Toyota Prius everything you need to know

Prius – everything you need to know

Read the comments below to see the full discussion about the Toyota Prius. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to take a look at, or ask us in the comments below.

Please note that this blog post was first published in 2009, so some references to specification, equipment, fuel economy, emissions and other features may not reflect the latest version of Prius – you can find out up-to-date information here.

If you want to find out how to maximise the fuel economy of your Prius, take a look at this blog post.

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The following topics have already been discussed:

– Customisation: options, availability and costs (including audio; roof rack, cycle rack, towbar; leather)
– Difference between second-generation Prius and new third-generation Prius
– Wheel size
– Miles per gallon
– Satellite navigation
– Bluetooth and phone sync

– How a full hybrid works
– Battery charging
– Battery lifespan and replacement

– Heated seats
– Cold weather driving

– Servicing: frequency and costs

– Delivery lead times
– Depreciation
– Warranty
– Road tax
– Insurance

Thanks for all the interest in the new Prius.

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    1. Hi Villy,

      Thanks for sharing this with us. While we don’t offer this as an official Toyota accessory and can’t recommend a specific product, the car requires stickers to prevent the kick on the headlamp aim to drive abroad.

      If you carry out an internet search you should be able to find a suitable third party product.


  1. Hello , I am planing to go to Europe for 10 days and was wondering if my 2009 Prius T3 1.5 2nd gen UK speck need to use light deflectors or there are adjustment on the lights where I could adjust them from RHD to LHD. Thank you

      1. Hi I’ve got Toyota Prius hybrid 1.8 it’s making noise when u start I’ve changed spark plug egr volve now when u driving abt 5mph it’s missing car shaking wat can be fault thanks

  2. Hi

    I am importing Toyota Prius 2013 model from Japan to drive in the UK. I would like to know what amendments or what parts needs to replaced before I bring it on the road.

    Many thanks

      1. hi
        I changed Toyota prius 2010 gen 3 Bettrey
        And by mistake I put the Bettrey wrong way round
        Now car is not starting
        Please let me know what should I do now

        1. Hi Umair,

          Thanks for getting in touch. We would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre, as they will be able to assist you further.


  3. I purchased a 2010 Gen3 Prius a few months ago & there was a misfire in cylinder 1. I did not have a spark plug remover to remove the cylinder 1 plug & check. So I took it to Vantage Toyota at Preston. I was initially booked for half of hour for an investigation. While I was there, I was told that they need a further half hour & then another 1 hour to do this complicated inspection. My car is fitted with CCTV & I could see the mechanics going all over in circles trying to identify a cylinder misfire. I was even told that there might be a head gasket problem. After all that time, Vantage billed me for 2 hours labour to clean & refit the same old spark plug which was day light robbery. After this bad incident I did not want to step any Toyota dealership ever.

    Now my Prius is having catastrophic brake failure. I called today (10/10/2018 @ 16.30hrs) & spoke to a lady quoting my private registration number. To my surprise the car is not even recognised by your system. I had to dig the old original registration number for you to know my car. I explained my issue & was told to contact Toyota recall administration to check if there was a recall for my particular issue. As I expected I was told that there is nothing wrong with my model & all should be in ship shape. From past, I have learnt about fatal accidents involving the same brake issue in the USA.

    Please check CNN news URL below:

    Please forward to 2 minutes & 30 seconds on the video & this is the exact same problem I am having with my car. Maybe there is no recall for my car, but there is certainly loads more people experiencing the exact same problem as I am having.

    When driving slowly over an uneven or a slippery surface & you hit a grit or a pot hole, I step on the brakes & the brakes do not respond immediately for a moment as if there is no traction & the car just slips. The brakes response is fine if moving at high speed or if stopping at an emergency. But it loses total braking capability if the car hits a pot hole or a bump when braking.

    When I called Toyota customer relations, they asked me to call my local Toyota dealer & book the car in for an inspection. With my previous experience of booking for a simple inspection which would have lasted 15 minutes, but somehow took 2 hours I am reluctant to take it to you as I will be billed for an insane amount as I have lost all faith in your dealership. I have not put my CCTV footage on Youtube when the car was at your dealership as I was fed-up & just wanted to forget my bad experience & move on.

    I would like if someone would call or email me with what I need to do & what my options are as there is certainly a safety issue with my car.

    1. Hi Warren,

      Thanks for contacting us and we are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We take safety extremely seriously and therefore a member of our Customer Relations team will be in touch with you regarding how we can move forward.


    1. Hi Malcom,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      For RHD vehicles, the 12V power outlet is located in the rear console box, just lift the centre arm rest cover open.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi, audio system of my car (Prius2009) after the battery change doesn’t work and need to load a disc. what is dies disc and what can i do?
    my car is us toyota and service center in germany cannot help me.

    1. Hi Mahdi,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. Please contact the Customer Relations team at Toyota Germany for further assistance.


  5. I can not find the eco button on my 2008 Toyota Prius spirit. I found the EV button but there is no other buttons near it?? Does anyone know where it is?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Is your car a 2nd generation Prius?
      The 2nd Gen Prius does not feature the “ECO” or “Power” buttons, they only feature the EV Mode button. The “ECO” and “Power” buttons became available with the introduction of 3rd Gen Prius in 2009, and continued on the current 4th Gen Prius.
      We hope this helps.

      1. Thanks. Yes i believe it is a 2nd generation. Also i did a history chk as i just bought it used. but the identification number is not being recognized on the toyota website. could someone look into this for me as i am a bit worried

        1. Hi John,
          Could you please provide us with the VIN number and Reg number and we can look into this for you.

          1. Do you have an email so I can email you the details personally. As i am a bit uncomfortable sharing them on the web page.

          2. Hi John,
            If the email you have given is correct we can contact you using that?

  6. Hi
    I live in Fiji Islands and I have A 2010 Model 1.5Litre Toyota Prius.
    Can someone please advise me on what Engine Oil to use……


    1. Hi Raj,

      Vehicle specifications differ from region to region. We recommend contacting Toyota in your region fir accurate information. Thanks.

  7. hi All, do I need beam deflectors for my prius 2017to drive in Europe.
    it’s standard UK model but I’m driving in EU for 2 weeks.

    1. Hi Khurram,
      Thank you for your comment. You’ll require beam deflectors for driving in other European countries, to ensure your headlights don’t dazzle other road users. We’d advise getting them from your local dealer. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi .
    Just a question. I own a 3rd gen Prius, the key got lost, the local dealer had managed to reprogram the key, the remote works perfectly, you can lock and unlock the car, the issue is that the car ignition can on, but the engine doesn’t Start. Is there anyway to get fix this problem. I had towed my car from the car park to my house. So please let me know what is the best solution to this problem

    1. Hi there,
      We’re sorry to hear this. We’d have to advise you ring your local dealer. They will be able to assist you further!

  9. I have a 2010 Prius T Spirit and my wife has a 2012 Yaris, both cars are UK standard but we now plan to move to Italy and need to know what, if any, changes are needed to the headlights so that they comply with the Italian system.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your post. Both your Prius and Yaris are legal to drive in Italy for a certain time. However if you were to take up residency in Italy your headlights would need to be changed and this would be something you would need to check with the local authorities. Hope this helps a little further, many thanks.

  10. Please can any one tell me do i need deflectors for my Prius 2012 as Im going to drive to Europe it’s got 2 set off projectors lights if yes then can you tell me how to put them on ..

    1. Hi Riaz,
      Thank you for your post. We can confirm that you do not need deflectors for your 2012 Prius. Many thanks.

    1. Hello Omar
      Thanks for your post and interest in the Toyota Prius.
      If you take the combined fuel consumption figures from the standardised EU test, the third generation Prius is more fuel efficient than the second generation. 72.4 MPG vs 65.7 respectively.
      Hope this helps.

  11. Does anybody know of a third party catalyst that cancels fault code on 07 prius, several taxi driver friends have tried and failed

    1. Hi Mark. Unfortunately we can’t recommend any third parties in cases like this but hopefully somebody will spot your post and give you an answer.

    1. Hello Ahmad
      Thanks for your post.
      To obtain any map updates for your car we would recommend that you contact your nearest Toyota dealer who can help advise you further depending on the system fitted in your car.
      Hope this helps.

      1. The guy asked you about Jordan, now if I am correct, Jordan is way too hotter then average temperature in UK. Is it possible that a UK variant Prius has heating up chances in hot middle eastern weather? As compared to Japanese variants?

