iQ – first drives

Earlier in the month we wrote about iQ’s Milanese press launch.

A couple of weeks on, we’re starting to see ‘first drive’ reviews appearing, and the reaction’s been rather good.

Channel 4 iQ reviewChannel 4 talked of iQ’s ‘packaging genius’ and its ‘astonishing’ attention to detail, noting that a 99g/km CO2 rating exempted it from road tax.

Writing in Automobile magazine, Georg Kacher made friends with what he called a ‘city car on steroids’, enjoying its planted stance.

Auto Express was impressed with iQ’s performance and – like Kacher – remarked on the handling’s lack of bounce.

Autocar’s Will Powell confessed to really liking iQ, reflecting that “other manufacturers seem to be falling over themselves to launch something similar”.

Honest John seems to be a fan, and in Ireland, the Independent called iQ a design and engineering marvel.

We’re not arguing.

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