Race Toyota FV2 in mobile app

Toyota FV2 at Geneva motor show
Toyota FV2 at Geneva motor show
Toyota FV2 front static
Toyota FV2 side profile open
Toyota FV2 side profile closed
Toyota FV2 action
Toyota FV2 forest
Toyota FV2 horse
Toyota FV2 race

Did you catch the Toyota FV2 concept making its European debut at the 2014 Geneva motor show?

You can have a sneak preview of the FV2 in a free virtual concept car racing app. The app can be downloaded from either iTunes or Google Play.

In the app you can complete stages, collecting ‘Illuminations’ as you race and grow your FV2. There’s also a real-time championship, where you can compete against other FV2 racers online.

Follow these links to download the app for free.



By Iain Reid

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