Earlier in the week we’d started to see iQ cropping up on a number of year-end lists. There’s always a rash of these as one year makes way for another, and we’re seeing plenty more as 2009 gets underway.

The Sun, which says that superminis and city cars will be a hit this year, tips iQ as “motoring’s newest cult car”.

Richard Hammond’s looking forward to driving iQ, tipping it as possibly “the talked about car of the year” in this Mirror blog entry. In fact, it’s one of his tips in the paper’s more general 2009 preview, where he cites it as an example of the “cracking credit-crunch-beating cars” due this year.

And iQ makes the list on Subcompact Culture, too, although the blog’s authors don’t realise the car is already on sale outside of the USA.

Finally, iQ gets a glowing review on, where Tom Stewart explains that it “most emphatically isn’t another noisy, bouncy, underpowered and ill-equipped city car “. He picks up on its fuel economy and low emissions too:

“This isn’t some pared-to-the-bone runaround for people who can’t afford a proper car. Instead it’s a stylish urban machine with many big car features, but not big car running costs.”

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  1. The toyota website for the UK shows 3 colours- black, white or purple.
    Some of these press reports say only 2 colours for the UK –
    (Black or White).
    Which is correct?

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