New Toyota RAV4 revealed

These are the first official pictures of the all-new Toyota RAV4, which has made its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

There’s new exterior styling and a new-design cabin that’s significantly more spacious and comfortable. There’s more load space, too – 547 litres with the seats in place and 100 litres in the boot’s larger undertray.

New RAV4 is also easier to load with a move from a side to a top-hinged tailgate, with a wider opening and lower lip height. On higher grade models (the UK range and specifications will be announced soon) the tailgate will be power-operated.

There’s no mistaking new RAV4 as being part of the modern Toyota “family” with its stronger front end treatment complete with keen-edged headlights and daytime running lights. The side-on view emphasises its muscular quality with a rising belt-line, extended glass area, blacked out centre and rear pillars and distinctive profile shape. At the rear the new light clusters wrap around the car’s strong rear quarters.

Inside, the new dashboard is formed from two horizontal beams, intersected by a curving metal spar that frames the driver’s cockpit. With a focus on a better driving experience, RAV4 follows the example of new Auris with its lower overall height and driving position, and sharper steering wheel angle. Excellent ergonomics, a wealth of soft-touch materials, extra leather around the instrument panel and new cool blue illumination for all the switchgear raise the interior quality and comfort.

While the driver sits lower in the car, there’s more legroom and more comfortable seats for those in the rear. The 60:40 rear seats retain their quick and simple Easy Flat folding mechanism that provides a flat load floor in one simple action.

New RAV4 will again be available with a choice of two (front) or all-wheel drive, with an engine line-up that offers a a 149bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine, a new 122bhp 2.0-litre diesel and a 148bhp 2.2-litre diesel. Each one gives improved carbon dioxide emissions performance, on average better by 12 per cent across the range compared to the current model.

Look out for the 2.0 diesel in the front-wheel drive RAV4 – equipped with Toyota’s Stop & Start technology it produces just 127g/km of CO2.

Being comfortable and fun-to-drive have been key RAV4 qualities since the original took to the road, together with manoeuvrability and confident performance when the going gets tough. As well as providing a more comfortable and focused driving position, the new RAV4 builds on its SUV attributes with retuned suspension, revised electric power steering and an Integrated Dynamic Drive System that comes with a new Sport mode.

Integrated Dynamic Drive uses Dynamic Torque Control to make sure the most suitable amount of power is distributed between the front and rear axles in the AWD models. This means RAV4 will run with front-wheel drive in normal conditions, but introduce rear-wheel drive as soon as the system detects any slip or understeer.

When you switch to Sport mode, the system adapts the front/rear drive distribution to give better lateral grip. At the same time throttle response is sharpened and, where fitted, the automatic transmission or CVT operates to higher revs to give a sportier drive.

More high tech features are also being introduced for RAV4, with an emphasis on safety. These include Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert and Blind Spot Monitor.

We’ll be bringing you more details about the full UK line-up and prices soon, so keep checking our blog for news.



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  1. Just taken delivery of 2.0D Invincible, the Stop Start doesn’t seem to be working. Have driven the car over 100 miles so everything should be charged up. Any thoughts why?

    1. Hi Simon
      Thanks for your post.
      Difficult to suggest what this could be as it is difficult to diagnose online. We do set out the criteria for stop start operation in the vehicle handbook and such circumstances why this may not arise (eg front screen demister on with aircon and fan on high) however really in these circumstances we would recommend stopping by your local Toyota dealer so they can check this out for you. The stop start does have an inbuilt safety system which ensures that based on the current load and battery condition, if it stops the engine that it can restart it. Your dealer will be able to check the health of your car battery and will also be able to plug their computer into your car and see if there are any systems that are inhibiting the stop start function, (eg door/bonnet open, not in neutral, hand brake not on etc). Hope this helps.

  2. I have just brought the new Rave 4 replacing my old one. The extra space is excellent and the car just as good as the last one. I am however very disappointed to read of the promises over the spare wheel as this has also been a big issue with myself. I too have been promised the spare kit will be available within the next few weeks but from the comments Toyota have been long on promises and short on results.
    Toyota need to realise this is a big issue the repair kits are useless for anything more than a slow and if used you write off a tyre that can be repaired. When are we going to get the spare that was promised??