        1. Hi Osama
          Thanks for your post.
          We did run this query past our tech team however they are not made aware of the build specification for Prius sold in other markets. However we do know that the Prius has the same engine specification across Europe. We have checked and can see that the Prius is sold in Pakistan. Our best advice would be for you to take your UK car to your local Toyota dealer so they can check the radiator against a domestic market model. The way to establish this 100% would be for the dealer to check whether there are different part numbers for the radiator. We are sorry we cannot confirm conclusively but hope this helps to get an answer to your query. Your dealer should be able to help you further.

  12. Just noticed that says any questions for the new model.
    Should have said that the question was for the 2008 model (1500cc).
    And the next question is, have we finished and sorted out the old models and you only want questions for the new model?

  13. *I* have a question for you.
    Is Toyota going to create a map for my country?
    Or that 10″ thing in the middle of the car will be just to show me the radio and how the engine works? I find it ridiculous to have navigator system, that still takes CDs and NOT have the country you drive it in!!!
    Cyprus is the country and I would like to know if there is or ever will be a map for that!!
    A disappointed customer!

    1. Hello Neophytos
      Thanks for your post.
      We have noted your comments and also picked up on the fact you are referring to a 2008 model Prius.
      Sorry about the coverage for Cyprus but as a vehicle manufacturer we are not responsible for which countries are mapped and why. We basically buy this data from other companies and from our perspective it would be good if Cyprus is covered as it means we can provide a better service to our customers. It may be worthwhile if you contact the Toyota distributor in Cyprus who may be able to provide more details about this and why satnav is not available. If it helps they can be reached via this link.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for your question. It sounds like you’ve got all of the ‘points of interest’ turned on. Can you send us a picture of the sat nav screen? It’s not possible to attach a picture here but we’ll send you an email so you can send it to us that way. Thanks

  14. Anyone else had an issue with the sat nav on the 2009- Prius T Spirit ? Mine died a few weeks ago with ‘take it to a dealer’ on the screen. Did so. They have tested it briefly and said it needs a new unit at £3000 plus and cannot be fixed.

    1. I have similar issues with my Prius 2007, the sat nav, maintenance, telephone and calendar icons do not show on settings. I see 3 displays such as trip info, language and screen settings. Does anyone have an advice or know how to bring the missing icons on display.

      1. Hi Godfrey
        Thanks for your post and we are sorry for the delay in contacting you.
        We did run your query past our technical team, they have advised that the missing functions are only available if the vehicle has navigation. If the vehicle has navigation there should be 4 buttons on the left side of the screen.
        Hope this helps clarify but please let us know if you have any further questions or queries.

  15. Okay I didn’t realise that the option to reply to comments here is no longer available so I am going follow-up on my previous comment on Prius brakes.

    I was beginning to believe that the brake issues were my own doing somehow but no, it is very clear that many others are in the same position. Read through this thread to see the level of dissatisfaction among owners

    The is no point in getting a car fuel efficient car if (for whatever reason) we end up paying more for other things. I am especially unhappy because Toyota UK provides training to their sales force to highlight the fact that the Prius has regenerative braking and thus will result in reduced wear of the normal brakes – this is absolutely not so – quite the opposite, the brakes will actually wear out quicker a. because they will corrode earlier as they do not get used, b. Prius brakes are softer anyway.

    Why am I complaining about this – I have paid £500+ for the four years I owned my Prius and I am now told I will have to replace brakes again – This offsets all the road tax savings I thought I had to start with – what a ripoff.

    1. Hello Jayz
      Thanks for your post.
      Just so you are aware the option to reply to comment is available so sorry if you have had difficulty with this. We will check this further. We were sorry to read of your experience with the brakes on your Prius and we wanted to let you know that we do have a customer relations team who can help advise if you did want to contact us further about this. They can be contacted via this Blog in the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

  16. Just acquired a 2014 Toyota T Spirit which was supplied with a quick reference guide in the form of a DVD. Have been unable to run the DVD on any of 4 laptops, 2 desktops or 4 DVD players. Possibly because it is slightly warped. Can anyone tell me if there is anything significant on the disc and whether it’s worth trying to get another copy ?. Thanks. John w.

    1. Hello John
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your recent purchase of a Prius. Sorry to learn about the DVD not working, this is essentially a quick reference to the materials which are contained in the vehicle handbook so if you have the handbook you will be covered as far as the vehicle operation goes. Hope this helps confirm but do let us know if you have any other questions.

  17. Its the issue with brakes come to haunt me again…

    If you look at the past comments, it was about an year ago I wrote a post about how dealers are ripping customers off. At around 35k, my Gen3 Prius which was only 3yrs old required all four of its brake pads and discs replaced. Some contributors here agreed with me that it was unusual for a 3yr old car on 35k to require replacement. How nearly 2 yrs on and now at 52k, I am being told again by the same dealer that brake pads and disks will need replacing soon. I just cannot understand why this is happening. I am now being told that the material being used for the pads and discs are to blame as tough UK/EU regulations mean the hard-wearing material of yesteryear are no longer in use and new green material wear out quickly. The last time this happened, Toyota UK contacted me through this page to start an inquiry which eventually concluded saying that the dealer was acting in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. I am also being told that rear brake discs corrode quickly – I can see that the discs have corroded but how can it happen so quickly. I don’t live near to sea. All my previous cars have been parked in the driveway but they did not suffer from this issue. I can’t help but feel ripped off by this dealership.

    Let me know if any other Prius owners here experienced similar issues.

  18. Hi
    I am willing to purchase a 1.5-Liter and have following 3 questions?
    1) Is it possible to upgrade 1.5-Liter model to 1.8-Liter, only the interior and exterior?
    2) Can the headlights be changed? does the body of 1.5L adjust headlights of 1.8L?
    3) Can the gearbox of 1.5L be changed and shifted? like to the curved lower console as of 1.8L?
    I hope if the above modifications are poosible, and it does not interrupt the systems.

    1. Hi Umer
      Thanks for your post and great to hear about your interest in the Toyota Prius.
      Unfortunately we cannot recommend or advise modifying the 1.5-litre to the 1.8-litre car. The 1.5 petrol unit was used in the first and second generation Prius with the third being fitted with the 1.8. There are many differences between these vehicles in terms of hybrid system output and components and we will not have tried updgrading the 1.5 to the 1.8 as this was introduced into a completely new model.
      Sorry we cannot be more help but hope this helps clarify.

  19. Hi guys, am buying 2010 prius without sat nav or reverse camera, the dealer is reluctant to fit one for me how ever I found a sat nav plus reverse camera from the car scarp 2012, will 2012 fit in 2010 (they are the same third generation Prius).

    1. Hi Muiz
      Thanks for your post.
      Good to hear about your Prius however this is not an easy question for us to answer. The reason is because satellite navigation and the rear reversing camera are items which are fitted at the factory and will not have been fitted by our dealer network. We could not therefore recommend fitting them to your car and changing it outside the manufacturer specification and no dealer would have undertaken this work before.
      Sorry that the reply cannot be more positive but hope this has helped clarify.

  20. I have Replace the Cigarette Lighter Fuse, now the car is not starting, if any one can help that would be great
    Toyota hybrid T3 2009

    1. Hello Messi
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your (we are assuming Prius?). It is not easy to diagnose a car problem online and for that reason we would recommend that you contact your nearest Toyota dealer as they are likely going to need to see your car to identify this properly. You can check the other fuses as a precaution and make sure all is ok with your car battery if this helps.

  21. Where is the internal fuse box located on a right hand drive 2008 Prius. hand book only gives location for left hand drive.

    1. Hello Robin
      Thanks for your post.
      Just checked with our tech team and it is located in the lower dash by the drivers Knee. You will need to be on your knees to see it as the access is quite low down.
      Hope this helps.

  22. thank you . ok no need for navigation . my dealer couldnt do anything . what about the TA knob located in the lower left of the screen . also what FA means when am using radio . please try to help me coz nobody can help in jordan . this is the second week am trying to find answers but nobody knows .

    1. Jamal

      In the UK, TA would be traffic alerts (automatic switching to traffic updates broadcast on FM radio), and I don’t think there was an FA on UK radios. Of course, if your Prius was a German model the abbreviations used would be in German and not English. You might get those questions answered on the German Toyota site/blog or a forum, if you can speak/read German.


    1. Hi Jamal,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      Unfortunately your Prius will have a different format system to the one used in Jordan, the mapping will not be compatible.
      We recommend contacting your local dealer for further advice.
      Sorry we couldn’t be of further assistance.

