Pricing announced for new 2021 Toyota Hilux

Prices have been announced for the new 2021 Toyota Hilux, with on-the-road costs ranging from £26,895 for the entry-level Active Single Cab to £40,475 for the range-topping Invincible X edition.

The full breakdown of prices and specs are shown in the table below. Invincible and Invincible X models have been available to pre-order since 1 September, while Active and Icon derivatives are available to order from 5 October through Toyota retailers.

New Toyota Hilux: prices

Active  Single Cab  2.4D  Six-speed manual  £26,895  £22,466 
Active  Extra Cab  2.4D  Six-speed manual  £28,395  £23,716 
Active  Double Cab  2.4D  Six-speed manual  £29,145  £24,341 
Icon  Double Cab  2.4D  Six-speed manual  £31,795  £26,549 
Icon  Double Cab  2.4D  Six-speed automatic  £33,295  £27,799 
Invincible  Double Cab  2.4D  Six-speed manual  £34,925  £29,158 
Invincible  Double Cab  2.4D  Six-speed automatic  £36,425  £30,408 
Invincible  Double Cab  2.8D  Six-speed manual  £35,400  £29,553 
Invincible  Double Cab  2.8D  Six-speed automatic  £36,900  £30,803 
Invincible X  Double Cab  2.8D  Six-speed manual  £38,975  £32,533 
Invincible X  Double Cab  2.8D  Six-speed automatic  £40,475  £33,783 

Since its launch in 1968, the famously unstoppable Toyota Hilux has proved its toughness time and again, from conquering volcanoes and both poles to winning the gruelling Dakar Rally.

Now the revised eighth-generation model presents a stronger proposition than ever thanks to a striking new design for the 2021 model year, the option of a powerful 2.8-litre powertrain, and equipment upgrades that will increase its appeal for business and leisure users.

New Toyota Hilux: design

The frontal design has been completely reworked to incorporate a powerful, three-dimensional treatment across the grille and bumper. It is a change that increases the vehicle’s road presence and reinforces its robust, go-anywhere credentials.

Depending on model grade, new front and rear LED light units are available, plus 18-inch black alloy wheels with a contrasting machined silver face. A striking new Titan Bronze metallic body colour (seen in these images) has also been added to the Hilux palette.

The upgraded cabin features a redesigned combination meter in the instrument cluster and a centrally mounted eight-inch multimedia screen. The latter now uses buttons and dial controls for improved functionality in all driving conditions, while the software is faster to improve responsiveness. Smartphone connectivity is provided through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Top quality features include smart entry and push-button start, satellite navigation, automatic air conditioning, front and rear parking sensors, and a nine-speaker JBL premium sound system with an 800W eight-channel amplifier and Clari-Fi technology for improving the reproduction quality of digital music files.

New Toyota Hilux: powertrains

The existing 148bhp 2.4-litre powertrain has now been joined by a more powerful 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine, which will ensure the pick-up stays on the performance pace within its segment. This powertrain will be available with a choice of either six-speed manual or automatic transmission, and all UK versions will have all-wheel drive.

Provisional figures for this engine reveal a 201bhp output and 500Nm of torque, enough to despatch the dash to 62mph in ten seconds – approximately 3.2 seconds faster than the current 2.4-litre unit. Combined cycle fuel economy is predicted to be around 36.3mpg with CO2 emissions of 204g/km. All figures are subject to change, pending final homologation.

New Toyota Hilux: driving dynamics

Engineers focused on improving the model’s on-road prowess, without sacrificing any of its legendary off-road capabilities.

Regarding the former, comfort and driveability have been enhanced through improvements to the suspension and power steering. The front and rear shock absorbers have been retuned, and there is an improved leaf spring design with new bushing. These contribute to a smoother ride with less shock when driving over joints and holes in the road surface.

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to note that Hilux has retained its sturdy body-on-frame construction, a design that is hard-wearing and better able to withstand the torsional forces encountered in extreme driving conditions. Accelerator response has been tuned for greater driver control, and the vehicle stability control has been updated to include a new tyre angle monitor.

Where practicality is concerned, the one-tonne payload and 3.5-tonne towing capacity are delivered across all three body types: Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab.