    1. Hello Peter
      Thanks for your post and good to hear about your new RAV4.
      We are sorry for the lack of clarity over the availability of space saver wheels with the new RAV4 and would like to thank you for your loyalty.
      Over the last 6 months we’ve worked extremely hard to resolve the issue of providing an alternative solution to the Tyre Repair Kit. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to resolve it to our satisfaction. The root of the problem is that there is not enough supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet our requirements. We are working hard to resolve this situation and should have more news towards the end of this year. We are sorry for the time this is taking. In the meantime our Customer Relations team will be acting as main point of contact for those customers who have further questions or concerns. They can be contacted on 01737 367600.

    1. Hi John,
      The new RAV4 has one 12V socket that’s located in the centre arm-rest between the driver and passenger seats.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi – Laura Wilson or anyone — I have a May registered AWD Icon Rav4 — I’ve contacted customer relations – despite this being my 4th Toyota at 32 years old they still won’t supply me with a spare tyre .. has anyone an update please? thank you – Gerard –

    1. Hi Gerard,
      We are really sorry for any confusion or previous lack of clarity regarding the availability of space saver wheels for the new RAV4. We are aware of some negative comments and doubts some customers have about the Tyre Repair Kit (TRK) supplied as standard with this model.
      Regrettably, and despite previous communication, at this moment in time we are not able to offer a spare space saver wheel and tyre for the RAV4 either as standard or as an accessory option. The main issue is the supply of space saver tyres to reliably meet requirements. We will review this situation again at the end of the year. A full size spare is not an option as the storage well is not designed to accommodate or safely secure it in place.
      Full size spare wheels and tyres are, however, available from Toyota Dealers should customers wish to purchase them but are not supplied as an alternative.
      For further advice and information on TRK please view the following video:
      Once again we apologise for any confusion or dissatisfaction regarding TRK. As always, Toyota Dealers remain the main point of contact for any further questions or concerns. Alternatively, Toyota Customer Relations will be happy to advise and can be contacted on 01737 36 7600.
      Many thanks, and kind regards.

    2. Gerard

      sorry to hear about your problems with not being able to get a space saver. It would appear a number of people have bought the new RAV on the promise of a space saver at a later date.
      My RAV4 invincible arrived in early July complete with space saver. When ordering I said to the dealer that I was only interested in changing my Mark 3 RAV (with spare wheel) if it came with a space saver and this was written in the contract prior to me signing .
      The tyre well has no carpet and there is a metal bracket welded to the well floor to hold the space saver down. Was the offer of a space saver at a later date a serious option considering you would need the bracket to be retrofitted.
      I would discuss further with your dealer

  4. It’s worth contacting the Customer Relations team. They were very helpful.

    My dealer is going to supply me with a spare wheel in July as a result of the Customer Relations team contacting them.

  5. I have just returned from California my hire car happened to be a new RAV 4 almost the same and my own recent purchase. It had a space saver spare and a jack. I called into a dealership and check ed if this was standard. Their showroom model also contained both. So when will I be getting mine , it now June and I was promised them this month when I bought the car.

    1. Hi Colin,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      We advise speaking with our Customer Relations team as they’ll be able to investigate this further for you. Please find their contact details here:
      Many thanks.

  6. I agree the rav 4 should have a spare wheel. I am in the middle of a flat tyre crisis. They are supposed to have tyres that keep going so you can get to a garage. In my case no. Flat as a pancake. Sealant and compressor did not work. Am now awaiting RAC. This should not happen!

    All manufacturers please take note. A spare wheel is preferable to extra space. What are you thinking of?

  7. Re Amy’s reply from 17:36 today (29 April).

    I hear what you say about the Invincible range, but it is a pity that it does not include a petrol engined version. If it did I would have bought one. I haven’t because diesel engines, with the potential particulate filter problems, are not for me.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for sharing your views here. As we say, customer feedback is vital in model developments and so welcomed.
      We’ll be sure to pass this on to our Product team.
      Have a lovely week.

  8. Hi,

    Is there an explanation why an electric drivers seat is fitted but without the memory function? Along with voice control for phones not being standard I find this ludicrous – Based on changing a 6 year old car to a Rav 4 Invincible it seems a lot of compromises and penny pinching has gone on.

