Toyota Yaris Hybrid singing advert

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid advert encourages you to sing up

It’s always fun to be driving, or be a passenger in a car, when a good tune – or ‘choon’ if we’re talking ‘yoof’ – comes on the radio, and the latest Toyota Yaris Hybrid TV advert is built around this idea.

Entitled ‘The Musical City’, the ad sees urbanites taking to the wheel of a Yaris Hybrid Excel and navigating their way through the streets of Prague, but every street sign has been changed to reflect the names of classic pop and rock songs.

To encourage the drivers and their passengers to sing along, the Yaris Hybrid stereo was connected to the GPS system and each time the car turned a corner, it triggered a new song according to the street name. The drivers had the opportunity to choose what to sing by choosing which route to drive.

Despite being developed solely for Europe, the advert’s karaoke theme can be interpreted as a subtle reference to Japanese culture, as the activity originated in Japan in the 1970s.

The full list of songs, as they appear in the advert is:

Uptown Girl, Billy Joel, 1983
Locked Out of Heaven, Bruno Mars, 2012
Karma Chameleon, Culture Club, 1982
Heart of Glass, Blondie, 1978
I Like To Move It, Reel 2 Real, 1994
Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler, 1983

Now pump up the volume of your speakers and give The Musical City a watch – we accept no responsibility for any bad renditions of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ which may befall you or your friends…

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Where next?

The 2014 Yaris range is available now, priced from £9,995*. Further information is available on the designated section of the Toyota UK website. If you would like to arrange a test drive, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

By Eliott Farr

*Price correct at time of writing.

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    1. Hi Marcus, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry – we’re unable to provide this information due to data protection legislation.

  1. This is a very dangerous advert appearing to encourage young people to sing loudly when trying to drive, instead of concentrating on driving carefully, safely and calmly.

    I hope it has now been removed.

  2. Disgraceful ad. Dangerous driving. No surprise it’s been banned. I’m a lifelong Toyota driver and will continue to be, but this ad absolutely promotes irresponsible driving an

    1. Thank you for your post John.
      We have incorporated the feedback from the ASA to amend this advert if it is used in the future.

    2. Get a Life …’s just a tongue in cheek ad.
      Some people are just so politically correct these days.
      Bet your a right party pooper !!

  3. What does a load of people screaming in various versions of your car have to do with selling cars that ad makes me reach for the remote and would never entice me to buy one of your cars. Loot at the new Audi ad. That’s the way to sell cars. Appeal to us. Don’t deafening us

    1. Hi Elizabet,

      Thanks for your comment. We understand that the advert isn’t for everybody, it has polarised opinions that’s for sure! The idea behind the advert is that the Yaris is just so good to drive around town, it makes you want to sing. All manufacturers have differing advertising styles and that’s what makes the industry so rich with variation. Every manufacturer has their own direction which appeals to their target audience. We appreciate that you may dislike it but we don’t suggest ruling a car out completely just on the advert!

  4. The singing carload of morons. This is the most irritating and annoying ad on TV and I can only imagine that it would put potential buyers off Toyota for life.
    Please please take it off and put on a proper ad

      1. Hi Kelly, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We’re sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the advert – we’ll pass your comments to our advertising department. Thanks again for your feedback.

    1. Hi Tracey, thank you for taking the time to contact us. It’s great to hear you’re a fan of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid advert! We’d love to see a picture of your Toyota Aygo – ICE! Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook page (Toyota UK). Thanks again!

    1. Hello Donald
      We will need to double check this but do you mean the man in the beige top punching the air after seven seconds?

  5. That has got to be one of the most toe curling ads I have ever seen…
    Shocking…shocking and shocking..

    How can you get it soo wrong…..

  6. I was just about to test drive a brand new yaris hybrid until Toyota Derby yesterday handed me an invoice of £365.53 to replace an airbag on a 5 year old IQ with full dealer service history. It isn’t even a wear and tear part, so cheers for that.

    1. Hi James
      Thanks for your post and sorry to learn of your disappointment with your iQ.
      We can see that you have also completed the contact us form which means that our customer relations team will be looking into this further and will therefore be in direct contact with you.

  7. I think your advert is brilliant and I do think that no matter what you do people will always find ways to moan about something but they are the minority I am certain. Its and advert not real life folks just like the Guinness adverts that shows horses coming out of the sea…use your imagination and try to be a little more artistic in your views. Failing that, GET A LIFE!!!

