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Recall announced for Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prius

Recall affecting approx. 75,000 UK vehicles
Toyota’s commitment to ensuring its vehicles meet the highest safety and quality standards includes detailed monitoring of vehicle performance.

This applies to new vehicles, and to those that have been in use for some time. This rigorous process is successful in alerting us to circumstances where vehicle components or systems do not meet strict standards and allows corrective measures to be taken.

Today (14 November), Toyota GB will register recalls for certain Toyota Avensis and Toyota Corolla models (July 2001 to March 2009) and for Toyota Prius (July 2003 to April 2009) with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).  The models included in this action are not new models currently on sale.

To check whether your car is affected by any recall, please visit the VIN check-up on the Toyota website.

What are the issues?
On certain Toyota Avensis, Corolla and Prius models (July 2001 to April 2009) there is a possibility of an issue with a component in the steering system – prompting a knocking or rattling and possibly a reduction in steering response. In such circumstances, the vehicle will remain safe to drive. There have been nine reported cases of this issue in Europe and no reports of any associated accidents.

Also, on Toyota Prius models there is a possibility the water pump in the hybrid system may fail. Should this happen it will be indicated by a warning light being illuminated on the dashboard. There have been three reported cases in Europe. There are no reported accidents related to this issue.

What will be done?
Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Toyota. Consequently, Toyota has decided to conduct recall activity to replace the hybrid system water pump and check steering shaft performance on the affected cars.

In full compliance with VOSA requirements, Toyota GB will contact the owners of all affected vehicles, asking them to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Toyota dealer. It is possible that some Prius will require attention for both issues.

According to model, the dealer will replace the hybrid system water pump and/or inspect the steering shaft.  If the steering shaft does not meet Toyota inspection criteria, it will be repaired.

The water pump replacement should take no more than an hour and a half. If required, the steering shaft repair should be completed in an hour.  This work will be carried out free of charge.

There is a registration look-up function on the Toyota website ( where owners can check if their vehicle is within the affected range of production.

If owners require additional information they should contact Customer Relations on 0344 701 6202.

(1): Due to insufficient hardness treatment of some of the extension shafts, the splines that connect the extension shaft to the steering gearbox may deform if the steering wheel is frequently and forcefully turned to the full left or full right position while driving at slow speeds.  This deformation may create increased internal clearance and the splines may eventually, over time, wear out. Toyota dealers will inspect the extension shaft to determine if it needs to be replaced and, if confirmed, will replace it. The inspection and repair will take approximately one hour.

(2): There is an electrically driven water pump that circulates coolant through the hybrid components. There is a possibility that the electric motor installed in the water pump may stop functioning, leading to illumination of various warning lights in the instrument panel.  In limited instances, the water pump electric power supply circuit fuse may open, causing the hybrid system to stop while the vehicle is being driven.




Comments (51)

  1. I have completed the recall checker – We have identified that your Toyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall. – But there is no further information on what specifically the recall is for?
    Called a toyota main dealer with regards to the recall and they said that it was just the passenger air bags to be checked. I asked about the steering fault as mentioned in this article and they said “no just air bags”.
    Can you clarify? Toyota Avensis 2006.

    1. Hi Teva,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Please could you provide your VIN number and let us know which Toyota Dealer you contacted. Many thanks.

  2. I have a 2009 Avensis T-Spirit estate. I have just had warning lights come on for “Check Parking Brake System,” “oil light” and “VSC.” the car has 70,000 miles on it and has just been recently serviced. Can you helkp?

