Prius – a first experience

Last week, I lined up alongside other contributors to take my first turn behind the wheel of our blue Prius.

I was immediately struck by the car’s interior volume; not only could I get all the family pets in on a vets run, it turned out that I still had room for all the children. I’m used to a manual gear change, but it didn’t take me too long to get used to the different automatic driving pedals and knobs – just like driving in the US in fact.

Blue prius from the rear

At first I found it took a while to get the ‘ready’ signal, though it’s fine as long as you aren’t in a mad rush. In fact, after a journey or two I discovered that the Prius driving experience is all about gentle, quiet, comfortable and economical progress from A to B.

I was impressed by the car’s easy handling. It’s light and responsive. The first time the engine cut over to electric when at traffic lights my daughter thought I had stalled, but the peaceful interlude while stationary was great in stop-start traffic.

The constant read out on how my driving was affecting the consumption was fascinating, and it made me feel guilty about putting my foot to the floor. Reversing with the camera view felt like cheating, though it did avoid the usual wrenching of head-over-shoulder. I’m sure I’d get used to it, but if I’m honest I found the constant beeping a little irritating.

Daughter (12) thought it was cool car and wants me to get one.

Can we try the latest model please?

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  1. Hey great post, I love my Prius! Do you have any more news on the 2009 Prius? I’m really looking forward to upgrading but the travelling roadshow isn’t visiting my town =(

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