  24. Hi just bought a new Prius T Spirit (3 weeks old) previously had a 2010 model, where has the HUD navigation gone? Asked the dealer and could hear him shrug his shoulders on the phone, also asked how to get the text message reply to work with an iPhone 5 same shrug. I am not really fussed if I can’t get my texts but the HUD NAV is something I used on my previous model why have they removed it? It is shown in all the brochures and on the web page I know specs change but on a car of this price surely it’s not that expensive, wish the dealer had told me could have asked if it was an option.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for your post.
      The reason your vehicle no longer includes the HUD feature is due to a NAVI upgrade applied to the latest Prius. Although this recent system has been improved in a number of ways, unfortunately the HUD functionality has not been included. We have passed on your comments regarding this to the relevant product team.
      In relation to your iPhone 5’s compatibility issues, the reason for this is due to the restrictions Apple place upon third party products such as Touch & Go Plus.
      Sorry if your Dealer did not explain this clearly. If you would like to follow this up, feel free to contact Customer Relations here:
      Hope this helps.

  25. Dear Toyota Prius Blogger,

    Just asking if I need to change my Brake disc & brake pads (both rear & front) with different brands would affect the process of the Regenerative Braking System of my Prius T3 3rd Generation.

    Hoping for your favourable response on this query.

    Many thanks.

    Thommy L.

    1. Hi Thommy,
      Thanks for your post.
      Toyota can only recommend approved Toyota replacement parts for the braking system as we do not test other supplier’s parts. Because of this we are unable to give you definitive answer.
      Sorry we can’t be of further assistance.

  26. I was dismayed to learn that Toyota have discontinued the use of a hard drive in the audio system. This was a very innovative idea and to do away with it is a retrograde step. When someone is spending £25000 on a car a few quid extra is making no difference. Not having CD’s in the car reduced the risk of accidents changing cd’s whilst moving and also help alleviate theft. Now it’s back to having to have loads of cd’s in the car. OK you say that there is an IPod dock well not everyone wants to spend money on an IPod. Yes, you could use a mobile phone but that use quickly discharges the phones battery. Please reintroduce the HDD before I buy my new Prius in September!!!

    1. This IS a retrograde step. If TOYOTA want to save money, do away with the useless voice command unit and the equally useless parking system. I have a Prius for 6 years and never used either after the initial exploring of the gadgets.

      1. Yes, me too I never use them. Two useless gimmicky gadgets. The park assist is good for scaring passengers though.

    2. You may not have the HDD, but for around £10 you can buy a 32GB USB stick – simly copy your iTunes library (or a subset) from your PC onto the USB and leave it plugged into the car. Far cheaper and more flexible than the HDD.

  27. I have a 2010 (March) Prius T Spirit. The rear spoiler is little loose so I asked to fix it under the extended warranty. However the dealer says that I have to pay for this as outside of the car is not covered with extended warranty.
    I can not find anything to justify the dealer’s version in the extended warranty certificate. In fact the certificate says “the 5 year warranty consists of Toyota’s standard 3 year 60000 mile manufacturer warranty extended to cover 4 & 5 years. The level of cover in years 4 & 5 will match the cover for the first 3 years.”
    Is the dealer right to refuse this repair? I would appreciate comments.

    1. Actually, what Toyota UK should do is conduct the investigation internally and post its findings back here for the benefit of everyone else. The investigation should be conducted in an unbiased way and where issues are found, at least the name of the dealership should be posted here.

      A while ago, I raised a similar concern on this blog about my dealer and I was asked to get in touch with customer relations team – which I did. However, a few weeks later I got a reply saying that they (customer relations) had contacted the dealer in question and they (the dealer) had confirmed that they had been correct in the way they had assessed the repairs required for my car. What sort of an investigation is that – might as well ask criminals when they are suspected of committing offences, and if they say no, oh well that’s fine then.

      Having had my car for over Four years now and dealing with my dealer, I am convinced that dealerships around the country are exploiting customers far and wide. The only reason cars sell well is because they are well made and reliable. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a fair marketplace as it happens often, there will only be one dealership around where one lives so competition is non-existent.

  28. I have a Toyota Prius T4. Gen2. Reg 57. 20K miles. I want to fit a Tom Tom sat nav, and I have tried to get my local dealer Westlands Toyota Stourbridge to carry out this work. But I was informed that Toyota only fit their standard equipment and accessories, and a Toyota sat nav is a factory fitted so that is no help either.
    I know there is a 12 volt power outlet inside the central console box but this is too far away from the proposed mounting point of the sat nav. A repeat of this 12 volt power outlet or a Toyota cigarette lighter that will accept the Tom Tom charger cable, mounted on the dash board in the blank space next to the EV switch would be ideal. Both of the items suggested are Toyota standard equipment and accessories

    I would greatly appreciate any helpful comments on this matter

    1. Hi Ed
      Thanks for your post.
      While it would be possible to make wiring modifications to meet your requirements to fit a non genuine Sat Nav, we are not wholly surprised one of our Toyota Centre partners appear reluctant to carry out the work for you. Relocating, or fitting a new power outlet and moving the wiring itself should be relatively straight forward but this would mean your car becomes ‘modified’ and no longer to original specification. The agreement we have with our dealer partners is to fit genuine parts and as such we will provide them as much technical guidance, training and support as may be necessary. We make no provision to support specification adjustments or advice on installing non genuine components or accessories. They may also be nervous about your satisfaction with the fitment of the new power switch which may require some fairly invasion work to the dashboard. How they then guarantee the work may also be of difficult to establish. While we cannot make a specific recommendations, another Toyota Centre may take a slightly different view especially if they have a technician with previous electronics expertise. Otherwise an independent in car electronics business may be a better course of action. Sorry we can’t provide you with a solution on this occasion.

  29. My dealer is Toyota Chelmsford …they directed me to a Toyota web site that seems to provide updates for my 2009 T-Spirit unit but I cannot see how to get the update (
    Why is this rocket science?..other maps e.g. Nokia and TomTom update regularly at no cost …why is the Toyota “Premium” system such a challenge?
    The dealer has updated the car software several times since I took delivery in 2009 …why is this embedded system not updated as part of the service, it is part of the original car? even just service major interval would be a start….also to have 6 year old maps in my eye-line is arguably a safety hazzard!!


      1. I have a T spirit and object to the criminal pricing of the updates. I bought a Garmin with lifetime updates and use them both with the sound off on the Garmin. If there are new roads I can follow the Garmin map. The Prius sat nav is better but out of date.

  30. Our dealer is Burrows Rotherham (was called Pentagon). We are happy with excellent service and support from them, apart form the Satnav update issue..

  31. We have a 2010 Prius T Spirit – SatNav is excellent compared to 2 others we have had, BUT, in order to upgrade the maps we had to jump through hoops, eventually a ‘man’ came to the dealer, complete with a memory stick, and the job was completed in about an hour – cost £145. We have just enquired about having it done again – cost? £240. Why?

    1. Hi Christine
      Thank you for your post.
      We would need to contact the dealer here to find our more so if you can let us know which one we can help clarify this for you.
      Hope this helps.

  32. sat nav for a 2009 T-Spirit Gen111 …how are we supposed to update the now 6 year old map and Gracenote db. Had this car from new and asked dealers several times but never had a clear answer.

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear of your problem in obtaining map updates. These are all undertaken via our Toyota dealer network. Please let us know which dealer and we will be glad to help.

    1. Hi Julian
      Thanks for your post. Sorry for the delay in replying on this.

      Cars which have flat beam headlights do not need to have a beam bender sticker to be fitted. However if you do need to fit them the following instructions will help.

      1. Drive the vehicle close to a flat, preferably white wall, when it’s dark parking about 20 feet away
      2. Turn on the lights
      3. Draw an imaginary line about 3 feet up from the ground
      5. If you see triangles able the line then the beam is not flat and you need to position the beam benders so the triangles disappear.
      6. Once this point is established you the stickers on the headlamp and you have a flat beam

      The majority of modern cars have clear lenses which is why this method is a bit more detailed. In the past there could be markings on the headlamp to help position these. If you do need any more help then we would be happy to email you an image which helps describe the above. Let us know.

  33. Hi pls help
    Iv jus brought a 2006 55 plate prius T Spirit, but the satnav doesnt work as the cd has been removed! Plz can sum1 advice me as to where i can obtain a disc for, the cost involved n how to install it

    1. Hi Aisha
      We would recommend taking your car to your nearest Toyota dealer to check this for you and who can advise regarding a replacement disc. The attached link will help you locate your nearest one.
      Hope this helps.