    1. Good afternoon,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us regarding the new RAV4 specification.
      We put a huge focus on trying to find the balance between specification levels and competitive pricing. Customer feedback is central to this process and in the case of the new RAV we offer three grades to try and best accommodate customer preference and requirements.
      There are times however when certain features and specification levels are not in line with some customer expectations. The new RAV4 Invincible grade comes with Smart Entry and Smart Start system, full leather seats, heated front seats, driver’s seat power adjustment, roof rails and rear parking sensors which are over and above the mid Icon grade. Interestingly the RAV4 Invincible has proved to be our top selling grade since the launch so it does appear we have just about got things right.
      However, we take your points on board. As such and as we do with all customer feedback, your comments have been passed onto our Product team for consideration in future RAV4 developments.
      We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback.
      Kind regards.

  9. Why oh why does the new RAV4 not have a spare wheel? The aerosol can is useless for 90% of punctures (and all blowouts). In every other way the RAV4 is great, but will not consider another one without a spare wheel

    1. Hello Colin,
      Alternatives to the Tyre Repair Kit are available for the New RAV4. Please either contact your Toyota Dealer or our Customer Relations team to discuss your options further. Here are the contact details for Customer Relations:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  10. Hi Oliwer

    Do you have any response to my issue with the phone, it is driving me nuts having all the extra numbers in the phonebook.

    You did say in your previous post to let you know and you would take a further look into it.

  11. Hi Richard,
    I too have recently taken delivery of a RAV4 Invincible and in the main I am delighted with the car.

    I wish you luck getting a straight answer from Toyota regarding the retrospective supply of the spare wheel. Toyota are pushing the issue back to the dealers and no one will give me a straight answer to the question of whether early purchasers without the spare wheel will be supplied with one FOC when they arrive in July.

    I’ve spent £50k with my dealer in the last 6 weeks and have to hope that between them and Toyota I’m not disappointed and left with a ‘lemon’, or expected to find some hundreds of pounds for something that they now admit should have been there in the first place.

    My recommendation is that prospective buyers before the new spec arrives should establish.their position in writing before ordering.

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for your post and it’s great to hear that you’ve got your New RAV4 Invincible!
      As you will have read, and as you say in your post, the solution is with the Dealer network. That said, the Customer Relations team at Toyota HQ are working with Dealers on this issue and if you have anything you’d like to raise above and beyond your Dealer, we recommend you get in touch with them. Their contact details are here: They’ll happily help you!
      Wishing you a lovely weekend, best wishes.

  12. Hi Oliwer

    Further to my post about the phone book. There are no numbers in the sim card with the only numbers being in the phone itself. What I have found is that the duplicates are current listings but in some cases back to front. For example showing Richard Morrison and also showing a truncated Morrison, Rich.

    I have tried remove the phone from the list, de-pairing it, reparing it and the same list comes back. It appears that the system is holding the list in memory when the phone is removed and when the phone is paired again it says I know that phone and returns the previously held list not a refreshed list from just the phone.

    My problem is that I cannot remove the list at all not just individual phone numbers.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thank you for checking again but sorry you’ve had to come back as it’s still not sorted.
      I’ve just spoken with the technical department. I realise you’ve already seen your Dealer about this however, at this stage they are best placed to help. This is simply due to the fact that they’ll be able to get their hands on the car and, more importantly, can try pairing your phone to another vehicle to help investigate where the issue may lie. It’s difficult to look into this further online, for which I apologise but hope you can understand.
      Many thanks and we wish you a good weekend.

  13. Hi

    I have just taken delivery of my new Rav4 Invincible. One of the issues for me is that of the spare wheel which I note from the blog should be available from July. I assume that this will fit into my new Rav in the underfloor section?

    In addition, can you tell me how to remove spurious phone numbers from the phone book? I have tried refreshing/deleting the pairing and repairing the phone but the numbers reappear in the phonebook even though they have been removed from the phone. The dealership do not have an answer.

    1. Hello Richard,
      Thank you for your message, great news to hear you’ve got your new RAV4!
      With regard to the alternative to the TRK, your Dealer will take care of discussing options and fitting for you. Please speak directly with them.
      You may be seeing these numbers on your system due to having numbers stored on your SIM card, rather than your phone. We’ll happily take a further look for you, if this doesn’t help, just let us know.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

    1. As much as the manual states how to operate the Auto High Beam, the feature isn’t available. However, the official specs state the “Follow me home” is standard, and I can’t make that work either …

  14. The brochure for new Rav 4 says Touch and Go PLUS is available as an accessory. There is also a button on steering wheel for voice recognition.