      1. Hi Ella. I’ve just got a 51 Avensis 2.0 VVT-I D4 Automatic. Obviously well put of warranty. It has a very low tick over, especially when the gearbox is engaged. It also has high fuel consumption and a flat spot when accelerating under certain conditions. After much Googling alot I’ve discovered that this is a common problem. I’ve not got any fault codes. Can you tell me if there has been anything discovered about these problems please? Cheers. Dave

        1. Hi Dave,
          Thanks for getting in touch with us. We have forwarded your query on to our technical team and they have advised that the correct idling speed for this engine (according to the repair manual) is 675 ± 50 rpm. This is with the engine fully warmed up and the cooling fan OFF.
          With regards to the symptoms you are experiencing, we are unable to make any comments. It would be very hard to make any assumptions; therefore, we believe the safest option would be to have the vehicle diagnosed by a Toyota Centre.
          We hope this helps.

  3. hi, I have an avensis 2009 2.2d tr and have for the last two months since I purchased it, noticed a rattle coming from the steering column and to me, sounds like there is play in the universal joints or within the splines, further down.
    I had heard that some models have been subject to a recall on this matter but cant seem to get any info on this.
    Please help.

  4. This is a disgrace, i have had my corolla for ten years from new and only done 42000 miles plus. Took the car into my local dealer ( LINDOPS) who were very helpful but could’nt do anything as the recall did’nt include my car.Contacted Toyota who said they were very sorry they but they absolved themselfs from any responsibility as my car was not one of the 2-77 million vehicles with a steering shaft defect.I don’t think so and i want Toyota to do something about it.

    1. Hello Phil
      Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about the problem you have experienced with your car.
      Not sure if you are aware but we do have a recall checker facility on our website. If it helps the attached link will take you straight there.
      When a recall is issued we can be very specific regarding the chassis numbers of the vehicles affected as we can identify what parts have been used and for what period of time. If a car is not included in a recall then we know that it will not have been fitted with specific parts likely to cause the recall failure. Your Toyota dealer can advise regarding the cause of the current issue and the details regarding the recall are described on this post. As a company if we become aware of an issue we do not compromise on safety and if a failure meets the recall criteria set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency then we will take this course of action even if it means recalling 10 year old cars. However there is always the possibility that a part can fail and if this does not fall within a recall campaign and the vehicle is outside of the manufacturer warranty period then the cost of repair would need to be met by the vehicle owner.
      If you do need any further clarification regarding the above then our customer relations team are best placed to advise.

  5. Total bull I had mine checked they said not affected rattles like a snake low speed and at high speed steering feels tight a reduced steering response I noted and told Toyota

  6. Just purchased a 2005 low mileage Avensis and remembered something about a earlier recall in in the press. Looked this up and checked service history presumably you will tell me to take it to a dealer if having checked website the car is not deemed to need recalling. My concern is that this particular fault is not listed as a current recall on your site. Do such things have an expiry and somehow become a customer liability? Given that I have such a complete service history I’m surprised not to find something in it saying this job was tackled. MOT advisories mention steering column.

    1. Hello Roy
      Thanks for your post.
      It sounds like you may have used the recall checker on our website which will show if there are any outstanding issues on your Avensis but if not this link will take you straight there.
      A recall has to follow strict guidelines which are set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (previously known as VOSA) and once listed on the site the recall will always remain the responsibility of the manufacturer to rectify and liability does not pass to the customer. Recalls can only be undertaken in specific circumstances where the DVSA are satisfied that a possible failure could pose a risk to other road users. If you have a concern with your Avensis then we recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer who can check this further for you. They will be able to advise whether a problem is due to a recall or an unrelated issue.
      Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions.

  7. My car does indeed shudder/rattle when turning slightly right over any slight bump in the road. Much more that it should, and only started doing this after turning full lock on the steering once, which, bizzarely, made warning lights come on on the dash board. (VSC, ABS, and general engine warning light) I had it checked out by a Toyota garage in 2010 but they just plugged in a computer interrogation machine and advised me to spend £200 pounds on new software, and warned me that I may have to pay £700 more in the possible event of the computer not being compatible with the new software (which basically meant that they might break the computer in the process of putting new software on it)