  8. Totally irresponsible to have these people singing out of tune karaoke in shouty voices 😉 What is the title of the song they are trying to sing? Vaguely familiar but too much caterwauling to identify it. – Also more seriously, it does seem to promote careless driving, not driving with due care and attention.

  9. I cannot believe l saw a girl with her eyes shut whilst driving a car!! Toyota, you are clowns – what were you thinking?????? I agree with the other comments, this ad is irresponsible.

  10. I hate this advert so much, The crappy song (Bruno Mars) the pathetic cretins trying to sing along to it.
    I wouldn’t buy the car if you offerred it to me for £1 – I hate the advert SO MUCH!

  11. The most annoying advert ever! A bunch of uncomfortable foreigners screaming the song as they can barely speak English. Don’t use foreigners to save money Toyota!

  12. I really disagree with this add – it’s like monkeys would be driving the car, irresponsible, a stupid image transmitted!
    Driving should be fun, but it isn’t a game either – too many people die from drivers not paying attention

  13. Why do they always film cars in exotic locations abroad ? Think you can fool the British public get real and film in Edmonton or somewhere it is so fake

  14. There can never be any excuse for portraying irresponsible driving as “fun”. To underestimate the influence of television is naive, otherwise why do companies spend millions using that medium.

  15. Ask the emergency services how often they are called out to accidents involving people who thought it was ok to behave just like this advert shows, until their lack of concentration and road-awareness resulted in disaster. And yes, I have complained to AS A about this ad, I think it is foolhardy to believe that it doesn’t encourage irresponsible behaviour on our roads.

  16. Agree with comments. Irresponsible showing by Toyota of how not to drive a car. The last woman on the advert singing out loud whilst driving with her eyes shut is shocking. I have complained to the ASA too. Even on Toyota’s website here, if you click on article, one of the montage picture’s is the woman driving with her eyes shut!

  17. Well, I think it is truly irresponsible! My husband was a driving instructor & he thinks the same! Obviously none of them in the cars are concentrating one iota on the serious business of driving safely.
    It’s crazy to show this ad making youngsters believe it is the norm to yell at the tops of their voices totally ignoring road conditions & other traffic. Already there are too many young drivers killed on the roads.
    Toyota – you should be ashamed for showing it.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We would like to reassure you that as supporters of the CAP Code, and a responsible car manufacturer Toyota does not in anyway condone or encourage unsafe or irresponsible driving.
      The Yaris hybrid sing advert was created as a visualisation of the insight that Toyota hybrids are fun to drive, so much fun in fact that you can’t help but sing. When creating the advert we worked in conjunction with the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure all driving footage adhered to strict regulations and that a high level of due care and attention was given by the drivers.
      Thank you for your comments, we will pass them onto our advertising department. Thanks again!

  18. I agree with most comments and in fact I was in the process of writing to Toyota when I came across this site. The final driver actually has her eyes shut while she is singing. I know it’s only an advert, but the point of ads is that people take notice of them.

  19. This advert is a mixed bag… I can see the fun side of driving around beautiful Prague Castle area but the self-absorbed way of driving is stupid, and like some other said quite dangerous. Not impressed.

  20. Well…seems I am not the only one who thinks this advert is totally irresponsible. I’ve reported it to the ASA. For those implying the complainants are overreacting…newly qualified young drivers, are often very impressionable and can be easily influenced into carrying on whilst driving in a car full of their mates. This advert is showing these inexperienced drivers that this behaviour is perfectly acceptable and the fun way to drive.

    Yes, some people will drive recklessly on the road regardless of having seen this advert, however, this advert still should not be promoting dangerous driving!!

    Shame on you Toyota.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with everyone who says this advert should be dropped – totally wrong to show these young people acting in this way while driving.
      No concentration whatsoever from any of them.

  21. Love this advert – and the Yaris – and Prague!!

    But for crying out loud…

    Some people are really taking this ADVERT way too seriously!
    It’s not meant to be a documentary on safe driving or an instruction video on how to drive and sing at the same time. It’s simply a short film to suggest that driving this car may be enjoyable, no more than that..

    How you drive, well or otherwise, is up to your own common sense and conscience and nothing to do with a simple ad.

  22. It’s an ad. It does not reflect a message that you should drive this way. Responsible drivers will remain so and the irresponsible will also until they wake up or are made to do so by the police and others. The ad is meant to be fun as driving can be even when you take care. I like the ad and cannot believe that some people think it encourages poor and in attentive driving.

