New Prius on sale tomorrow. Plus, first glimpse of the UK TV advert.

Ok, so you all know that the car is already here. Many of you have been to test the car out, either at Mira or Longcross.  Some have even placed orders (and will shortly be taking delivery of the first few cars to arrive from Japan). But, officially, tomorrow is our first ‘on sale’ day.

This means that all 181 Toyota Centres around the country now have their demonstration cars and are able to offer a test drive. The full brochure is available from your Centre, or can be ordered or downloaded from the site. Also look out for the TV advert breaking on Sunday evening, aired for the very first time during Poirot.

However, we wanted to give you a sneak preview here on the blog, so click below to watch the advert now.

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  1. Reading the earlier threads above I was concerned that my Prius T Spirit SR (Solar/sun roof) would not be delivered before the end of the year and beat the VAT increase. Batemans of Grange-over-Sands provided a delivery date of 14 December and in light of the above although sceptical I was delighted to take delivery almost a month earlier than predicted so my fears were unfounded.

    Well done Batemans, who have given excellent service for all generations of my previous Prius’s.

    However, I am very surprised that the current model does not provide an ice warning, whereas the previous models did give this very useful indication. Would you like to comment Melissa?

  2. Hi. I have a gen 3 Tspirit from November. I’m very happy with it but can’t seem to find out how to use Full UK postcodes in the satnav. I am fairly sure I saw his as one of the specs before i bought it. If it will only do 4 or 5 digits, it’s pretty poor for a satnav that is so good in all other ways. Am i missing something or is there an upgrade imminent? Many thanks

    1. Hi Mike,

      Other people have reported the same problem in the past, but fortunately this user managed to come up with a solution. I hope this solves your problem, but if not, please do get back to us.

      As to a possible sat nav upgrade, we expect to hear about one of these soon – watch this space.

  3. Update
    Delivery date now back to mid December from 1st September originally.
    Do Toyota have serious delivery problems?
    Note original comment no response

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Sorry for the big delay in getting back to you – I’m still trying to get you an answer. All I can say for the time being is that an increase in lead time is typical if you’ve ordered the sunroof. I’ll be back in touch soon.

    2. Hi again Andrew,

      Please see this reply, which I hope will address your concerns. In short: yes, because of the popularity of the sunroof, there are supply issues but there’s nothing that Toyota (GB) can do to rectify this, I’m afraid. Do keep in touch with your dealer who should be able to keep you up to date.

  4. Iam awaiting delivery of my second new T Spirit Prius on the 1st of september and i am very happy, the only complaint i have with the hole package is poor colour range, why can,t Toyota use Pastle shades in lighter colours instead of the basic range which they have at the moment?.

  5. Ordered the new car in early/mid June for 1st September delivery,told yesterday that delivery with the sunroof option would be another 12 weeks but if l didnt want the sunroof the original delivery could be achieved.A bit miffed l agreed and today l am advised that if l want the colour l ordered back in June the Orion Blue delivery will take another 12 weeks.

    What is going on here?

  6. Hi all,
    Took delivery of my T spirit, in Novus Grey, on Wednesday 29th july thanks to Listers, Cheltenham (ex Brooklyn order) with 4 miles on the clock, 12 days later 1849 on the clock. Part exchanged a Honda Civic Hybrid 10 mths old with 36500, (we all make mistakes!!)
    Absolutley wonderfull, average MPG 65.4, so comfortable, quiet, could be a Lexus incorectly badged.
    All but one quibble has been answered by the LED pack, why are the wing mirrors not elctronically retractable?
    My wifes IQ2 even has those.

  7. I was highly impressed by the 3rd Generation PRIUS test drive at Batemans, Grange-over-Sands, having owned both previous models. However, most disappointed to learn of the continued high cost of SatNav updates, as with current model. One can buy 2 or 3 stand alone SatNavs for the premium cost of an update CD.

  8. Traded my 07 T3 (20.0K)on 31 Jul for my Prius3 T3 (Red, looks very good).Rides better/tire noise greater (on 15″ Bridgestones). Torque is very much better, I’m using eco-power for first 1.0K and average at 350mls of varied driving is 66.2mpg. Quieter than the old car.Heated mirrors good but the field of view on the new exterior mirrors is a bit restricted. Like the last Prius there are legibility problems seeing the LCD displays when there’s any sunlight in the car – not critical but awkward. Miles to empty underreads by about 100mls at 1/2 tank but this will probably improve as fuel level drops. These points are a bit nit-picking really: the car is a great improvement on the prior model and it’s light-years ahead of the Insight, as was obvious some time ago. Going on vacation in the Highlands this month and we’re looking forward to it.

  9. Have taken delivery of our new prius excellent car. Our trade in was our Prius T4 Spirit and we received a good price, congratulations to RMB Northallerton. However one disappointment is that new car doesn’t have a 6 CD changer, why the lowering of specification?

    1. Hi Peggy,

      You say you have a ‘T4 Spirit’ – could you confirm the grade for me? It sounds as though you have a T4 as the T Spirit has a 10GB hard drive, but let me know so that I can give you the right answer to your question.

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