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why service your car at toyota dealer

Toyota service: Have you joined the Toyota 5+ Club?

Toyota invites owners of older models to join its new 5+ Club and enjoy a 20% discount on scheduled servicing and annual MoT tests.

Ravi Paddy 2

When Mk4 Toyota Supra owner Ravi Bansal met Top Gear

When Top Gear needed a Mk4 Supra, the BBC show’s producers got in touch with Ravi Bansal. Find out what happened next.

Jesse Lingard Ian Wright Toyota Celica GT

Footballer Jesse Lingard reveals his love of the 1990 Toyota Celica GT

The classic coupe played an important role in footballer Jesse Lingard’s formative years, as he explains to Ian Wright in a new YouTube film.

Toyota Retro Day

Old-school rules at Toyota Retro Day

This year’s Toyota Retro Day saw 600 enthusiasts and 70 classics make the annual pilgrimage to Carlisle for a unique gathering of old-school Toyota models.

Toyota’s guide to Benefit In Kind (BIK)

Benefit In Kind: What is BIK and what does it mean to company car owners? Our guide deciphers the jargon and explains the potential tax benefits of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Aygo x-trend

Toyota GB’s 2019 scrappage scheme – what you need to know

Got an old banger to trade in? You could get £2,000 off the price of an Aygo or a £2,500 discount on a petrol-powered Yaris via the scrappage scheme.

Toyota People: Joel Clark, hand-cut vinyl artist

An FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser rendered by a hand-cut vinyl artist highlights the work of Joel Clark, a Britsh petrolhead with a keen eye for a strong image.

Meet Hybrid event

Meet Hybrid: your questions about hybrid vehicles answered

Do you have a question about hybrid? Ask us anything about our range of hybrid vehicles at our forthcoming nationwide Meet Hybrid dealer event.

‘Do you do locking whelk nuts?’ Five funny questions we’ve been asked

Occasionally Toyota GB’s customer service team has to deal with some surprising queries. Here are five funny questions we’ve been asked on our website.

Gerard Rogers and Kieran Muldoon

Toyota People: Gerard and Kieran, dedicated job-for-lifers

Dedicating your entire working life to one company is rare these days, so we’re introducing two men with a combined total of almost 75 years of experience for the same dealership!

Toyota GB launches limited edition Supra wrapping paper

Toyota is helping to raise funds for Crisis UK’s Christmas charity appeal with a limited edition seasonal wrapping paper inspired by its all-new Supra sports car.

Should you fit all-terrain tyres?

How are the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Hilux enhanced by fitting all-terrain tyres, and are they a suitable option for all-year-round use?