  23. your advert really sets a bad example on how to drive safely.
    if every driver drove while singing, the insurance companies would certainly be busy.
    get a grip Toyota and SET A GOOD EXAMPLE

  24. the ad reminds me of a holiday in Prague stayed in the old town on that road up to the castle. Lovely
    The Golden Wheel
    Nerudova 28

  25. Clearly the singing adverts are based on fantasy. Someone who chooses a Toyota would have any sense of fun, enjoyment or joy. You chose a Toyota!! Haha! Pathetic and annoying adverts. Please get rid of them.

  26. Only senseless people who believe that TV ads help make people drive irresponsible. Before this advertisement was created people were driving irresponsibly without any coercion. Its only people lacking common sense that drive like idiots on the street. By complaining to ‘ASA’ that this ad promotes reckless driving is insane. Only stupid people drive recklessly and those who blame others for many such behaviours always look for scapegoats and will never learn responsibility….stop looking for excuses!

  27. Very irresponsible of toyota, you say you are not condoning reckless driving but clearly you are. I was knocked off my motorcycle by a driver who shot a red light as he was playing around with his radio stations. This was six months ago and i still cannot walk, wash myself, work or support my family.
    Get a grip toyota and stop showing examples of driving without due care and attention, believe me it is not fun being on the recieving end of a careless driver.

  28. I have just seen this advert and think it is really irresponsible of Toyota. We have had a number of fatal accidents involving young drivers in my area and this advert was certainly not encouraging safe driving. One lady has her eyes shut whilst driving and others appear to be looking all over the place and not on the road. The ad should be withdrawn and Toyota should go back yo the drawing board.

  29. This ad is so dangerous. People are killed every day due to lack of attention to the road. This ad does not make me want to own a Toyota

  30. You people must realise that people arent going to drive around perfectly impersonating the people in the advert, you realise young people wont listen to much music like that either.

  31. This is a bad advert…it encourages people, and it shows young people, to sing and have fun rather than to concentrate on the road, which is what they SHOULD be doing. Not impressed by this advert and I am disappointed in Toyota.

  32. I’ve complained to the ASA as well. Think the advert is absolutely idiotic. One woman has her eyes shut. There’s always programmes trying to get young & old to drive with more care & Toyota come along with this ad which is blatantly encouraging people to dance & mess about whilst driving. Bonkers.

    1. Hello Angie
      Thanks for your post.
      We would like to reassure you that Toyota take this matter very seriously and would like to stress that as supporters of the CAP Code, and a responsible car manufacturer Toyota does not in anyway condone or encourage unsafe or irresponsible driving. The Yaris hybrid sing advert was created as a visualisation of the insight that Toyota hybrids are fun to drive, so much fun in fact that you can’t help but sing. When creating the advert we worked in conjunction with the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure all driving footage adhered to strict regulations and that a high level of due care and attention was given by the drivers.
      We will of course abide by any comments made by the ASA.

        1. Hi Inco
          The idea behind the advert was simply based on the story about people singing in their cars. The advert was also changed to address concerns but we would only ever promote safe driving.

          1. Thanks. Yes, I think everyone can see that the driving lady in the picture at the top-left is having her eyes closed, so good you changed it (although Toyota didn’t admit it according to the site of my link!). Ad should be changed outside UK as well…(maybe the weren’t driving in reality, while making ad)
            Anyway, the scen when they were singing very much resembles that in That’s 70s!

  33. I enjoy playing music in my car, but this advert appears to encourage dangerous behaviour. There are many distractions whilst driving and encouraging drivers to behave like this is totally irresponsible. I am really surprised and disappointed that Toyota has sanctioned this just to flog cars to young people.

  34. *New Toyota Yaris Hybrid advert encourages you to sing up* – and drive without due care and attention which is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 in the UK.

  35. I have made a formal complaint to ASA regarding the TV advert for this model. To encourage drivers to sing and mess around when driving is shocking. I’m sure those who have lost family members as a result of careless driving don’t find this campaign amusing.

    1. Hello Torey
      Thank you for your post and for making us aware of your course of action.
      We can assure you that in no way would we advocate or condone careless driving and we do not set out to promote this. We will of course examine very carefully any feedback we receive from the ASA.
      Thanks again.

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