    However, I cannot find details of pricing on this.

    Is Touch and Go PLUS available on petrol Rav 4 Icon model?

    1. Hi David,
      The Touch and Go Plus is available as an option on the new RAV4 Icon and Invincible grades.
      The voice recognition button is standard on the new RAV4 but will only work where Touch and Go Plus is installed.
      We are currently looking into the price of this option for you and will let you know once we have confirmed.
      Have a lovely weekend and please let us know if we can help with anything further.
      Kind regards.

    2. Hi David,
      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
      As discussed, the Touch and Go Plus will be available as an option on the new RAV4 Icon and Invincible grades. The cost of this is £950.
      We hope this helps.

  15. You are almost there on the spare tyre issue, just offer a full sized spare as a reasonable priced option as there is space for it and in some markets outside UK they are standard. Land Rover manage to do it for their models!

  16. I have taken delivery of a new rav 4 icon yesterday, have had several suv s’ considered crv and vw but yours came out best for my purposes. I cannot manage in the scottish forests without a spare tyre/ space saver gives some reasurance.I presume that my 13 reg car will be provided with one FOC when they become available in July.

    1. Hi Colin,
      We’re delighted you’ve got your new RAV4. We’re hoping to start seeing a lot more of them on UK roads now delivery has started.
      Customer Relations here, at Toyota HQ, will happily help you with this, please contact them here:
      Kind regards.

      1. my new rav4 ( my third) will be delivered next week. There is space for a spare wheel. can a full size spare be provided or do I need to buy it from my Canadian cousin ??

        1. Hi Andrew,
          Very exciting news about your new Rav4!
          Your Dealer will be best placed to advise on the fitting of a spare wheel, as they should be able to provide a local option for you. You can find their details here:
          Thank you for your loyalty and we look forward to hearing about your new Rav4 once it has been delivered.

  17. Wow from reading all the blogs regarding the lack of a spare wheel on the RAV4 Im sure a book could be written about how ineffective the repair kit is. My RAV4 is coming up to 1 year old and I have been trying to buy a spare wheels in case of a puncture but there are so many conflicting reports about using a different wheel to the ones fitted such as ‘ it will affect the 4wheel drive’ and the sability of the steering will be affected etc I decided to approach my Toyota Dealer with regards to purchasing a new alloy and tyre. I was quoted nearly £500. It will be interesting to see what they will charge for a saver wheel when it becomes available in July 2013

    1. Hi Barrie,
      Thank you for raising your concerns with us and we are sorry to hear of your disappointment.
      We suggest speaking with our Customer Relations team, who’ll be able to help you further. You can find their contact details here:
      The space saver will be standard specification from July 2013 on New RAV4 so will be included in the cost of the vehicle.
      Kind regards.

  18. I can perhaps understand the tyre repair kit/spare wheel decision based upon economy etc.

    I am at a loss as to why a the new RAV 4×4 ‘utility’ vehicle now has only one 12v accessory socket in the dashboard. A socket in the load area is standard in most SUV’s and estates these days.

    Seems difficult to believe that customers surveyed said that they didn’t want one?

    On a £30k Invincible this is penny pinching and an inconvenience enough to dissuade potential buyers.

    1. hi Laurie,
      Thank you for your feedback, we will pass this on to our RAV4 product team. The New RAV4 has been built to offer customers the best spec possible for the cost, but we do appreciate that some customers may have the need for an extra socket.
      Many thanks.

  19. For those that haven’t seen this. An email was sent from Toyota yesterday in regards to the Space Saver Wheel:-

    Dear SimonM

    As someone who took the time to talk to us about the launch of the new Toyota RAV4, we wanted to let you know that we’ve been listening to your comments.

    As you’ll know, the Tyre Repair Kit (TRK) has proved a pretty controversial offering among some of you, and as such we’ve been working hard to provide an alternative.

    As a direct result of your views, we’ve decided to make a Temporary Wheel (Space Saver) available. We wanted you to be the first to know.

    This will be offered as standard from July this year.

    We’d like to thank you for your feedback.

