Auris Hybrid press launch: your questions answered (part 1)

Our hilly ascent was almost as steep as our learning curve as we got to grips with Auris Hybrid on Barcelona’s mountain roads on Tuesday, while yesterday’s cross-city drive was the ultimate fuel economy test, but it all seems like a long time ago now – we’re back from the Auris Hybrid press launch and have been hard at work answering all of your burning questions.

Auris Hybrid press launch: second thoughts

The question is: did we manage it? Those of you who followed our progress yesterday will know exactly what I mean. Melissa and I thought we had set the bar pretty high. After all, averaging nearly 66mpg over 105 miles of challenging roads is not usually very easy. Except, this time it was. Almost too easy. Would day two of the press launch deliver the same – or perhaps even better – level of fuel economy, or had we peaked too early?

Auris Hybrid press launch: first impressions

What a difference a day makes. Auris Hybrid is here, Okay, so by here I mean, Barcelona. But we’re here, too. Melissa and I have flown to Spain’s second largest city to drive one of the first British-built Auris Hybrids. One test route and 105 miles later, we’ve already learnt a lot. And it’s only day one…

Auris Hybrid press launch: we’re off!

This is it. Months of speculation are about to come to an end. We’ve seen the concepts, attended the conventions and registered our interest. We definitely have a few questions. And now we’re getting behind the wheel of the new Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive for the first time. We’re ready to find out what the world’s most advanced compact hatchback is really like. It’s time for some answers…

Auris Hybrid press launch: we need you!

We were lucky enough to see the new Auris Hybrid for real at the Geneva motor show. Now, we’re going one better – we’re packing our bucket and spade (okay, camera and laptop) and heading off to the official press launch in Barcelona from 18-19 May…

Talking to us

We’re pleased to see so many people using the Today/Tomorrow blog to talk about their Toyota ownership experience. We’ve noticed that some of you have specific concerns that need addressing. In order to help us do this as effectively as possible, we’ve added a new Contact Toyota section to our site. This will help you find the right place to deal with any concerns that you may have.

Toyota Hilux conquers the Eyjafjallajökull volcano

These amazing pictures were taken just hours before the volcanic eruption that stunned the world – and brought European air travel to a complete halt! Scientists tracking Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano used a modified Toyota Hilux to set up monitoring equipment as the volcano prepared to fill the skies with ash at 30,000 feet…

Auris Hybrid – have you signed up at

Toyota’s new hybrid star isn’t quite in Centre showrooms yet, but it’s already live on One click and you’ll find out the latest information about Auris Hybrid, discover more about the technology behind Hybrid Synergy Drive and have access to a brand new picture gallery.

Aygo: Black is back

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of small cars here on the blog – the iQ has long been our favourite. But it’s not the only small Toyota that catches our eye. We love the Aygo too! Choosing between them is like asking a parent to chose between their children… And now, the choice just got even harder.