New Toyota Hilux Invincible X

The range-topping Hilux Invincible X Double Cab (seen in these images) is distinguished by exclusive exterior styling details, including bespoke grille and front bumper, skid plate, arch extensions, door handle and tailgate designs.

The Invincible X also comes with its own combination meter design, black metallic and dark chrome trim accents within the interior, and even a model-specific key. Blue illumination is integrated into the door trims and the perforated leather seat upholstery features a two-tone treatment.

New Toyota Hilux: Active and Icon grades

Active: Active grade models now feature Toyota Safety Sense 2 as standard, while the fuel efficiency of Extra Cab and Double Cab models is boosted with the addition of stop/start technology. Further standard features on all Active models include air conditioning, radio and CD player, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, auto headlights and a rear differential lock.Icon: Icon grade models are only available in Double Cab form, and include power folding door mirrors, reversing camera, privacy glass, LED front fog lamps and side steps. Further practical features include new 17-inch alloy wheels and an automatic limited-slip differential to improve low-grip driving in two-wheel drive mode. New interior features include smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, coupled with the new eight-inch multimedia touchscreen.

New Toyota Hilux: accessories

Customers can choose from a wide range of accessories to personalise their Hilux and equip it to suit their specific work or leisure requirements. Items include a range of bed liners, hard tops, roll covers and sport bars.

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  1. Hi I absolutely love my 3.0 2012 Hilux Invincible and have been holding out for the new 2.8 for a couple of years, glad it’s here in the UK at last. I also have a 2015 Land Cruiser Icon. Both are fully Jemca Toyota maintained. Unfortunately the air con on the Land Cruiser broke down and due to a huge fiasco where I called into Assurant the Toyota Warranty Provider (post workshop diagnostic) and asked questions about how the warranty works they somehow logged the fault on my vehicle before Jemca submitted it and they’ve rejected my claim. I hope someone from Toyota GB cares enough to contact me to sort this out and not pass me in a loop back to Assurant again. I’m planning on contacting Mr Van Der Burgh about the forth coming legal action and considering moving to a Ford Ranger or two before going to the news papers about how I’ve been utterly let down by a manufacturer I loved so much I bought two models from at the same time…

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re really sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your experience at one of our centres.
      We can see that you have a case open with our Customer Relations team, and we’ve passed on your latest messages to them.
      We hope that this issue gets resolved as soon as possible.

  2. Ive had a Hilux since 2009 and she has never let me down after years of heavy work and towing, like this new model but will be sad to see my old model go but cant wait!
    D-max isnt in the same league period

      1. Can you tell me if the auto box on the new 2.8 one is the same as the auto on the current 2.4? I have a 2.4 manual invincible just now and I am going to get the 2.8 one as soon as it’s released but any reviews I have read on the auto box say it holds onto gears a bit too long for some people. Just wondering it the 2.8 auto will be the same box programmed the same way. Thanks. PS it’s really nice to see Toyota actually replying to people and giving any info that they can it’s appreciated

        1. Hi Barry,
          Thanks for getting in touch. We’re so glad to hear that you’re considering the new 2.8 Hilux!
          The two will have the same gearbox, but, as they have different torque figures and outputs, these will be calibrated differently.
          We would recommend having a test drive to make sure that the vehicle suits your needs and to experience this for yourself.
          To stay up to date with all of the latest Hilux news, you can register for updates, here:

          1. Hi Michael,
            Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear that you’re interested in the new Hilux!
            Pre-sales reservations will open from 1 September, with the start of sales to begin in November.
            For more information, we would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels.
            You can also sign up for the latest news regarding the new Hilux, here:

  3. Just wondering what are the spec differences between invincible and invincible X, is it mainly exterior styling or are there differences in equipment too?
    Thank you

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The differences are mainly cosmetic, but there are some equipment differences too.
      The Invincible X gets a power-height-adjustable, power-sliding and power-reclining driver’s seat, whereas the Invincible gets manual adjustable seats.
      The Invincible X also gets a nine speaker JBL Premium Sound System, whereas the Invincible gets a regular six speaker system.

  4. Hi I think the new Hilux looks impressive. Is the drive system switchable or constant 4wheel drive? Does it have centre and rear diff locks similar to those on L/cruiser Amazon? Been driving Landcruisers now for 24 years from the Fj- 80 to the 100 series.

