Professional doodling firm creates Toyota artworks with marker pens

Master drawers at London-based art and animation agency Scriberia have made their mark on Toyota, drawing  a miscellany of technologies, products and philosophies that are synonymous with Toyota the world-over.

The striking artworks went on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March – here’s a closer look at the different elements that each one is comprised of.

EV, hybrid, fuel cell – here’s our powertrain roadmap in cartoon form

Toyota Scriberia Gallery Image 04

Hang 10! The Aygo with x-wave roof is available now

Toyota Scriberia Gallery Image 08

Almost seven million petrol/electric Toyota hybrids have found homes since 1997.

Toyota Scriberia Gallery Image 06

Remember this when the Mirai comes to Britain…

Toyota Scriberia Gallery Image 05

Our championship-winning FIA Endurance racer isn’t just good, it’s TSO40 good!

Toyota Scriberia Gallery Image 03

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