    Your recall checker shows that my car is not due to be recalled for this, and yet it seems to me that I have the exact problem described in this recall. PS please don’t advise me to call customer relations team, because I like things to be in writing, and don’t like spending money on phone calls.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear of your problems. We have checked with our tech team but it can be difficult to diagnose such problems online and ultimately their recommendation is to take the vehicle to your nearest Toyota dealer for diagnosis. With regard to the recall checker we can be very specific on the models affected however we would need the exact nature of the fault to be confirmed to check this for you. If you did want to liaise with our customer relations team then we do have an email if this helps. Let us know if you do book your car in then we can check this further.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Having raised the drive shaft issue, I have now received a response from Burrows, Doncaster.
      Basically they would not have picked up on a drive shaft problem in this particular recall, even though in roughly the same area! I find this a hard pill to swallow as it could have lead to a serious accident if I hadn’t have picked this up on investigation.
      It makes more of a mockery of the recall, when such likes of highlighting a split wiper blade and other quite insignificant issues were picked up on during the recall. They even noted a rough o/s front baring but not a drive shaft with an emojis amount of play (up and down movement).
      Following this I wouldn’t ever trust or put my faith, safety or that of my passengers in their hands again.
      Explanation from Burrows therefore very poor.
      Your thoughts on this would be appreciated!

      1. Hi Jon
        Thank you for your post.
        We do understand your concerns here and wanted to ask whether you had been in touch with our customer relations team over this matter? The reason is because they are set up to investigate customer concerns with our dealer network. Please let us know.

        1. Hi David
          No I haven’t as yet, but as you say it needs investigating as its something that Toyota would be very concerned by. I do find it unacceptable conduct to be honest. My concern here is if an elderly person or perhaps a lady (not being ageist or sexist) had taken their car in for this recall and this had happened to them, taking Burrows word for it, nothing was wrong and drive shaft had shattered. I wouldn’t have liked to witness the consequences!

          1. Thank you for the reply Jon.
            We wanted to ask as well as make you aware that we do have a team here dedicated to investigating customer concerns. Details can be sent to them via the attached link.
            Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and we do understand the reasons for your posts.

  8. I have a 2012 Toyota Avensis Diesel. The belt was making a noise that has been replaced but still making noise in high gears 3rd to 6th when acceleratting. also there is a rattle i can hear when car is in idle position. any suggestions what this could be. the rattle i sgetting a bit annoying now.

      1. I originally posted my comments in Jan this year. i ttok my car in to get the aux belt changed but i have been told these are on about 6 months lead time is that true. I have a 2012 2.0D. thnaks.

        1. Hi Kashif
          Thanks for your post.
          This does not sound correct and we would recommend that you contact our customer relations team about this. Auxilary belts are a service item, have not been related to any recall, and most dealers would hold in stock or could obtain within 24 hours. Here is a link for our customer relations team.
          Hope this helps.

  9. I have recently purchased a late 2006 Toyota Avensis 2 litre diesel and have noticed a noise coming from middle to right (drivers side) which seems to worsen when making a left turn or inreasing speed. The noise is more of a droning or whirring similar to a worn bearing (which it’s not). I have noticed some play in the right hand drive shaft, but unsure at this point whether it is anything to do with the steering recall and don’t know if there’s any relation to the two from what I read from Toyota as being the problem.
    Any ideas anyone. Thanks

    1. Hi Jonathan
      Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear about your Avensis and to ensure the correct diagnosis we would recommend that you ask your local Toyota dealer to have a look at this for you. If you need help to find your nearest dealer you can use the attached link. You can also check whether your car is invovled in a recall by entering your registration number here. Finally, if you do want to contact our customer relations team then they can be contacted here.
      Hope this helps.

    2. I took your advise and went to Burrows Toyota at Doncaster as part of a recall regarding a steering issue.

      They printed off a check form and noticed a slight bearing noise on OsF.

      I have since stripped down and did find some play in bearing, but not too bad.

