibility issue between the Touch & Go and the iPhone. This function does not normally work with an iPhone even though both units are theoretically capable. They are not sure why it would have worked once and have asked whether you ever connect the iPhone via the USB lead? This function should work like this.
      Hope this helps.

  194. Hi Again,
    I’ve now put the music on my memory stick but when I plug it in the songs play in alphabetical order mixing in all the songs from all my albums. Or I can play one album but how do you play all the albums one after the other without having to search for another album when the first one has stopped. I’m sure I’m just not pushing the right buttons.

    1. Hi, I’m still waiting for a reply about the how the music is played on my usb stick as I said the music is playing not in order of the albums but alphabetical how do I get the Touch and Go to play albums from start to finish and then continue to the next album without stopping.


      1. Hi Linda
        Sorry for the delay on this.
        Having spoken to technical they have advised it is not possible to play the albums in the order you have described. You will need to select what album you require next when you have finished listening to one.
        Best wishes

  195. Hi,

    I’m quite happy with our new Auris TS, but having a bit of a problem when trying to install apps. I follow all the steps (put USB-stick in car, download system info to it) but when I download for instance the Glass of Water app with the Toyota program, the program complains that there is not enough space available (there is affluent space on both the stick and the disk drive and the program has updated itself to its latest version).

    I have tried it with a small (2gb) and larger (8gb) USB-stick, formatted as FAT32 but NTFS doesn’t help either.

    Another problem: I while ago I installed the weather app in the car. It can successfully connect to my iPhone (via the private hotspot) but then an error message appears indicating that it cannot connect to the server. What to do about this?

    Any help would be appreciated,



    T&G+ 2.7.4. H

    1. since tool box updated having same issue as wopke,

      all worked well before tool box updated may be a coincidence.

      Does anyone actually provide any comments or solutions to this blog .

      1. Hi David,

        The issue also occurred when I first installed the software (about a month ago) before the update of the toolbox was released.

        But yes, it’s a shame this toyota blog is not monitored by someone from Toyota (especially since both the dealer and Dutch distributor are unable to help)



    2. Hi Wopke
      Thanks for your post. Sorry for the delay in replying.
      We had to check with technical and for ease have split your post into the two enquiries.

      I have tried it with a small (2gb) and larger (8gb) USB-stick, formatted as FAT32 but NTFS doesn’t help either.
      The only way we could reproduce this is if the application that you try to download is already on the system. Can you check that the application you are trying to download isn’t already on the Touch & Go?

      Another problem: I while ago I installed the weather app in the car. It can successfully connect to my iPhone (via the private hotspot) but then an error message appears indicating that it cannot connect to the server. What to do about this?
      Can you connect to the internet to do a Google search from your car? If you cannot then it may be that you need to check with your network provider that you have a tethering contract. It may also be worth double checking that your customer portal details are entered correctly into your Touch & Go.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi David,

        Thanks for your reply.

        With regards to the first issue (application cannot be installed on USB stick due to lack of disk space): I’m quite sure the app is not already installed on T&G. But when I attempt to re-download it, the toolbox says it has already been downloaded (it is probably in the toolbox’s cache on disk). When I re-download the app, the toolbox says it cannot install the app on the USB stick due to insufficient disk space, so how do I transfer it to the T&G?

        Ref. the second issue (no weather): With the T&G I can connect to the internet via tethering (“personal hotspot”) on my iPhone. I can thus use Google for looking up companies etc which are displayed with a little map on the T&G display. Neat. So the internet connection is OK.
        When I start the Weather app, it connects to my phone and then says “Service provider unavailable”. The type of service provider is not supplied in this message, but since the internet connection is working, I assume it’s not my ISP but the provider that provides the weather data. Is this or accuweather or? You suggested verifying my credentials on the T&G, but how do I do that and how can I correct them in case they’re invalid?


        1. Hi Wopke
          Thanks for further post.
          Am checking this now for you and will have a reply shortly. In the meantime can we ask where your nearest Toyota dealer is? If you prefer I would be happy to send this request to your email so you can reply directly to me.

          1. Hi David,

            Thanks for your quick reply. My Toyota dealer is:

            Automobielbedrijf Toonen Hilversum B.V.
            Franciscusweg 4c
            1216 SK Hilversum

            Of course you can email me.

