SOMARTA iQ Microcosm – in pictures

We’ve been sent some pictures of the SOMARTA iQ Microcosm.

SOMATA iQ Microcosm

SOMARTA iQ MicrocosmSOMARTA iQ Microcosm

Of course, it’s not the first time the fashion and car worlds have met – Fiat’s partnership with Diesel on the 500 is one recent example.

But with 10,000 of those and just one Microcosm, iQ’s just a little more exclusive.


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  1. Hi Kevin,

    The first cars are due to appear in Toyota centres from 5 January 2009, with every centre expected to have an iQ by 9 January.

  2. If the UK is having launch events on the 4th or 6th January 2009, we should be soon seeing some cars arriving in the country.There was no sign of any at the Toyota car compound. ( I had a look yesterday )

    When do you expect UK dealers will get their first vehicles?

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