Launch control – iQ hits UK roads

The wait is over – today sees the first iQs take to the UK’s (frozen) roads.

It’s early days, so it may be a while before you see one, but we’ve come up with five top tips for iQ spotters:

• Head for the city – iQ’s at home almost anywhere, but it’s made for the city. Expect to see plenty in London and other big towns.
• Set a trap – at less than three metres long, iQ’s short enough to fit sideways into bigger parking spaces. Arrange a crafty obstruction to increase your chances of catching one.
• Don’t keep watch at fuel stations – iQs with a manual gearbox turn in a miserly 65mpg, giving them a 462-mile range between fill-ups.
• Head to your nearest Toyota Dealer – which should have an iQ no later than the end of this week.
• Keep checking back: we’ll be test driving iQ soon.

IMAGE by Flickr user parisinita

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  1. Hi Mike, we’ve heard back from our technical contacts who’ve provided the following reason for the difference in the mpg and emissions figures:

    The 1NZ-FXE engine in the Prius uses the atkinson combustion cycle instead of the otto cycle used in the IQ. In the Prius it is possible to operate the atkinson cycle to improve the thermal efficiency and reduce pumping loss to improve the emission performance of the engine. The down side of the atkinson cycle is that the power output of the engine is reduced and as a result it is not suitable for use in a motor vehicle unless, as in the case of the Prius, it is combined drive train that allows the engine to be used as a power generator.

    In short the relationship between emissions and fuel consumption is different between the engines due to the different combustion cycles used.


    I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. We’re not sure if fuel economy and CO2 figures are exactly related, but it’s a good point. We’ll check and come back to you!

  3. I’m a Prius driver, and have no intention of changing, but it’s good that smaller cars are coming out with good fuel economy.

    However, I think you’ve made a mistake in your numbers. The iQ’s declared CO2 figure is 5% less than the Prius but you’ve announced the same combined fuel consumption figure. The iQ’s individual urban and extra-urban numbers are higher than the equivalent Prius numbers. If the 5% CO2 difference is reflected in the fuel economy, the combined number should probably be 69.0mpg or 4.1 L/100km.

  4. Its a sign, just got back from a 11 month internship in the USA, need a new car and I love this – gonna head to my nearest dealer tomorrow and try get a test drive.
    Good luck toyota – awesome car

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