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Should you fit all-terrain tyres?

How are the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Hilux enhanced by fitting all-terrain tyres, and are they a suitable option for all-year-round use?

Toyota High Mile Club

Got a long-lasting Toyota? Join our High Mile Club and get a free sticker!

Has your Toyota covered an epic mileage? Join the Toyota High Mile Club for an exclusive limited edition sticker.

Toyota Issho – your new car companion

Let us introduce you to Issho, the mascot that represents how Toyota and its customers work together to change the future.

How great is the Hilux?

Just ask a farmer, fencer, road gritter, builder or hunter as the Toyota Hilux is named Working Pick-Up of the Year in the Professional Pick-Up and 4×4 awards.

Toyota tyre pressure and size guide

Use our guide to determine the size and preferred pressure of your Toyota’s tyres and clear up some frequently asked questions about tyres.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): What is it and how does it work?

All new passenger cars sold in the UK should be equipped with a TPMS for each wheel. What do drivers need to know about this safety feature?

How does the Toyota Scrappage Scheme Work?

Toyota GB’s scrappage scheme – what you need to know

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Toyota GB’s Scrappage Scheme.

My Finance

My Finance: How to stay on top of your Toyota finance

Keeping on top of your Toyota finance agreement is easier than ever with the My Finance app. Here’s how to get started.

Toyota C-HR: What option packs are available?

We examine the range of option packs that will accessorise the Toyota C-HR to become a perfect extension of your personality.

2000GT: the Toyota that lived twice

A team of experts working to restore a Toyota 2000GT to pristine condition discovered that at some point in its history a bullet had been fired through the driver’s door.

condensation inside the car

How do you fix condensation inside a car?

Suffering from condensation in the car? Our hints and tips should make misty windows a thing of the past.

4 millionth Auris

Toyota delivers its four millionth British-built car

The four millionth vehicle built by Toyota in the UK has been delivered to its owners. Frederick and Dorothy Burden now have the keys to a very special Auris.