      But I then checked the drive shaft and it was moving up and down,( which I would have expected the Toyota experts to have found as it was near the steering issue being checked) so I had no choice to get it replaced as well as bearing.

      I believe an apprentice or someone without too much experience did the safety recall as it was a non earner, so was tasked to do this check, but not confirmed.

      I’m not at all happy with this from Toyota because had I have not checked this out and replaced the driveshaft, it could have resulted in a very bad accident and injuries had the driveshaft snapped.

      Could someone from Toyota respond?

      Yours very Disalousioned

      Jon Smith

      1. Hi Jon
        Thanks for your post.
        We would recommend that you contact our customer relations team regarding this issue so they can investigate with the dealer invovled. They can be reached via the attached link and the details required will help them with your query.
        Hope this helps.

        1. Thank you for your quick response David, I will take this up with Burrows as im furious that they haven’t picked up on this serious issue with the driveshaft, which I can now confirm was two different parts off two different ( earlier/late) models of Avensis that caused the problem. I would hassen to add though, it was probably not Toyota who did this previous repair/replacement, but cannot check this as I bought privately.

          Saying that, It doesn’t instil any confidence in Toyota if they can let these type of problems go unnoticed and putting peoples lives in danger.

          I did point out to the Technician (name withheld) when I received the recall check notification if there was any issues with the driveshaft, and he didnt seem to have any answers, but the sheet did state items OK (Green) for Driveshafts/Oil Leaks?

          This is surely lulling people into a false sense of security having had this checked by professionals?

          1. Thank you for your reply Jon.
            Our customer relations team will be able to investigate this further with Burrows.

  10. I have recently purchased a late 2006Toyota Avensis 2 litre diesel and have noticed a noise coming from middle to right (drivers side) which seems to worsen when making a left turn or inreasing speed. The noise is more of a droning or whirring similar to a worn bearing (which it’s not). I have noticed some play in the right grove shaft but unsure at this point whether it is anything to do with steering recall and don’t know if there’s any relation to the two from what I read from Toyota as being the problem.
    Any ideas anyone. Thanks

  11. Jemca Toyota in Reading, UK advised for change of belt and I complied with and gave my go ahead to change the belt. My quiet car started making knocking or rattling noise after they replaced the belt. It also started making squeaking noise when I start the engine in the morning and turn the steering wheel to drive out of the bay.

    When I took the car to Jemca Toyota they did some “investigation” and stated that the Water pump is leaking and cause for the noise.

    They are however, NOT clarifying as to why the pump suddenly starting emitting the noise after they changed they belt. The person behind counter says “the leak possible got worse suddenly and compared to electronic parts”.

    I noticed that squeaking noise from the steering has STOPPED but the rattling / knocking noise has not.

    1. Hi Venugopal,
      Thanks for your post and sorry to hear this.
      We would recommend contacting our customer relations team for further help and advice and for ease they can be reached via the attached link.
      Hope this helps.

  12. 2012 Avensis petrol, 4door saloon with boot. From new difficult to get gear lever into 4th gear, sometimes impossible, dealer has had 2 opportunities to fix it, once by request and once at 10k service, still dreadful and would be dangerous for a less experienced driver. Electric handbrake can stick and lets me down on hill start, you would expect Toyota to be hyper sensitive to brake related problems, not so, “they are all like that” says dealer. A noise like a sick cow from the rear of the car when parking or releasing handbrake, still there at 13k miles, same response as handbrake fault.
    I have leased 7 new Toyotas since 2007, had no problems, hated old Yaris autos for sluggish heavy gearbox, should have test driven them first ! Otherwise good cars. New Yaris hybrids are excellent.
    So Toyota why is the Avensis, an otherwise excellent car let down so badly by dealer fixable faults?

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      We’re sorry to hear of your experience with your local Toyota Dealer and your Avensis. May we recommend speaking with our Customer Relations team as they’ll be able to look into this for you and advise accordingly. Please visit: for their contact details.
      Hope this helps.