    1. Hi Pete,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re thrilled that you love the look of the new Hilux!
      It runs in 2WD by default, through the rear wheels. Of course, it can be switched to 4WD and has centre and rear diff locks.

        1. Hi Pete,
          Thanks for getting in touch.
          We currently don’t have any information on this, but we would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels for the latest news.
          Regarding the Hilux, you can sign up here for the latest updates:

  5. Looks like it needs spacers to bring the wheels to the outside of the arch flares. Also smaller wheels running larger AT tyres. Otherwise it is it looks like a rollerskate!

    There’s hardly any clearance on the current model to allow for fitting good AT tyres – will there be increased clearance on the new model?

  6. i would like a option for seat coverings an the active grade not just pvc
    it may be ok for easy cleaning and to keep big companies happy with dust regs
    but to drive long trips on a pvc seat is not good or healthy
    my 67 extra cab has cloth seats but now only pvc on the 2020 active grade this is stoping me buying one

    1. Hi Bradwell,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Further spec details for the new Hilux are to be released nearer to the on-sale date, so we would recommend keeping an eye on our blog and social channels for the latest news.
      You can also sign up for updates, here:

  7. Are we getting blind spot monitor this time around, or even 360 degree camera? I’m sure the new Isuza D-Max is getting blind spot monitor as standard.

    1. Hi TOTOUK,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Further specification details and full pricing will be available nearer the time of the on-sale date, which will be in November.

  8. I was pleased to hear you was bringing out a 2.8ltr then found out that it will not be available in single or extra cabs. In my opinion it’s the single and extra that are mostly used for work and need the bigger engine.

    Is this something you will bring out at a later date or will it only be the invincible?

    I recently bought a new extra cab in January and find it A bit underpowered and reverse is geared way too high. If it was available in the extra cab I would pre order it now.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The new 2.8-litre engine will be standard on Invincible X grade and an option on Invincible. The remaining Hilux models will continue to use the 2.4-litre powertrain.
      The Invincible models are both Double cab only.
      We’re always looking to improve our product offering and will pass your feedback onto our wider product team.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend contacting the Toyota centre at which you placed your order to discuss this as they are best placed to advise you further.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment and your patience.
      Whilst Euro 7 has been mentioned by the European Commission, there is currently no date for this to be put into place.
      Toyota are dedicated to reducing emissions from our vehicles, and we can confirm that the 2.8-litre engine is fully Euro 6 compliant.

  9. I have to agree with Angus on the massive INVINCIBLE lettering, if that is what is intended. I am sure many serious prospective business buyers wont want that, particularly when using in a customer environment. Please tell Toyota management to resist this, make it a no cost option but dont make it mandatory!!

  10. Will there be a pre launch dealership event at local dealers so that we can get a closer look before ordering?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment and your interest in the new Hilux.
      We don’t have any information currently on a national tour for the new Hilux, but your nearest Toyota Centre may have something planned.
      Therefore, we would recommend getting in touch with them.
      You can find their details, here:
      You can also register interest in the new Hilux and receive updates by signing up, here:

  11. Will having ‘Invincible’ written in 1ft high letters across the tail gate be optional? It’s about the only thing putting me off this lovely truck and colour!

  12. Im starting to look at changing my icon for a new model i have had a chat to my local dealer. One problem is the 18″ wheels, we need to run bfg AT which are on our icon on 17″ rims. This is really important as we use it everyday off road and tow 50% of the time. the dealer said it would have to be sorted by toyota. please can you advise,dont just say wait and see. Many thanks Jon Kendall

  13. Whichever Goonie decided not to release with the 2.8l has cost Toyota a lot of market share in the UK, shame to see.

  14. will my ifor canopy from my 2017 hilux fit the new one,and can you turn the head lights off on the new one

  15. Better late than never, would have saved a lot of il feeling ,disappointment and lost sales if the 2.8 had been available at the start like the rest of the world ……

      1. Hi I am so disappointed, I am in the next or two taking delivery of my new 2.4ltr Invincible. When was this decision made, had I known I would have definitely gone for the 2.8. So sad.

        1. Hi Tony,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us.
          The 2.8 litre Hilux was revealed on 4th June, and it will not be on sale until November.
          We’re sorry that this hasn’t worked out for you this time, but we hope you’ll enjoy your 2.4 litre Invincible just as much.

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