  34. Hi mate
    Yes you absolutely right about.
    But can you tell that gays in Jemca Bromley

    “But remember that the problem will not go away until it is properly rectified”

    And one more mater
    They only polish car, no painting (warranty work) :-))))
    I can do same thing in car wash 25 quid,
    And gonna looks good for five days

  35. Toyota and Lexus aren’t alone with paint problems it is also evident on top of the range BMW and Mercedes cars.The problem of locating defects in paint is down to natural light,and is more prevailant on darker colours like black solid.Mettalic and pearlescent finishes are difficult to see.

    But remember that the problem will not go away until it is properly rectified..When polishing a Car it is only the Laquer that is being treated,this is better done by using a Polymers based Paint sealant.


  36. Michael..

    Your experience is down to the fact that they don’t know the difference between Good and Bad.
    Rectification of the problem is a long and tedious job,firstly the laquer has to be removed then the base coat is put under 86deg by a heat lamp.The affected places then have to be rebuffed and re lacquered.

    At this time only vehicles built in Japan suffer.The real problem being that the base coat is only touch dry and not hard when the Laquer was added.Water from the Base coat has to go somewhere and that is outward.I am qualified to give this descision.


  37. All conversation with branch menanger and sels Menager Jemca Bromley wos point to one point I’m just make up everything
    horrible experience with branch, way they talk was very unpleasant way towards me
    I have Ben blackmail outside office by sels Menager

    Go somewhere else, there are much better Toyota Dealers.

  38. Hi there
    Seems to me we missing the point.
    Lexus is a Toyota,just better wrapped in the box.
    Water bested pain should have double cout on front bonnet,rout and rear wing if is necessary
    We can find a lot of internet page with,people complain about the paint
    (finishing cout Clear Lacka) on all previous an carnet prius models
    And I don’t thing Quality of paint go anything to do with assemble place or country
    And for last thing of all this, a can live with quality of paint as long is going to be fixed under warranty.
    But surely Toyota can do better then pushing from one week to another to take my car to paint shop and fixed.
    Instead they call me every week and book appointment the next week.
    I’m wanting already five weeks. (FIVE WEEKS)
    Either cheap car like vx compeer prices
    can do quicker job

    Thank you very much

  39. Michael,it isn’t only Toyota that has paint problems but the Luxury arm of lexus is also suffering the same.It seems that water based paint is no substititute for cellolouse,the clear finishing coat produces a curtaining effect which is impossible to cure without removing the laquer.

    It appears that Japanese built cars are the main offenders here,whereas the Avensis and Auris built in Britain escape the appalling finish.

  40. Hi there
    I have a prius t-sprit 2010 and I have a problem with the paint.
    Front bonnet,roof,and rear spoiler
    I have contact dealer ship Toyota in London about 4 weeks eagow. They agree to fix it under warranty.
    From this time they call me 4 times ( evry week once) with moving this to next week now is 5 the week

    1. Hi Michael
      Thanks for your post.
      We recommend contacting our customer relations team and to make things easier for you, you can do this via the attached link.
      You will see they need a few extra deatails but they will be able to help advise you further on this.
      Hope this helps.
      Toyota UK

  41. I also have a 2010 (September) T Spirit. I have already had the SatNav updated once at a cost of £169 and a lot of hassle to get it. I am aware that some of the roads and junctions I travel have been altered since that up-date, but the quote is £240 which I consider to be totally outrageous. A lifetime subscription to our last SatNav was £99 and it was convenient to operate.

  42. Hi, I forgot to add that the car (T-Spirit 2010) still suffers form a buzzing dashboard over rough roads at all speeds. Can’t seem to get rid of this despite sending into dealer to have it checked. Anyone else have this buzz?

    1. Hello Steven
      Thanks for contacting us regarding your Prius.
      For both enquiries we would recommend taking your car to your local Toyota dealer. They will need to look at the car regarding the buzzing noise and can check your vehicle and go through the procedure for the purchase and installation of the map updates dependant on they type of system fitted. I have attached the relevant link to help find your nearest dealer.
      Hope this helps.

  43. Hi, I have a 2010 Prius T-Spirit and wonder how I can update the Sat Nav maps onboard? It there a separate disc drive or the existing maps are stored in the HDD in the dash?

  44. I have a Gen 3 Prius that is 4 years old and has done 43K miles.

    * Both Front and Rear (discs + pads) have had to be replaced (not at the same time) – £500+ in total to replace

    * MOT failed today because rear high mounted LED brake light was gone – – £64 to replace

    I got this car thinking it will be cheap to maintain but no – dealers are there to cream you off. How can brake discs get corroded just like that, I can understand if the pads were worn. Even worse – how can LED stop lights burn out in 4 years – have I been braking too much?

    Dealers will never admit component design flow, Toyota UK will never admit it either, I am an early buyer who has no warranty now so no way out – pay for it.

    I have been a strong advocate since day 1 of the Toyota brand and the prius in the face of all the recalls and negative publicity and this is what I end up with – very very dissapointed.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      We’re sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing problems with your Prius.
      May we suggest (if you haven’t already), contacting our Customer Relations team as they’ll be able to take the time to investigate this for you. Please see their contact details by clicking the link:
      Hope this helps.

  45. Hi I have a 07 plate Toyota Prius My sat nev was working good and my tom tom was working good but from last two weeks I stoped getting signal in the car so my sat nev doesnot work and my tom tom doesnot work eather, when the engine is switched of my tom tom works fine but as soon as I switch the engine on the tom tom stops working, some how when the car is switched on its blocking the signal in side the car, if i take the tom tom out of the window then tom tom starts working.I took the car to the toyota dealer they spent 2 days but cannot fix the problem.have you got any idea what to do?or have you come across this type of problem. please let me know.
    my e.mail is

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      After speaking with our Technical department, it appears this isn’t something we’ve experienced ourselves or via previous comments on the Toyota Blog. However, reduced signal visibility through the windscreen can cause a reduction in the quality of the GPS signal, this can be caused by window tints or even contamination (dirt) on the windscreen.
      May we suggest checking that your Tom Tom works in another car, this will give you the indication as to whether it is a hardware problem or not.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We would need to know a little bit more information about your Prius to answer this.
      There are a few steps you can follow to find the latest map update along with costs, you will need to fill in some vehicle details along the way:

      1) Register your vehicle on the customer portal. (If you haven’t already, it should take approx 1.5 min to register).

      2) Click on additional services in the portal

      3) Then click get the last map updates for Touch Pro.

      4) It will direct you to another link.

      5) On the right hand side click the ‘Get a Map’ link and follow the instruction to complete the purchase (starts with selecting the vehicle, nav system etc.)

      Hope this helps.
      Many thanks.

  46. I have a Monoflex Cycle Carrier for my 2007 Prius. We may be buying a series 3 Prius. Can I fit this kit to the new car. Otherwise is there any way of getting a tow bar fitted so that I could use a tow bar cycle carrier?

    1. Hi Brian,
      We’re unable to comment or advise on the fit of your existing bike carrier as it’s not an approved Toyota accessory.
      However, we offer a genuine accessory which will allow the secure carrying of two bicycles, weighing a maximum combined weight of 36kg.
      As the vehicle doesn’t have a towing capacity, an EasyClick bracket has been developed, which can be fitted to the Prius. A two bike carrier can be mounted on this bracket and a 13 pin wiring harness is used to connect to the light board. This means that brake lights and indicators work in tandem with those on the vehicle.
      If you’d like further information on these accessories then may we suggest you pop in to your nearest Toyota Dealer who’ll be happy to help.
      Many thanks.

    2. Brian

      When we went from a 2nd gen to 3rd gen Prius the bike carrier that we had (a strap on that fixed to the hatch at the top, sides and bottom) fitted fine on the new one. I think the spoiler on the Gen 3 stuck out a bit further.


    1. Hi Matt,
      Great to hear about your new Prius+!
      The Prius+ isn’t designed to tow due to the hybrid powertrain.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your question.
      The Prius’ hybrid drivetrain isn’t designed to tow. We’re sorry, as this may not have been the answer you were looking for!
      Have a good week.

  47. My prius 2010 plate is always damp inside. There is too much condensation. I bring it to my toyota dealer changed the boot seal nothing happens. Does any one with similar issue? Any help?

    1. I am experiencing condensation and dampness problems in my 2012 Plug In Prius. Not seen a dealer about it.

      This manifests itself with a windscreen that mists up far too easily / quickly with no means of keeping the screen clear without running the petrol engine (*) or driving with side windows open.

      (*) Unacceptable for a car that is supposedly capable of driving in electric only mode without using petrol.

      To try and minimise the dampness I have silica gel sachets and two damp absorbing units in the car.

