New Toyota Auris: first pictures and details

Following a summer packed with new Toyota model launches, we can finally take the wraps off the all-new Auris.

New Toyota AurisThe new hatchback, which will be built at the Burnaston factory in Derbyshire, will be one of the main attractions at the Paris motor show in September. But we are delighted to be able to share some early details about the car.

As these first pictures show, it has much sharper exterior styling than the current model, in line with the latest Toyota design cues that we’ve seen in new Yaris and Yaris Hybrid. It adopts the new Toyota “face” with its strong grille design and sharp-edged headlights.

New Toyota AurisIt’s 30mm longer than the current model, and its height has been reduced by 55mm, making it one of the lowest cars in its class. That doesn’t just make for a more eye-catching appearance, it also plays a part in achieving better driving dynamics and handling, by lowering the car’s centre of gravity – something achieved to great effect in the GT86.

New Toyota AurisThe side-on view has been made stronger, too, with the glazing extended across three panels. The tailgate opens wider and has a sculpted look, with concave and convex surfaces. The wrap-around rear lamp clusters are new, too, as is the design of the rear bumper. Check out this exclusive video of car.

Overall, the body has been made more aerodynamically efficient, which helps improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

New Toyota Auris interiorThe interior is all about more space and higher quality, with no detail escaping the designers’ attention. Clever packaging means there is more space in the cabin, particularly for rear seat passengers who gain an extra 20mm of kneeroom. All round you will find higher quality and soft-touch materials, from a stitched nappa leather steering wheel trim to padded armrests and fabric trims on the pillars.


Details of UK specifications are yet to be finalised, but new Auris will introduce Skyview, one of the largest panoramic roofs in the compact hatchback market. The designers were also keen to give the car a strong sense of visual unity, reflected in the consistency of the interior lighting, colours, finishes and even the font used for the graphics.

New Toyota AurisThere is more space in the boot, with 90mm added to the loadspace length. Capacity is increased to 360 litres – and that goes for Auris Hybrid as well. By relocating the battery pack beneath the rear seat, the hybrid gains an extra 127 litres to equal its petrol and diesel-powered sister models in load-carrying ability.

Toyota was the first manufacturer to offer a compact hatchback with choice of three powertrains this continues with the new model. Efficiency and dynamic improvements have been made to the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, in Auris Hybrid. In the UK the new model will also feature 1.4-litre diesel and 1.33 and 1.6-litre petrol engines.

New Toyota AurisThe steering and suspension have been revised to help give a more comfortable, responsive and enjoyable drive. Attention has also been paid to weight management, with more high tensile steel used in the car’s construction. This has helped increase body stiffness by 10 per cent and save up to 40kg in overall vehicle weight, while also helping to lower the car’s centre of gravity.

The new model will be given its European premiere on 27 September. Details of UK sales introduction, specifications and prices will be announced at a later date.

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  1. Im thinking to get myself a new toyota auris but what is this im hearing that the car
    Does not come with spare wheel? I mean how possible is that

    1. Hello Anastaciah
      Thanks for your post.
      The Toyota Auris will come with a tyre repair kit as standard, but it is possible to buy a space saver spare wheel as an accessory item for those owners who would prefer one in their car.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I now have 4 winter tyres on 17 inch rims that I will be selling that will fit a 2013 Auris that has17’s as standard, as insurance company say if I have a car that has 16 inch when delivered I cannot use17’s
    The cost of getting brand new standard 17’s on. New Diesel with Tyres is not cost effective as I would have to take the 16’s as spares? They won’t compromise,

  3. Hi I am looking at trading my New Auris Hybrid Excel, (hate the gearbox & whine), in for a Manual 1.4 diesel Excel version,
    Earlier in the year when it was snowing I bought 4 spare 17″ alloys & have winter tyres fitted to them, for winter use, they are brilliant on snow etc, and would like to know can I order a diesel with 17″ wheels, so i can use them on that vehicle too,
    Also can I have cruise control as the brochure is not clear
    regards John

    1. Hi John,
      Cruise control isn’t available on the 1.4 diesel. With regards to wheel size, we recommend speaking directly with your Dealer as they’ll be able to advise on availability and fit. The 16″ wheels come as standard but again your Dealer will be able to help with discussing the 17″ wheels.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Has anyone experienced a slow return of the accelerator, ie lag .This is on the 1.3 petrol auris
    This is my 5th Toyota , clocked up just over 400thousand miles in total over 23yrs, and the first time I’ve experienced this small niggle, looking forward to my next Toyota.

  5. Huge improvement on the old Auris – looking forward to the version with the BMW diesel, and I echo what the others have said – it needs a space saver spare tyre option not just a puncture repair kit, we have one of those in our Verso and after a nightmare getting the tyre repaired when it got punctured quickly bought a space saver from our local dealer. It’s a tactic to get the co2 figures down by reducing vehicle weight but is hopeless if you live in a remote area.

  6. hi we are looking to lease 3 vehicle,i am liking the new toyota auris 5 door hatch you have pictures of boot inside.or will you no what size it is.