    If you have any further thoughts, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

    With our best wishes,

    Oliwer and Amy
    Toyota Social

    1. Hi,

      “This will be offered as standard from July this year”

      Does this mean that the loyal customers who have already ordered vehicles (an Invincible in my case) will be retrofitted FOC?

      1. Hi again Laurie,
        We are currently working on a solution for those customers who, as you say, placed an order before the space saver was offered.
        It’s likely that your Dealer will be able to support this however, once we have confirmation on this, we’ll let you know. It’s worth speaking with them too as they may be able to offer you a solution with an order.
        Many thanks and kind regards.

    1. Hi Mark,
      The new RAV4 Icon comes with the Beaumont Black Cloth seat trim as standard. Leather is available as an option on both the Active and Icon grades. The Icon also has a leather steering wheel, gear shift, insert panel and door trim as standard.
      Thanks for your question.

  20. Regarding the lack of a spare wheel in the new RAV4, you keep telling us they will carry a Tyre Repair Kit. Did you not see the excellent report on TV (I think it was on BBC’s Watchdog) which showed how useless these Tyre Repair Kits are? They generally don’t work and if you attempt to use one it renders the tyre so damaged that it has to be replaced anyway. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to find the puncture let alone repair it. Surely Toyota’s engineers/designers could have foreseen these problems?? If they didn’t, it’s a worry.
    I have had my RAV4 since 2003 during which time the spare wheel on the back has been used twice. I wanted to buy one of the new RAV4s but will only do so if it comes with a spare wheel.
    Incidentally, why do the Americans get one, but not us in the UK?

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your message and loyalty to Toyota!
      Customer demand for better fuel efficiency, more boot space and lower vehicle prices has led to the motor industry offering either tyre repair kits or space savers in their vehicles. As you will know, we are taking customer’s feedback from this blog post and working to provide a solution other than the tyre repair kit. Once we have confirmation of what this will be we’ll announce this on the blog.
      Many thanks.

  21. I had terrible experience on French motorway in dark and rain when tyre shredded and there was no spare. Have toyota gone mad with not even a bicycle wheel?

  22. What is the boot capacity with the seats down. Like others, keen but now not sure because of the lack of spare tyre. Needs sorting asap guys.

    1. Hi Ash,
      The boot capacity of the new RAV4 with the back seats folded down is 1.846m3.
      We are taking all feedback regarding spare tyres seriously and will pass your comments onto Product Marketing to assist in their investigations.
      Many thanks for taking the time to write to us.

  23. Would have loved to consider this but again i believe toyota will lose many sales due no spare wheel option – i believe in this class of car most people would be prepared to accept the trade off of having a spare reassurance against that of a can of gloop when a puncture arrives….

    1. Hi Mark,
      The black is metallic on the new Toyota RAV4. Let us know if you need anything else.
      Many thanks!

  24. hi, what sort of sun roof does the invincible model has? is it tiltable panoramic sun roof or not?

    For the uk specs, how soon will the car be available if an order is placed now

    1. Hi Ade,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The sunroof is an optional extra, this is a standard sunroof and not panoramic.
      You can place an order now and deliveries are from March, however delivery times will vary so this will need to be confirmed with your Dealer.
      We will be sure to update you with the latest information and imagery as it is released.
      Many thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Great news on your order for the new RAV4!
      Yes a USB port comes as standard alongside AUX and MP3.
      Many thanks for getting in touch and we hope this helps.

  25. I like many other RAV4 owners would prefer to have a spair wheel. I have heard that they are being deleted to save weight to improve petrol consumption and lower emmisions. Are there figures to subsantiate this or is it just a marketing ploy?

    1. Hi Bryan,
      We are taking on board that customers would prefer to have a spare wheel and will work with our Product Marketing department to see what we can do to help. We can’t guarantee anything here but we certainly are taking the comments we have received here seriously.
      It’s true to say that the car is more efficient and ligher than previous models due to work Toyota have done on space and weight saving. There not being a spare wheel, in this respect, plays a part in lowering the car’s weight. As and when we have detailed figures we’ll share them on the blog.
      Do hope this helps, many thanks.