  13. I have 2010 Prius and have been told by my Toyota dealer the intermediate drive shaft needs replacing and after a discount will have to pay £255 for the repair. Is this right or should there be no charge on the recall of.previous models. The 3 year warranty is out by 5 months.The mileage is 24000.

    1. Dear Mr Scott,

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

      We’re sorry to hear that your drive shaft needs replacing. We advise speaking with our Customer Relations team as they’ll be able to take the time to investigate this for you and advise.

      Please find their contact details here:

      Thank you for raising this with us, and once again, please accept our apologies.

      Kind regards,

      Toyota UK.

  14. hi,
    I am having problems with a rattle when turning left in my 07 prius. I live in Ireland. Is there a similar recall here?

    1. Hi Fran,
      We’re sorry to hear of your concerns with your Prius. If you would like to find out more about recalls announced by Toyota Ireland, you can speak to your local Dealer or contact their Customer Relations team on 01 4190222.
      We hope this helps.

  15. Hi I’m going to the dealer tomorrow for my appointment to checkup
    but I recently changed front leftside wishbon for making noise
    from drive shaft

    1. Hi Ripon,

      I am glad you brought up this subject. As you have read, O posted my concern on Dec 4 highlighting my issue. Unfortunately, my car falls outside the Year of Manufacture. But since the symptom is very similar to what has been reported, I have good reason that the problem I face could be related to the manufacturer fault. I have left you with my email address and I would really love to find out the outcome of your visit and in fact the outcome of your case.

  16. Hi Oliver,
    I took my toyota avensis to local toyota dealer for checkup, they told me it needs parts replacement in intermediate steering shaft, parts ordered, however I complained rattling in steering at slow speed, they told me it will not be covered under call back and cost me £262 for parts. I believe the issue mentioned above covers the rattling noise.

    Could you please reply.

    1. Hello and thanks for the post. Your Toyota dealer is obviously best placed to offer expert advice but if you would like further opinion you could contact our Customer Relations department who may be able to offer some further advice. They can be contacted here: We hope this helps.

  17. Hi Oliwer,

    Thank you first of all for the very helpful and useful information. Having read this article and subsequent direct enquiry at my local dealer, I am rather puzzled and probably have reason to be worried but I hope you are able to assist me and put my mind to rest. Prior to this news, I was already experiencing such issues which match very closely to the fault as described. I have intended to get this looked into. I did check on the VIN check-up and it appears to be negative. I subsequently went down to my local dealer and enquired with reference to this particular issue. The service department replied was “It only affects 2006 and up” What is going on? This is not what the official recall message implies. I would appreciate your views on this. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Herb,
      Many thanks for your post.
      Firstly I’d like to highlight that the recall is purely cautionary and we are putting our customer’s safety first by checking cars. Our advice is to continue driving your car as normal. If outside of recall you are concerned about anything to do with your car we suggest you book an appointment with your Dealer who’ll thoroughly check your vehicle. The recall does depend on which model you own and the year it was manufactured. We can confirm the recall affects the following: Toyota Avensis and Toyota Corolla models (July 2001 to March 2009) and for Toyota Prius (July 2003 to April 2009).
      Again, if you have any further questions we advise you either contact your Local Dealer or our Customer Relations team:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  18. Hello Oliver,
    Checking my registration I see mine is due for a recall.
    I called up the Toyota Service Centre at Woodford,to book an appointment for getting the recall thing done.
    However, i was told that the parts to be replaced arent available yet.

    When will the Parts be available?

    1. Hello Ronson,
      Many thanks for your message.
      We’ll speak with the Dealer and get them to contact you. The parts will be available next week. Your Dealer will be able to book you an appointment now however, convenient to you, for the inspection. Would you kindly message us your contact details (mobile and your car’s reg/VIN) so they can call you please, here’s our email:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

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