    1. Hello Rikesh,
      Many thanks for your post.
      You can find more details about the New Auris here:
      The standard size of the boot is 54.92 inches long by 53.15 inches wide by 34.45 inches high. You can find more statistics under the ‘Specs & Prices / Specifications’ section.
      Many thanks.

  7. On my third Toyota but looks like my last, the new RAV4 and the new Auris do not have spare wheels. Roads are getting worse and is now about 8000 between punctures, 50% would not have been fixed by goo or get me long distance home. VW and Skoda all give you the option, full size in some cases! So no spare, someone else will get my cash

    1. got a space saver wheel with my new Auris hybrid, it doesn’t fit properly in the well and can’t be secured, so I have the kit to fix slow puncture option in car and space saver as a back up at home, if the kit gets me home out of hours etc, I can swap wheels get to garage etc, if the puncture is too bad for inflation kit I will use Club Toyota to get me to a place to source new tyre etc,
      The car is a beauty.

  8. Has the new auris got a spare wheel & if not, is there an option to buy one,and will it fit in normal stowage position

    1. Hi John,
      The new Auris comes with a tyre repair kit, our Product department are currently reviewing the possibility of having a space saver as an option. Unfortunately, we are still unable to provide any confirmation at this stage, but will be sure to update you through the Toyota blog once known.
      Many thanks.

      1. Lets hope the spare is an option
        Otherwise it’s going to be a Golf mk7 for me, as that has a spare
        Regards John

  9. Thanks for the quick reply Amy.
    As far as I am concerned the lack of a spare wheel in the boot of a car is a total deal breaker. The very real possibility that you will be stranded if you have a puncture is just not acceptable at all. It is irresponsible
    for car makers to send new cars out onto the road without a spare wheel (space saver or full size) in the boot. If Toyota do not have a rethink and offer a spare wheel then I will be buying a VW Golf MK7 (which does have a spare wheel provided). The breakdown services dread attending puncture jobs when no spare is available, they know it is going to be a lot of hassle for them.

  10. I am now concerned ref tyre repair kit, is there an option to purchase a full size spare or space saver wheel, and stowage for it.
    I worked for the AA and many customers were left with no vehicle when the tyre couldn’t be replaced at night or weekends bank holidays etc until a tyre could be sorted, I for one will not buy any car if the ony option is a repair kit, as these are only good for slow punctures, with the full weight of the car on a completely flat tyre you need a jack so lessen the resistance, Toyota NO fit a spare

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We are currently working with our product and design colleagues who are looking at the possibility of offering a space saver as an option. Unfortunately we cannot provide further details or any confirmation at this stage.
      Many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.

  11. Can you tell me if the new Auris has a spare wheel in the boot, either full size or a space saver. I certainly hope it does, as the pump and sealer kits are not effective in many circumstances. Ref watchdog on the BBC 17/10/2012.

    1. Hi Michael,
      The new Auris comes with a tyre repair kit, this is to save on added weight to the vehicle and so to improve driving efficiency.
      Thank you for posting and we’re sorry this is not the answer you were looking for.
      Kind regards.

  12. I ordered a current Auris Colour Collection 1.6 Multi Mode and was given a delivery date. 3 days later the factory cancelled the order: reason given that they were no longer making Multi Mode boxes. Does this mean the new model will have a proper automatic box. The specification included keyless entry and start, cruise control, rain sensing wipers, dusk sensing light, self dipping mirror, auto foldaway wing mirrors, all at NO extra cost. Will the new model have this level of specification as standard or will they be an ADDITIONAL cost?

    1. Hi Neil,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, information about specific transmissions, specifications and pricing for the All New Auris have yet to be released. This new model is being revealed at the Paris Motor Show on 27th September and we will be sharing more information after this event, here on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks.

  13. Have been waiting to change our 06 Corolla for a couple of years now and have been waiting for a 1.6 lt FULLY Automatic box not the naff Semi Autos in the prior model, lets hope this has a proper auto box

  14. will it be available for motability for nil advance payment i have already had a auris and enjoyed it , but you scrapped the disability availability for it so i am wondering if the new model will be available if so we will order it immediately

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately these details have yet to be released. We suggest you keep a look out on and we’ll update you here on the Toyota blog with regards to launch dates and pricing for the All New Auris.
      Many thanks!

  15. We really love the Prius. Our big moan is the excessive tyre noise transmission with the standard fit Bridgestone low profile tyres. May we please have an option of a quieter set up which may sacrifice 0.25 mpg overall?

    1. Hi d r poole,
      Thanks for your question. We have undertaken extensive research to determine which tyres to use for the Prius and the conclusion of this research gave us the tyres you have on your current model. These were chosen due to being the most efficient along with giving a comfortable ride and adhering to all safety regulations. We thank you for your feedback, unfortunately there are no current plans to introduce alternative options and we’re unable to recommend other tyre brands.
      Many thanks.

    1. I agree, it looks much better than the present model. I just hope that it is nice to drive and the interior is as good as they say. It needs to be more like Golf quality internally I think. We will soon see.

