Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser: The ultimate Toyota 4×4 SUV

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one vehicle that we think justly deserves the “legend” tag. Renowned the world over for its “go-anywhere” abilities, this 4×4 SUV boasts an unbroken heritage stretching back more than 60 years and global sales of over five million…

Paris motor show 2010: Toyota in images

The all-new Verso-S mini-MPV may have been the subject of considerable small talk at the Paris motor show last week, but it wasn’t the only star of the show…

Frankfurt motor show: debut for new hybrids

It’s press day today at the Frankfurt motor show. The show is a major motor industry showcase for the cars we’ll be seeing in showrooms in the months and years ahead, and for some futuristic designs that are unlikely to make it further than the exhibition stands as well.