            Thank you,

          2. Hi Wopke
            Thanks for post with dealer details.
            With regard to your query we have got the following further information from technical.
            With regards to the first issue (application cannot be installed on USB stick due to lack of disk space): I’m quite sure the app is not already installed on T&G. But when I attempt to re-download it, the toolbox says it has already been downloaded (it is probably in the toolbox’s cache on disk). When I re-download the app, the toolbox says it cannot install the app on the USB stick due to insufficient disk space, so how do I transfer it to the T&G?
            You need to get the information onto the stick to transfer it (although we suspect that your second issue may stop the application working) so all we can suggest at this stage is that you ensure you are using a normal USB stick (we suggest min 4GB) without any security, that is re-formatted to FAT 32 (it must be re-formatted not just deleted) before the fingerprint is taken from the car. You also need to download the file directly to the USB stick not to your PC to transfer. If you do this and it still won’t work we suggest that you delete and re-download the Toolbox. If this does not work then can you can try using another PC?

            Ref. your second issue (no weather): With the T&G I can connect to the internet via tethering (“personal hotspot”) on my iPhone. I can thus use Google for looking up companies etc which are displayed with a little map on the T&G display. Neat. So the internet connection is OK. When I start the Weather app, it connects to my phone and then says “Service provider unavailable”. The type of service provider is not supplied in this message, but since the internet connection is working, I assume it’s not my ISP but the provider that provides the weather data. Is this or accuweather or? You suggested verifying my credentials on the T&G, but how do I do that and how can I correct them in case they’re invalid?
            To check your account details on the Touch & Go you need to enter the “Setup” menu then “Bluetooth” then “Internet connection” then “Login data” the user name and password should be the same as on your customer portal account.
            Hope these help.

          3. Hi David,

            As per your advice, I re-installed the toolbox and was able to install the Glass of Water app on the T&G. Something odd happened though: after filling up the car (a rather unusual event), both the Weather and GoW app were gone from the Toyota online menu, I was unable to create a tethering connection to my phone and the nav system gave up the ghost (it kept on saying “loading maps”). After another stop however everything was fine again, so let’s blame this on a digital hick-up.

            But the weather app still doesn’t work (unable to connect to service provider). I double-checked my credentials, but to no avail.



            (2.8.4aH )

          4. Hi Wopke
            Thanks for reply.
            It may be that you might need your local dealer to have a quick look at this, based on your last comments our technical team have suggested that you try deleting the Bluetooth pairing from your Touch & Go and your phone and then pair this again. It may also be worth trying deleting and downloading the applications again.
            Hope this helps.

          5. “It may be that you might need your local dealer to have a quick look at this, based on your last comments our technical team have suggested that you try deleting the Bluetooth pairing from your Touch & Go and your phone and then pair this again. It may also be worth trying deleting and downloading the applications again.
            Hope this helps.”

            Well, not really 😉 Whenever a helpdesk suggests the ‘re’ word (as in reconnect, reinstall, rewhatever), help is most probably not under way. I have reconnected the phone today and reinstalled the foolbox last weekend (which incidentally reinstalled the maps – bye bye to next year’s free upgrade) and would be happier if we would be able to analyse the problem.
            So with regards to the weather app: Apparently its data is being fetched from the site. Since I am able to establish an internet connection from the T&G via my iPhone to TomTom and Google, I think the Internet connection is alright. T&G displays a list of suggestions and a map as well, hence the internet connection is not at fault.

            So apparently there is something wrong with the connection to the weather service. Being sure my credentials are checked, doublechecked and even rechecked and assuming the weather app connects to through some kind of SOAP or REST service, can you please verify whether a request for data has been received from my UID in the log files (f&j)?
            Thanks for being so patient 😉

          6. Hi Wopke
            Thanks for your post.
            We are always happy to help try and resolve a problem however but on speaking with our technical team we believe the best option here now would be to arrange to pop along to your local dealer in Holland to help check this for you. Our previous suggestion was to try deleting and re-installing the weather application but it sounds as though you have already taken this course of action.
            Please let us know how you get on.

