iQ gets new 1.33VVTi engine, six-speed gearbox and iQ3 grade

iQ was launched with a 1.0 litre engine that, as we discovered during our test drive, is more than capable of keeping up with motorway traffic.

But from July, the iQ range is to get a second choice of power plant: a 1.33-litre dual VVTi petrol engine.

The new engine is exclusive to a new grade of iQ – the iQ3.

It’s got a six-speed gearbox as standard, and Start & Stop technology that makes sure that the engine stops when you do – and that it springs back into life the instant you’re ready to move off again.

We’ll know more details about the car nearer the new engine’s launch, but we can reveal that the range-topping iQ’s power rises to 98bhp, while torque reaches 125Nm.

Thanks to Start & Stop and the efficiency of Toyota Optimal Drive, combined cycle fuel economy will be an impressive 58.9mpg. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are just 113g/km – resulting in band B road tax of £35 a year.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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  1. Do not see the point in a Diesel in this model, my guess is they will be used as second cars or just town cars for shopping, unlikely to do more than 3-5K a year. I would not want to use this for more than that. If I am right the economy will not be there. I am not convinced of manufacturers figures anyhow, mentally I take 10mpg off at least

  2. Hi

    I drive an IQ 1.33 and it is dreadfully slow….the extra weight makes it (feel) slower than the 1.0…no torque at low end (which it should have as a town car)…just totally flat

    Economy is not great either…42mpg, not bad, but not that great either

    1. hi
      here again this time to report that we are all going to be RECALLED, this time for a power steer issue
      Watch this space

      1. Hi Keith,

        On the 4th November Toyota (GB) PLC announced a voluntary recall campaign on iQ vehicles built between 11th September 2008 and 22nd October 2010. This is to carry out a modification to the software used to manage the vehicle’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) system. Please click here for full details. If you are concerned about your iQ, please contact your local Toyota Centre or ring Toyota Customer Relations on 0844 701 6202.

  3. Have bought IQ3 fully loaded and it knocks spots of the others
    if you need only two seats..and space in the rear…take it from me i have researched the alteratives and there isn’t one …if you are to pay the premium IQ3 has all that other micro cars have…but at a cost
    u takes your pick

    1. since my last posting my IQ3 has developed a knocking on the front suspension
      am told by the competent technician at my toyota dealer that it is common on the 1.3 versions
      has anyone else reported it?…..sound like a strut valve or bush particularly noticeable at low speeds when tyre roar isn’t a factor
      would value any oppinions

  4. I changed my Rav4 for the iQ3 at first everybody thought I was made, but they have had to eat their words, the iQ3 suits my life style perfect and saves me approx £50 to £60 a mouth, not a family car but idle for singles or couples and room for the dog, I am 64 and love my car and I feel safe on any roads.

    1. Really dissapointed with my IQ3 and would not recommend it – fabulous little car,lots of quirky features, however gettting into second gear is almost proving impossible, and it is as flat as can be – not what I was lead to beleieve, especially as the one I had a test drive in was reasonably nippy – also getting average of 44 miles to the gallon.
      Anybody else out there with similar issues?

      1. hey sharon, i went for test drive with iq, but both my parents and friends keep telling me that its engine must be so slow, and at least i should try something with a bit more power, so i was thinking of ordering iq3. that thing with the gearing you said…
        when i went for a testdrive with iq1, the second gearing was kind of hard to ‘put it’, but i quess that the problem would just ‘go away’ with the time..
        now i am kind of woried. anyone else then?

  5. Hi – sorry for the slow reply. The last I heard was that the diesel iQ isn’t going on sale in Europe, but I will check this and let you know.

  6. It would appear that you can order and IQ3 now, but will have to wait a month or so before you take delivery.

    Ideally want the d-4d and to use the scrappage scheme, but no one seems to know if or when it will come to the UK

  7. I have also done some research and found the D4D available in Europe. Will it be launched here and when exactly is the iQ3 due to be available. I am in the process of ordering an iQ2 multidrive and have paid a 500 pound deposit to order the car. I would much rather like to order the iQ3 multidrive. I will withhold my order till I know when it is available. The other factor that has really been annoying for me is that the car you have been using for your advertising material has the alloys on that I much prefer yet I am unable to obtain them from your dealers. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Darryl.

  8. Do you know when this will hit the streets?

    Also, I see that in europe there is an IQ turbo diesel .. is that coming too?

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