      My guess is that a factor that might increase in-car moisture is the battery vents that are either side of the rear seat – moisture created by the battery might be entering the car interior saloon.

      1. Hi DavidMG,
        We’re sorry to hear of your concerns here.
        Condensation is produced by any moisture that enters the vehicle and evaporates, this can be via moist air that enters through the air intakes, wet clothes or even simply moisture caused when the passengers are breathing. If the vehicle is driven without the A/C system on, any moisture that has entered the car will stay in the passenger compartment and condensate on the glass under certain conditions. Running the A/C system helps to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. The air conditioning and defogger section of the Owner’s Manual contains some tips for reducing the amount of condensation in the vehicle. The battery vents take air out of the cabin so does not effect the amount of moisture in the vehicle.
        If you are still concerned, your local Dealer will be happy to help you.
        If we can help with anything further, please let us know.
        Kind regards.

  48. Follow on question….Is the high beam Bulb of 60w a HD or HID???Also the 5W Bulbs fitted on INt personel lites are quite usless can they be changed for say 10W.Strange that the bulb used in the vanity mirror is 10watt??

  49. Have a Prius Spirit new look 2012.Low beam h /lite is LED.High beam is ordinary 60 w bulb??? which shows a yellow glow whereas the LED section shows white glow.Not a good format when driving even though the Brochure clearly sates LED H/Lites fitted.

    Q.What type is the High beam 60 watt bulb.Can it be changed to a higher wattage value.From a bulb that shows a White lite as the LED on Low beam.This is of course without jepodising the Toyota Car warranty…Thanks.

    1. just buy a led H4 bulb in ebay, probably use the same wattage as the original yellow hi beam.
      at least you have a white hi beam light instead of yellow.
      I dont think it will affect the warranty as long as you use the same wattage.
      Hope this helps

    2. Hi Peter,
      The high beam bulb is Halogen type (not HID). As the Owner’s Manual states, this bulb is 60W. We would not recommend the use of anything else other than the Toyota original bulb. The original Toyota bulbs have been put through various tests and will not cause any side effects to any other area of the vehicle. We cannot comment on non-genuine bulbs.
      We do hope this helps, many thanks.

  50. Hi! can i use the portable charge n start kit which is being inserted in the 12v cigarette lighter? my car is toyota prius, is it safe to do so?

    1. Hi! can i jump start my prius battery the conventional way thru jump leads? is it necessary to be a prius battery as well?

      1. Hi Romano,
        The Prius 12V Battery can be jump started using jump leads. The jump start process is detailed in the Owner’s manual. Please jump start the vehicle only if you feel comfortable of doing so and only after following the instructions in the Owner’s manual precisely. If you don’t feel comfortable, please contact the AA.
        Many thanks.

    2. Hi Romano,
      We cannot comment on products that are not part of our accessories product range and unfortunately can’t make a recommendation. Please contact the manufacturer of this kit.
      Many thanks.

  51. Hi! i do have a problem with my prius 2012 t spirit model, the traction control sign has popped in 3x already where i was driving on a smooth road in a sunny day, can you help me know if this normal?
    and also when i have a full load,including some things in the boot, i noticed that when the passengers at the back are getting off the car and the stuff in the boot being removed, it is seems making a metal to metal sound, i suspect it is the shock or the coil spring around it, but im not sure though (it is just an idea).
    Does anyone can help me know about this problem.
    I just bought the car from toyota dealer just 2 months ago, i think it is still covered by the 12 month comprehensive warranty, so will i get it sorted free?

    1. Hi romano,
      Our recommendation is to take your Prius to your Dealer. They’ll be able to take a look for you and assess your points first hand and also discuss your warranty.
      Please do let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
      Best wishes.

  52. Guys,

    My gen3 has just had the rear brakes seize suddenly, dealer says both rear pads and discs need replacing.

    The car has done 34K but I was of the impression the pads wear out quicker and discs only need replacing less often, but obviously I am wrong.

    Would like to hear about your own experiences.

    1. I am on 35k miles with no apparent issues. Given that the conventional brakes are used less on a Prius I would question why they have worn like this. If the discs are shot after 34k miles I would certainly question what has been going on.

    2. I have been having problems with the rear nearside brake.
      It sometimes squeaks and is gets very hot. My mechanic has removed the caliper and has not found any problems. he has lubricated the piston and I still get the problem. It never locks up the pad just drags on the disc. the offside is never hot after a short trip (8 miles) the nearside always is. sometimes too hot to touch other times just hot.

    3. Many thanks for all your comments.

      I agree with your view that brakes should not wear-off this quickly in a prius. Yesterday afternoon, I had the brakes checked and of course, my dealer told me this was very normal and not unusual at all – now how could I argue against that. They also wanted in excess of £200 to have the rear brake pads+discs replaced and eventually I had to give-in as the car was not in drivable condition.

      Now this is where it gets intersting… I drove in to work today and checked to see that new discs were not heating up as before. It seems the rear nearside disc still gets quite hot, the rest of them dont – very similar to bribarb’s own experience.

      I am very dissapointed at my dealer actually – every time I have had concerns, they’ve always tried to pretend its normal or typical wear & tear or that they’ve never heard of others complaining about a certain issue etc, accepting responsibility is never an option – quite the opposite to the values of Toyota.

      1. I tend to agree that you are being fobbed off by the dealer; standard practice. I’ve done nearly 50K miles on my prius and I drive it very hard — otherwise I would probably be getting better than 35mpg (My record is 18mpg using pwr mode). I’ve only ever had my pads replaced and never the discs.

        Sounds to me like the electrical braking bias is set incorrectly if they do such a thing on the prius and is putting to heavy a load on the one wheel. If that pad is wearing out before the others or getting too hot, then the disc will certainly suffer.

      2. Hi Jay,
        We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your Dealer. We would very much like to investigate this for you and would ask that you contact our Customer Relations team. Please find their contact details here: They will be able to look into this for you.
        We do hope this helps, many thanks.

      3. Just to update everyone on the blog, I did contact Toyota Customer Relations who conducted an investigation and came up with the following statement:

        “Having spoken to blabla, the Centre Principal at blabla, I have been advised that the rear brake pads and discs were replaced due to wear and tear and that no manufacturing defect was present. blabla has confirmed that the rear brakes discs were corroded and that the pads were binding”

        Unfortunately however, this does not answer the core issue – why did the brake discs wear out so soon, corrode and ultimately bind. Why did the rear brakes wear off sooner than front? Why did discs corrode? Sure the car is kept parked outside in the driveway but so were my previous cars. It is not like I purposfully made it corrode in some way.

        Perhaps I am just expecting too much!

    4. It is normal for the front brakes to wear before the rear.
      This sounds like a warranty problem, no wonder Toyota reports a good reliability record. You are being fobbed off.

  53. hi. has anyone had problems with the audio turning off and the dash controls being intermittant, the only way to turn the audio back on is with the mode switch on the steering wheel. thanks

  54. Re Sat nav on Prius. Sometimes a series of red dots appear on the route travelled indicating the journey. Other times nothing appears. What is the difference? In unknown areas the dots are handy to find the reverse route to get home, and that’s just when they don’t appear. Any comments?

    1. There is a “route trace” function on the satnav- you must have touched on it to activate the trace at some stage.

      1. ok, thanks, but what did I accidentally touch to do this, as I said it is useful in certain instances and I would like to be able to do it again

  55. My fellow Prius Experts,

    Have any of you experienced severe engine knocking at cold starts?

    It happened to me once back in 2009, barely 2 months since I got it brand new and I dismissed it thinking it cannot possibly be an issue with the brand new engine. Unfortunately for me, I was trying to show off my car to a friend this weekend and it started to rattle and knock severely, was enough to put my friend off Toyota for good, very embarrassing for me as well, to say the least. There are multiple threads running in on the same topic, I am suprised no one has raised the issue here in the UK.

    I am 100% sure my dealer is going to inspect this and say everything is good. Any suggestions ?

      1. Toyota have a fix.

        Replacing part/all of the engine manifold.

        had mine done last year and have heard that others have too

        1. Anyone seen any formal response from Toyota on the engine knocking issue. Is it now an acknowledged issue with a documented engineering fix ?

      2. Hi,

        Had same problem car was booked in for rattles and other trim fault on Monday,mentioned rang them the saturday before as i experienced this knocking noise.

        Car returned to me today.

        Toyota dealer not aware of fault sent the the link to this site ,just rang back yes, there is a known problem but they will have to experience the noise record temperature and copy of ecu program before they can do anything.

