Exploring the new Toyota Yaris: TNGA small car platform

The all-new Yaris is the first model to be built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-B modular platform for small cars. It provides the foundation for radically improved dynamic performance, safety and design freedom.

Yaris x TNGA: design and packaging

The exterior design concept of the new Yaris was developed under the theme Condensed and Agile in order to generate a sense that the vehicle is always ready to move and be enjoyed.

New Yaris

Its condensed dimensions set Yaris apart in a market when new cars typically grow larger with each generation

Its condensed dimensions set Yaris apart in a market where new cars typically grow larger with each generation. The new Yaris is actually 5.0mm shorter and 40mm lower than before, while its width and wheelbase have increased by 50mm each. These changes ensure the car is agile and manoeuvrable in city driving and parking, but has a comfortable and roomy interior with no compromise in headroom – the essence of its big-small character. A lower cowl height also contributes to improved forward vision for the driver.

Strong character lines down the side of the car amplify the effect of the condensed proportions and project a sense of forward motion. Powerful quarters and sculpted door panels add to the taut, coherent look, visually confirming the sense of agility and the car’s ready-to-go character.

New Yaris

By pulling the base of the A-pillar rearwards and increasing the bonnet length, the new Yaris presents a more dynamic silhouette. Meanwhile, the way the headlights extend towards the front wheels reduces the perceived length of the front overhang.

Yaris x TNGA: engineered for driving fun

Toyota’s development of TNGA-based platforms has delivered a step-change in the ride, handling and styling of a series of new models. The new GA-B small car platform is therefore central to the enhanced driving enjoyment to be experienced in the new Yaris. Its stability inspires confidence, while its response to driver inputs is natural and precise, leading to a heightened sense of agility.

New Yaris

The combination of compact, low and wide dimensions, as well as improved weight balance across both longitudinal and transverse planes, creates an agile character that is a key part of the model’s emotional appeal. Around town the new Yaris delivers engaging and crisp responses, but when cruising on the open road at speed, its dynamics have been tuned to deliver smooth, relaxing ride comfort.

New Yaris

As with other TNGA-based models, the driver’s sense of control and connection with the car is enhanced by their position at the wheel. The GA-B platform sets the driver’s seat lower than in the current Yaris, which contributes to the new car’s 15mm lower centre of gravity and improved inertia characteristics. The seat is also located 60mm further back, directly over the centre of the car for the most natural feedback. The steering wheel is set closer and at a more sporty angle to the driver for improved ergonomics.

New Yaris

New front MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension designs benefit from reduced friction in the front shock absorbers, softer springs and an 80% increase in rear roll stiffness. These measures further improve the car’s dynamic qualities, reducing body roll in cornering and increasing agility.

The GA-B platform has allowed for a significant increase in body rigidity, which fosters vehicle stability and ride comfort, together with lower noise and vibration levels. The platform’s architecture and upper body have been optimised to include strategic reinforcement in numerous areas, as highlighted in blue in the accompanying images.

Details of the UK model range, technical and equipment specifications and prices will be announced in 2020, nearer the on-sale date.
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