New grade and new options for 2014 Auris range

The Toyota Auris hatchback and Touring Sports wagon ranges are to gain a new Icon Plus grade, and will benefit from a raft of equipment updates, when the 2014 model goes on sale in June, priced from £14,945.

Available to order now, the new Icon Plus grade sits above the existing Auris Icon and starts at £18,445 for the 1.33 petrol hatchback. It adds new-design 16-inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and folding door mirrors. A new metallic paint finish, ‘Tungsten Blue’, will also be offered.

Inside, Icon Plus models boast heated sports front seats with electric lumbar support control, and, on petrol and hybrid models, cruise control. Toyota Touch 2 with Go features as standard, and is equipped with a 6.1-inch touchscreen display, reversing camera, bluetooth and iPod connectivity, full navigation, and Google Street View™. The system is also the first of its kind to feature Panoramio™, which provides imagery of the vehicle’s location or a chosen location to help pinpoint and recognize destinations. Icon Plus grade will be available on petrol, diesel, and hybrid versions of Auris and Auris Touring Sports.

Customers looking to put their personal stamp on an Auris will be pleased to know that the options list has been revised in light of the introduction of the Icon Plus grade, and a whole host of accessories are also available.

A panoramic roof is available for Icon Plus and range-topping Excel models, while leather upholstery is available as on option on Icon, Icon Plus and Excel grades. For an extra dose of luxury, a full black leather interior with white or blue contrast stitching is available as an accessory.

For those looking to keep their Auris showroom fresh, a Parking Pack is available on Icon and Icon Plus models, and provides body-coloured front and rear parking sensors, which can be switched off when desired. Meanwhile, the Protection Pack adds front and rear mud flaps, scuff plate, a boot liner and a bumper protection plate. It is available on all grades except Active.

Finally, to add an extra splash of style, a Chrome Pack is available and adds chrome side sills and boot trim. There are also four custom alloy wheel styles to choose from.

The 2014 Auris range is available to order now with customer deliveries in June. Further information on the entire Auris range is available on the designated section of the Toyota UK website.

By Eliott Farr

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  1. Just taken delivery of a Auris Touring hybrid with leather seats which incorporate blue stitching. The leather panel on the dash has white stitching. Should this not be blue?

    1. Hi Rob
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      We did just need to double check this with our product team who have confirmed that we do have two colours of stitching in the Auris Touring Sports. The cars are manufactured with white stitching on the dashboard as a neutral colour to reflect different types of interior however we do take on board your comments about the contrast with the leather seats. We do regularly review our product specification and we will take this into account during future product reviews. Hope that this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other queries.

  2. will the automatic high beam AHB be available on 2015 Auris models? My wife has a disability, and it would be a boon to have this.

    1. Hello Jon
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying due to a Blog redesign.
      We do not have any news unfortunately regarding the specification of future product but we do recommend you stay tuned to our Blog for the latest news though. Sorry that we do not have any info at this stage but thank you for your interest in the Toyota Auris.

  3. Hi!
    Is the Automatic High Beam (AHB) feature available for the Auris Hybrid Excel 2014? It doesn’t seem to work on mine…
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Carmine
      Thanks for your post.
      We have checked this with the product team and Auto High Beam is not available for the Auris model.
      Hope this helps clarify.

      1. Hmmm… why is it in the owner’s manual, then? There’s a whole chapter on it, starting at page 322.


        1. Hello Carmine
          Thanks for your post.
          We are sorry for any confusion caused here. The reason for this is because the handbook will show features such as the Automatic High Beam that are applicable in other markets but may not be available in ours. To explain further, we have to decide what are the best and most popular features to put on a car that will suit our market and meeting all requirements is not so easy. However we can change specification during the life cycle of a car so we do value feedback such as this to pass back to our product team.
          We hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions.

          1. Thanks for your reply, David. I’m still a bit confused, though… the one I was given with the car is the UK version of the Auris Owner’s Manual. So why does it include features not available in the UK market and available elsewhere?

          2. Hello Carmine
            Thanks for your reply and happy to help.
            The reason why a feature will show that will not apply to us is basically down to the number of cars built and the markets in which it is sold. Perhaps a better way I could have explained it would be to say that the handbook will produced to include all features that could potentially be included in the Auris from the factory. This is because the car is sold in more than 30 European countries each of which could take a specification that could differ to our own. The handbook therefore includes most features so that it is applicable regardless of the country in which it is sold. We do accept that this can cause some confusion but we are always happy to help advise should any owner have a question or query related to the specification of their car.
            Hope this helps a bit more but please let us know if you do have further questions.

  4. Have been driving a brand new toyota auris for 3 months but this evening am unable to open the boot. It keeps locking automatically. Any ideas how to fix this? Am rather irritated – so much for most reliable car!

    1. Hello Catherine
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the boot of your new Auris and we did speak to our technical team about this.
      They have recommended that you stop by your local Toyota dealer who will be able to have a look at this and help advise you further.

  5. “The system is also the first of its kind to feature Panoramio™”

    Users of the Panoramio website have been informed that it is to be phased out by Google and replaced by Google Maps. Will this affect the Auris? (Note – there is a petition circulating amongst users against the change)

    1. Hi Colin
      Thanks for your post.
      Just so you are aware, we are needing to check this further with our European office and will let you know as soon as we have received a reply.

    1. Hi Bryan. The tyre pressure monitoring system reset switch is just above your right shin, if you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. It’s a small button the size of a rubber on the end of the pencil. Push and hold to perform a reset. This information is also in the owner’s handbook for your reference. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Cliff
      Thanks again for your post for your interest in the new Auris.
      Our product team have confirmed there are no current plans to introduce Adaptive Cruise Control to the Auris range.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Hi
    is the voice command option available on the Excel model ?…appears not to be availble for Uk market ?