        1. Given the infrequent nature of the problem there is little chance that the garage will ever have the opportunity to gather the information they need.
          Why can’t Toyota just fix a known problem !!

          1. It appears that there are two known problems, both with tech bulletins.
            If the knocking occurs above zero the fix is a replacement inlet manifold.
            If it occurs below zero the fix is new injectors (teflon coated I think) and revised engine management software.
            They won’t do both fixes unless there is justification.
            I’m getting the inlet manifold fix and see if it happens again.

    1. It happened to me a few months ago. I was very concerning at the time but never happened again. It was as if the whole engine was about to blow apart!

    2. It only happens in cold weather. Cars left outside overnight will be more prone to this knocking.
      The electronics associated with the engine management are affected by extreme temperatures.
      When the car is started, the electric motor runs and the car can be driven off.
      The petrol engine then has to match the speed of the electric motor.
      This is achieved by synchronising the rate of firing of the petrol engine to the speed of the electric motor.
      The cold weather will affect the characteristics of the synchronising circuit causing a “misfire” of the petrol engine. This could produce bent valve stems.
      It would be interesting to know if this problem exists in North America, where they will have sump heaters fitted

    3. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this topic. I am happy to report that my dealer readily agreed to replace the manifold (after I described the problem) and I got that done yesterday.

    4. Hi someone has already talked about the up dates for the knocking in cold weather and warm, I have had my Prius updated for cold weather they replaced the injectors and a firmware update. The knocking occured in 1995 had a very cold winter, I managed at the time to record it on my camcorder, and took this to my dealer, but at the time there was no answer to the problem. The bulletin number for cold start is EG-0056T-0711@3.3

  56. I have an April 2011 Prius and I am about to upgrade my phone. I phoned Toyota to ask for a list of phones that are compatible with this model – in particular the HTC Sensasion XE but they could not tell me. I phoned my dealer they said go to the Toyota site and click on owners – bluetooth – nothing could be found well at least not easily. I thought there was a list of compatible phones on Toyota’s site somewhere but I can’t find it. Can someone help please.

    1. Found it now – problem was the page took so long to load that I never saw the link – could it be your pages are to mb heavy?

      1. Hi Alan

        Glad you found the answer to your question and thanks for letting us know about the speed issue, we’ll look into this.


      2. I have a Samsung Galaxcy Ace and had no problem with it pairing via Bluetooth. All contacts loaded with no issue.

  57. Good Morning to you,
    My question is.
    Toyota Prius 1500cc from japan model NHW20 CO2 emission is 65g/kms where as similar car from CO2 emission is 105g/kms.
    WHY is that ???
    can you please elaborate of this issue for me.
    Awaiting for your valuable answer.
    thanking you in advance.
    Kind regards

  58. Hi,

    With the new Prius does the free 3 year map updates only apply to the advanced system in the T Spirit or does it include the standard system in the T3 and T4 as well? Also, will the updates involve a special visit to a dealership by an Area Manager with special equipment, as I believe may be the case with the present model?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for getting in touch about the new Prius. The 3 year free map update comes as standard on all New Prius grades which have Toyota Touch & Go as an option. The T Spirit includes new Toyota Touch & Go+ as standard, and you can have the optional Technology Pack, which comes with 3D models and Google local search functions. All the updates can be done online online via the Toyota customer portal (available soon) making your life easier (no involvement of Area Manager required).

      I hope that answers you question, for more information check out the New Prius page on the Toyota website

  59. Hi There,
    I just bought a used prius spirit with the sat nav DVD. Could anyone tell me how to set it up? I am afraid, I am not very techno-savvy

    1. The new Prius is voice activated…. Whilst pressing the brake pedal and the start button, just say “Start” and presto, it will fire into action. 🙂

      Actually, it is just the pressing of the start button and the brake pedal at the same time…

      Have Fun.

  60. Need to renew my tyres on a T spirit after 27000 miles. Currently have the original Michelin 215/45 R17’s.
    Anyone have any thoughts on any better replacements regarding wear or road noise ?

  61. I have a new Prius Gen 3 which I took delivery of in July 2011. Can anyone advise me of the best way to adapt the headlights for use on in Europe. I notice that there is a very handy switch to go over to KMH from MPH but just wondered about beam deflection of the lights. All thoughts and comments welcomed. Thank you. Mike

  62. Anybody have any thoughts about changing the Alloys on a Gen 3. My t-spirit currently has the expensive 17″ low profiles and I’m thinking about changing to the uglier 15″ alloys and tyres which are a good deal cheaper and will be less prone to curb damage..

    1. One of the main complaints on the Gen 2 was the imitation alloy wheels. So Toyota obliged.
      Consider the implications of any change on your warranty.

  63. I have a Gen 3 and have just had to have one of my rear brakes replaced because the pad had worn at an angle. One edge of the pad was new and other was worn down to the metal. All other pads front and rear were as new. I have never seen this before, it is either a design fault or it was fitted incorrectly from new. Toyota are telling me this is normal wear and tear. This is far from nornal and I had to pay for having the disc skimmed and new pads. Has anyone else seen this problem.

      1. Car was in for its 30,000 mile service. It has been seviced from new at main dealer. Fish Brothers in Swindon.
        I spoke with them today and they are looking in to it. My main concern was that if they were fitted incorrectly there could other cars out there with the same fault.

        1. You are being fobbed off. The pads should ALL wear at the same rate / angle. The only exception is if a small pebble / stone has become lodge in the pad. Modern designs normally prevent this occurance

    1. I note the new one has two updates a year for the satnav.
      Sadly my prius has an update 18 months to 2 years waste of space totally inacurate. I use a tomtom now which has 4 updates a year much more accurate.

      1. I thought that when I read it Brian, the existing Prius satnav owners will wonder where their updates are. At least, if it happens as stated, it will mean that they have listened and taken on board the frustrations.

  64. 1.When the vehicle is on the Battery power,it z quiet difficult to accelearate when the tyres were block by a stone or sm thing.Do i hv to hardly push the accelerator or do i hv to make the mode to Power mode?
    2.When we startthe ride on Eco Mode,it z pretty much hard to get quick acceleration.What shoul we do?

    1. 1. Just push the accelerator further – if more power is needed than the battery can supply then it will automatically kick out of EV mode and start the engine.

      2. Again, just push the accelerator further. The difference between the 3 drive modes, Eco, normal and power, is how the accelerator pedal translates into power applied to the wheels. At no pressure and full on the amount of power is the same, but the amount of power applied for gentler pressure is less in Eco mode and more in power mode. This can be compensated by applying more pressure.

    2. Hi Namal,

      Thanks for your questions. It sounds like you require more responsive acceleration in both instances, therefore we recommend you use Normal mode or engage Power mode. Throttle response is lowered in EV and ECO modes in order to maximise fuel economy. Hope this helps.

    1. Hey Joe, Did mr clark-son tell you that? The young generation these days are well informed and up-do-date, just because an ageing presenter from yesteryear pays a young audience to be in his show to act interested, don’t ever think that is true reality – far from it.

      Actually, the prius is a fantastic car and wait till gen 4 comes out in 2016. Have a look at:

        1. It’s unlikely they will ever get their act together when it comes to sat nav. Mine which was the latest unless they have published a new one this year has road data on the dvd from March 2010. They claim that Navteq are the ones who decide on updates. Odd when you consider that many of Navteq’s other customers get 4 updates a year and we get one every 18 months to 2 years.

    2. No. Unless you consider ALL cars to be rubbish by definition, in which case it is probably the least rubbish production family car!

  65. Recently I bought from a reputable organisation what I believe to be a
    TOYOTA PRIUS HATCHBACK 1.8 VVTi TSpirit 5door saloon, first registered in February 2010.
    This car has leather upholstery, which is listed as a separate option in the March 2011 brochure for the New Prius.
    The website used for giving the car details for the purpose of its valuation did not list this option, but allowed only the colour of the cloth upholstery to be entered. As cloth is standard in this model, I ticked neither box for cloth colour but questioned the valuers on this point.

    They have replied:”According to our data the Leather interior option was not available for the T-Spirit model until July 2010. Can you please double check that your vehicle is the T-Spirit model, so we can look into this further.”

    Neither of the Toyota agents who have carried out the annual services have questioned the cars description.

    I am not sure how best to ‘double check’ this and would appreciate any informed comment

    1. It is possible to have leather retro fitted – I did this to my Prius so I should imagine this is what happened with yours.

    2. My Gen 3 T spirit was purchased new in September 2009, WITH Leather interior – so I’m afraid the website valuation people have got their facts wrong!