  26. I had a Rav 4 T180 with run flat tyres which I kept less than 6 months due to issues with tyre replacement. A terrible experience after owning two very good earler Rav 4 models. I would buy a new Rav 4 Invinceable but if it does not have a proper spare I shall reluctantly have to look elsewhere. I live in Scotland and tyre replacement can be a difficult matter if 100 miles from a suitable garage. I presently own a Landcruiser which is the best car I have ever owned but the fuel/VED costs are exhorbitant.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      We are sorry to hear of your experience. The new RAV4 comes with a Tyre Repair Kit however our Product Marketing department are currently looking into offering the option to purchase either a temporary wheel or a full sized spare wheel, although we are unable to confirm at this stage.
      We are taking customer feedback on this matter seriously and are grateful for your comments.
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  27. is it just me, or does it look like Toyota did not ask it’s customers / potential customers if they wanted a spare wheel or not?
    I have yet to find anyone with the opinion “oh I would love to have a tyre repair kit instead of a full size spare / tempory spare wheel”

    Everyone wants a spare wheel.
    No one wants a tyre repair kit.

    So Toyota, did you ask your client base for their opinion? I think not.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your post. The decision to introduce tyre repair kits rather than provide spare wheels and tyres, is the result of many factors and very much in line with the direction most manufacturers are now taking. The primary influences are design compromises, costs, and weight but also feedback from owners’ experiences of fitting the spare wheel in the ‘traditional’ way.
      The ‘voice of the customer’ is central to the development of our new products and solutions and this is demonstrated in our current investigations to introduce a temporary wheel as an option.
      Thanks again for your comments.

  28. In the interest of accuracy can you clarify spare tyre/wheel availability?
    Some replies say no some say yes-spare tyre.
    I have just watched the Autoexpress Youtube LA Show vid and it shows a spare wheel in the boot well.
    So will the Uk car boot well take a space saver or full size wheel irrespective of whether it is Toyota supplied?
    I hope Toyota realise how much of a deal breaker this can be, speaking as a previous owner of 4 RAV4s but now Subaru thinking of returning to the 2013 RAV4 however no spare wheel capacity no sale.

    1. Hi Wade,
      Thanks for your post.
      The new RAV4 comes with a tyre repair kit as standard, there is no spare wheel with the car.
      The model at the LA Show was for the US market, which differs to that available in the UK.
      We’re, naturally, delighted to hear that you’re a previous RAV4 owner and hope you are able to consider it for your next car.
      Many thanks.

  29. Was almost, just almost going to buy a usedToureg, as I couldn’t find anything in between my 10Plate Rav 4 and a Landcruiser, which I can’t afford.
    Quite excited to have stumbled across this in a last check of your website. I sometimes tow horses – need to know please.
    1. Does it have a spare tyre now, instead of repair kit?
    2. What is max towing capacity and what is the weight of the car itself.
    3. is the Amercican 2.5 diesel motor available here?

    Look forward to your reply..

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Neilan,
      Thanks for your post and interest in the new RAV4!
      To answer your questions as follows:
      1. The new model comes with a Tyre Repair Kit in order to maximise space and efficiency. A replacement tyre can be purchased from a Toyota Dealer if required.
      2. The maximum towing capacity and curb weights (the total weight of the vehicle which can vary dependent on the amount of liquid stored i.e. fuel) are as follows:
      a) 2.2d AWD Auto – Curb Weight from 1645kg – 1735kg
      Towing Capacity – 1800kg

      b) 2.2d AWD Man – Curb Weight from 1605kg – 1710kg
      Towing Capacity – 2000kg

      c) 2.0d 2WD Man – Curb Weight from 1535kg – 1605kg
      Towing Capacity – 1600kg

      3. The American 2.5 diesel motor is not available and there are no plans currently to introduce.
      We hope this information helps you and thanks again for getting in touch.

  30. Amy
    The reason I have not replaced my 06 RAV4 is the lack of a spare wheel.

    Have Toyota UK decided if the UK spec models will have a spare?
    I note you have not replied to paul lemuel comments. Hope thats not a bad sign

    1. Hi robbo,
      The new Toyota RAV4 will have a tyre repair kit on-board. A spare wheel increases weight and takes up space and as such Toyota have omitted this from the new model.
      We’re sorry, that’s not the answer you were hoping for but do ask if you have any further questions.
      Our best.