    1. Hi Cliff
      Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying.
      We have checked this further with our product team to help answer your question. The voice command button will appear on all Auris grades in our market as this is how the cars are supplied to us from the factory. However the voice command feature will only work if Touch & Go Plus is specified with the vehicle. It will not work with Touch & Go and has to be the Plus version.
      Sorry if this causes any confusion and hope this helps clarify. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. Hello again David. Just to say that next week my local franchise is supplying and fitting a space saver spare wheel to my 2013 Auris Icon. This will be a considerable relief though I would prefer a full size spare. What are the rules for driving rules using this space saver spare wheel should I ever have to use it?

    The thought of having a tyre failure, say side wall of tyre, late at night in the winter and the instruction leaflet saying if unable to utilise the repair kit call out the AA! Ok except that I am in a signal free area and my mobile phone is useless!!!!
    What the designers were thinking about in introducing this absence of a spare wheel is quite beyond my comprehension!

    My Auris is now 7 months under my control and goes well apart from the inaudible warning buzzers for doors/ignition/indicater lights etc and the almost dangerous absence of good headlight coverage in narrow, sharp bends country lanes. Okay on main roads but in country lanes there is a distinct absence of illumination to left and right of the main beam. This problem
    is frequently mentioned in Auris owners forums on websites.

    Regards etc

    1. Hello Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      Your top speed does need to be reduced if you end up having to use the space saver and a yellow label on the wheel itself confirms what this top speed should be. The introduction of tyre repair kits particularly in smaller vehicles was to address issues of space and weight (which also helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy) but we do accept that this may not appeal to all which is why space saver wheels are available for those who would prefer this. Finally, thank you for your feedback about the noise level of the warning buzzers and headlamp illumination. We can confirm that these issues have been brought to the attention of the product team.
      Best wishes

      1. David, I have a 2013 auris excel hybrid, a spare wheel you say is available, can you tell me the price etc and what’s involved.

        1. Hi Eric, you can get a space saver wheel fitted. We suggest you get in touch with your local dealership, who will be able to arrange this for you. Thank you.

          1. I have and the price quoted I felt was high, however I will have to pay it if I need peace of mind, I am sorry I was not told when I traded my old Auris in for this one, you live and learn.

  8. I have been interested in a hybrid Estate (to replace a Prius 2 and a Corolla Estate), and waited for some useful combiations but it is a pity that Toyota has not deemed it useful to add the simple and very useful variable speed limiter together with the cruise control (standard in entry level BMW Series 1, A and B Class Mercedes, Ford Focus and Kuga Titanium, and in many Kia-s) in the hybrid which is THE vehicle which should be the top model, but offering it in the 1.6 petrol Excel only. The Icon used to have Intelligent Park Assist option but no longer available even in the Icon Plus. (Excel Hybrid has CO2 emissions above 89 which is a critical taxation barrier for me, due to the 17 inch wheels).

    Pity as I had high hopes for my last car after having used 4 Toyotas since 1977 (and only Toyotas).

    1. Hi Seewonlall
      Thanks for your post.
      We do appreciate your feedback regarding the Auris Touring Sports and thank you also for your support of Toyota. We have checked this matter with our product team for Auris and you are correct in that we are not able to offer a variable speed limiter with Auris Hybrid models for technical reasons. We do, however provide this specification on petrol models with cruise control. The intelligent park assist feature is standard on Excel grade, but we no longer offer it as a factory option due to low demand.

      Excel Hybrid CO2 emissions on the combined cycle are 92g/km, which place it in the 11% BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax band, and the lowest band (Band A) for Vehicle Excise Duty. The threshold for capital allowances remains 130g/km, should you be purchasing the car for business use. There is no United Kingdom vehicle taxation threshold that straddles between 89g/km to 92g/km, the nearest being the 11% / 12% BIK boundary between 94g/km and 95g/km. We hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any other questions.

  9. The website says that the heated sports seats and electric lumbar is exclusive to Icon Plus… So does the Excel model no longer heave heated seats as previously?

    1. Hi Ryan
      Thanks for your post.
      The Excel grade retains the heated sports seats and lumbar support. This is not exclusive to the Icon Plus and we apologise for any confusion caused.
      Hope this helps.

  10. Hi, Been looking to get one of these in the near future, but when i go to the quick finance calculator, it only shows a blank screen.

    I tried this site, a few weeks ago, and had the same issue

    1. Hi JB
      Thanks for your post.
      We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and have just sent the details to the team who look after our website. We will look into this and let you know when it is resolved.

    2. Hi JB
      Auris has now been put back on our Quick Finance Link so you can now go onnline and check out some quotes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks again for bringing this to our attention. If have any questions about the Auris please let us know.

  11. This article was published May 15th and yet still there are no details on the Toyota website. When will the site be updated with prices, full specs, options and acessories as currently the old Auris and old prices are all I can see on the website ?

    1. Hi Michael
      Thanks for your post and we do apologise for the delay on this.
      We have chased this and been advised that a system issue is the cause of the delay but they are working hard to get the information uploaded as soon as possible.
      If you have any questions about the Auris please let us know.

  12. Hello

    Can you confirm that the touch 2 and go satnav is standard on the excel trim, and that the grey leather option is still available please?

    When will the main toyota website be updated to reflect these changes?

    I also note that there seems to be an error in the drop down options for engine size when looking at the range of trims on “spec and prices” tab: no 1.8 hybrid engine !?


    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for getting in touch. You’re correct, the Excel trim comes with Toyota Touch 2 multimedia with Go Navigation as standard, the grey leather will be an optional extra. Unfortunately the website is showing some errors, it’s in the process of being updated. Thank you for letting us know!

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