    3. The leather option is probably either a dealer or (most likely) a ‘Port of import’ fit. We had this on our Gen2 Prius T-Spirit where the Leather option was available in the UK brochure, but was not available ex-factory, so was fitted (rather poorly it must be said) at the port when it came off the boat. This is quite a usual thing, and regularly things like UK-spec alarms are fitted.

      Now, our September 2011 Gen3 T-spririt does have FACTORY fitted leather seats, as it has heated seats, but our dealer Service Manager is adamant that these were port fitted too, even though it waqs confirmed on here that they are Factory fit. So if the dealers don’t even know, what hope is there for anyone else?

      Have you considered contacting Toyota UK customer services, giving them your VIN number and asking them?

      1. Thanks for reminding me about Toyota UK customer services, Mark T.
        I did speak to them once when I first started driving the Prius. I was still trying to accommodate to both having no hand brake and my long established practice of driving any automatic, which is to use the left foot for the brake and the right for the accelerator.
        At home I have to park on a downward slope only a couple of yards from a vertical drop, so releasing one brake before applying before applying the other was an unattractive idea.
        The obvious solution was to use the Park button first. Steeped in the idea that the torque converter type of automatic gear could be damaged if allowed to take the weight of the car on a slope, rather than the brake doing it, I felt a little unhappy when there was always a little movement of the un-braked car down the slope that stopped with a perceptible jerk.

        However, someone in customer services told me that he had been driving a Prius for a year and always did that himself, being absolutely certain that it would not cause any damage.
        That more or less squared with the instruction I was given at the local Toyota agents when I took a test drive: “Just don’t bother with the foot operated brake. Use the Park button only if you park the car.”
        In fact, I kept moving and avoided hills!

        I had offered the valuers the VIN number if they had difficulty resolving the question, but received no reply.
        That is, until I sent them the link to this blog plus the first two replies I had received. My thanks to Hazel and to Dave Robinson for those.
        Now I see that an email has arrived apologising for the delay and a valuation without any other comment!

        Exactly how the leather seats came to be so did not concern me as they appeared to have been well fitted.
        I assumed – not knowing about any alternative possibilities – that they were factory fitted. At this moment, I don’t know whether having factory fitted leather
        on seats and doors would necessarily imply that the front seats will be heated. I haven’t even discovered whether mine are heated or where the control for that will be if they are!

        Age rendering me a touch forgetful & slow on the uptake, it is taking me a while to get used to the peculiarities of the Prius. I have not yet had the opportunity to drive it for any great distance but it is probably just as well to be making only essential journeys on local and familiar routes at this stage.

        1. If you are parked on a hill, you have the benefit of the hill start assist (sorry if I got the name wrong)…. Put your foot on the brake and put the car in D (or R); Push HARD on the footbrake and you will hear a beep. The ABS light will come on. The footbrake will stay engaged for a few seconds – even if you take your foot off the brake pedal -(long enough for you to transfer your foot to the accelerator) thus enabling you to make a hill start without rolling back.

          For more info an discussion about Prius, take a look at the prius forum on the web site.

        2. Yes, Agree with Dave completely – Hill Start Assist is great, I use it very often & its much better than using handbrakes on a manual car. Might also be worth reading up on this in the Prius manual. One thing to note however is that HSA does not get engaged even when you push hard on the footbrake while on flat ground, I think the car has to actually be on an incline which makes sense.

          1. Many thanks to everyone for giving me such helpful advice. The “everything you need to know” in the blog’s address is about right, with so many knowledgeable people contributing.

            I’ll certainly look into the matter of Hill Start Assist. “When all else fails – read the manual”!!

    1. Hi Darren

      You will need to have your engine and fuel tank drained, it is very important that you do not start your vehicle. We suggest you call your breakdown service provider or local Toyota Centre immediately for further assistance.

  66. how long the battery lasts before recharging and the costs.
    Who is responsible for charging batteries ie Toyota or their recommended counterparts

    1. Hi Mike,

      The hybrid battery is designed to last the lifetime of the car, depending on how the car is driven and maintained. The hybrid battery is also covered by an 8 year/100,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first). Should you need to replace it outside of this period a replacement battery can ordered and fitted at your local Toyota Centre. For more details about the complete cost including fitting, please contact your local Toyota Centre.

  67. am i correct in thinking that you can only go about 1.5 miles on a full charge.
    If this correct is there any plans to increase the range whilst using batteries.

    1. That is about the quoted range for the Prius in EV mode (i.e. battery only). The hybrid system is designed to aid efficiency all-round and not to be used in electric-only mode for extended period/distances.

      Having said that, over generally level/downhill terrain it will be possible to go further than the 2 or 3 miles, conversely going uphill the battery alone will achieve much less than a mile.

      There is a plug-in Prius due for release later this year, I believe. This will have much larger battery capacity and a much longer range. The Toyota reps on here will hopefully come up with some official figures and dates.

      1. Thanks for the reply Brian.
        Its just that these days what with all the new technology i would have expected, well about 5 or even 10miles on batteries.
        Maybe someone at Toyota has already thought of that and are just about to release a new battery pack (lol)
        Paul f

      2. Prius PHY FAQ – US version, shouldn’t be too different to what we get eventually here in the UK.

        >> Its just that these days what with all the new technology i would have expected, well about 5 or even 10miles on batteries.
        Car batteries are expected to last a “lifetime” AND be economically viable & safe, unlike most of todays throw-away tech gadgets. Anyone can do a plugin car with a huge battery – it will cost a fortune and last only a few years. Unfortunately batteries are still the weak link in a PHV and the overall architecture should closely follow ongoing advances in battery tech rather than fast forwarding a decade and coming up with fancy designs that the average consumer cannot buy.
        Good engineering is not about making the strongest bridge out of the strongest material – it is call about meticulously selecting material & design so as to have just enough strength for the load it would carry.

        FYI I am not a Toyota Rep 🙂

        1. Here’s Toyota GB’s latest on the soon to be launched plug-in Prius:

          I think that with an enhanced capacity / specification battery a range of about 12 to 14 miles on battery alone is being quoted.
          Just two problems so far:
          1. Price: Toyota will charge about £10,000 extra for this plug in version which after £5,000 Government Grant still means costing £5,000 extra to pay for this car.
          2. Battery warranty – no news yet what this will be on the Plug In Version.

      3. Hi all,

        Thanks for the input and comments on our Prius range. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid will be on sale this summer. As such we currently have no information on the hybrid battery warranty but we will publish more information closer to its launch.

  68. Will Toyota release the update of Satnav For Prius T4 which was promised in 2011, but until now no news and we cannot get an answer. Can you enlighten us all?

  69. does the Prius qualify for free congestion charges in London ie less than 100g/km

    my 4 year old Prius looses its qualification at the end of this year

    1. Hi Leo,

      The new Prius does qualify for exemptions from the Congestion Charge as it emits emissions of 89g/km of CO2 and has a Euro 5 compliant engine. To find out more about the new Prius visit our website. Hope this helps.

  70. In the EU fuel consumption/CO2 emissions tests, the Urban test cycle comprises a simulated “2.518 mile urban trip at an average speed of 18.7 mph & a max speed of 31mph”, carried out in a laboratory at ambient temp of 20-30 degC. “Average speed” includes cycles of “acceleration, deceleration & idling”. Presumably the Prius is able to complete THIS TEST entirely on its electric motor which will, presumably, give Urban results of – zero petrol consumption & zero CO2 emissions. In the real world though, surely, running around town all day, it will run mostly on the petrol engine (otherwise the battery would quickly expire) & thus it will use petrol & it will emit CO2. I am interested to know what would the figures be if I drove a Prius, in congested town conditions, in winter, for [say] 2 hours, with the air con switched on & all the usual electrical equipment operating normally – [say] headlights, front & rear windscreen wipers, possibly the heated rear screen etc? This is an important consideration in my decision whether or not to buy a Prius.

    1. Hi Robert,

      The EU directive, 80/1268/EEC, states that all vehicle manufacturers must undergo a fuel consumption/CO2 emissions test to provide a level playing field for consumers to benchmark against. If you would like a greater understanding of the effects of different driving conditions on the Prius we suggest you arrange a test drive with your local Toyota Centre, they will be happy to run through the benefits of Hybrid technology with you. You can reach them here:

    2. The only real way to find out is to try it out by arranging a test drive, since conditions will be different every time. Cold weather makes a significant difference to consumption – I reckon from experience probably around 10-15%. ALL cars are less efficient at urban speeds with more start/stop, so the Prius is still highly likely to give better performance than any similar sized vehicle.