          7. Hi David,

            Thanks for your reply. I contacted my local Toyota dealer. The person most knowledgable about T&G is a sales person who I will see next Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

            Best regards,

          8. Today was the big day! Both you and the Dutch distributor suggested I contact my dealership to solve this problem. The person most knowledgable about T&G was present at my dealership today. Unfortunately he is a salesperson so we had to come back a second time and wait for over half an hour before he had time to help us (I guess people who might buy a car are more interesting than the ones having done so already). He came to the same conclusion as I did some time ago: the internet connection is OK, but the connection to the weather service fails. He surprisingly suggested re-installing the app (there’s the R-word again; apparently Toyota employees do not have a lot of faith in the integrity of their software) because the installation file may have been corrupt. I told him this was unlikely as Toyota cleverly installs MD5 checksum files with the installation package to verify whether its contents have been copied alright. Anyway I did delete the app once more and went through the fingerprint+toolbox+install thing again and guess what? I get exactly the same error message! (“Unable to connect to service provider, check your internet connection”). As I predicted, the dealer had no other suggestions (except to contact Toyota NL who pillarposted me to the dealer in the first place), so I’m back at square one…. Isn’t there some sort of helpdesk where I can submit a ticket?

          9. Hi Wopke
            Thanks for your post and sorry to hear the details on this.
            Like Toyota NL we are responsible for issues which arise in our country and to help bring these to a resolution. Our recommendation would have to be now that the dealer contacts Toyota NL again in relation to this matter and help advise you further.

          10. After one month still no reply from my dealership about the non-working Weather app. Contacted them and they merely acknowledged the problem. Contacted Toyota NL: “Yes, we know our website states your phone is compatible with T&G but unfortunately we can not and will not solve your problem, goodbye!”. Welcome to The Toyota Way….

  196. Hi have auris hsd with touch and go plus in 12 plate.

    All works well except iPod with stutters or jumps occasionally tried various iPods. Was it seems a problem a while back but all gone quiet. Have 7.4.2 h version.

    All else works very well. iPod is annoying plays for hours sometimes then jumps stutters skips , is not the tracks or iPod that is faulty. Seems like maybe a buffering issue or something any advice comments please.

    1. Hi David
      Thanks for post. Sorry for the delay in replying on this.
      Having checked with our technical team they are aware of two issues which can cause this. One is due to an iPod firmware issue with fifth generation iPod classic and first generation iPod nano. The second is down to USB lead quality issues.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi David thanks for the comments re ipod classic 5th generation and 1st generation nano firmware issues.

        I have a 5th Generation Classic which i purchased from my nephew, money wasted! the problem has got much worse since updated firmware to latest on my touch and go plus.

        I am using an Apple connect lead,

        which ipod works the best and which leads do Toyota recommend.

        The Touch and GO when set up and working is fantastic, however you have to be pretty patient and tech savy to get it working, the dealers dont seem to have a clue.

        Why dont sales people have the compatibility information , lead specs etc.

        It is also a pity the Tool Box does not work with apple computers when the ipod is the best music source when working .

        Advice re leads and ipod would be appreciated thanks


        PS was having many of the same issues as Wokpe . Cleared more hard disc space on my rather old pc and reformatted my usb stick took a new finger print and it allowed me to update.

        1. Hello David
          Thanks for post with further information.
          Have rechecked this for you and it is only the two products which we previously mentioned that were known to cause the issues you have described. We have certainly experienced no problems when using an Apple connect lead so we would point at the phone.
          We do try and ensure all our sales staff are up to speed in relation to Touch & Go and do work closely with our network to make sure they are provided with the latest information. I will also pass on your comments regarding Tool Box. Thanks also for your feedback about clearing disc space.
          Best wishes

  197. Hi…note a query about the T&G automatically playing music from the connected USB every time the car is started. I found if I re-formatted(not quick format) the USB stick on a Windows 7 PC , left all the settings to default it removed this auto start and the system was more stable.
    Note sure if owners are meant to respond to this type of query or should it be left to Toyota staff…happy for some direction

    1. Hello Geoff
      We are more than happy if owners wish to comment on other posts if it helps to resolve a query so thank you for this.
      Best wishes

  198. Hi I’ve had my avevsis for a year now and wen I try to use my usb some song won’t work it just skips to some songs which will play others it’s skips please tell me why this is happening? And how do I fix it
    Thanks ishy

    1. Hello Ishy
      Thanks for your post. Sorry for the delay in replying.
      Having checked with our technical team they suspect that the songs you have issues with may be in a format that isn’t compatible with the system. You will need to check the tracks are compatible with the specifications in the Audio system operation section of your owners manual.
      Hope this helps.