iQ makes year-end lists

2008 is down, but not out, and we have just a little longer to wait for iQ’s UK launch. Meanwhile, various bloggers and journalists are turning out ‘best of 2008’ lists, and iQ’s a fairly frequent feature. One NowPublic contributor has come up with a list of 10 cute little cars. iQ also features in […]

Merry Christmas To You

As is customary at the festive time of year, we would like to extend season’s greetings and wish a happy new year to all readers of our blog. It’s shaping up to be an exciting 09 for iQ and we look forward to bringing you all the latest news and info about the car. So […]

iQ on the ball

We’re still enjoying the series of shorts produced to promote iQ. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about them yet. They’ve been produced, we think, for the New Way iQ campaign in Japan. Beyond that we’re in the dark, but, buoyed up by our recent success in tracking down the team behind the CGI iQ film, […]

Behind the iQ film

We’re rather taken with the widescreen, computer-generated film that you see on the iQ homepage. So we decided to find out a little more about it, where it’s set and what it means. We spoke to the team behind its production at German 3D-house RTT. Its producer, Bea, explained that the whole process – from […]

iQ shortlisted for World Green Car of the Year

In its short career to date, iQ’s won an overall award, a consumer award, a design award, and most recently Top Gear’s small car award. Now it’s up for possibly the biggest yet, having been announced as a contender for the World Green Car of the Year 2009. It’s up against some stiff competition, from […]

iQ – a safe pair of hands

You may have read that iQ has been designed with the aim of achieving five stars in the Euro NCAP adult occupant tests. All models also have a standard alarm and immobiliser, although this is a fairly novel use for it: iQ – safety screensaver from isnie zot on Vimeo. You can download the screensaver […]

iQ nets first UK award – from Top Gear

In Japan, iQ’s won the Good Design Grand Award, Car of the Year, and most recently Consumer Choice of the Year. We’re happy to report that it’s kicked off its UK plaudits with a biggie: Top Gear’s Small Car award for 2008. You’ll have to buy issue 186 of Top Gear magazine for the full […]

SOMARTA iQ Microcosm – in pictures

We’ve been sent some pictures of the SOMARTA iQ Microcosm. Of course, it’s not the first time the fashion and car worlds have met – Fiat’s partnership with Diesel on the 500 is one recent example. But with 10,000 of those and just one Microcosm, iQ’s just a little more exclusive. IMAGES courtesy of SOMARTA […]

The J-Factor

What Japanese Design icons automatically spring to mind? Perhaps the 1998 Sony Vaio Laptop. No wait…maybe the 1999 700 series Shinkansen Bullet Train? With such a rich heritage of making beautiful objects it is a tough challenge to prĂ©cis the cream of Japanese design. Fortunately those cultural arbiters at TIME magazine have done it for […]

Just in: translation

Sadly, it turns out that we jumped the gun slightly in Monday’s post, and fashionistas won’t be enjoying iQ clothes from SOMARTA just yet. We set our Japanese contacts to work on translating SOMARTA’s press release. It reads something like this: Toyota’s micro premium car, iQ, and SOMARTA have launched a collaboration art exhibition! Toyota […]

iQ on Wallpaper

iQ’s not short of good reviews, but we’re pleased to see that interest isn’t just limited to the motoring press. For Wallpaper, Jonathan Bell wrote up his experience of iQ and its Milan press launch. Reflecting on iQ’s form he wrote: As a piece of design the iQ is far more coherent than, say, a […]

iQ – inspired by nature

Stimulated by an interesting post about Biomimicry on sustainable design blog Inhabitat, we thought it was time to reflect on the design philosophy behind iQ. Biomimicry is a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The core idea is that nature, imaginative by necessity and with 3.8 billion years […]