      1. Agreed, full use of the heater (v efficient) in winter leads to a drop in mpg by 10% so increased fuel consumption. However in the urban cycle (<30mph) the switch to ‘electric’ with the heater on means mpg is not so affected.

    3. The electric drive should be considered as an electronic “Flywheel” that gains kinetic energy on the downhill to add assistance to the petrol engine on the uphill.
      The kinetic energy in the electronic flywheel is stored in the main battery and is available for instant use as required by the designers of the system.
      Should the stored energy decay (low battery), the petrol engine restores the battery to a usable state.

    1. Based upon emission levels the current benefit in kind charge is 10% of the list price of the car (+ any extras that you have). This rate is currently planned to apply until at least April 2014. It is currently only possible to get a lower % charge for cars with zero-emissions (e.g. electric), or below 75g/km CO2 (no fuel powered cars currently on the market meet this threshold).

      This is taxed as additional income at your marginal rate of tax – 20%, 40% or 50%.

      1. I forgot to add that the employer can claim 100% tax relief on the expenditure on the car, instead of the 10% or 20% per annum available for most cars.

  71. I’m just about to have winter tyres fitted. I currently run at 38psi to help optimise fuel economy. Should I ask the fitters to “over inflate” the winter tyres to about this level or will that compromise their performance?

    1. Hi Hazel,

      Good to see you’re planning ahead this winter. However, we strongly recommend that you have your winter tyres fitted at your local Toyota Centre. They are best placed to fit your vehicle with the correct winter tyres at the correct tyre pressures. Inflating your tyres to the wrong tyre pressures can cause an adverse effect to the performance of the vehicle’s braking and handling stability. Once again we recommend you visit your local Toyota Centre for the correct information – click here to find them.

      1. This was indeed the initial path that I took. However, even the Toyota Service Rep that called me back was embarrassed to tell me that the best price they could do was £1024. I have found the same tyres elsewhere for £850 and just can’t justify the additional expense.

        1. Hi Hazel,

          The correct tyre pressures for winter tyres would be the say as the pressures for summer tyres. To find the recommended tyre pressures please refer to your vehicles’ owners manual.

          1. Hi Hazel
            i was quoted £795 , managed to get 4 x Nokian WR A3 winter tyres for £450 fitted from mytyres
            Much quieter & no change mpg yet
            Hope you find it usefull


          2. Thanks Paul

            Since first posting this I’ve managed to secure some at £460 – quite a saving from the Toyota quote and since I don’t do an excessive mileage I’m told I’ll get three or four years out of them. Do you know what psi yours are set at?

          3. Hi again Hazel
            Glad to hear you managed to save a bit on them too .Every little helps these days.I think its extortionate that Toyota thinks it can get away with charging double for effectively the same thing
            ive got a tyrepressure monitor fitted with 32 psi fronts 30 rear
            But im sure they would take a couple more say 35/32 just havnt got round to altering them yet


          4. Have your winter tyres got steel studs in?
            If not then there will be very little advantage in winter tyres. The Scandanavians have 2 sets of wheels. The winter set are steel studded for advanced grip.
            Winter tyres in this country have only been promoted since last winter. Are we being conned yet AGAIN?

          5. Hi all,

            Thanks for the questions and comments. We have provided customers with the option of winter weather tyres as recent winters have been wetter and icier than in previous years, resulting in increasingly dangerous driving conditions. This decision is fully endorsed by TyreSafe (, an independent organisation and an authority on tyre safety in the UK. To read why TyreSafe recommends winter tyres, click here.

          6. Got myself a set of Nokian D3 tyres and they are superb, very quiet, comfortable & very grippy. Normal weather, the impact on milage is minimal but did notice significant drag when roads were very wet. Tried braking hard today coming out of my lane(in snow/ice) and it stopped like on a dry day – very reassuring. I am going to try having these tyres all-year, I have got used to the cusioned ride these and don’t feel like going back to the old tyres. Plus I am based in Scotland so bad weather is the norm. FYI I got the XL (strenghened sidewall) version which allows you to run at a higher pressure so currently have them inflated 38 front, 35 back (I have a T3 so 15 inch tyres)

          7. E.Warris it sounds like you are mixing up your tyres types and what they do. The winter tyres as discussed in this thread are not snow or ice tyres and are for a very different purpose. The compound of winter tyres is highly suitable for temperatures that are consistently below 7 degrees and provide proven increased stopping and acceleration capabilities. There is no con other than you not understanding the differences between tyre types.

          8. HI,
            I was advised by my tyre garage that there was no need for winter tyres. The ones already on the car are more than adequate for our roads and weather conditions in the South. I paid £137.00 for a replacement tyre last week of the same as the the ones on the car (Mitchelin).
            The pressures may vary on different cars (wheel size 15″ or 17″) look on the side panel of the drivers door and this will give the pressures for your car. Mine on 17″ is 33psi on the front and 32psi on the rear, this to be increased on the rear when carrying extra loads ie holidays.

          9. So are the various video clips and news articles just a triumph of marketing dept? It was the video about winter tyres on the Toyota site that convinced me. And since I live on a hill neither slippery journeys down in the morning, nor wondering if I was going to get up the hill of an evening have been pleasant over the past couple of winters. Each to their own tho.

          10. I wonder if your garage has read the Michelin description of your tyres:

            ” The Pilot Primacy is Michelin’s Grand Touring Summer tyre developed to provide longer tread life and lasting performance throughout the tyre’s life, as well as better braking, steering control and handling on wet roads. The Pilot Primacy meets Michelin’s standard for low rolling resistance that confirms the tyre’s contribution to reducing vehicle fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 gases. While Pilot Primacy tires are designed to offer reliable traction in dry and wet conditions, they are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.”

            I change mine for winter tyres as soon as the temperature gets down below seven degrees – it was five degrees when I first went out this morning – they make an enormous difference.

    1. Hi Somadasa,

      The Hybrid battery is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and has an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty (whichever is soonest), meaning that it is very unlikely that you would need to pay to replace it. For more details about the complete cost including fitting and VAT, please contact your local Toyota Centre.

    1. Hi Chris,

      The revised 2012 Prius will go on sale in the first quarter of next year. Whereas, the Prius+ seven seater hybrid MPV and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid will go on sale from the middle of next year. I hope that clarifies things.

      1. Are there plans (if so when?) to introduce the “Prius-C” into the UK?
        I understand that the “Prius C” is a compact version of the Prius using a smaller engine (1.5 instead of 1.8) and achieving higher mpg than the standard (existing) Prius. Australia has had an announcement on this new version but not the UK so far as I can see.
        Here in the UK we do have the Auris hybrid – a smaller car giving a similar mpg to the standard T3 Prius, so nothing achieved with the Auris in terms of those wanting a smaller car and expecting a better mpg.

          1. Thanks for this information.
            So, when might the Yaris hybrid be launched in the UK please? I know that I’m not the only one looking for a smaller hybrid giving better fuel consumption.

          2. Hi DavidMG,

            The Yaris Hybrid will be launched in the UK in 2012. Exact details aren’t currently available but as soon as we have any further information we will publish them here on the blog. Thanks for your question.

  72. You announced a revised prius spirit at the 2011 Munich show. When will that revised model be for sale in the UK?

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your question. The revised Prius will be on sale from the middle of next year – we have no further detials at the moment but as soon as we do we will publish it here on the blog.

      1. Sorry John,

        It appears I got my facts muddled up – the revised 2012 Prius will go on sale in the first quarter of next year. The Prius+ seven seater hybrid MPV and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid will go on sale from the middle of next year.

        1. Thanks Robert. Can I take it that you are speaking on behalf of Toyota? I ask becasue I am thinking about ordering a Prius T-spirit with leather and solar sun roof for delivery around March 2012. Obviously I want to wait until (facelifted?) model goes on sale.
          Can you be any more exact in the date?



    1. Hi Phil,

      The Hybrid battery is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and has an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty (whichever is soonest), meaning that it is very unlikely that you would need to pay to replace it. For more details about the complete cost including fitting and VAT, please contact your local Toyota Centre.

    1. Hi Alan,

      The Hybrid battery is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and has an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty (whichever is soonest), meaning that it is very unlikely that you would need to pay to replace it. For more details about the complete cost including fitting and VAT, please contact your local Toyota Centre.

  73. Is it true that the Toyota Prius wil not be exempt from congestion charge in London ? If this is true when ?

    My Toyota Prius is a hybrid band 2 .

    1. But the second gen will drop out of eligibility for the exemption when the criteria change (not sure when that is off the top of my head), because it drops I believe to 100 g/km, and the 2nd gen Prius is rated at 104.

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