    1. Hi Peter,
      The Panoramic roof will be available on selected grades for both the Hybrid and conventional new Auris models. Specification and grade line-ups will be released at a later date, and we will be sure to update you through the Toyota blog.
      Thanks for your question!

  16. Looks a lot better than present Auris model. Toyota are really missing a trick by not making a 3 door model available at launch time, this could put a lot of people off.

  17. we have had eight toyotas in my family we have two yaris at the moment,the one thing toyota due is just make a better car than the one it has trailed vw and ford for many years ie style and build.when they said it whould take on the golf i laughed my socks off having had one.well thank god some one as took the bull bye the looks stunning one of the best looking cars i have seen .if it drives as well as it looks toyota is on a last a toyota that will take on the compation well done michael legge

    1. Hi HafizR,
      Thanks for posting! All engine information available is included within this post, as more specification details are released for the All New Auris, we will be sure to let you know through the Toyota blog. Further information about our collaboration with BMW is available through a recent blog post:
      Many thanks.

  18. I am driving an Auris Hybrid which I bought new just 12months ago. It is a great car to drive but I had two little niggling discontent about the boot space best described by John Fulton. The other is that awkward one and a half tier center console. It appears that both issues are addressed. But how much depreciation would I suffer if I have to swap with this one?

    1. Hi Rama,
      Thanks for your question. We advise you speak with your Local Dealer to discuss part-exchange options. Further information on specification and pricing will be released at a later date and we will continue to update you through the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks.

  19. Since 1988 I have owned Toyota Carina II est, Space cruiser, Corolla Lift Back, Corolla TR , All Petrol, then Avensis 5Door 2.0D TR , Auris Petrol TR, Avensis 5Door 2.2D TR, now a Avensis tourer 2.2D TR, so I hope the New Auris can beat the Golf

  20. Was Interested in the current Hybrid Auris then noticed there was no Boot,

    Just a Battery pack storage area with less room than a cup holder

    how have Toyota addressed this cup holder sized l boot issue on the new 2013 car and what Mpg are Toyota claiming on the Hybrid & Petrol only models, as the Golf 1.4 TSi is looking more favourable at the moment

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your question. All hatchback versions of the All New Auris provide luggage space of 360 litres. We’ve repositioned the battery pack beneath the rear seat in the Auris Hybrid to achieve the same load capacity as other models in the range. MPG figures are yet to be released, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest details as they are announced here on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks

      1. Hi John
        It is worth noting that the current generation Auris was not designed with Hybrid in mind. The system was ‘shoe horned’ into an existing model. All future designs will hybrid friendly as the new Yaris hybrid has proved. ie no comprimise. I run an Auris Hybrid at present and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this second generation model.

  21. As an owner of the current gen Auris, all I can say is well done Toyota! Looks fantastic. Interested to see the paint options available for this model as well, might give the 2.0L diesel a shot!

  22. Miss Amy i have got one more question, the question is do we know the drag coeficient? Is it already known or not at all. its improved from the current model right?

    1. Hi Mark D.,
      Thank you for your question. The drag coefficient has been improved for the All New Auris. The new lower front end design helps to deliver a drag coefficient of 0.28, supporting better handling stability and lower fuel consumption.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thank you for your question. There are no plans currently to make a 3 door version available for the All New Auris. We will continue to keep you updated with the latest information as it is released on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks.

      1. Thanks for the answer!
        Too bad a 3 doors version is not in the plans… I think many young customers would love to have that option, because of it’s more sporty look. I used to have a 3 doors Corolla hatch and I loved it…

  23. will the 1.4diesel have cruise control like it rivals or is it the same old engine in a new body

    1. Hi christymcphillips,
      Thank you for your question. This information has yet to be released. We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest specification details as they are announced here on the Toyota blog.
      Many thanks.

  24. This really does look like you guys have had a genuine rethink on how to build a decent mid sized hatch. I’m particularly impressed with the styling (something that was mind numbingly awful on the old model, even after the facelift).

    The interior quality certainly looks like a step up, there don’t appear to be as many (if any) hard plastics, but it’s hard to tell from the video.

    I’d love to test drive a 3 door model if that’s in the pipeline, especially if it was a decent turbocharged diesel as it’ll be cheap to run and insure too!

    Overall, well done Toyota!

    1. Thank you Michael, we’re so pleased to hear you are impressed with the All New Auris! We currently have no plans to introduce a 3 door model. All of the latest news about the Auris will be announced here first, on the Toyota blog. Sign up on our website to be the first to hear when test drives are available, here is the link:

      1. Thanks for your reply Amy.

        Lack of 3 door doesn’t really matter when you’ve made the 5 look this good!

  25. Really excited about this new addition to the range. The fact that it is still being built in the UK is even better. I am really liking where Toyota are going in the recent models I’ve seen.

    1. Thank you for your comment Matthew,
      We will be announcing specification details at a later date, so keep a look out here for the latest information!
      Many thanks.

  26. its actually looks very nice and sporty but where are the BMW engines ??? Hopefully we will see the BMW diesel engines.

  27. Looks great, lets hope it gets the BMW diesel and then we will have something to talk to Golf customers about.

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