      1. Will it be possible to purchase at least a space-saver spare wheel as an option? This, I am sure, would be a popular choice for those of us who prefer the comfort of having a spare wheel rather than the repair kits.

        1. Hi Michael,
          Unfortunately, the new RAV4 will not have a space saver as an option. There will be the option to purchase a replacement tyre from a Toyota Dealer should this be required.
          Thanks again for your question.

          1. My current Rav looks like being my last. I was ready to place an order with the excellent Manfield/Ilkeston but no spare wheel, no sale.

          2. Hi Pete,
            We’re very sorry to read that however you may be interested to learn that we’re discussing options for a space saver / spare wheel for the RAV4. We can’t guarantee anything here now but our Product Marketing team have taken our customer’s feedback on board and we’ll update you once we know more.
            If you’ve any further questions we’d very much like to hear from you.
            Kind regards.

      2. Oliwer
        Thanks for your reply. I am very disappointed that Toyota UK are not going to include a spare in the UK specification unlike the USA and other markets. You must loose a lot of sales because of this.

        I have been a loyal Toyota 4×4 owner for 20 + years ( Tercel, Corolla, RAV mark 1, Colorado and now RAV mark 3 with spare wheel but a tyre repair kit is a no no.

        Will a spare wheel option be available at a extra cost as clearly the car is designed to have one?


        1. Hi Keith,
          We are sorry to hear of your disappointment.
          A spare wheel unfortunately will not be available as an option but a replacement tyre can be purchased from a Toyota dealer if required.
          We do recommend discussing this further with your Local Dealer.
          Many thanks and kind regards.

          1. Hi Keith,
            There is not a spare wheel available as an option.
            We suggest speaking with your Local Dealer who will be able to discuss this further with you.
            Many thanks.

  31. We’ll most likely be buying the new version, which will make it our 3rd rav4 so far (4th toyota), but I wish there was more technical information available to give me a good value proposition comparison to other makes/models. For example, what are the MPG ranges, what are the 0-60 times on the different engines, what are the optional extras and models etc…

    Even if the few examples above could be answered this would greatly help.

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thank you for your interest in the new RAV4 and your Toyota loyalty!
      This information will be released very soon and we will be sure to update you here on the Toyota blog as soon as it’s available.
      Thanks again and kind regards.

  32. – will the new Rav 4 be upgraded to the new BMW diesel engineQashqai?

    – will the new Rav 4 get a “2 jump seats” in the back version, as Qashqai+2? Deal breaker for me if not.


    1. Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for your questions.
      – The new RAV4 will not be sold with the BMW diesel engine, to find out more about this partnership please see our post here:
      – There is not an option to have jump seats fitted in the new RAV4.
      We’re sorry this is not the information you were hoping for. We will continue to update you on the latest new model information here on the Toyota blog.
      Thanks again for getting in touch.

  33. Hope it doesn’t handle like a lame shire horse like the last model. It’s about time Toyota delivered a mid-sized SUV that is actually fun to drive.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Your Local Dealer is able to take orders for the New RAV4 now, with registrations taking place from March 2013. The new model will be on display in showrooms from February 2013.
      Thanks for your question and we hope this helps.

  34. I hope the madness of the RAV4 not having a spare wheel will not continue into the new model. If it has one I will probably buy.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your question.
      The new RAV4 will only be available as a 5 door option.
      We’re sorry this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, we have passed this feedback onto our Product Marketing department.
      Thanks again for getting in touch.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      A sunroof will be available as a factory fit option at an additional cost. Your Local Dealer will be able to provide more information:
      We hope this helps!

    1. Hi Daryo,
      Thank you for your post.
      The 2.0 diesel engine is only available with a manual transmission. The 2.0 petrol offers a CVT transmission and the 2.2 diesel has an automatic and manual transmission.
      We hope this information helps you.

  35. I do hope that the 2013 Rav4 will include a petrol engined, “proper” auto box for the UK market with all wheel drive and a high grade specification, not just a low grade two wheel drive with a bog standard spec! If the latter, I for one will not buy one.

  36. Statement from Toyota:-

    “But there will always be a decision to be made about the balance between investment and customer demand, and I can say that a RAV4 Hybrid is not in development at the moment.”

    Real shame, I would have ordered one if it were available as a Hybrid, maybe have to wait for the Lexus NX300h Compact SUV in a couple of years.

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