Toyota tyre pressure and size guide

Use our guide to determine the size and preferred pressure of your Toyota’s tyres and clear up some frequently asked questions about tyres.

Toyota Land Cruiser

AdBlue: What is it and why do we use it?

AdBlue is the commercial name of a diesel emissions additive used in new 2016 Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser and Proace models. We explore how it works and why it’s used.

Bob Old

Bob Old and his 435,000-mile hybrid

There are plenty of Toyota hybrids that have covered high mileages without skipping a beat, but few have been as far as Bob Old’s Toyota Prius.

Toyota RAV4 restoration: the reveal

We think our first-generation Toyota RAV4 is the finest example in the country. We celebrate its restoration with help from the model’s first UK road test.

find right oil for toyota

Engine oil: What oil for my Toyota?

The right grade of engine oil is vital to keep your Toyota’s engine working at its best. Our online tool will help you find the right oil for your Toyota.

Toyota RAV4 restoration: Part 3

The thorough restoration of our first-generation Toyota RAV4 reaches its conclusion with major bodyshop surgery, new panels and fresh two-tone paintwork.